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  1. Can anyone cut a Snap-On key, code Y186? Cheers. Rick.
  2. The key you need is a J101 cut on JMA ALP2D. I keep nearly all of the scooter keys so I'm fairly certain it's the correct key. Send me yer addy, Bob, and I'll send you one, mate. (I lost it, already - doh!) Rick.
  3. Thanks, Steven. Where did you get the bitting as Instacode is just showing question marks above the depth cuts? Rick.
  4. I have no idea where that came from but what an excellent example of a tautology in a sentence Thanks. Robin, and to the rest of you; it means a lot. Rick.
  5. Can anyone give me the bitting for the following keys, please, as Instacode isn't showing any? Cheers. Rick. 24150 24141 24147
  6. I've been using the Yamaha blank but sometimes they're too short on certain forklift, hence me asking for a different key. I'll try the TA17 and see how I go on. Thanks for the recommendations. Rick.
  7. Does anyone know of a suitable blank for this key? The code on it is A62597. Rick.
  8. Customers like that do my head in - they only ever tell you there is a problem with the lock or existing key after you've wasted your hard-earned cash. Customer: 'That key you cut doesn't work' Me: 'Do you have any trouble wiht the lock, normally?' Customer: 'This key doesn't work, sometimes, or is a bit difficult to turn in the lock' Me: 'Why didn't you tell me that, first?' Customer: 'I thought you'd be able to tell' Me: 'FFS!!!!!' Rick.
  9. I agree with Graham. I've cut a lot of those and NEVER had an issue. Sell 'em a new lock Rick.
  10. It's with some sadness that I've decided to end my role as a Moderator at the end of this year, due to other concerns and partly my health which has been up and down in the past 4 years. If anyone would like to put their name forward to take the reins off me and help abababa out so they're not stuck doing it on their own, please feel free. Thank you to all who've supported me in the past 14 years. Rick.
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