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  1. Count Muppet

    Key id please

    The UL066 is what timpson use in place of the HD UL1 i don’t know if it’s extra thin though?
  2. Count Muppet

    Yale Window Key

    Securistyle window key with a Yale branding?
  3. Count Muppet

    Hafele drawer key

    JMA HAF2
  4. Count Muppet

    Hafele drawer key

    I bet the other key on the ring is the blank you can use. Don’t worry about the extra fluting
  5. Count Muppet

    Kawasaki key ID

    Excellent. I’ll take a look. thanks for taking the time to help.
  6. Count Muppet

    Problems with Gravograph

    Cool. I’ll take a look. Thanks
  7. Count Muppet

    Pet Tag Engraving Machine

    Doesn’t anyone lease or rent engraving machines?
  8. Count Muppet

    Problems with Gravograph

    I get a similar problem with my is200 i put it down to the machine being old, never looked after and worn out. i assume it’s something to do with either the head of the engraver not sitting right on the base or the base part isn’t able to sit flat anymore
  9. Count Muppet

    Kawasaki key ID

    Yes. I’m certain that will work and is probably what I will have to do if I can’t find the right looking blank. thanks
  10. Count Muppet

    Kawasaki key ID

    That’s the closest I found but I thought I had used one with the head looking more like the original before
  11. Anyone know what pod key I can use for this one. I’ve managed to get one before, so i know they exist but I just can’t find them now. thanks
  12. Count Muppet

    Every flea bites

    I always wondered why they didn’t offer key cutting anyway? now I see they fit one of those crap machines, I’ve got no worries. The company that owns these machines must have some great salesmen
  13. Count Muppet


    Best way I found was to get some laser engraved tape an stick that on
  14. Count Muppet


    Hi joe. have you got yourself access to the group tube yet?