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  1. What sort of money is in it? I suppose the people through the door is valuable enough, but how much do you get per parcel?
  2. Everyone’s favourite customer, the one who tells you that you’re wrong and you must do it because someone that has no connection at all to your business told them you can do it.
  3. If ever I’ve had problems with these keys it’s always been the C/F cut. I always do these manually now so no problems anymore
  4. Maybe he thought you were calling him a rusty bell puller? sounds like a cheeky innuendo
  5. Some of our shops have this. it’s not popular with the colleagues. can need a lot of space to store them and they don’t see much money on them compared to the time they spend dealing with them. then there’s the problem that if someone needs something urgently but you’ve had to close for a while for whatever reason. I’d imagine you’d have to deal with an angry customer and an angry courier company.
  6. Hi @Tony @ Davenport-Burgess I sent you a PM a couple of weeks ago. Can you have a look please?
  7. Saw this diagram in the operating manual. It does double sided keys no problem, but maybe it’s because it’s a compact machine it can’t handle the larger heads?
  8. That depends how you value your time and the area you’re in really. id expect it to have took me around 15 minutes and I’d probably have used 3 keys to make the 2. id be looking for £25-£30
  9. Is the lock worn out or can you just make a new key to it? maybe swap the levers about if they need a different key
  10. He’s been away on a secret mission for some time now.
  11. Seems to be a lot of love for the mustang. I get on well with it but I still prefer the keyline punto because it’s easier to get your hands in it.
  12. The groove being present on the key is unlikely to stop it from working. It’s actually more likely to line up more accurately for cutting.
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