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    Retail reopening 15th June

    We’ve been paying real close attention to local Facebook groups that amount of people who give the “where can I get” questions and although no end recommend other businesses we always try to engage at least one person involved in the topic and mention a couple of things we do because you get no end of people reading it all, we’ve picked up loads of work in the past few weeks by being on the money. But we’ve also got my Sons searching for appropriate posts to comment on too. ive been flat out since reopening. It’s been incredible
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    New YouTube video!

    Whatsup fellow cobblers! Hope everyone is doing great especially in the situation we all find ourselves in! I've been itching to get back since lockdown to continue this great trade! I hope people who run their own businesses aren't going to be affected too much from all of this Covid-19 stuff! Just recently finished my latest video and uploaded to YouTube would love all you guys to check it out once again and any feedback is greatly appreciated! Stay safe fam! Mad Respect! Cobbler G
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    New YouTube video!

    What I would say is that I’ve seen a lot worse produced in the last 18 years since I retired from repairing. Congratulations in turning out a quality job and very well done on the video, semi pro I think! Young Guys like this should Be encouraged not criticised and helped along the way, most of us started where he is and perfected our work over time. I’m sure his work will be better in the future as he picks up tips along the way, like we all did.
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    We have two Timpson shops , ( one a pod , outside Tesco ) near 2 us , there over priced & generally crap at what they do , does annoy me though when customers come to us moaning about how much they paid for repairs & keys while using them.How poor there repair was , & the rubbish service they received, After 30 years it’s like banging my head against the wall . they may take some business at first ; but hang in there & benefit from there greed & sloppiness given time
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    I’d go and burst their wanky balloons lol
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    New YouTube video!

    Let's see some of your work then, with 40 years I expect it to be incredible...
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    Sink or Swim..Timpo closing in on us

    They opened about a mile from me & to be fair put a squeeze on me for a few years, but personally it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I'd gone stagnant at that point. I had a decade in decline 5 years prior to their opening & 5 years after it, to the point where I wasn't sure if I should go and actually work for a living & get a job. But it doesn't matter if your the multi million pound entrepreneur or the one man band we are all the same as Businessmen & we seek a living at any level & spot opportunity. It WILL be tough once they are banging on your door, but the people working in them are limited to only offering what the company tells them they can. you on the other hand are an entrepreneur & will spot something that will help you turn a corner back to area domination. I never look at Timpson Nationally, I just look at them as another local flea, fleas bite but they aren't the end of the world. Good luck. Lee
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    Standard Re-opening

    Hi Everyone FYI, we will be available and open from Monday 15th June, if you need service, spares or Sales, we can help. Good Luck everybody!
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    Henderson rare cylinder

    Has anyone seen one of these before it’s a new one on me. Stripped and made a working key.
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    I stopped supplying trophies a few years ago,everyone wants large discounts and free engraving.ONLINE has killed this once profitable trade ,too many selling from home on facebook/ebay.
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    protecting rubber soles?

    the outside of the heel will always wear down no mater what you put on them putting rubber segs on may prove just as pointless as steel ones unless you know the correct adhesive to use for the material that the sole unit is made of there is no such thing as one glue sticks all ,plus the fact you could end up taking the pitch and balance out of the shoe creating wear on the medial side of the shoe
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    New YouTube video!

    Thanks soleman. A couple new ones are up , here's the latest
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    Tom D

    New YouTube video!

    hes got hands passion hes young ( im not ) nobody ever got anywere working for timpsons , dennis whitworth said to me 26yrs ago he was right so help him be nice
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    x minit uk

    New YouTube video!

    To be fair like it looks like you wiped your ass on the bottoms, shocking finnish.
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    Machine noise level?

    Ooooooooo topical I have more than once in my thirty years turned my back on an irritating consumer, switched on and ignored them & carried on working.
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    I don't see the issue being with the thread size running through the machine you will have issues with it's the bobbins that limit the thread due to the tensioner and capacity. 24 needles are the largest we sell but only for the strength of the material they have to go through - from the chart the TEX of usual patcher thread is around 75 so 18/19 needles are more commonly used.
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    I would loved to have got into car key remotes, but reading posts on hear made me realise I have missed the boat and more importantly no knowledge and not the time to learn. I also think it is a money pit and the members who are experts have spent large amounts of money, hope this helps but just my opinion
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    A new style of Abus Plus

    This is the New abus SZP range and is restricted to specific customers who sign up to an agreement never to supply keys without the security card being presented. I am awaiting more details but lockdown has cut a lot of communication from suppliers. There are a lot of things going on with Abus currently with the arrival of a serviceable sliding pin shutter padlock finally appearing after years and years of asking.
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    Auto locksmith

    Pretty sure Silca made the SBB before it became one of the most copied machines of all time as i am positive I saw one on a factory tour in Italy. The SDD was an earlier machine.
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    Auto Key Wizard

    Key diy

    It's only secret to the lazy
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    Sink or Swim..Timpo closing in on us

    “Local rag” that’s soooooooo last century. What is this media he speaks off
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    10p tubular Keys

    Contact Bulldog direct for replacement keys (pretty expensive).
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    Ronis CA Series Blanks

    Silca LS1? Rick.
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    Esla NG5

    Elsa NG5 is the 5pin version of NG4 same profile it’s used for the Esla 30/30 euros and key and turns it needed to be shorter than the 6 pin. Genuine blanks available from keyprint.
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    TriMark key help

    Some of these locks are as accommodating as a harbour-xxxxx. Could EU10R BT3R etc do the trick. The lovely list from NW Keys refers.
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    Ronis 4R bitting

    S&D available but not the cuts
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    New YouTube video!

    It’s good to see a young lad with passion for the trade , can’t fault his efforts , I’m not sure about the Finnish though , ok for military camo I suppose
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    A Silca HU66TE can do the job????
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    Satin fish

    Wanted. Manual laser key machine

    HI Thank, you. Please could you let me know the price, and a photo
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    Golf trolley key

    Looks similar to this one maybe
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    Silca Miracle Sec e9 used

    Yes I went there yesterday on my day off and ask who sold you that machine he said I got it from China I was like ohh that explains everything. I told him it’s fake not the machine it says it is. He was not surprised atall. Thank you
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    Count Muppet

    Accruing Holiday whilst on furlough

    I was never bored while I was off but kept hearing others say how bored they are. now they’re back at work in dead shops they’ve found out what boredom really is
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    Motorbike top box

    You should see the size of the lock!!!!!!!!
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    New YouTube video!

    Fantastic well done great job and video, hope some day you can open up your own shop you have a real talent
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    Euroleathers 2000

    Plough gauge & bends/skins

    Hi Craig, we can help with skins or bends if you need any. drop us an email sales@euroleathers.com
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    These are restricted. Blanks are out of the question. The way the first cut interacts with its pin is patented. Best contact Abus to find out where you can get them.
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    OS Keys

    Key is bad picture

    Silca ED4 - However you have to cut into the shoulder Steven OS Keys
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    Tok Key

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    ironplanet uk900

    £80 ffs

    I dont up it... Happy with my price list.... how many people will this customer tell
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    £80 ffs

    They have been known for ridiculous high prices for long time now ! But.... They are still in business, paying wages & making a profit ! So, he is doing something right that many other high street shops & independents in the same trade don't ! Taking advantage of people's laziness by being everywhere , stupidise people with a Big Brand name, dodgy offers and guarantees.... In short, knowing people's attitude and practicing his business tactics in a capitalist economy which focuses on naive customer base .
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    What’s this?

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    OS Keys

    ilco 1645 blank

    sks have them in stock FLT-1 https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-fulton-cylinder-key-blank Steven OS Keys
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    Power unit problem

    An update on power unit problem, I checked fuseboard as was suggested and found by swapping fuses about that one of the 3phase fuses had blown,replaced faulty one and machines motors ran apart from polishing section which tripped out at machine, Peter at Siserve suggested disconnecting motor and seeing if switch still tripped,did so and it didn't trip with motor disconnected,so turns out motor was faulty,ordered new motor from Siserve which arrived and fitted and all seems to be well, many thanks to Peter at Siserve and all who offered advice.
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    OS Keys

    COVID-19 Information for you

    Only 2 members of staff are in for the key department and another 2 for business supplies , rest like myself have been placed on furloughed. however been told we have been kept busy with keys and locks for hospitals in Scotland. My father works for national health division in Scotland and they were expecting best case scenario the end of June for lockdown to be eased. This would come into line with china 13 week lock down as well. Like he says you don't jump from the top of the slide, you slide down it to the bottom to get off.
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    Looks like they got dropped off to a Timpson pod for glueing
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    Your accountant will be the best placed to answer your questions Dan. Mine has been on top of this from day one with daily e-mails updating on what we can claim for and has always been avaialble to talk to over the phone. One thing he has said he will NOT charge 1 penny extra for helping his clients through this difficult time. Might not be the cheapest but you get what you pay for and his company although small are extremly proffesional and helpful. A true Gent.
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    Dave the locksmith

    Gatemate dimple keys

    Its the 225 cutter for the ultion and 104 cutter for the Gatemate on the Triax if thats any help.
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    da miller

    Key diy

    been doing this job for 40+years worse than the masons trust me i know
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    Retail reopening 15th June

    Our local councillor tried to get the highways dept just to postpone it for a couple of months but having none of it...we got it for 22 weeks.i took less than £30 today.
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    More likely for people who are going blind.
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