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  1. F cut don’t look great. I know they don’t have to look the same to work but the cut looks very close to the edge
  2. Welcome to the forum. Not usually the place for such language. you’ve also answered 11 years later. I’m sure they’d have got something sorted by now
  3. Looks like one of the ALP blanks. Either ALP4R or ALP9 (or the reverse of each)
  4. They don’t lose them they decide that we’re beneath them and that we don’t deserve the respect to bother to find their ticket. they soon find it when you refuse to give their stuff back
  5. That lock ain’t looking at its best. A key to code may not even work properly
  6. Haha. I meant the customer. I was going to suggest taking them to Dan at Tring shoe repairs too.
  7. Timpson can send a key off for you to have cut but that leaves you without the key for a couple of days. personally I would change the lock so you have all the proper info needed and can guarantee better security of the premises. nobody’s likely to give someone with a new account the code. Only long time, trusted users.
  8. Are you sure “it’s nothing like that”? Looks similar and also mentions the same key series in the description
  9. Mixing flammable gases with oxygen can’t be a good idea surely?
  10. I’m sure I’ve seen it in the supermarkets
  11. Davenport GL121 looks good GL107 works as long as you scour the “hump” off
  12. If you’re one of those guys that nails the waist, you may have nailed the shank and it’s rubbing causing the squeak
  13. I’d been using BRS2 for these but o wasn’t 100% sure. Good to have it confirmed
  14. The bla2 is slightly shorter. Maybe that’s where the issues are. trouble is it’s the only one we keep in stock on the board for it ourselves. Would much prefer the LF12 but have to go with what’s there sadly
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