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  1. I know exactly what your talking about but have had very limited dealings with the NA sections. I did repin some many years ago but did them by hand using a rekord plus and vernier calipers.
  2. They are, the Silca machine does not cut any further than it needs to. They are long enough to get all 4 cuts in. The Platinum cuts are closer together than in the Superior/magnum keys. We have never had any issues when decoding or cutting to code but cutting to a photo on these is a little trickier and can be difficult.
  3. Well unless there is more we cannot see that is not a lock bumping kit at all. Not here for an argument just stating what i can see.
  4. It's usually caused by rubbing when entering the lock over many years of use and will be central if you cut the stem further back.
  5. The up and down arm is threaded so you can lock it in a specific cutting position. Screw it counter clockwise and it will be a lot smoother.
  6. Have to be open early and late mate, that's why i did not bother.
  7. Same. Give us a call if you see this Steve had many people asking after you.
  8. I cut loads of these but my customer brings me genuine Triumph blanks to cut, never found a copy but the key Peter mentions does look very close indeed.
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