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  1. Aldridges would only supply you if you ordered the suite in the first place, you will need to identify the supplying locksmith/AI for duplicate keys.
  2. Done plenty of 7 and 10 pin and also came accros an 8 pin version once but never seen any 9 pin keys.
  3. I do not know but it is why i paid thousands for the Silca software but also have to now pay for Instacode as well to give me the maximum coverage. The big advantage with the Silca software is the easy ability to manipulte the cut positions and depths plus there many keys in Silca software not available with Instacode.
  4. Code does not exist in Silca software Also missing in instacode.
  5. Ordered on the 28th September and they have just arrived.
  6. Abus E60 Silca AB89 or Genuine blanks available.
  7. Is it Locked Keith ?. Do you know the make of the lock ? Can you post a photo of the keyway close up in focus might help identify it. Do you have another similar lock with keys ?
  8. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/evva-0172-evva-a5-hz-rear-fixing-euro-half-cylinder-1-bitted.html They are out of stock and they also come 1 bitted with uncut key blanks so you will need the pinning kit unless you ask them to pin up for you.
  9. 1, The make. (often you can tell from the logo if there isn't any name) but i have 40 years of knowledge behind me. 2, The original key that came with the lock rather than a copy. 3, yes with the right tools (Unocode 399) or any machine that will decode then allow you to see the difference from original measurements of manufacturer. 4, Possibly but why waste time ? Just cut the damned key. 5, Wasting time if a copy works just duplicate it. 6, Ask the manufacturers Silca only use what is made available to them by manufacturers. 7, No, even without a card the Unocod
  10. Have you tried Pantograph Services ?. 0113 249 6161
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