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  1. Problem was when he said that he did not have a majority and other party's would have blocked any deal no matter how good it was. Look how the speaker acted and how quickly it ended up in court. Personally i hope there is a way he can know possibly bring back no deal to the table in a bid to get a much better deal or as i (and most people who i have spoken to) would prefer NO DEAL.
  2. Even hiding Diane Abbott for the last month did not help. She only appeared yesterday with odd shoes on LOL.
  3. I think most wholesalers will quote between 10-20% re stocking fee.
  4. Code matches to a Yamaha key code so you are BOTH correct, we cut thousands of Fork Truck keys due to the amount of Factories locally and have used both Yamaha and Toyota blanks.
  5. I must have been misinformed by Aldridges then. I will clarify this with them.
  6. Your forgetting the new minimum Invoice charge which i believe is noy £50 + vat. Somehow surcharge also seems to be ringing a bell as well. Buying from Lowe and Fletcher direct is a joke. Better using Fast keys or someone similar or depending on what code you require i can cut them but not on Genuine blanks.
  7. Asec Kite is Silca GE106 Asec sliding pin padlocks are CB6 Could possibly be a manufacturing issue with the cylinder.
  8. I think that it was more of an honest appraisal of the auto market. The days of charging dealer prices are long gone as the race to the bottom continues. You really really do need to be very specialised with a bottomless pocket to survive now. Oh and a great working relationship with all the local Main dealers helps.
  9. I asked him to place an order mine and they arrived next morning.
  10. Hi Rick, Unless taken put me down for Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Leicester and Derby. Take the money from what you owe me. If any of the above already taken then just pick at random fro me.
  11. As far as i am aware it was only 30 cylinders required to become a stockist (sold more than that last month) that then gives you access to the blanks and codes. It's not in the thousands unless things have changed. You could do what i contemplated and sell the cylinders at cost on Ebay. But it's your choice. Once you start cutting keys you ring around every Upvc installer local to you and let them know. The ammount of work that generated for us was immense. They would not give me a trade account and i don't think many if any have a trade account so i pay upfront for everything but it does mean a carriage paid order is only £50.00 + vat. Also most stock items are nearly always delivered next working day. They have had a lot of negative feedback from other Locksmiths but for me it has been one of my wisest investments ever.
  12. Yes I did Silca MAZ24R TE. Another friend of mine suggested the chip is possibly to far away from the antennae to work. Will Try with again with the blanks you have suggested. Thanks.
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