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  1. I would guess it looks more like MXW from the tip?
  2. Wonder whether it has something to do with your country blocking sites from non EU distributors?
  3. Welcome Mark Happy to see you picked the old stitches out you can order mirror finish soles for the Laboutins through Jon at the buying department. Get yourself some casali inflex pu tops too. Much better quality and easier to use than standard heels
  4. I voted to remain, but we’re here now. If we all just get on with it I think we’ll be fine
  5. Gotta just stop sulking and get on with it now
  6. Silly me. I should have read the title too
  7. Probably a few there could be going off that number. is it the hafele double sided key you’re looking for?
  8. Funny how you say that but I do this type of thing in the exact same way as lee done it
  9. I’m still a big fan of the superglue and dust trick.
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