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  1. Silca Ya4 and YA18 will do this. Rick.
  2. There used to be a cobbler in Droylsden, Greater Manchester who played guitar on Tina Charles' I love to love - he also travelled the world with The Bachelors playing keyboards, in the late '90s. HIs colleague also sang backing vocals on the Honeybus song, I can't let Maggie go. Rck.
  3. Does anyone now the correct blanks for the CO001-CO200 series, please? CL are normally Meroni blanks but I can't find a match. Rick.
  4. You can buy them from the U.S. but the postage and tax are prohibitive. Rick.
  5. I just checked Instacode; the bittings are different between each series - it also doesnt have a D series. Rick.
  6. Me, too, but it's too big for the space I have available Rick.
  7. Just checked your page - quality work!!! How do you achieve such a deep, consistent colour on your leather soles? Rick.
  8. Aren't you tool old to understand the vernacular of the common Chav? Rick.
  9. Try your nearest kinky dominatrix footwear supplier....... Rick.
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