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  1. They are half the price Count Muppet has listed if you have a direct account and place a carriage paid order. I was speaking to Andy Mace and there are many changes taking place with regard to this type of key and bike locks so key blanks may be easier to obtain in the coming months. It will be intersting to see how things work out and what changes actually take place.
  2. We are still doing plenty of watch batteries. I was told some of the local Timpsons are being furloughed from today with the shops closing, not sure if there is any truth in this but we have been exceptionally busy today.
  3. Your quoting a post from 2013, a bit random.
  4. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/silca-3493-silca-key2-cylinder-blank-to-suit-keya-cylinders.html
  5. It would make sense for 3 years accounts so they can work out an average then calculate how much you may be entitled to. We only ever closed for 7 weeks from March 23rd and the £8000 busines grant (8k after your taxed) so our trade has not really changed much in the last year (we are very very lcuky we do so much trade work). I wish the rest of you good luck and hope you all get what you should have in the first place. Insurance companies alway seem to default to how can we avoid paying.
  6. We use Silca ASEC1 and have never had any issues with Asec.
  7. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/ronis-0047-ronis-aj-cj-key-blank.html
  8. No different card altogether. Silca card 4541 for my Triax Pro. Keys are listed as Platinum 3 star 10 pin.
  9. Genuine blanks required available form Davenports.
  10. Plenty of boats round here so seen these many times.
  11. It is if you change the first 2 letters to SF101 it's a perfect match.
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