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  1. Broms Cobb

    Marketing Companies

    Market yourself - you will only pay yourself then, and if it doesn't work you lose nothing - pay them and if it doesn't work - your working for them?
  2. Broms Cobb

    Best all round engraving machine???

    no idea's sorry, but have heard bad things about all machines Best Advice I can give you is find out what your local mates within the trade use, if you have any problems i;e jobs your struggling with advice wont be far away.
  3. Broms Cobb

    Trophy plate prices

    get a Varga saw - buy sheets from pantograph services cheapest ever!
  4. Broms Cobb

    mvp pro

    whats your lowest price?
  5. Broms Cobb

    SIlca MT4

    looks easy enough LOL
  6. Broms Cobb


    we have a gravo Volume, which i am pretty sure can do it. If you would like to post here I will do it for you measure base etc pm me I will see
  7. Broms Cobb

    Best all round engraving machine???

    Any, if you can use it - you will make money, most of us started with the is200TX which is great for 97% of all jobs. but you have to get to know it. you can get one for around 2K
  8. what is one of them? I work saturday's sorry
  9. these are now PATENTED. (yes i know) however we had ANOTHER in today, yes I should have photographed it, but was a bit too busy at the time. the one we used had an extra groove but I think it should work? how many are there now?
  10. Broms Cobb

    trading standards

    I am luckier than most, they have an office very close to my shop - seem to call every two or three months - but they have never asked for a price list?
  11. Broms Cobb

    Needed large tankard

    thanks lads, did try e pew but 2 is biggest, however Amazon do 3? so there is a wholesaler... somewhere?
  12. Great topic well thought out interesting to read. Thanks i'm sure this one will help most,
  13. Broms Cobb


    Yes, we have been and can recommend them as the service has been Brillant! My only gripe.,., (sorry) each time I have been there have never had that FREE coffee that was promised 12 years ago LOL