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  1. Count Muppet


    Harry asked for pictures in April.
  2. Computers are only as clever as the person entering the data. that one on the top definitely looks like lf85 though
  3. Count Muppet

    Yamaha bike key I.D.

    The jma code should be YAMA-26D.P2 maybe you can find it from that?
  4. Count Muppet


    I made a key to the lock for a toolchest a couple of months back which should have looked similar to this blank. im certain I used a JMA TRI6D and it worked perfectly in all 3 of his locks it may not have been snap on though and could have been a Chinese copy.
  5. Count Muppet

    Quiet today

    After taking hardly any money since xmas, within the first hour I’ve already beat my daily target and not far short of yesterday’s takings for the whole day. no idea where that came from
  6. Count Muppet

    New member 26,000kms away!

    I think he’s repairing shoes on a space station
  7. Count Muppet

    key id please

    I’m thinking it looks slightly longer HD 16HL or UL2 although i’d probably use YA91
  8. Count Muppet

    Not a watch movement but clock movement

    Maybe here? https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/movements-quartz-insertions
  9. Count Muppet

    Let’s see your pictures

    Lol. The other shoe was obviously the same. Just for the other foot. i do have a photo of the shoes both together but they show too much of my shop and would be obvious where I work.
  10. Count Muppet

    Quiet today

    I’ve been getting this more and more commonly for watch batteries and also car remotes. i don’t do anything for free either. I don’t mind reducing the price a little depending how they ask but I won’t let them take the piss when they think they’re being clever
  11. Count Muppet


    I do have a project which I’ve been thinking about recently but I’m not sure how well it could work. i have a guy that has a couple of watch shops and sells a lot of watches online. He also does watch repairs and because of his watch sales he has a good range of places he can get parts from and usually very quickly. the thing is, he’s not a watch repairer. He only really does straps and batteries so I do some of the other stuff for him when he needs it quick, everything else he has an old guy do for him. The old guy is retiring very soon so he’s asked me whether I want more work from him. i could do this in my spare time for a bit of holiday money but doubt there is enough to make a fortune so not worth leaving my current job. i was thinking of using the extra money to invest in more specialist watch tools and maybe converting some house space into a workshop and offer more of a trade service in a couple of years. is our trade still in enough of an untrained state to start offering (another) trade service here? I wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes who already do this. I know lee was doing this but I think he said he doesn’t have as much time anymore. I’m not likely to look at mechanical watches because of the time and setup costs involved but I guess some people still don’t have the time, or struggle with glasses, movement changes, stem & crowns and getting hold of certain parts?
  12. Count Muppet

    Let’s see your pictures

    Thank you. I wasn’t expecting so many nice comments. I won’t worry about posting work in future now
  13. Count Muppet

    Let’s see your pictures

    Nothing fancy, just a general job. I’m not very artistic so I’m no good with all the painting and nailing. I don’t get to do too many leathers these days. It’s all PVC where I am.
  14. I’m hoping you lot are just too busy to visit the forum. I’ve had next to nothing to do all day and I’ve missed you all. where is everybody?