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Yale key identification please

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I don't know if I'm just tired or what but I just had a customer with the Yale key, grabbed one of the wall without thinking.


See what I grabbed, I just realised that it's the key I was asking about yesterday.


And now I have ordered genuine Yale as I was certain sks doesn't have jma key for it as I have full set of boards from them.


I'm getting old I think.



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How many Kwikset and Weiser keys do you guys see? Surely there must be more 'Popular' profiles.


mmm same with the SKS boards - some of them I have never seen in the wild. Might be an interesting poll actually: what are the top 20 most common cylinder keys you cut?


I wonder if SKS ran a simple query of their sales ledger to produce the most popular blanks list.. 

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We actually produced a list of top selling blanks for our customers last year.


We produced a list of the top selling 100 cylinder blanks and 75 mortice blanks so that our customers (mainly aimed at lower volume key cutters who perhaps aren't as up to date with new blanks) could use it as a bit of a checklist to make sure they had the most popular stuff covered. We just used overall sales data, put it in alphabetical order and included both Silca and JMA codes.


It proved pretty popular even with very busy key cutters.


If anyone would like a copy ping me over an email chris@independentkeys.co.uk and I'll send it over to you.



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