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  2. Hi Has anyone had any problems cutting Abs keys on a Futura pro where the outer cut if it’s a D and next to the magnet position slightly hits the magnet then obviously blunts the cutter It’s like the positions are slightly off but as I’m having no problems with keys working other than the D next to a magnet type I’m a little stumped any ideas ?? Cheers Myles
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  4. Hi Zippo cabinet is of no use to me i.m afraid mate but happy with 170 all in plus other door bits no idea what they are and that inc postage ta
  5. https://www.businesstelegraph.co.uk/churchs-price-hike-cobblers-or-canny/
  6. Will have a look at that tomorrow I do have those in stock ,
  7. Ideas on best blank to use on this cam lock key !! Nothing quite matches in my stock , and is a little longer than usual little cam lock keys . TIA
  8. What sort of money is in it? I suppose the people through the door is valuable enough, but how much do you get per parcel?
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  10. I've considered it recenrly, could be a great idea (especially if I'm thinking of expanding into more online selling anyway, so good relations with courier would help?) But I don't think it's for me, for now - don't need the added stress of being responsible for other people's packages and systems. Maybe after I've done the shop renovation/reorganisation I have in mind (and once I've trained a capable new colleague). Good to hear that it's getting new people through some of your doors tho, and that you can put a limit on the parcels.
  11. Thanks all, I have used the kw18 and shortened the tip. Customer hasn't returned it to me so I assume it works. Thanks again
  12. How many in total? I'm interested..... Can do you a straight swap for a brand new, still in box, 96 display, revolving Zippo cabinet (no floor stand) Rick.
  13. Everyone’s favourite customer, the one who tells you that you’re wrong and you must do it because someone that has no connection at all to your business told them you can do it.
  14. We do DPD too. Been doing it for 4 years now. Really good service, brings more people in than we expected. You can set the amount of parcels you are prepared to hold in store and set your opening hours, if you are closed for any reason you just mark the dates closed for holiday etc and it blocks any deliveries or collections. We've got a good driver who texts every morning to let us know when he's calling and we've created a whatsapp group for regular customers so everyone knows when the collection is going to be. As said above, the most hassle comes from those that either haven't read th
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  16. Do you know the section? There are two MLA section on flexcore think there F40K and F40L.
  17. Hallo! Anyone got any stock of these? Just need one but can't find one ANYWHERE eg Eurospec RLE8043PC / DF2102PC Think Jedo do one as well. thanks
  18. 8.30 - 5 Mon - Fri and 9-2 on Saturday. DPD were ok with this, and when a customer chooses to have a parcel delivered to us it tells them this.
  19. Hi everyone probably been asked a 100 times before but! can you get the blanks for ASSA flexcore or can anyone on here cut to code as is stamped on key thanks Ian
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