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  1. kobblers

    prepare for brexit

    As Graham said, how can you plan for what the hardcore Remainers are trying to overturn? You've got no chance of hitting the goal if they keep moving the posts and in my opinion, this mess that we're in is caused by THEM - not the bloody Leavers who voted in good faith. SHAME ON THEM!!!!! I've said it before: if you're a Remainer you should be very worried about this all-out assault on democracy and, also, the way the courts have gotten involved. You might be thinking 'Yeah, f*** the Leavers - we've got them on the ropes!', but this has set a very dangerous precedent for EVERYONE and if you can't see or understand the implications of this then I really do pity you. As for Scottish independence - my family and friends are mostly Scottish and they hate the SNP and what they're trying to do. I'd be sad to see Scotland go but it's their democratic choice - just like we had ours, and I wish them all the best - it's just a pity that a lot of the Scottish who want to break away have such antipathy towards the English and would never reciprocate my feelings towards their future if they get their own independence. Rick.
  2. https://shoerepairer.info/forum/49-for-sale-wanted-sponsored-by-find-a-locksmith/ Rick.
  3. Not usre if this'll help but it's all I could think of: https://www.fastkeys.co.uk/key-search-results/974 Rick.
  4. kobblers

    Cisa secton G10D

    Hope that helps. Rick.
  5. Just switch to 6092 - been using it over 20 years and very rarely get any issues. Rick.
  6. Is it this? http://www.charlesbirch.com/p-14294-silca-ab82rap-abus-for-anti-theft-devices.aspx From what I can see in Instacode, it offers the bitting but only mentions original blanks. Rick.
  7. I agree, Gray - I find it annoyingly slow so try to avoid ordering from them. Rick.
  8. That's really strange as I'm sure I got the bitting from it this week, already, when I first got the enquiry - when I typed it in today, it showed a load of question marks over the bitting......... Rick.
  9. Thanks. Where did you get it as It's not in Instacode? Cheers. Rick.
  10. Can anyone give me the bitting for a TOUCH key, #570, please? For a TOU2R blank. Cheers. Rick.
  11. kobblers

    Personal help

    They've already made a massive difference as I am now mostly pain free. I know they work because I put a pair of shoes on last week that didn't have the insoles in and at the end of the day the pain had fully returned. Rick.
  12. kobblers

    Key ID

    Any name on it? Rick.
  13. kobblers

    HÖRMANN key

    https://www.smolka-berlin.de/onlineshop/en/kategorien/Hoermann_spare_parts_for_doors_operators/268?start=440 Rick.
  14. kobblers

    Phone covers

    Am good, mate. Been a while since you were on here. How's the artistry going? You should put some of your work up for people to see.