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  1. Just seen this very same padlock for sale online for under £6 maybe advise on a better quality padlock with keys you’re able to cut easier?
  2. Search the forum for “securistyle”
  3. Looks like a JMA YA15D but couldn’t be sure without seeing them next to each other
  4. There shouldn’t be any footfall if people are doing what they’re supposed to do
  5. They look like split pins. Knock them out in the direction of the arrow
  6. Probably easier to get yourself a ring doorbell or something similar
  7. The Sikh community are the best out there in my opinion. I don’t know a Sikh who don’t like a drink. I think whiskey would be a popular choice
  8. Even the electronic entry tend to have a key backup. people don’t use union so much anymore because the asec and euro spec are a 3rd of the price. If you plan on fitting era, then get yourself some ul1 or ul2 coined. Or just get yourself some key loops made up and add these to every set of keys you give out. I love keyloops. They’re really handy.
  9. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/HU162U-HORSESHOE-VW/P136324 showing in stock im guessing there’s some sort of insert for it that takes modern day chips instead of the old electronic heads?
  10. Sadly not mate. I remembered seeing them on the silca app but haven’t seen any in the flesh
  11. Sounds like a nice bit of kit. can see it being useful for you Graham with the oil refinery work you do
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