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  1. That is exactly what I have tried earlier in the day simply because they were very visually similar - waiting to find out if it's worked. But hugely reassuring that's what you'd have done too, Graham. Lots of keys seem to use that Eurospec profile...
  2. Anyone know what blank to use for these? The JMA Carl F did not even go in the lock...
  3. What are you guys doing about staff you may have on furlough accruing large amounts of holiday? Are you asking staff to take the holiday while they're on furlough? Cheers
  4. Can anyone do these? I've got a customer order and not sure where to go. Thanks
  5. Figured it might help someone down the line to show my findings/research... Thanks for all responses. Don't seem to do Duracell batteries let alone Duracell rechargeable and couldn't find any 3.6v batteries on their website. RS have the 3.6v AA but not the Duracell Rechargeables CPC have the 3.6v but not the Duracells Bit hard to say for definite that DB don't do the 3.6v as the search is so terrible, but I'd be amazed if they did!! They don't do rechargeable Duracells only standard. Again, no sign of Duracell rechargeable. They do get a half point for stocking a 3.6v battery, but it's only 1/2AA not AA
  6. Can anyone recommend a battery wholesaler who is currently shipping smaller orders to a decent schedule (rules out Anand) and who do (and have in stock) rechargeable duracell 'd' cells and 3.6v AA batteries? So far I'm having to source on eBay - Battery Station have both but have no stock of the 3.6v AA... many thanks
  7. Anyone know what blank might do for this? NOT Helix, sadly
  8. Anyone know who can cut Viro keys to code? Tried SKS but they don't recognise the number?! Thought they were partners of Viro now but hey ho.
  9. Anyone know anywhere with perspex in stock? We are struggling. We had an order in with the plastic people in Leeds which should have been ready by now but when I called them to chase they said they didn't have the raw materials in stock. They've been horrendous to deal with so far.
  10. Marked N1004 ? any ideas? Have cut on a Sterling but not convinced... it's too high for the usual Abus padlock blank we use as a troubleshooter...
  11. Anyone know where to get these? Toolbank have delisted temporarily and Aldridge are out of stock. Thanks
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