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  1. Hallo! Anyone got any stock of these? Just need one but can't find one ANYWHERE eg Eurospec RLE8043PC / DF2102PC Think Jedo do one as well. thanks
  2. This is great news - I'm trying to think what made us use SKS more than we used Davenport Burgess (this is going back a few years) 1 - the SKS website was, at that time, much better. Recent changes to the Davenport Burgess website have made that point a bit less true, but I still think the SKS website has the edge. Invest in your tech and you will see the return in web orders 2 - I had a bad experience or three with a lady on the phone and on email over at DB who was quite rude/abrupt. On one occasion she just stopped replying to emails when it suited her to do so. 3 - DB don't
  3. Anyone know if these are available in the UK? thanks
  4. Finally it feels like there's a bit of spare cash in the business to invest in some equipment to modernise us a bit. We have a Mustang for manual duplication of dimple/laser keys - but we've just lost out to a competitor a mile away who could cut the customer's keys to code and have them ready for collection. I'm conscious we should probably invest in a computerised machine - but which one? And what brands of lock should we support? The lock brand was the ABS Endurance key that we just lost out on, but it's the first Endurance I've ever been asked for - much more common actually
  5. We do knife sharpening but we don't touch hair salon scissors. Is there a trade service we can send them off to? Thanks
  6. Anyone seen this one and know how to obtain copies? thanks!
  7. Customer brought this in for a battery change and neither the member of staff who took the watch off the customer, nor the customer himself knew that the little hands have fallen off. Customer thinks we were involved in their detachment and rather than fall out with them, we'd rather just have it put right. Is anyone here willing to attempt to pop them back on? Paid, of course. Thank you
  8. Any ideas? Thanks all - last one for the day!! I think Silca do a blank but I can't find it!
  9. Anyone know if these are possible to either cut on a now-unrestricted blank or order to code? Thanks!
  10. Anyone know if a regular mortice cutter can cut the keys for the Chubb 8k107? Looks like the keys are almost Tibbe type...?
  11. I seem to recall camlock systems haven't released their bitting information, but does anyone know if there's a blank these would cut on? It's similar to many but a good match for none I could find. Thanks
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