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  1. Are you an old cobbler that's new to timpson?
  2. Count Muppet

    Key id

    *don't say it *don't say it *don't say it I think it's for a lock HowardK
  3. Maybe it's for cutting lengths of chain? The blade looks a little like the tool they use in b&q
  4. Astra D? They drive some vintage cars round your parts
  5. Have a look in hobby craft. They will have something there you can use. Maybe a spray paint type thing or maybe something like the dylon lady esquire type paint. Ive always been slightly embarrassed to sell the "lady esquire" because its always sounded like the name of a porn magazine to me
  6. Count Muppet


    Yep. I was just double checking that myself
  7. Count Muppet

    Key id

    We use HD ALP9R probably the same key that’s already been mentioned
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. ill be happy to see the days when our shops are opened without shoe machines and just take loads of money of keys and watches.
  9. Count Muppet

    ultion blanks

    These look cool. i always loved the MINIT key. Thought it was so clever, now there’s gonna be loads
  10. Count Muppet

    Key gauge panelway

    Isn’t a keychecker just an expensive cuttle fish?
  11. Count Muppet

    Sneakers ER

    Not that I know of. The machines are still there as far as I know. You occasionally see photos that someone has took of the cleaning being done but they aren’t up to the standards shown by the dedicated cleaning companies. suppose that’s mostly the same on all areas of the company though
  12. Count Muppet

    Sneakers ER

    I was surprised to see this kind of work going on. i first noticed a company near St. Helens I think, a couple of months ago doing it and they do some really amazing work. no idea what they charge though. Suppose it’s different for every job. i always thought of trainers as throw away but I suppose if you’re spending £100 upwards on a pair it’s worth getting done
  13. Count Muppet

    Mushroom pins

    I would guess you need to put it into the hole then tap it with a hammer until the bottom of the pin expands and fills the hole completely. although that may affect the top of the pin. Seems like a job for a specialist tool to me
  14. I’ve got a keyline punto, I cut them flat and very rarely I get them back. when I say very rarely, I mean never (but I’m sure I must have had 1 at some point and forgot)
  15. Count Muppet

    Key id please

    The main cause of it are those guys on markets and car boot sales. Easier to carry a box of universal than 25 different blanks