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  2. Thanks both. I'll get in touch with them. Thankd for your help
  3. My name is Vuyo and I am a Locksmith and a shoe repair. I am from Gauteng in Sebokeng and I would love to be sponsored by machines. I am 25 years of age and self employed.
  4. Thats usually to stop people buying up the set so they can supply to code as well.
  5. Just a side note, apparently Replacement keys can only cut them if you have a picture of your key.
  6. Yes you did Graham thanks for pointing that out. I am waiting for aldridge to get back to me with confirmation so they can resend the correct blanks out.
  7. Can a cylindrical attachment be connected to these machines? Thanks again
  8. I have the one for the track that is in the machine but not sure about the dimple one. I'm not in today but will have a look tomorrow for you
  9. do you have the cavity follower? its missing from the photo
  10. I don't know what Birch want me to do with this. I mean, I'll try and work it into my budget, or maybe we can come to some terms? Mike.
  11. Thanks all just pass them onto to replacement keys, unless these are able to cut from silca Machines. Steven
  12. Hi Rick i have 2 in stock plastic ones Steven
  13. https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/menabo-m-series-keys.html
  14. Anyone got a spare one? Plastic or steel head. Note - not the YH35Rbp. Rick.
  15. Hi I have a customer with roof bars down south, does anyone know anything about the M series on roof bars. They do not know the make of the bars. Regards Steven
  16. pantograph services http://www.pantograph.co.uk/pdfs/fillers.pdf carry on!
  17. Good morning all. Where is everyone getting black paint for brass plaques from now that Mastergrave is no longer trading? Kind regards Andy
  18. from the keys i have here in front of me and have been maked from aldridge the left one is a amk2 the right is a amk1
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