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  2. Trying to run EGX 400 through USB on windows 10 and unable to get anything to work despite downloading new driver, any suggestions
  3. 09BE 7115, I think the 3 has been stamped on there as an add-on. I reckon from Aldridges with a letter of authorisation. These Aldridge's in-house Evva EPS blanks, they don't circulate.
  4. Aldridges would only supply you if you ordered the suite in the first place, you will need to identify the supplying locksmith/AI for duplicate keys.
  5. Im looking for info please on these key blanks, Ive found some posts already on the Forum from people suggesting Aldridge's, But i don't have an account with them at present, Is there anywhere else that these can be got? Thanks
  6. Anyone know what series / brand this lock is? Thanks
  7. Anyone got one they want to get ris of? Rick.
  8. Brilliant machine this one, I have one and its the best Cylinder machine I have ever used ! Just wonder what you upgrading to as this one still look great ?
  9. This machine is fantastic and I'm only getting rid as I've upgraded. It has a few wear marks but everything is fully functional and it comes with a new spare brush and new spare tracer and a part used blade. It also comes with the tool kit for maintaining the machine. £800 - postage included to mainland Britain. Rick.
  10. Stems are not mild steel but are a steel of sorts, the reason it works is because most watch cases be them gold or stainless steel are no corrosive, this works be corroding the stem out of the crown. not always possible, especially if your talking a stem sticking out slightly in a gold crown. the dissolving method takes away any risk.
  11. Last week
  12. Hi All We are selling our Mustang machine. Bought earlier in the year but just haven't seen the required volume out of it. Donation made. Will donate further percentage if sale made via this forum. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154147160594
  13. I am selling an 8 year old Gravotech M40G. We are upgrading now to a Laser machine and need this one gone asap. It does have one fault on the machine, it won't rotate so unable to cut bottles etc at the moment. We are using it for flat engraving only. Buyer would need to collect. Rather than putting a price that is unrealistic I am looking for sensible offers please. We are based in Dunfermline, Scotland, KY12 7QU. Feel free to text or call me on 07540 835174 IMG_9966.HEIC
  14. Thanks ... I asked as someone have asked in one of the previous posts about same key and if anyone can do these to code and none responded ! so, thought these might need different Jaws /cutters and can't be done to code.
  15. Thanks Graham. Are you be able to cut this code ? Customer inquired today and might back on Monday
  16. Is Yale Superior blanks work for these PLATINUM 3 star keys ( none patent) D E F code please ? The one in first photo I mean .
  17. I like the story of the old handwritten key-secrets book. The most frustrating entry in ours is about Yale safe keys, of which there are next to none in the J001-J100 series in IC. We have something like 3 enquiries a week for these.
  18. How do you manage this without damaging the thread on the crown?
  19. I wish I could pick up some of those. Does no one have a load licking around they'd sell.
  20. I have some wax-twins left (11 black) - I don't rewelt, any more, due to bad eyes and arthritis - just put something in the forum charity kitty, in exchange. Send me yer addy. Rick.
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