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  1. That's terrible news, Tel Our thoughts are with you. Rick.
  2. That's something I've never had to do - I normally just use the Lancer's up and down motion. Rick.
  3. Sometimes you have to grind the end down slightly to get them to work as the bit sometimes overhangs the shank - I've had this issue on multiple occasions, even on originals. Rick
  4. Good for you - the world would be a much better place if more people had your approach. Rick.
  5. I hear ya, mate - I went into work this morning and was home by eleven. I kept wandering around my shop with a weird, surreal feeling and a sense of loss. It was so difficult walking out It looks like we'll be shut for some time. Rick.
  6. You lot deserve a huge round of applause for putting yourselves in the firing line - you have my complete and utter respect. Good luck to you all. Rick.
  7. Will he mind strangers ringing him? Rick.
  8. Any chance of a pic of the flyer, Count? Rick.
  9. A customer needs a key cutting to code for a Defender 90 300TDI. 1998 but doesn't know where to find the code. Can anyone help? Cheers. Rick.
  10. Can anyone supply the bitting for code 07324, please? Rick.
  11. Have you tried a Silca LF4 to see if the grooves line up? Rick.
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