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  1. Today
  2. Ian platt

    Motor home key id

    Za10p done the trick thanks !!
  3. Looks more like the WAS12R
  4. Auto Key Wizard

    Old Land Rover Door key ID help please

    That is cut on incorrect blank Correct blank is Silca UNI8 Code FT301 or BC301 or CB875 Bitting 11312
  5. Thanks very much to David for helping me out. Will make a donation to charity.
  6. Yesterday
  7. maybe ... Silca WAS11R, WAS12R (WASO) or DM17 (DOM)
  8. Off a Old Land Rover Door
  9. WHB key. Any help with finding a right blank please?
  10. EST

    Post box key

    AliExpress and search "key blank A105"
  11. Ian platt

    Key blank I’d

    Thanks graham !!
  12. Hi David thank you for that. Can anyone supply?
  13. grahamparker

    Silca ER2

    Have a word with Lee at Silca. Where did you purchase them ?.
  14. grahamparker

    Key blank I’d

    Silca WJ1R. This is the Control key so there will be 2 different sets of user keys for this lock. Once this key is used the first set will stop working. They use them for contractors so when they have finished they scan stop any un returned keys from working. Best bet is to try and copy one of the user keys.
  15. My latest batch of these are very poor it won't cut accurately even held in the fluting that is nothing like the same as the original , I'm suspicious that they are universal blanks .
  16. UN-FS IC card 30 Bitting 23212
  17. earlsdoncobbler

    Post box key

    Any help with this post box key please DB on one side and DAMUZHIB on the other
  18. easiest way is to check the key head to see if it is normal or Platinum and then i suggest counting the dimple pins will help a lot. So if you have 7 dimple pins then it would be 4.3.? the ? meaning the track.
  19. Where is the best place to get samples of the various Yale superior key formats ,just so I can get my get used to choosing the right one on my Miracle S10 when it comes .
  20. damen.rudi

    Key id ELCA

    Have a look at Börkey 1366. Elca Evva Profilzylinder.
  21. Last week
  22. cobblers.keys

    Electric bike lock key id ?

    Spoke to abus uk today and was told t83 blanks are not in the country yet but when they are the cost will be aprox £3.50 and a cut to code key will be £9.50 ish plus p&p this is subject to me opening an account with them so customer ordering themselves might work out best price for them. Thanks for your info though.
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