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  1. Apart from Colledge's, does anyone know who wholesales patterned, fabric masks. Cheers. Rick.
  2. Thanks but I'd still need to get it cut as the punter is an internet query with only one key. Rick.
  3. Nope - not a single one available in this country - same with Amazon Rick.
  4. Cheers. Any idea where I can get any from? Colledge, Birch, SKS, and DavB don't have 'em. Rick.
  5. That'd be great. If they're the same, can you remember where you got them? If you've got the KS101 1051 keys - I already have those. Rick.
  6. Can anyone supply these? I believe the key blank is TM14 if anyone knows where I can source them. Rick.
  7. Where did your last post go......................? Rick.
  8. Yeah, I get the same results. Rick.
  9. Can anyone give me the bitting for 4R212, please? Rick.
  10. I can make and supply custom sized and shaped backing boards - turnaround time 3-5 working days. My boards are good uns - about 27mm thick, so they really look the part if using brass. Rustic slices: get to a good garden centre as they normally sell log ends of all shapes and sizes - slice one up, dry it out (don't force dry it or the wood will check) sand and oil/stain/varnish and yer done My local timber merchant offer a resawing service for wood, including logs to get the thickenss you need. Might be worth ringing a couple near you to see if they can do it, too. Failing that, get a decent bowsaw or a wood panel saw(sometimes called a crosscut saw) with about 8 teeth per inch as this will cut through the logs really quick, although you'll have to sand the rough edges. If you want a long piece and only have a smallish round log, saw at a sharp angle - not 90 degrees. Rick.
  11. Not sure what your exclamation mark is for - only trying to help. Maybe it'd be better to tell us what keys you've tried, next time, to save us the bother of advising you. Rick.
  12. Bloody fantastic!!! Anyone know how do I add it to Instacode? Rick.
  13. Yep. Silca YA91, UL055, YA5. Rick.
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