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  1. Yes please pass on our thanks to Steve - a great guy. Shame we've heard nothing from SKS themselves
  2. Rings a bigly bell - seem to recall this was a no? Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  3. Some fantastic tips here, Lee. Thanks for posting them. You're so right about point 3 especially. I guess sometimes, though, Facebook's crazy picture sorting can stop you choosing an after picture first layout? Also, would love to see your dance moves on TikTok!
  4. Cheers. I've emailed them. If they reply I'll update here
  5. Any update on this one? Just had another one in! Cheers guys!
  6. They're similar to a L&F garage door key, but for a house door lock
  7. Hiya - sorry to be cheeky but a great deal has come up on Facebook marketplace that I've been waiting for for ages. The seller flatly refuses to post as she's worried about being scammed which I guess is fair enough. I was wondering if anyone worked near Leeke's, Bilston, and wouldn't mind being paid to go grab the kit and send it on to me? If the kit is of interest to you as well I don't mind splitting it with you as well. many thanks - and again, sorry for the cheeky request!!
  8. Just an aside conversationally: I noticed that for the shorter Ultion cylinders (or possibly just the very shortest) the lock doesn't use all the available dimples on the key.
  9. I'll get one sent over - my phone was flat earlier when the customer was in. But I know her.
  10. Looks like we're going from paying £1200 inc VAT a year to £2736 inc VAT. Our old accountant retired and we've had to change accountants and go in for MTD ...
  11. Anyone come across this brand? Looks quite like a Gatemate but has an extra channel/groove.
  12. Anyone got any tips for STRONG photo frame key tags? The ones we've been getting from SKS have been snapping. Thank you
  13. Anyone got any stock of these they'd sell me? Must be the 40mm version. Thanks!!
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