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  1. Does anyone know if a Yale nightlatch (specifically Yale brand) exists? I've seen these with a rectangular anti drill plate, but not with a regular round bezel. thanks Of particular interest to the customer is the long lip/chin on the body of the lock (NOT talking about the keep here)
  2. Do you really Nathan? Even though the ALF-8 only has 5 flutes vs 7 on the Cobham? I might get one in and do one for free and ask them to let me know if it "goes in".
  3. Yes, annoyingly when I put in KBZH6 into the website it brought up KBZH1 and I didn't notice so now have some KBZH1 I don't need! Nathan do you have a link to KBZH6 on the SKS website?
  4. Anyone know the brand or where copies should be obtained from? As I said, sorry for the little flurry of questions - it's been a mad day for oddities.
  5. Anyone seen one of these before? I can't find it on any of the supplier websites but maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing. It's NOT a sashlock. It's a latch operated by the euro cylinder.
  6. Apparently the company named on the key are no more (?!) as per the customer - I'm not putting it here in writing so that if that ISN'T true it won't show up on Google... I've just tried to ring them and got voicemail, but that might be because of the late hour. Any ideas on if copies will be obtainable somehow IF the company in question really HAVE gone? thanks P.S. Apologies in advance - I have a few more questions to come!
  7. Anybody selling any engraving equipment? Or failing that any tips on a cheap setup to get going with some basic jobs? I'm ideally wanting to make custom brass plaques for a steampunk enthusiast customer I have...
  8. Thanks, that's a great lead. Just got to try to find a stockist for it now! I'll get my deerstalker on.
  9. Any thoughts on this one before I tell customer it's a 'no'... Thanks
  10. If you go back to Arc and explain the situation they can usually help. DM me for more info.
  11. Does anyone know if it's still possible to get Genuine Chubb safe keys? I'm after the equivalent of SKS 339 (ideally in a 6.5 not a 4!). Thanks all
  12. Every company we've ever dealt with for house signs has gone under or stopped doing them, if they were a sideline for that business
  13. Tried Elaine at L&F and she said it's not one of theirs. I'll try Camlock Systems too. I rang Fastkeys and they were good but couldn't supply. I have subsequently found it on various perspex display cabinet websites but they seem to come pre-fitted from the far East
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