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  1. So it looks highly likely me and the Wife have actually got the Corona virus and it's bloody awful. Had to get paramedics out to the wife yesterday she could not breathe very well and her complete body is in so much pain she was crying most of the day. I have had normal flu symptoms but with severe lower back pain (thought it was my kidneys haveing problems) and really blinding headaches The paramedics have no testing gear even though my wife is a District nurse and they said if here breathing gets worse to call 999 so far today her breathing is better. Today we have lost all sense of taste and smell so we believe we are 99% certain we have the virus, i believe we picked it up on the plane back from Egypt 3 weeks ago as there was an elderly male sat to my left who coughed non stop all the way though the flight home, but the wife did carry out CPR on an elderly cancer patient in a Nursing home and she thinks this is more likely the source. It leaves you with no energy, loss of appetite and even the thought of eating becomes a chore (might lose some weight with a bit of luck). Breathing for me has been ok but the headaches are immense and some of the worst we have both ever had. We have been really lucky we self isolated at the right time and have not come into contact with anyone else other than our Son who seems perfectly ok at the minute. So please stay safe, wash your hands and look after yourself, i did mention weeks ago i wanted to get the virus to get it out of the way and in that respect i am pleased we have but suffering as we have i think i would now give that thought the elbow and prefer not to have had it. There is still the possibility we could just have normal flu but this is by far the worst i have ever felt in my Adult life.
  2. Sorted locally but thanks very much for the offer.
  3. About the same if all my outstanding trade accounts pay up (The NHS been the biggest at the moment).
  4. Never had any issues using copied blanks on these and we still see quite a few, we do sometimes have issues if copying a copy but generally we get them right first time. Hand filing the curved angles is essential.
  5. No but it looks like the suppliers details have been removed.
  6. When I spoke to my accountant on Friday he said that I could still pay the deferral is optional but I would check with your accountant.
  7. I spoke to my Employee last week and explained to him I would be paying his full wage (Topping up the 80%) so he would not lose any money. He offered to give up all his holidays in return. I refused and told him it was not his fault so not all employees are bad.He appreciates how difficult it is going to be for me once we open up again.
  8. My accountant said April/May but i am lucky in the fact i am owed just short of 10k from trade accounts and i only owe out £3k so if they all pay i will be fine until the payment is made.
  9. Your accountant will be the best placed to answer your questions Dan. Mine has been on top of this from day one with daily e-mails updating on what we can claim for and has always been avaialble to talk to over the phone. One thing he has said he will NOT charge 1 penny extra for helping his clients through this difficult time. Might not be the cheapest but you get what you pay for and his company although small are extremly proffesional and helpful. A true Gent.
  10. Lunchtime yesterday. It says that in my post. Just realised that you possibly mean when will the money be transferred to that question i have no idea.
  11. My accountant sent me the link to do this via the internet. It was only announced after lunchtime today entered all details and the money will be paid directly into my business bank account.
  12. Applied for my grant this afternoon managed to get my account number so just got to wait for the money.
  13. I shredded my bill as it was £0. Why keep paperwork for £0. Lesson learned the hard way although it should be available from the council.
  14. You best bet is to fit a brand new cutter then set depth, vernier calliper is essential, finally check spacing is correct. The rekord plus cutter can be moved left to right by releasing the Allen screw on the top. Use a cylinder blank with front and back shoulders DO NOT USE TIP STOP YET. Line back shoulders up to jaw edge, set depth then check you just skim the end of the key. Then set tip stop spacing by lining up the shoulders.Then using several cylinders test keys. Use really good quality cylinders I use Evva, Abus and Elsa NG4 cylinders.No Yale rubbish. When you have done all this then try cutting the keys you are struggling with. Good quality vernier callipers are the most important tool a key cutter uses.
  15. Or you can voluntarily make up the 20% as an employer if you wish to do so. Mine has been with us over 30 years and i am paying him the top up as a thank you for his hard work and loyalty.
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