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Community Answers

  1. Birsant, MLA D section, only available to MLA members.
  2. Schlosser Technik 3* cylinder, probably made by Federal.
  3. Hi Mark. I'm a newbie. How do I post a question to a specific forum?


    1. MarkD


      Looks like if you click on Create in the top right and then select Topic it gives you a choice of forum.

    2. Brent


      Thanks Mark. I figured this out shortly after I posted to you.


  4. Logo is Diplomat Safes, the company that make a lot of the Phoenix safes.
  5. Codringtons have gone, Kenny Little set up Q-Locks after they folded so he may be able to help.
  6. The logo is Cyber Lock http://www.cyber-lock.com/index.php/products/metal-furniture-locks/locker-lock/
  7. Looks like the one for the 3* Fortress cylinder, got mine from ERA.
  8. I agree, got the last ones from Duffells https://www.duffells.com/securistyle-window-handle-key-type-2.html
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