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  1. I would hope anyone that can’t manage a toe piece after a year won’t be on their own. Although I’m guessing having not replied for over 6 months means they didn’t make it. also, who’s Terry Dove?
  2. You can do just the ones that you won’t have to leave the shop but then you’re really limiting the money you can take. maybe a 2nd hand ad900 or similar would be better for you as would be much cheaper up front. also from what I’ve seen it might be worth looking at the kdx2 because I think that will clone basic keys too
  3. I think the black box you get for it has something to do with being a battery pack/WiFi dongle you can then tether your phone to it. nice and easy to use. Also worth considering the rw4plus because you can do even the most trickiest of keys and have the shop shut for only 2 minutes
  4. You need both the internet and to go to the car for id46 and id48. but that’s the same on any cloner you’ll buy
  5. A fiver? surely it cost more than that in postage?
  6. I’m guessing he don’t know because he can’t read it. registration number would be useful for that. these keys are awful and always breaking
  7. We already raise for people in this country with the forum charity. This is just a little extra to help elsewhere.
  8. Maybe he’s talking about a certain company based in Italy that has a similar product ?
  9. Are Xhorse and keydiy related in some way?
  10. https://www.gateremotes.co.uk/catalogsearch/result?q=Gliderol identify it here, then search amazon or wherever using the original part number
  11. These bags look really good. They don’t look out of place from the quality shoes you are selling. I’m guessing you use a template to cut the leather?
  12. 24mm straight strap will go on there. If you want an original it looks like you’ll have to contact Accurist themselves. the watch is only £45 when new though so might not be time well spent
  13. I heard a rumour once, can’t remember where from, that the cuts on the bottom were there to put others off cutting them and don’t actually do anything in the lock. ive never tested it though
  14. Maybe your computer? still great on my phone
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