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  1. Does anyone know the make of this lock? I suspect it's Lowe and Fletcher but need to be sure as it's an online query. The code is 163. Cheers. Rick.
  2. kobblers

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    Cheap shitty, locks? Rick.
  3. kobblers

    RB2 keys

    Thanks, but I think I'm sorted. Graham. Rick.
  4. kobblers


    Available from the forum owners............... Rick.
  5. kobblers

    RB2 keys

    Ta, mate. DB do another key, P1098A and that's where the confusion lies over the code as it's almost identical. Rick.
  6. kobblers

    RB2 keys

    Ordered. Cheers, Gray. Where did you find the cross reference? Rick.
  7. kobblers

    RB2 keys

    I'm waiting for them to confirm it's the right blank for the code, Gray. Rick.
  8. Anyone got any spare Silca RB2 keys, as Birch have none and DB have an issue with the stock code being wrong so they can't tell me if they have any, as yet? Rick.
  9. kobblers

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    That's good to know, Graham. Do you use the gauge 7 as we've had slight differences in gauge on the originals? Rick.
  10. kobblers

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    We've had these cheap, Chinese keys in and I mentioned it in a thread that I can't find. We haven't found a substitute that works consistently. Rick.
  11. kobblers

    A new beginning!!!! Hello :)

    Well said, fellas. Rick.
  12. kobblers


    Prime with Kumzof or a similar thinner and then use your normal glue. Rick.
  13. kobblers

    Bike key I.D.

    Do you know if the YH35RBP will do the 2002 model? Rick.
  14. kobblers

    Bike key I.D.

    This is why I wanted the old Silca car books. Rick.