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Community Answers

  1. Pretty sure there will be an admin fee due to the size of the order. Try NW keys they are always happy to post items and charge a postal charge. Although they do add VAT to postal costs which is wrong as most postal services are vat free. Only Saturday before 1pm should qualify for vat to be applied.
  2. Abus UK charge £25.00 if your order is below £50.00 or Free if you spend £150+. I always spend £150+ but we do sell thousands of padlocks so it's not a big deal for us.
  3. Did your order not come to carriage paid ?. I always top up with something to make any of my orders carriage paid. Never pay unless i can pass it on to my customer if they require a premium delivery Saturday, before 10 etc. Do not think i have ever paid SKS for carriage.
  4. I have a better way to deal with sprouts. Take them in your hand and throw them straight in the bin. Voila.
  5. Just charge accordingly (my discount is much better so they are much cheaper) but we would charge genuine keys like this at £7.50
  6. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/union-0256-union-kb502-6-pin-blank-to-suit-kb6-502-102.html 20 in stock.
  7. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/abus-0153-abus-key-blank-e60-to-suit-e60-cylinders-83-padlock-inserts.html Available from Abus UK if you have an account, Toolbank or Hoppe if not Aldridges
  8. Sad news for all those still doing shoe repairs. Glad i decided to give up earlier this year.
  9. Think the price is to fit a detainer and keys pack rather than a new lock.
  10. YES it is restricted. No blanks are not available unless you are an Assa Stockist.
  11. Silca AB10R or ISEO was correct it's the F3 blank IE27R it will usually be for a garage door lock.
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