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  2. Had a look at my Business Insurance terms and Clause. There are grounds that Claims can be made for Covid-19 pandemic .. just wondering if anyone already have made Claims on these grounds ?
  3. poor video used to take £25-30 for this do about 4 a year now as you say not alot out there now
  4. I thought that video looked like a decent way of doing it. I’m not much of a shoe repairer so it’s not something I’ve ever attempted myself. now I’m looking forward to keysmith showing us how it should be done.
  5. Last week
  6. See this alot, very poor quality finish. It's a poor attempt at an antique finish. But everytime they are lightly touched, usually by the opposite shoe, they are marked. Fiebings professional oil dye in an airbrush is a great way to deal with it. But you must prepare well. Take them to a professional in this field to get great results.
  7. Making a rolled leather handle.. Something you could add to your services.
  8. They are half the price Count Muppet has listed if you have a direct account and place a carriage paid order. I was speaking to Andy Mace and there are many changes taking place with regard to this type of key and bike locks so key blanks may be easier to obtain in the coming months. It will be intersting to see how things work out and what changes actually take place.
  9. I wonder if Silca JC2R, JMA JU-2, HD 1046A would pass and work
  10. Haha, this isn't a website I like that much, but thank you. They do this in Germany as well, they compete with their dealers by selling directly on Amazon
  11. Can get them cut to code from abus easily enough maybe Graham can help you out
  12. Has anyone encountered these before? The enquiry comes from Australia.
  13. This is the clause my insurance paid out on after the first lockdown, still waiting to hear about Novembers' and then I'll put a claim in for this one.
  14. So they came back to me this is the reply - Dear Martin Further to your query on business interruption, we’ve further reviewed your policy, which does include business interruption under specified circumstances. The result of the court case does not impact potential cover under the disease cover clause, as the diseases covered are listed and do not include Covid-19. However, there is some wording under the ‘Denial of access (non-damage) cover’ clause, that is worth further exploring: We will cover you for any loss insured by this section resulting from inter
  15. Hi Matthew Can you let me know the cost of one of these aswell, 120 degree. I've seen some on ebay for £25, but not tapered as the one above. Cheers
  16. Hi John, if you PM me your number I’ll give you a call regarding diamond cutter. Cheers. Matt
  17. Many Thanks for help. Ive started experimenting with a super fine cutter I have. I don't particularly want to blunt it because I use it quite often for Sterling Silver Cufflinks etc, but it appears to be the key here as the cut is so fine it doesn't flake the coating as much and im getting much better results. The next question is anyone know where i can obtain a new one of these cutters as id be happy to experiment more if there was no risk of destroying my only one. I think I got this one from Umarq themselves but they are closing shop now and im not sure ive seen this style
  18. If the coating is flaking then it's probably not adhered to the base metal very well but laser engraving is normally ok.
  19. Hi John, have you tried Engraving with the diamond drag rotating (spindle motor ON ) and then passing over it twice, as the 2nd pass clears the coating out of the Engraving. I have found this has helped in the past, but it does all depend on the coating itself. Hope this helps.
  20. I used to get this a lot on anodized hip flasks using my Mastergrave Universal, gave up in the end. Best engraved with a laser engraver rather than drag diamond.
  21. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help minimise the coating on black coated tankards flaking while engraving. I do artworks and funny enough most of the time the artworks come out great, but im having difficulty with basic text especially when it gets quite small. Just flakes the coating and ive tried various tankards from various suppliers with mixed results and various settings. Just wondering if there is anything more I could do to help it. Im using diamond drag and a Umarg CX5 machine. Kind Regards, John
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