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  3. I have recently bought a Tibbe lock pick and i am able to pick and open the locks ok, but my problem is that i dont know how to read the pick numbers so i can make a cut a new key, where do you read the key code from, (which line of numbers) any help much appreciated.
  4. yes I use template once I find a design that works! first one can be a bit timely sometimes, but once you've got it right it's much quicker, although still timely. I have a few different sewing machines but nothing compares to hand stitching, because it looks quality both sides unlike sewing machine's were the bottom thread never looks as good as the top.. Plus a saddle stitch doesn't unravel if a stitch breas, unlike sewing machines lock stitch.
  5. Customer has lost all keys to above code on lock is 29, anyone know which blank this would be.
  6. These bags look really good. They don’t look out of place from the quality shoes you are selling. I’m guessing you use a template to cut the leather?
  7. Fantastic job looks superb. How much do you retail these for.
  8. I do find drilling some of these extra fine pins out almost impossible at times.
  9. If the customer is willing to pay. Then I completely remove the unit, right down to the upper and simply start again!
  10. Wondering where there is a repairer that utilises this informative series of posts in Sydney Australia ? The soles perishing seems to be 'product built-in obsolescence' and a pair of Camper shoes were not cheap... the top leather is in excellent condition - one sole perished ,the other is fine. Best regards Anne
  11. Thanks Count Muppet and cowers lane 583 much appreciated , I will fit and 24mm straight as advised.
  12. Thank you guys yet again the forum comes through
  13. Thanks guys.. I have someone sending me a couple for this job. Got the links to them. Cheers
  14. It's one of the 5 ERA caravan keys (ERE1-5) i also have them in stock, i didn't recognise the code until abababa posted above info. Let me know if you want any i have 7 left in stock.
  15. I have no experience of this key but this looks it here: https://www.castlehardware.com/catalog/703/product/21251/keyblankcylinderere4erae4_230.586 From eye, you may be able to get away with. https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-dominion-cylinder-key-blank Double check with someone else before ordering as it's just a guess
  16. As Count says, fit a 24mm, trim it if necessary. Last time I fitted this strap (middle one) to this model of accurist. Condor, ref 339r.19. Mike.
  17. 24mm straight strap will go on there. If you want an original it looks like you’ll have to contact Accurist themselves. the watch is only £45 when new though so might not be time well spent
  18. Can anyone please advise where I can obtain a watch Strap for this watch, it not the usual ones I regularly get. 23mm wide leather , it has a plastic inner for the pin attachment. If anyone on the forum has one like that I am happy to purchase and pay for the courier. Thanks
  19. I can put you a couple in the post if you message me your address.-
  20. Yesterday
  21. There are blanks about from Germany, though I don't know who sells them there.
  22. funny really Cus we've had loads of comments and gift sales today...
  23. I heard a rumour once, can’t remember where from, that the cuts on the bottom were there to put others off cutting them and don’t actually do anything in the lock. ive never tested it though
  24. The security escutcheon is detachable on this if that's what you mean? Just need a rose putting on it
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