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    30 years ago today........

    My Son, Simon has just spent 40 hours on this! Finally finishing uploading at 4am this morning! Anyway it’s the story of my business journey and even touches on the shoe repair forum. Lee
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    Heel bar vs traditional

    Coming from a heel bar background when I was younger stitching wasn’t the thing. Bars were tiny and my main customers were stilettos. Some timpsons i found (when I covered shops) had outsoles /Blake’s but they prefer to send to sarsden for stitching. So nice to have both at my shop...Getting better ever day. happy weekend all
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    Mortice key Id

    Apols for resurrecting an old thread but, for those of you that didn't know, a genuine blank is available... Davenports GL118 / KB1809 https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/KB1809-SECURIT-5L-BS-BLANK-TO-SUIT-LOCKS-B1781-B1894/P136606
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    Auto Key Wizard

    New Thule codes

    This isn't on any software that I know of. What you need to consider is: These codes to Bitting took me many hours and effort to compile. I was a bit apprehensive in listing my work, but here are the 10 codes requested Thule N201-N250 Series Codes N201 - 21110 N202 - 12110 You have this one N204 - 11120 N205 - 12200 N206 - 21200 N207 - 22100 N208 - 22010 N209 - 20210 N210 - 02210 I could PM you the whole series, but then I'd have to kill ya
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    cowers lane 583

    Switch on a cyclone.

    Sks tech support were very helpful. I've order a new switch from sks, under a tenner.
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    Coming soon

    A machine is never as grumpy as a Locksmith though!
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    Hi Cotswold engraver, I have plenty of milled bronze offcuts. Email me: info@brightonengravers.com to remind me and to get my address. I will cut to size & weigh and tell you what postage to put on a padded pre-paid SAE You'll just be paying for the postage. Hope this helps. Handlebars Andy
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    Happy Dude

    logo conversion

    For some strange reason the one I downloaded myself didn't work but the one Peter did came up great, so thanks very much. I'll send something to the Jimmy fund...
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    UAP window key?

    JMA WL088 for maxus window restrictor ? Sorry cant find them on the SKS site anymore, but the ones I have are the same as your pic. Talk to SKS they still selling the window restrictor. If they cant help send me your add I can put a couple in the post. Bob https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/UAP-WINDOW-RESTRICTOR-KEY/P134061 ps found them at db
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    Mick Friend

    Personal help

    I bet you never used a Johnny either
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    30 years ago today........

    I’m in a very competitive area, I had another cycle shop open 5 doors along from me (I’m on a housing estate with 7 shops in a parade) that was a bit of a gutter at the time but we build a strong image (that’s what all that experience get you!) and we are still growing so I don’t really notice what he’s doing. i have a fairly big shop and was also retail focused, I’ve now given 75% of my space over to cycling and we are talking about how to squeeze the shoe repair space down further at the moment. funny how times change, but that’s key to small businesses is the ability to adapt
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    Auto Key Wizard

    Volvo Digger Key ID

    Silca: MRT1R (HD BO6) Pre-Cut Code: 14603 or 14607 Bitting: 243131
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    Volvo Digger Key ID

    If I'm reading the cuts correctly, you can also use BO6 Bomag key from Dav Burg as a pre-cut for them: https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/B6-BOMAG-PRE-CUT-KEY/P12808 It's not just Volvo who use this key, which is also known as 14603, 14607, 14707 and 14657. Some JCB, BOMAG, BOBCAT, NEW HOLLAND, HANG, HAMM, MOXY, CATERPILLAR, FORD GEHL, DYNAPAC, etc, also use them I sell loads of these, over the year - make a copy for yourself then you've always got one to copy from for lost key situations. Rick..
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    How old?

    I have the same machine but with exposed belts etc. i didn't realise it was as old as suggested!
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    It should be no problem as the S10 motors are very powerful. They are twice the size and power of previous of our previous machines. Aannnd there are 2 of them.
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    Personal help

    Looking at Gray's option they don't seem any more supportive than the ones I suggested, sorry Gray. Being associated with the Orthopaedic,Orthotic trade, I have seen many claims of a 'solution' supplied to a patient which turn out to be little more than a basic gel insole that will do nothing for most foot conditions. In an ideal world, you would need to see a podiatrist who will assess your condition and advise accordingly, but it is very expensive! However, try and see how you get on, Orthotics aren't one size fits all, but you can get lucky.
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    Key ID please safe/cash box apparently

    Silca RC7R.
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    Maybe silca LF28R?
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    30 years ago today........

    I really enjoyed watching that lee.Your passion really comes through.
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    Broms Cobb

    music license for shop

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    30 years ago today........

    Inspiring story. Here's to another 30+ years... of happiness, not necessarily of work :p I reckon the edit would be a bit more engaging - to the general public - to have the relevant old photos of the shop/your town/your life spread throughout the video, rather than in a montage at the end. But the monologue on it's own is fascinating and endearing to those who feel like they know you, and I think that includes every one of us on this forum.
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    Help! Timpsons level one!

    Thanks for the reply. I was a crap shoe repairer for years because I was taught in the days of the 'Heel Bar' where most jobs were rushed and the training was crap, at best, and that's being kind to it. It's only because I loved what I did and still do that I started to learn properly from those who could teach me, that I became better at it - I'm not the best in the trade and don't pretend to be as I'm not an arrogant pillock like some in our trade are. I did build-ups your way for nigh on 15 years as that's the way I was taught but I did a pair, one day, that needed it doing like I do it now, and I thought it looked so much better and have never looked back. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't know how to rewelt properly, for 22 years, as I'd never been taught and then one of the members on here, elfman, showed me how to do it after inviting me up to his shop. That man knows more than anyone on here has forgotten....... Every day's a learning day - if you disregard that or think you're above that advice then you really are a fool Don't ever be afraid to ask for help or advice on here and don't let the naysayers or people who scoff get in your way or deter you as they're usually just insecure, arrogant little bullies who you'll just be wasting your time with. That's what this forum is for. Rick.
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    Thanks JamesST . Reliable stamping sorted me out perfect.
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    I would let them go there own way as well if that is what they want and see how long they last without the handouts they get.