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  1. NYKeys


    No worries - found one on eBay. Thanks!
  2. NYKeys


    Hi - just need ONE CR2320 - annoying I've JUST done a Cousins. Anyone got a couple and willing to sell one? thanks!
  3. hmm, even that's slipping - a query I put in last week got totally lost and when I rang up to chase nobody knew anything about it.
  4. It's a weird thing about our industry that there's no easy authoritative source we can refer to on this.
  5. Technical John/Tony recommended 13.5deg. Magnum Keys.pdf
  6. For the first time in years of dealing with them, recently, orders put in before the 3pm cut off have not been getting despatched. They are silently held until despatch on the following day. Other than that not noticed anything. Denise in returns very good if you have problems. I also dislike the way they no longer sign off their emails. Feels very "holding you at arm's length". It just says "SKS Sales". So when you write your reply, you don't know who to address it to. And you can't ring and say "I've been corresponding with X"
  7. Sorry I don't have a pic of the other side - phone annoyingly only had space for one picture! It's apparently a Cycle lock key?!
  8. Years ago now I complained to them about a) how difficult they have intentionally made it to contact them on the website b) how they don't provide a phone number so you can't ring them if you don't already know the number and c) how they don't publish any order cut off times They were not interested in changing or adapting one little bit.
  9. Hmmm, does anyone know if it's possible to buy these as blanks yet? YA27D didn't seem perfect but might work??
  10. You're right. They're either really confused, or they've had some returned - at a guess?? But too late for me now, had to pay double to get them retail from someone else.
  11. Yeah it's them. Just hope their stock levels are accurate. SOO many places claim to have them in hand - but don't. Taking a punt on them. This afternoon ringing round has been an eye opening experience!! Thanks for all help.
  12. Thanks, have tried Aldridge specials, they reckon upto 5 days. So another final plea if any member has any of these in stock I'd love to buy 'em... I've tried phoning round all the "Lock traders" and "locks and keys online" shops but most of them don't seem to stock any products they just seem to drop ship from other suppliers!
  13. Hi Long shot - does anyone have 2 of these in stock they would sell b2b? Need to fulfill an order and am short x2... thanks!
  14. Yes! Thanks! That's it.