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  1. Count Muppet

    Side Shield

    If it was engraved wrong why don’t they go back and demand it was put right. Why did they accept it and leave unless it was them who gave the wrong year?
  2. Count Muppet


    £7.95 for a standard single sided disc £9.95 for both sides. £14.95 for 2 price decreases depending on quantity
  3. Count Muppet

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    I’d try the gatemate blank. Seems to fit many of the others. Don’t worry about the extra groove
  4. Count Muppet

    KEY I.D. Please

    Same as Jma BL-6D and silca BT3R
  5. Count Muppet

    KEY I.D. Please

    Could it be HD SBT3 ?
  6. I’ve been using esp6 recently
  7. Count Muppet


    John is advising the government on the high street, while timpson close more and more high street shops in favour of out of town sites. james has just been given some sort of position as the voice of small businesses all seems a bit messed up to me
  8. Count Muppet


    Don’t give them ideas. coffee shops have already been mentioned though
  9. Count Muppet


    I’d be surprised if there were many. They happily shut shops as quick as they open them these days
  10. Count Muppet

    Auto locksmith

    Use the search bar to find a bargain from one of the many others who thought it would be easy money
  11. Count Muppet

    Opsial key ID

    Lazy brits not willing to attempt to learn any of the language and too stupid to realise the key cutter probably understands enough English to get the job done anyway.
  12. Count Muppet

    jack russell pet discs

    Never understood why people want these. Why hang a picture of a dog round the neck of the dog? If you want to know what type of dog it is, look at the actual dog.
  13. Count Muppet


    I see the company that you got the boards from do a basic key cutting course to get you started
  14. Count Muppet


    Stops people just turning up on the site to make money selling their stuff. regular users won’t get reminded but would usually donate anyway
  15. Count Muppet

    Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

    Would that code provide me a whole year of instacode live completely free?
  16. Count Muppet


    Was it a cylinder or mortice key you tried? you may have a Yale patented lock where the key looks the same as the standard key but has a slight difference that often goes unnoticed. If it was a 5 lever mortice lock, the B440 blank looks the same but may be too thick to go in or may not have quite cut right because of the height of the bit. Also there are a few choices on those clamps on how you can hold the key, if it’s clamped wrong it’s not going to work. You also need to check it’s not been cut at an angle due to the “rounding off” feature on this machine
  17. Count Muppet

    Garage T handle

    HD 83P or HD136H
  18. Count Muppet

    DM repairs

    I seem to remember something about Timpson getting told off about doing the repairs this way.
  19. Count Muppet

    DM repairs

    I’m guessing this is the other half of safehaven locksmiths? could all get a bit awkward