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  2. this really depends on volume and variety of keys you expect to cut . if heavy use and high volumes then triax and unocode 399 are decent choices if medium to high use then silca futura , keyline total or keyline ninja laser are good options if medium use then the miracle machines are a good choice if light use only then chinese offerings like xhorse are an ok choice . you really do get what you pay for with electronic cutting machines , theres machines for now , machines for the long term and machines for life , budget and use requirements will dictate what fits your needs most. you can ask hundreds the same question and get a number of answers , but at end of day your budget , volume and life expectancy of machine will dictate what is the right fit.
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  4. I always felt the default glass settings were way overkill on the Umarq I use - Depth/Chip 2.00 Feed 0.3 Speed 12000 I can get around 30 jobs from a drag diamond...however I specalise in pretty detailed images so I think I could get around 60/100 jobs out of each tip if it was a line of text only. until recently I only had a Gem-CX5 but i picked up an old Rotation S which I now use for most of my glass work. If they took the best parts of both machines in my opinion you would have virtually the perfect diamond engraving machine. The selecting and resizing is my biggest gripe with Vistool....running on Windows 10...I only got my Umarq 2 years ago so never ran it on anything else, but I am dissapointed with the performace at times concidering its hooked up to a desktop rig that can still run the latest videogames at medium detail but can't resize a drawing. From a software design perspective the change that would make all the difference in my opinion is to switch resizing and moving a selected element to a bounding box. The problem is Vistool is rendering every drawn line with those slection lines everytime. thats ridiculous. just put a bounding box round the selected element and be done with it. Also .PDF import would be amazing, when I got my machine I w as told the new version of Vistool (which I assume never saw the light of day) was going to have .PDF imports. I use EngraveLab on the Rotation S and its a different level in terms of optermisation compared to vis...so much faster...also has an amazing .PDF import system. One area Vistool does trump EngraveLab is on the Curved text tool...that is amazing in VisTool! John
  5. The story I was told was that these keys were for a series of lockers used for the athletes in the London Olympics, since been sold on the second hand market, no key blanks were available.
  6. I can recommend the Futura, easy to use, easy to get your head around it and will pay for itself cutting customers own car key blanks if you get the price right.
  7. JMA (SKS) list these as ASS 186 and have them in stock if you were after a few
  8. Silca ASS186 should do the job. I have some if you'd like to PM me and will post out?
  9. Hi all, Post covid I need to reboot my keycutting and bring it up to date to maximise sales. I am looking for possible machines. At the moment we have a cylinder machine, a mortice machine, a tibbe machine and a really old milling machine. We have an auto key chip reader/writer. We don't have a decent machine to cut dimples and we can't cut keys to code. My only option seems to be a futura machine. Very expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?
  10. 'Nothing leaves our factory until it's paid for" doesn't seem very trusting to me.
  11. Looks like it is a key for one of these locks: https://www.abloy.co.uk/en/abloy/abloy-co-uk/products-mpc/industrial-locks/assa-industrial-locks/cam-locks/56-pin/8460-cam-lock/ or this one: https://www.abloy.co.uk/en/abloy/abloy-co-uk/products-mpc/industrial-locks/assa-industrial-locks/cam-locks/56-pin/10460-cam-lock/
  12. The customer's away with the key.Expecting him back on Wednesday.
  13. That not one we have come across I was expecting one of the euro cylinder keys, well cant think off anyway. Our of curiosity what length is from collar to tip? regards Steven
  14. Hi Steven.All we have is this pic of the key that the customer brought in.
  15. What's the Key series, is it the OFG key series? Regards Steven
  16. Would you also know the cross-reference of the 6-pin version of the ASS63 too?
  17. My opinion is how I've always done business for over 40 years. I believe in getting a fair price for services and goods, I've never conned anyone in my life and if there's anyone in this Trade you can trust it's me
  18. What denotes 'overcharging' ? Get a fair price for not just the cost of the goods, but for your expertise Of course there are the economics of the area, but there are plenty of businessmen on this Forum who charge well for their expertise and we all know who they are. They may not get that level of profit on every service, but they know what makes their money
  19. Stuart.Parden@aldridgesecurity.co.uk> - T: 08444 125 101 Andi.Boardman@aldridgesecurity.co.uk> Great team regards Steven
  20. Is there a direct line number for them? Every time I ring it goes through to the Accounts department so they can take a message (at least that was the case on Friday). Must be infuriating for them!
  21. Specials are the easiest group to contact at Aldridges currently i speak to one of them at least once a week. Andi, Paul and Stuart are all great lads.
  22. If you can get through to Aldridge’s! Thanks Steven I’ll take a look
  23. if your looking for the 64A series Maser Key https://www.oskeys.co.uk/l-f-lowe-fletcher-64-series-master-key-lf64am Aldridge specials folk are good as well Regards Steven
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  25. If you get desperate, it may be worth a try: https://cutkeysdirect.co.uk/product/lf-36-38-series-master-key.html Rick.
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