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  2. Check out https://www.cousinsuk.com/ They usually have them
  3. As the title says , anyone can recommend a alternative blank for Silca HY11R, JMAAD-4D key blank . Thanks for your help in advance !
  4. HI can anyone help out either by supplying me with or pointing me in the right direction to obtain T-bars / screwed bars to fit a guess watch its blue but the customer is happy to blue or silver bars. the bar is 18mm Many thanks Chris
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  6. The guitarist in my band is a ENT consultant & He's advised to have a counter to ceiling screen & to have my side completely sealed if possible & masks EN95 minimum ,Considering a cough /sneeze can go 35 sq feet ...I won't be opening for a while yet .
  7. awful news, but an obvious one - come back bigger and better
  8. There is a section on the cousins website. Under Watch straps, and fittings.
  9. Such a shame but understandable, have missed the show over the last couple of years , always good to source new products & see some old friends , can honestly say my business has definitely benefited from the show over the years . Hopefully back , bigger & stronger in the future
  10. I dont know how the seller is making a penny on this? This is a heavy unit. Postage must cost 20 quid at least.
  11. Yep!! We have boxes of aerosol sanitiser that’s sprayed every time a customer is in and out. Everything that could be a source is sprayed.
  12. From Leicester??? Didn't know there was a Leister in China.
  13. Hi everyone, as you know the National Show has been absent for a 3 years while we moved to a 2 year cycle of a big show at the Motorcycle Museum. This year was to be the first of this new system but it is with much regret and disappointment we have to announce that it has been cancelled. It won't come as a surprise but the lack of certainty about trade as well as welcoming our visitors/exhibitors from Euro land possibly being banned we would be looking at a possible loss of a great deal of money. Our thanks to the Motorcycle Museum for their understanding and allowing the cancellation. We will be back there in 2022 but we also are looking into the possibility of a 'bounce back' show in September 2021. Most importantly please stay safe everyone. Personally I'm very disappointed but the reality is this year is a write off in so many ways, to cancel is an irritation no more it could be so much worse. We have plans for the association as well so hopefully 2021 will be the start of something fresh. Peter
  14. These machines are rough around the edges and will need tweaking, but for 80 quid... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143428607655
  15. Thanks. Next question is how easy is it to get spares? I presume I’m looking for bars and collars on cousins or something like that?
  16. Very nice, the only thing I will mention about these manual dispensers is to make sure the push handle is wiped with appropriate materials (proper wipes etc) regularly or it may become a source of contamination quite quickly
  17. James Timpson has started the use the “Hardwear” loophole now. the only hardwear I can think of selling are cheap Chinese padlocks that offer very little security. so maybe everyone can be covered under dry cleaning or hardwear? hes just trying to come up with a way of opening the photo shops now
  18. I’m open. Screens all round the counter area. Access control on the door and 1 in 1 out policy. As many signs up as possible and procedures in place for both staff and customers.
  19. Little squeeze on the middle of the collar should do the trick
  20. Either the bar or the collar might have got thinner( bar) or wider( collar) through general wear. You could use another bar and collar from an unused link, or even try putting a little bend in the bar.
  21. Some advice please. Hoping not to sound like a thicko here! I have a watch in using the "Omega Style Collar and pin as per the picture. I've noticed that when putting the collar and pin back back the pin seems quite loose. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. Silhouette Cameo 3 is a good little cutter. I did this truck and track car with it
  23. Re-opened two weeks ago, and we've been fairly busy mostly with account customers (local builders, maintenance companies, local council) who have needed us to supply for the more unusual things they can't get from Screwfix. General public trade for everyday key cutting has pretty quiet but it's gradually picking up. We've got a perspex screen in front of the counter with a hatch for passing things through. only one customer in the shop at a time and plenty of hand sanitiser. There's obviously been a few people who can't read all the signs that say only customer at a time but generally people are being pretty sensible. A coffee shop two doors down opened up yesterday for the first time serving through a hatch and they had a queue outside pretty much constantly!
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