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  1. Not sure. Lowe and Fletcher seem OK. But Brisant certainly used to claim to be buddies with locksmiths. Whereas Assa Abloy don't make that claim as far as I have seen.
  2. Still wondering about this, just had another in. 5.5 gauge and marked Yale.
  3. gorgeous work. Where do you even get blanks? We were using SKS for them but found the blanks had imperfections in the metal (putting it kindly) and would sometimes have voids etc
  4. A locksmith who calls into us said he's heard Brisant are going to stop doing dimple keys like Ultion and concentrate on normal cylinder keyways like the 1-star. Anyone else heard this or seen anything that would point to this? Thanks
  5. Have looked through the SKS website but couldn't see it there
  6. Sorry - it's not the right subforum but couldn't see a LOCKS sub forum? thanks!
  7. Anyone recognise this one? Marked Troy or Tron ? Probably Troy.
  8. We get asked to do pet tags quite often but we’ve never done this. would also be interested in doing laser ‘engraving’ (pyrography?) into leather and onto devices any tips? Is there a steep learning curve? I realise it would be two different bits of kit. we started doing laser/dimple keys about five years ago and it felt like it took about a year to be fairly confident - mostly because the specific Yale Superior lock we did all our practicing on must have been INCREDIBLY fussy as we couldn’t cut keys for it that worked….only to find we can cut keys for any other Yale Superior lock without an issue !
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