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  1. Broms Cobb

    Needed large tankard

    thanks lads, did try e pew but 2 is biggest, however Amazon do 3? so there is a wholesaler... somewhere?
  2. Great topic well thought out interesting to read. Thanks i'm sure this one will help most,
  3. Broms Cobb


    Yes, we have been and can recommend them as the service has been Brillant! My only gripe.,., (sorry) each time I have been there have never had that FREE coffee that was promised 12 years ago LOL
  4. Broms Cobb

    This was a "HARD" one to engrave!!

    cannot open
  5. Broms Cobb


    a small group of us from this area are looking at going to the exhibition in sept, just to see how the people up there do things... staying over the Saturday night who else is interested?
  6. Broms Cobb


    Still ugly, can someone do artwork on him to improve the look??
  7. Broms Cobb

    Abs key

    this is just some of them pic removed NANEX 001.mp4
  8. Broms Cobb

    Abs key

    I got the full range from Dav Burgess.
  9. Broms Cobb


    isn't this what happens to Timpson's and every business? After all someone showed you and trained you then you have opened? Just spread the wealth and teach them and that should help you in return with the knowledge you helped one along the way
  10. Broms Cobb

    Key Fobs

  11. Broms Cobb

    3D Closed

    Could someone change the title to '3D Opened' might be better?
  12. will put pics later VARGA SAW FOR SALE £200 pm me if interested.
  13. years ago I had one, after about 6 months or so it became VERY apparent how bad he was, always struggled to get paid with every excuse i've ever heard.. kicked him out and would never take another one. he was a dry cleaning company - since then I have been asked to take cleaning in from 3 or 4 different companies and turned them down flat! Yes business is business but once bitten twice shy.
  14. Broms Cobb

    website trophies

    Don't beat yourself up with this as your against the big companies that sell to you.
  15. would you buy from them if they did? I would, obviously on quality and price. but who else?