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  1. How many in total? I'm interested..... Can do you a straight swap for a brand new, still in box, 96 display, revolving Zippo cabinet (no floor stand) Rick.
  2. What are your shop opening times? Cheers. Rick.
  3. I'm looking to expand my services and am thinking of being one of those places where you can drop or collect a parcel. Has anyone got experience of this and can you offer any advice on how to get going and any potential pitfalls? Cheers. Rick.
  4. Anyone selling one? My girl is on the lookout for a decent one, if you are..... Rick.
  5. Its the L and F 95 series - just replace the W with the number 9 if using Instacode. Rick.
  6. I've had a bit of trouble with ASEC aftermarket keys by most manufacturers and it invloves the end of the key snapping off if the last cut is even remotely deep - even with a new blade and cutting very slowly, they still have a tendency to snap........ Anyone else had this issue? Rick.
  7. Send me a PM, tomorrow, please, to remind me as my daughter may be interested. Is training neccessary or is it fairly self-explanatory? Rick.
  8. They look like the Gibbons A and B series, precut keys. Not seen one in over 15 years. Rick.
  9. It's a roughly generic profile; try a universal or possibly a Silca CE2. Rick.
  10. There used to be a cobbler in Droylsden, Greater Manchester who played guitar on Tina Charles' I love to love - he also travelled the world with The Bachelors playing keyboards, in the late '90s. HIs colleague also sang backing vocals on the Honeybus song, I can't let Maggie go. Rck.
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