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  1. Yesterday
  2. Boots were totally immersed in water. Have shrunk ... Writing to inquire... based on the synthetic materials in this Amazon product... could they be stretched 1/4 inch? Guidance sought.
  3. grahamparker

    Request for keys

    I have thousands that i have from stripping down locks for keying alike/master keying over the years. You can have them for free just pay for the postage at cost. There are all sorts of keys from Esla/Abus/Master/Yale/Union i will check in the morning and post some photo's.
  4. Hi all. i am on the scrounge!! We are holding our annual Christmas Market in our town on Saturday 24th November and being involved with the event I am providing a 'door key tombola' for the events' fundraising stall. Basically we have made a perspex box with a hinged door on the front that is latched with a yale lock. An expensive bottle of spirits will be locked inside the cabinet and customer's then pay to pick a key from a tub of random keys, the tub having just one that fits the lock. Now for my request, I am looking for a total in excess of 100 keys to put in the tub to complete the tombola so I am after your rejected keys and keys that you would normally just throw away (or whatever you do with them) doesn't matter what blanks they are as long as they would fit a yale type lock, part of the game is to firstly try and find a blank that fits the lock let along one that actuaqlly opens it. If anyone has any spare cut keys we could make use of I would be grateful. Just PM me for the address. Being a charity event we cannot offer to pay for the keys but I will personally make a donation to the forum charity for any donations kindly received.
  6. almeriasecure

    Blank for versa 6 pin cylinder

    They do work Graham. I got a box in yesterday & as I stock Versa cylinders I tried a few with no problems.
  7. I got some ESPC6 yesterday awaiting a customer to try them.
  8. I've had these but stopped using them, some wouldn't go in lock, cut two the same for customer and one worked one didn't. Couldn't trust them so been using UL054 but got ESPC6 on order to try.
  9. Dave the locksmith

    Blank for versa 6 pin cylinder

    JMA TX13D the 6 pin version
  10. Last week
  11. cowers lane 583

    Long term pain in arse customer advise.

    Looking at Lee's post, going to not rock the boat. Leave the situation as it is.
  12. in a lot of ways we are unpaid social workers , how many of us have been asked to check out torches toasters tv remotes. in fairness we are the last business left on the high st were the customer reacts with the person doing the job
  13. I have a missus who's always unavailable................ Rick.
  15. I Have a Triax that is also unavailable.
  16. Not yet, I will post on here as soon as it becomes available
  17. cowers lane 583

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    Bit alarming when they put, "one off key" actually on it .
  18. personally for a £2.50 padlock I would have sold him it again & here's why... the chances are someone is monitoring his money & giving him a budget & sending him out the door. its probably the only thing left as normal in his aging & deteriorating health. if you start saying no, it might end his pattern. there could be a good chance he comes to you because his comfortable around you & the habit its deep routed. if you was screwing him over the story would be different. if you was a sweet shop & he came in two days running for a £2.50 mix you wouldn't bat an eyelid. you to him could be a sweat shop & you might just have broke his mind one tiny piece more. I have a customer who never touches anything. including his own money. he wears two layers of gloves & we chat about football (something I have no clue about) or rather I listen to him when he comes in. A few years ago someone brought in some sticker books from him (because he couldn't touch them) for my children. they where flabbergasted he gave them away & even more shocked he new i had children the reason.......... no one ever talked to him because of the way he was.
  19. Count Muppet

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    I’d try the gatemate blank. Seems to fit many of the others. Don’t worry about the extra groove
  20. grahamparker

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    New one i have never seen before. This last 2 years there has been an explosion in new unseen blanks especially out of China. It certainly keeps the job interesting.
  21. I have a hunch I have seen these before, but I have no idea what these are.
  22. x minit uk

    KEY I.D. Please

    Thanks for all the suggestions, customer has left the key with me so I can have a good look later. x.
  23. No idea how but the software had changed the model of engraving machine to one that only needed that type of workspace. A simple "run as admin" and change to the universal350 and job done.
  24. Hi Graham 

    i notice you have a Minit conversion chart, do you happen to know what 357 is ?


  25. I use these locks quite often. Silca ya91 works every time for me.
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