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  1. grahamparker

    Futura woes

    Shouldn't the decoding tip be pointed ? Or is it an optical illusion. It looks like a flat tip to me or do you decode all keys with this tracer ?. My Triax has 4 decoding tips that i use 2 built in to the machine and 2 that replace the cutters on certain special keys like RPT keys.
  2. grahamparker


    TX-3D is listed as Silca EUS1
  3. grahamparker

    U Rail or not?

    If you are still not sure ring Aldridge Specials and ask to speak to Andi, Paul or Stuart they will know the answer or will find it out for you. It will be interesting to know for future reference as i also have never come across this term.
  4. grahamparker

    Futura woes

    Clean the jaws and check for Swarf lifting the blanks at the tip. Re-calibrate. I can manually adjust the triax X,Y and Z Axis using the SKP software if it is cutting to deep can you do that on the Futura ?.
  5. That key is part of a master system so possibly on a slightly different blank than the standard Astral/Astral S. Have you tried using genuine blanks ? It's all we use on these. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/cisa-0005-cisa-00620-01-0-astral-astral-s-blank.html
  6. grahamparker

    Asec locker key. 92105

    It should be 12132 as you have said.
  7. grahamparker

    Silca viper dial "0"

    Ring Silca UK and ask to speak to either Matt or Lee either will be able to answer your question. http://www.silca.biz/en/156638/contacts.html
  8. grahamparker

    WT (Wangtong?) key

    That is a JMA WT1. They have some at Grimsby Collage.
  9. You may have needed to thin the ab38p down first using a vernier caliper.
  10. Agreed. Found this on google. https://dadgroup.co.uk/mailboxes/locks-&-keys
  11. Definitely not Meroni.
  12. I agree with EST that the Abus blank is possibly the best option.
  13. grahamparker


    Make up some depth keys you never need to decode using the machine you can do it by eye.
  14. grahamparker


    I know quite a few people that have had issues with the early Futura machines all seems sorted now with the new versions. Anyone who cuts keys professionally like me then you really need a Triax and Unocode backed up with the Silca SKP Software.