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  1. grahamparker

    Request for keys

    I have thousands that i have from stripping down locks for keying alike/master keying over the years. You can have them for free just pay for the postage at cost. There are all sorts of keys from Esla/Abus/Master/Yale/Union i will check in the morning and post some photo's.
  2. I got some ESPC6 yesterday awaiting a customer to try them.
  3. I Have a Triax that is also unavailable.
  4. grahamparker

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    New one i have never seen before. This last 2 years there has been an explosion in new unseen blanks especially out of China. It certainly keeps the job interesting.
  5. Hi Graham 

    i notice you have a Minit conversion chart, do you happen to know what 357 is ?


  6. Do any of the forum members currently accept American Express cards ?. We have always avoided them due to the charges they apply which are way more than other card providers but i have received an e-mail from Retail Merchant Services saying that from the 10th December 2018 all American Express cars will have a flat rate of 1.9% which i think is acceptable and will in future accept them as payment.
  7. Do you mean ESPC6 from Davenports ? took me a while to find it.
  8. Just ask customers to wait until verification from your machine, we do. If they start to walk out we just say "the card has not authorised yet" never lost a payment once.
  9. grahamparker


    The Legend Rick Mayall at his finest.
  10. grahamparker

    Lil Larry

    Just look at Briton 2003 Door closers as well as safes. Screwfix, B and Q and the rest of the sheds bulk buy sin the 1000's so get the best price, sometimes it is cheaper for me to buy from them than from the Wholesalers.
  11. grahamparker

    cut to code yamaha

    Silca is exactly the same biting as you already have.
  12. grahamparker

    Mitsubishi FUSO

    Thanks Gavin, don't know how i missed that one.
  13. Does anybody know if there is a blank available for the Mitsubishi Fuso vans ?.
  14. grahamparker

    Key ID please

    Silca STA4R is worth a try.