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  1. James Timpson has started the use the “Hardwear” loophole now. the only hardwear I can think of selling are cheap Chinese padlocks that offer very little security. so maybe everyone can be covered under dry cleaning or hardwear? hes just trying to come up with a way of opening the photo shops now
  2. Little squeeze on the middle of the collar should do the trick
  3. Something I read somewhere made me think. if a fart can pass through your pants, jeans and the whole cushion on a sofa and still end up in your nose, what good is a thin bit of material gonna do against a virus?
  4. Add some dry cleaning? It’s seems you don’t even have to do it, just offer as a service and give unrealistic service times and prices so nobody uses you
  5. Leave your door open. No need to touch any handles and more air around the shop to help clear the virus
  6. Looks like evva looks a lot like HD TSR1 but have nothing at home to compare it to
  7. Sounds like it. im hoping my local coffee shops and cafes start taking in dry cleaning too. ive not had a decent coffee for ages
  8. They noticed the dry clean and laundry shops were allowed to open so decided to open some Johnson’s shops from Monday. They done further digging to find out whether other services in the same branch were ok to provide. when they found out this was ok, they extended the trial to some Timpson shops too. Now they’re opening 40 this week. the plan is to start with supermarkets because they all have DC, then pods, then high street with DC then look at the other high street shops later. seems to be a 2/3 week trail with the first 40 shops but could expand or close when needed
  9. I’ll see if I can find a copy that isn’t so obvious who it may have been sent to but to be honest I’m quite offended that you haven’t taken my word for it ive been a member on here for many years, helped people wherever I’ve been able to, with either pointing towards keys, suppliers or information. Always given heads up as soon as I get them with anything Timpson related that may affect any of you so that you’re prepared before you find out too late, but all of a sudden I seem to be considered a liar?
  10. I have it in writing. Obviously not written as “we’ve found a loophole” but not much different.
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