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  1. Count Muppet

    A new beginning!!!! Hello :)

    I notice that the Hickleys site mentions auto work as being a “niche market” does niche mean everyone knows someone who can program them a key on the cheap because so many people have some sort of kit?
  2. Count Muppet

    Ultion cutting

    I don’t think they are authorised centres so someone is making good money supplying them the keys
  3. Count Muppet

    Ultion cutting

    Official timpson price is currently £29.95 for 1 genuine key or £55 for 2 (u11,u12,u13) £20 for a key on a copy blank and £10 per key thereafter. (U11 & u12 only)
  4. Count Muppet


    Was in wrong one. Been moved since
  5. Count Muppet


    Think there is 5 so far
  6. Count Muppet


    Probably one of the ALP keys like HD ALP4 that you’d use on mobility scooters
  7. Count Muppet


    Haha. You’d be surprised how lazy some of them are. something that you would charge £20 for and probably earn £10-15 from would only be worth £3 bonus to them. some customers I would happily pay £3 to not have to see again, others I’d like the money and repeat custom.
  8. Count Muppet


    That’s a very good reason to get to know your local timpson manager. They will send that stuff to you so they don’t have to do it. That’s when you can pinch the customer
  9. Count Muppet


    Funny to think that the trade is being lost considering timpson having 10 times as many shops as 20 years ago. But you are actually 100% correct
  10. Count Muppet

    Dimple Key ID

    I’ve been using the avocet pioneer blank for a lot of this type of key when they aren’t branded
  11. Count Muppet

    Let’s see your pictures

    Let him know where his nearest timpson is. They’re looking out for skilled craftsmen
  12. Count Muppet

    Side Shield

    If it was engraved wrong why don’t they go back and demand it was put right. Why did they accept it and leave unless it was them who gave the wrong year?
  13. Count Muppet


    £7.95 for a standard single sided disc £9.95 for both sides. £14.95 for 2 price decreases depending on quantity
  14. Count Muppet

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    I’d try the gatemate blank. Seems to fit many of the others. Don’t worry about the extra groove
  15. Count Muppet

    KEY I.D. Please

    Same as Jma BL-6D and silca BT3R