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  1. Gents, I have for sale my beloved shop: What it does: - key cutting - passport photo - watch repair - video to dvd transfers - poster printing - photo restoration - small banners Superb landlord, rent only 500 p/m, you will get couple months free rent I guess. We are no 1 for passport photos in the Bedford area, as we do UK & EU, Indian Visa, US, Canada and the most important Baby passport photo. We have separate website were people can book passport photos, you will get that too. Walk in and start selling same, day. This is for sale only for few days, if not sold landlord will move one of his hairdressers up there. Shop is very small about 10 sq/m but it comes with three rooms basement office & container for storage if you wish to. Hight Street location in Kempston opposite Saisburys. I'm asking only £6000. Selling only as I'm opening a gift shop in Bedford & can't be in two places at the same time. What is included. SKS key boards 50% keys loaded SKS Cylinder key cutting machine Laser & Dimple machine. Renata batteries & battery box Some watch repair tools. Tape to DVD recording set for VHS VHS-C 8mm Hi-8 Betamax A Pc, cash register, 2 counters, software, camera, photo background, wide format printer and other stuff & stock. PM me for more details, quick sale, no dreamers please, it is a hard work to run the shop. No hagglers, take it or leave it. Will show the ropes for couple of days, ones payment done.
  2. Peter@CopyCut

    PCI DSS compliant

    So many opinions on this topic, just had another canvasser from some merchant company. He tells me that you can ask your merchant not to print the complete card number, or even to stop printing merchant copy of the receipts. But then his company does all PCI compliance not the customer, as according to him, this is to do with secure connection and storing cardholders details and nothing to do with receipts. The other thing he said if you have a 3g terminal you don't need PCI compliance only they do to prove that on all of their machines connection is secure. Where I'm based they usually coming in packs, I can have 5 canvassers every week. Some understand that I'm not interested, some need to be kicked out.
  3. Peter@CopyCut

    PCI DSS compliant

    Wow, in this case this is bad, I rather have paypal card machine, it only gives me last four numbers on the receipts. There is no reason to keep hundreds of receipts with the CC numbers. There is so many providers with secure card readers that I see no reason to be with one which dumps all of the responsibility on your business.
  4. Peter@CopyCut

    PCI DSS compliant

    Nothing to do with card receipts, but I agree they could make you believe that to take your money. There is widely available information what PCI DSS compliance is http://www.theukcardsassociation.org.uk/security/What_is_PCI%20DSS.asp As long as you don't store customers details & their cc numbers in any shape or form, PCI not required. If you have virtual terminal and take CC payments over the phone or in any case handle the card numbers, you do need compliance. But if you take payments only as chip & pin, contact less & swipe over encrypted connection (such as paypal here, iZette etc) you don't need anything as receipts don't hold any data which can be used for fraud only last 4 digits of the credit card.
  5. Peter@CopyCut

    PCI DSS compliant

    We use paypal here terminal with the ipad, non of that bolloxx, in the end it works out cheaper. 78 Few advantages are: - money instantly on your paypal account & you can transfer to your bank account instantly - no monthly rentals you just buy it for £49 to £79 and it's yours - no minimal monthly charge - once you are established you can get Paypal working capital, it's like a ongoing loans to boost your business - PayPal Mastercard - use it to pay for goods using money on your paypal account. I have had credit card companies coming to me for years now, some went as far as creating spreadsheets to prove their point, non were successful. They charge for a terminal £19.99 + vat per month in 5 years lease but the guarantee is only for 2 years. If it breaks after 2 years you need to pay for the repair. PCI DSS Compliance is only required if YOU do store customers credit card numbers, otherwise it's their money making scheme.
  6. To their defence, they are building their new website and adding products on a daily basis, I think once the batch of new items is uploaded to the website, they just sending emails to let us know about the products. Some of their stuff is priced very well. We all know it's a tough game for the suppliers. In addition probably not all of their web marketing settings are set up correctly yet. If you like a bargain, keep them coming for know and if this doesn't stop in couple of months then you can unsubscribe. But I noticed, that I'm actually bombarded by everyone, Aldridges and Davenports too, the weird thing is the people I buy from SKS don't seem to send me anything, just a thought - even my orders from SKS don't come next day but in two days. P
  7. Peter@CopyCut


    I have a guy who can do that, but he charges £100 per design, it's only worth it if you have big repeat orders. Another way is to call their HQ and tell them what you need it for, if you lucky and talk to the right person they will email it to you and then get you flooded with orders. Definitely worth trying. P
  8. Peter@CopyCut

    timpson prices

    And you just proved my point, you are the best guy to do the job. You could easily charge him, fair £30 + vat to fix the lock, and it would make no difference, he would be back anyway, I don't think many of us appreciate how good we are, believe you me £30 would be still cheap to him, he would still say to his mates that he knows this guy who does magic with locks.
  9. Peter@CopyCut

    timpson prices

    What I meant is that I would not hesitate to charge more if it's a fast, or awkward job, and this would take priority over doing a favour hoping that the customer will come back. Everyone gets special treatment, as long as they pay. I'm no longer willing to spend more time or do any extra work if the customer is not willing to pay for it, because they will take advantage of you. Fair is fair, as long as it's fair to me. No one cares about us, so we have to.
  10. Peter@CopyCut

    timpson prices

    Just to make it clear, THERE IS NO DISCOUNT only because customer is maybe willing to come back. Purely for two reasons - 1. Our prices are fair and stock of type keys of the shelf is bigger then anywhere else within 15 miles radius 2. Customers who come back constantly, usually have more expectations then odd customer, firstly they want it quick, secondly there is usually extra job attached such as tagging. Most of my little "trade" customers usually come back because is a hassle free experience, not because we are cheap. Couple of weeks ago I had a young guy in a suit coming in with 3 keys, his first question was if he can get a refund if the copies don't work. Sure he can, I said. While I was cutting the keys, he was chatting to my assistant telling her that, he has been to other place and they tried those keys 4 times and they never worked. I must admit, I started having doubts if my keys will work, my confidence was at the lowest ever at that moment. Bloody LOB keys I thought, will they work. The guy never came back. Week later I was walking down the street, someone said "hello, keys were spot on" that was the young lad in a suit, then walked in to our local estate agents and sat behind the desk. For next 400 yards people probably thought, I'm on some sort of medication, as I had biggest, unstoppable grin on my face.