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  1. Hardest part now will be getting screens, there is now a major shortage of clear perspex in the country.
  2. Use any loophole/grey area you can. If it is good enough for the government then it should be ok for everyone. Lead by example LOL, Conservatives, Labour, SNP and Media all guilty in some way of breaking rules since lockdown so why should we take any notice.
  3. Looking at the size of the plastic head it could possibly by some form of chipped key, if not Silca WJ1R will do the trick.
  4. If you sell Padlocks or any security products then open under the hardware banner. Been open 2 weeks now and sales have been amazing. Quoted for 60 Abus padlocks on Friday and got a purchase order from a local oil refinery this morning even though i am closed as it is bank holiday.
  5. I reckon one of the following wiil fit, Silca AB14 or VI080
  6. Maybe available to buy as a special order but i will bet that as it is Yale the price will be ridiculous.
  7. Same as you Lee, i have done well over 100 watch and key fob batteries in 2 weeks (23 today alone). I also could see a blank shortage possibly happening so ordered 5000+ blanks in the week before shut down. I have not totalled up yet but i think the last 2 weeks will be nearly the best weeks i have had this year it has been insane.
  8. Because if you google some questions the forum often pops up with answers and solutions. There are many very skilled and talented people on the forum some who do not even do shoe repairs so why would they not join ?. Many locksmith only forums are not always as helpful as you would imagine and some members treat non members with disdain. I have witnessed this with my own eyes, but on business trips to Silca and Abus factories and I have been warmly welcomed by many MLA members even though I am not a member because when you start talking and discussing things over a drink they realise that my knowledge and skill is just as good as theirs. I tried to join the MLA over 35 years ago and was turned down as i did not know anyone, the world has now changed and money is now king so if you want in just pay up, i refuse to pay to join a group that refused my entry all those years ago. So thats why there more than just a few auto locksmiths on the forum.
  9. Amari plastics quoted August for a mate of mine who has a sign company. Glad i sorted mine weeks ago.
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