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  2. Pretty sure there will be an admin fee due to the size of the order. Try NW keys they are always happy to post items and charge a postal charge. Although they do add VAT to postal costs which is wrong as most postal services are vat free. Only Saturday before 1pm should qualify for vat to be applied.
  3. are you in uk mainland? if yes something is not right..£19 delivery doesnt make sense
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'd always found jma only charge postage of a couple of pounds, if they stick under 20 keys in the post. Mike Allen
  6. No I don't believe there is although it is something we are working on for SOMSR in the next 3 months. What town? There's Stony Service Centre which may be too far in Stony Stratford or Andy Shoesmiths in St Albans
  7. I shall take the lack of response to mean that the answer is 'no' The reason I was asking is because we have had an email from someone who lives on the Bucks / Herts border who was considering posting her husband's shoes to us for repair. She was a bit put off by the additional cost of postage, so I thought I would try to find a reputable cobbler closer to where they live so that she could drop them in instead. Are any of you based in that area. Thanks, Valerie
  8. was only really needing the LB-3D x5 but added a few other keys for stock
  9. We originally suppled cut to size and shape to Mastergrave
  10. we supply Corian and similar materials, generally cut to size and beveled ready for engraving, and then post out as required, Contact Peter at Calder Engraving 07977361298 or calderengraving@aol.com
  11. Because I need the keys (25) I placed the order, now the postage is £19.38 because I am based in Scotland, what a crock of shit, just cancelled the order. Looking to move to a different company
  12. Abus UK charge £25.00 if your order is below £50.00 or Free if you spend £150+. I always spend £150+ but we do sell thousands of padlocks so it's not a big deal for us.
  13. Never noticed that, I am in a small town so key orders are on the low side, need 25 keys, jiffy bag size, but £16 for delivery is bad. Davenport only £5.95
  14. Did your order not come to carriage paid ?. I always top up with something to make any of my orders carriage paid. Never pay unless i can pass it on to my customer if they require a premium delivery Saturday, before 10 etc. Do not think i have ever paid SKS for carriage.
  15. Just tried to do a small order from JMA for keys, get all the way through to paying and notice the delivery charge for a 2 day, is now £16.15. On asking JMA, they state this is the right starting delivery charge and that I have been paying the wrong price for 6 years. I find that hard to believe, then I am told this is set by DPD themselves. I also deal with trophy warehouses and their standard charge with DPD is £8.95 for a massive box. Anyone any comments?
  16. I have just had a customer call in with 2 subaru keys needing new cases. I have looked again on 3d etc but can't find it. Anyone know who supplies them? Thanks again
  17. Oooooh! Not tried this way, will definately give this a go. (The sprout AND Marmite haters will have their teeth curling up just reading this!! )
  18. I'm interested in the marker 2000 what age is it, what clamps does it come with and all important how much are you asking for it Cheers
  19. Anyone selling an Easy Entry pink box key cutting machine ? Or where would be best to get one ? Thanks.
  20. Last week
  21. Would anyone know where to get this VW polo 61 reg fob from? I have looked on 3d & ebay but no joy. I have a customer requiring 2 refurbished. Thanks again
  22. Anyone come across this window key and if any of the suppliers stock these please. Thanks in advance !
  23. Hi folks.Anyone know of any Corian (or similar material) suppliers in Scotland that i can buy small sheets or offcuts from ? Thanks
  24. Its been over a week so hopefully any objections would have been raised by now, thank you to those that have responded above. So here is what I have so far, needless to say faced with someone taking action the list of machines 'not used' has somewhat diminished as people have remembered they are needed - but I will keep revisiting that as we have a Futura pro now that can do the work of nearly all the other machines, I just need to get people trained up and weaned off these older machines. Here is what I have so far: Silca GT40 Cylinder Silca Marker 2000 Key Stamper Perseo Ilco/Orion Tibbe Bollini Torus B Cylinder Silca Speedy Cylinder Silca Delta 2000 M Ford/Abus/Abloy - Discuss Silca Viper Lazer keys With the objective of being open and honest the GT40 is probably scrap as I am informed the last time someone tried to turn it on it demonstrated a desire to self combust - so spares or repair, or door stop. The Bollini and the Silca Speedy look like museum pieces and I've struggled to find anything meaningful about them. The Delta 2000 and the Perseo are probably useful and have some value, and the Viper is still a pretty up to date kit its just that we had the Futura Pro when we merged making the Viper we inherited redundant. So have at it please and let me know what you think. Thanks
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