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  1. Broms Cobb

    American Express.

    we did years ago, and had to wait for payment to get into the bank for roughly 7 days, as everything else went thru in 3 I felt it too much paper work as in time watching the bank. so do not take them. I will if it's the same prices as visa etc, but until then NO Best thing I use one, and get cash back just over 1% used as much as poss for business, got 400£ in a year in commision - bit hypercritical I know but not my problem
  2. Broms Cobb


    That's the puzzling bit, why are the Gov paying them to assess the high street when they do appear to be getting out?
  3. Broms Cobb

    Lil Larry

    Yes, so have we, but seems the big companies are getting them for a lot less maybe? We shall see. Christmas and dark nights are here so hopefully it carries on?
  4. prices are crashing down already, just had a customer comment on our price on counter £9-99
  5. Broms Cobb


    Lots of links down the side to all the bits they are doing - 2000 shops etc
  6. Broms Cobb


  7. Broms Cobb

    Walking stick Ferrules

    I was shopping yesterday, went into Blacks they sell them for £3 for two, Buy them and split the pack you will get £3 each they are having there black friday deals in the next couple of weeks and I'm hoping to clear them out
  8. Broms Cobb


    I'm trying t5o get one of the KLIX machines, look great do hot and cold and maintained by the company,
  9. SILCA OPTIKA LIGHT READER MACHINE Hi I've been asked from one of my trade customer's if these are available SECOND HAND? if so please pm, hopefully make you a sale
  10. Broms Cobb

    key identify?

    there you go, I hope this is better
  11. Broms Cobb

    key identify?

    the Iphone X guess its not that good will try again. sorry
  12. I have sent this to a couple of suppliers and drawn a blank - any idea's on these?
  13. quick question, Drag diamond or rotating - how to identify the differnces? I seem to get mixed up, do I paint the end or do you guys have other ways?