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  1. NYKeys

    Unusual camlock

    Tried Elaine at L&F and she said it's not one of theirs. I'll try Camlock Systems too. I rang Fastkeys and they were good but couldn't supply. I have subsequently found it on various perspex display cabinet websites but they seem to come pre-fitted from the far East
  2. I've got to cut a 100 of these, so before I start, even though it looks a universal profile, I thought I'd ask if anyone has a better suggestion! thanks
  3. NYKeys

    ultion blanks

    "NRMS will only sell Ultion Key Blanks to customers that support the product. If you do not support the product we can supply keys cut to code." whatever that means (to them)
  4. Anyone recognise this? Its for a perspex door, apparently!
  5. SKS do some which are 8mm, the SP759, but these are a bit podgy for some (especially older) latches. Any ideas on sources for some which are equally long but not so fat? thanks!
  6. NYKeys

    UAP window key?

    Sadly they "need taking off the website" according to UAP. They are not available separately anymore - such a 21st century problem.
  7. Can't see in any of the catalogues - anyone come across this for sale via a distributor? Thanks
  8. NYKeys

    Mortice key Id

    Should we be concerned that the Davenports key is a 7g and throughout this thread there has been a lot of insistence the key in question is a 6g?
  9. Could have sworn I'd had this years ago and swapping to another manufacturer's blank fixed it. Anyone know? Using JMA CI-26 The two blanks are not 100% identical but are really close. Is there a better blank? Thanks
  10. Anyone else had a call from SKS this morning saying they had a powercut yesterday?
  11. Have you been asked to cut a Tibbe key yet?
  12. NYKeys

    Wheel lock key

    Thanks - think EST is right with MING-TAY. Looks like Davenports have 'em. Ta!
  13. Anyone recognise this one? thanks
  14. NYKeys


    No worries - found one on eBay. Thanks!
  15. NYKeys


    Hi - just need ONE CR2320 - annoying I've JUST done a Cousins. Anyone got a couple and willing to sell one? thanks!