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  1. I saw a video of doc marten repairs from USA. Can’t remember if it was here or not. They do it all wrong. the job works, it just ain’t right
  2. Most timpson shops don’t do it due to poor training and even worse maintenance of the patchers. Most of them don’t work properly and aren’t a priority to fix. I don’t think the crap thread we use helps them much either
  3. Looks like a trilogy lock pretty sure they are JMA SLG4
  4. Keys and watches are busier than they’ve ever been. plenty of bonus about now
  5. You’ll will need to find the right blank for it. looks like it could be a HD N9CS
  6. I’ve seen their takings. I’m surprised there’s any queues and even more surprised there were 2 of them in there
  7. UL1 is not a real key. its a universal to cover a range of others. you shouldn’t find anything for it
  8. Can you put the pay in there? maybe say paying £5ph?
  9. Think it’s 2131 from the tip but can’t you cut it manually?
  10. They’re not likely to get rid of it all if they just sell it through shoe repairers
  11. Double check you’ve not got anything behind the blade which could make it wobble. like swarf behind the locking nut maybe
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