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  1. Chris @ IKS

    key id please

    It's Tradelocks - for a while if you ordered genuine blanks off them (usually round head with TL on it) you got them instead.
  2. Chris @ IKS

    Union MN Keys

    We keep these in stock still.
  3. Chris @ IKS

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    We stock the TSS blanks if you ever need any.
  4. Davenports ESPC6 is their version of the JMA TX13D. They have just put the eurospec round head on it rather than the Mila / Versa style square head. We keep both in stock, along with the Eurospec and Mila genuines.
  5. They wouldn't renew the license on them so they are no longer made. I imagine they were asking for too much money.
  6. Chris @ IKS

    TL key blank

    We stock genuine blanks for these Paul. Put tradelock in the search bar if you cant find them.
  7. Chris @ IKS

    New Cylinder Machine

    I am not a big fan of the duo machines, they are not designed to do any real volume of key cutting and often fall short of customers expectations. You will get a Rekord for the roughly the same money or if you can afford it the Bravo Pro is worth the extra.
  8. They are definitely harder, but we cut a fair amount to code for our trade customers and the success rate with the genuine blanks is much higher than any copies. I personally would rather send out a product that I was confident was going to work even if it costs me slightly more in cutters.
  9. The practice locks is a great idea we have them here too. We also sell genuine Yale blanks too, we have the best results with them. They are also cheaper than the Silca and JMa blanks too! work that out?! https://www.independentkeys.co.uk/Yale+Superior/0_CAAA010_CAAA003/PRAC217.htm
  10. Chris @ IKS

    Key id

    JMA JU-2 I think - going from memory as out and about and not in front of a book / screen. It's the reverse of a Silca JC2R / HD A1045.
  11. We keep the genuine Greenteq in stock as well.
  12. Chris @ IKS

    ABUS Key ID please

    We stock Silca AB89
  13. We have stock of these if you still require them.
  14. Chris @ IKS

    Avocet. Pioneer

    Yes we keep the originals, not a copy available as far as I am aware of.
  15. Chris @ IKS

    Avocet. Pioneer

    Card 3936 on the Futura Chris