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    x minit uk

    Perspex heel repair

    If you take them to your local Timpsons branch, who are the market leaders in our industry and have recently been given the Queens Award for services given to it, they have special staples that are designed to go into the holes .
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    Again Graham Scotland second class citizens we dont have a rep anymore ! carry on!
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    Monty Python

    Sad at the passing of Terry Jones. You made me laugh so much. RIP
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    RM williams boots polishing help

    I’ve got a pair of the RM Williams kangaroo tan boots and use Saphir Medaill d’Or on them regularly with absolutely no problems. Originally I used BLACK polish on the Tan colour leather to deepen the colour, enhance the grain and the stitching and then a Light Tan colour on top. Best boots ever and worth every penny.
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    Holiday Pay

    Mine is all done and calculated by our accountants they just tell me how much to pay. My employee who has been here 34 years gets 30 days a year plus all the bank holidays but he is never ill and always on time and extremely loyal so he is worth it.
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    Key Id

    maybe Silca GE59
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    My rep popped to his car 18 months ago and I haven’t seen him since.!
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    but what a robust machine that just keeps on working , it will outwork and out live the new breed of machine that are not built for heavy use and lifetime use . yes its become more limited as it cant do many of the newer keys , but its paid for itself many times over and i suspect will do so for many years to come. viper , triax , 299 , 399 etc are all real workhorses , a reminder of what quality once was.
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    Any ideas for this key please?

    Old post, just had the key in, used LS11R, shaved shoulders, and tip aligned, worked a treat
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    cowers lane 583

    Watch Straps

    Not much call for anything under 16mm. I would just start with a couple of 18 and 20 mm until you can fathom your market. Both expandable and non expandable. I don't even carry gold plated, only stainless steel. A watch bracelet often lasts the life of the watch, straps will always far outsell bracelets. I get my bracelets exclusively from Cousinsuk. The price/quality is ( I think) best.
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    OAP Discount

    Did this for many years, if they come into your shop because you offer a discount, that's up to them, what they go out with is up to you...... Don't worry about the ifs and buts. If some try to take advantage by bringing relatives repairs in, that's a bonus and worth the discount. Most of your customers are probably in Gods waiting room and are worth looking after.
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    OAP Discount

    does it matter one tells the other and the other tells there mates = more trade
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    Dance suede

    Cripes!!! A lot dearer than I thought - looks like I'll have to stick to packaged ones. Rick.
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    Key ID

    SILCA UNI18? Rick.
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    Medal bar needed

    Not quite the same (bevelled) but used to be Mastergrave - http://www.mastergrave.co.uk/catalogue/detail.php?product_ID=2271&product_Category_ID=
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    Vibram unit

    VIBRAM 1014 TETON UNIT BLACK - SIZE 39/40 LENGTH 11 1/2 INCH these would look nice charles birch
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    cowers lane 583

    Monty Python

    Hopefully he is just pining for the fjords.
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    Thanks Tony, I have the manual but I was not sure about this one. Once more Thanks
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    well at least after 5 years the OP now has the correct answer , it reminds me of british rail , late but gets there in the end
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    There are two series of Givi that utilise the codes 001-200 but there are two different sets of bitting and both use LF12. They'll do for the E460 and Z140r range but you need to know which is which. If anyone can supply the bitting for the full range of E460 codes, I'd be very grateful as I can't find them. The Z661 range uses the codes from 25001-27000 on the SIlca EU5r blank, as far as I know - you just use the last three digits so 25001 becomes 001 which is the code on the key or lock. Rick.
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    Count Muppet

    Key id

    Can’t tell the size but the shape looks like HD A145
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    Trophy label printer

    I know one of our competitors used to have one and we ripped of hundreds of them and replaced with a proper trophy plate. Although cheap not everyone is a fan of them.
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    Forest Cobbler

    Holiday Pay

    I've worked here for 30 years this April and a few years ago I asked for an increase to my holiday time rather than a pay rise for that year. So my holiday allowance was raised from 28 days to 33 days including bank holidays and I'm happy with that for the time being. Valerie
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    SKS website search troubles

    The search function should be working correctly now. With regards to prices, we have had a slight increase on many on the locking and hardware products to coincide with our new catalogue but we hadn't had a price increase since March 2018 prior to that. In terms of the keys, we have removed the price break at 10+ on a lot of the popular cylinder keys but the key prices have actually gone down.
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    Ultion WXM blank

    Yes all WMX keys start with an X. Getting keys is easy just become an Ultion Stockist. If you mean copy blanks well you may have to wait quite a while.
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    brass e star s key

    does anybody have issues cutting the brass mortice key Estar S blanks i always get them back
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    cowers lane 583

    brass e star s key

    I always use a jma chubb blank. Never had any luck with the genuine ones, but the chubby work well. Mike.
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    ID Key Blank for GTV locks

    maybe Silca ED2
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    Change the lock, it’s ancient. its also so worn you could use a whole range of keys. I suspect it will fail soon as the front pin looks as though it’s ready to drop out. There’s no anti snap protection either also if it’s the original lock you have 55 years worth of people who could possibly have spare keys to your house.
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    Catalogues KEY BLANK CATALOGUES: DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: DB Key Blank Update 2017 PDF - 46MB (large file size) DB Key Blank Update 2017 FLIPVIEWER VERSION DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: Important Update re: GL112, GL111, GL110 - DB Key Blank Update 2017 PDF - 712KB DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: DB Key Blank Catalogue 2013-14 FLIPVIEWER VERSION DB Key Blank Catalogue 2013-14 PDF - 1.23GB Please note you may experience a short delay, depending on your internet download speeds, in opening this PDF. DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: Keyline Locksmith Guide 2019 PDF - 17.4MB KEYLINE CATALOGUES: DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: Pod Keys 2018 PDF - 11.06MB DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: Flip Keys 2018 PDF - 7.42MB DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: Door Keys 2018 PDF - 20.78MB DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: Fancy, Jazz, Pop & Rock Keys 2018 PDF - 8.24MB DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: New Keys Release 2018 PDF - 6.37MB DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: Locksmith's Guide 2019 PDF - 27.56MB Tony Wilkin : Business Development Manage / Customer Support :Tel: 07572 216446 Email: twilkin@davenport-burgess.com w: www.davenport-burgess.com
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    And don't forget the cuts on the security cards are from the tip to the head of the key so make sure you enter the correct code.
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    https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/YA84R-YALE-PASS-SECTION-YN/P129428 Tony Wilkin : Business Development Manage / Customer Support :Tel: 07572 216446 Email: twilkin@davenport-burgess.com w: www.davenport-burgess.com
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    Key Id

    I would tend towards Yale Small pin, Does the key in the photo operate the locks ?? It is not in my books back to 1929 for US models, European market used different specs for US cars sold to Europe, It is also possible they are not the original locks, If you can post the year, make model and any other information, I can post your photo and information on some US locksmith forums for a possible answer Howard
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    Duradots, etc

    I've started buying a lot of this kind of stuff off Ebay now. A lot cheaper and you can also get smaller quantities.
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    graham parker for me
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    Just some more items I have with Images - Again all sales I make I will donate to the Site's Charity I would even look to sell the complete lot as a deal, stock , machines, etc. . .
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    Paul c

    Paul cotterill

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    be careful of buying lonsdor second hand , unless things have changed then lonsdor once activated on an account cannot be transfrerred so you would need access to the email account the machine is registered to in order to update and use online functions as well as log in details for this account . i believe similar issue used to exist with obdstar not long ago .
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    Scot tackity

    Back for the passion!

    Hi all, Decided to return to Cobbling for enjoyment and small income. Been away for a number of yrs. Was at a very high standard before i sold up for pastures new 20 yrs ago!... So what's changed??
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    Count Muppet

    OAP Discount

    Surprised it isn’t considered ageist these days. I would have thought most old people still identify as young people so how do you decide who should get it anyway?
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    Mick Friend

    Keco key blanks

    Keco locks? just a thought
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    What does the product say on the directions, You may not need it!
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    Toyota fork lift

    Was only trying to help.
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    Never seen a pair. In Grimsby we are just happy to see a pair of shoes not covered in Dog Shit.
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    The 5p challenge

    Triax e- code
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    my silca viper is the one machine id never get rid of , if it died id buy another straight away , this has been a loyal hard working machine thats never missed a beat , i suspect it will outlive my ninja laser and A6 and still be cutting keys long after these have died. yes it wont do some of the new keys such as vag with side cut , but its robust and almost bomb proof and what it does do it does very well , a gem of a machine that i suspect will still be working hard for me long after this generation of futura have died.
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    We have had to resort to phoning them up recently, apparently they have also changed the coding names of most of their keys. if you do a google search on the blank or item and put at end you can find it that way and add to your basket. that becomes a pain in the arse when you have lots to order though.
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    I can't even get on the website!! Never had a rep either, in fact, don't get reps from any company at all, haven't done for a few years. To be honest though, I prefer ordering online then just ring up when I have a problem.
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