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  1. Thats usually to stop people buying up the set so they can supply to code as well.
  2. Had a similar problem with my mustang about 2 months after I bought it. I got a loan machine while mine was returned via the rep for repair. After 2 months I heard nothing so I told my rep I was keeping the new machine. Not had a problem since.Never did find out what the issue was with it.
  3. Card is locked for silca software user as standard. If you get authorisation as a stockist the card can be unlocked.
  4. Here is YM5 https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/SILCA-YM5-ILCO-63C-MERCEDES/P134547#/#substitutions
  5. That's what i was hoping you would say as i believe you have been sent AMK2 blanks by mistake.
  6. Have a look at Intaprint. Used them for years very good to deal with and many options. https://www.intaprintuk.com/EZ/intaprint2/intaprint2/page100.php
  7. Pretty sure we have cut these using Silca LAP1 then shortening the length
  8. It's patented and Swedish so i doubt blanks will be available.
  9. Just updated my Silca software and i now have a cutting card but need a new jaw and a 116w cutter both just ordered so should not be to long now before i can do them.
  10. No, i can get them from Brisant to code, but by the time i have to wait to get them then post them and the cost they are not viable for me to supply yet.
  11. Yes from brisant only, Or brisant stockists hopefully no copy blanks will ever be made available so those who invested are rewarded.
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