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  1. Broms Cobb

    music license for shop

  2. Broms Cobb

    music license for shop

    CONFIRMATION - Good Morning Sir, I hope you are well. Following on from our telephone conversation, I have cancelled your licence account LIC-018317*** Thank you and have a blessed day. Kind Regards, Sola
  3. Broms Cobb


    SILCA DUO+ CYLINDER & MORTICE KEY MACHINE has anyone got this machine, and could you please let us know if any good and would you purchase another ?
  4. I think they look great!"!
  5. Hi Mate its mark in Banbury whats timpsons done now

    1. Broms Cobb

      Broms Cobb

      Hi Mark

      they shut a max spielman shop and moved it into the tiny repair shop, good for me as the customers walk past as they think its busy :)

      the post refered to the fact i'm now asked over anmd over again if I sell photo frames etc. 

      i'm abouty to get them in - can't help thinking it's win win for me as my shop is 5 times the size

      speak soon

    2. marky111


      hi mate

      good news, I have some stuff for sale if you know anybody, 2 lancer plus mortice machines, 2 rangers one bench one and one with the stand on it a red 2 footed boot stretcher with all the feet 400 each on lancer 100 on rangers each and 100 on stretcher also heat lamp with flash acitvator its a bit untidy but fully working 80 quid


    3. marky111


      my numbers 07905656261  just incase ta

  6. Broms Cobb

    Marketing Companies

    Market yourself - you will only pay yourself then, and if it doesn't work you lose nothing - pay them and if it doesn't work - your working for them?
  7. Broms Cobb

    Best all round engraving machine???

    no idea's sorry, but have heard bad things about all machines Best Advice I can give you is find out what your local mates within the trade use, if you have any problems i;e jobs your struggling with advice wont be far away.
  8. Broms Cobb

    Trophy plate prices

    get a Varga saw - buy sheets from pantograph services cheapest ever!
  9. Broms Cobb

    mvp pro

    whats your lowest price?
  10. Broms Cobb

    SIlca MT4

    looks easy enough LOL
  11. Broms Cobb


    we have a gravo Volume, which i am pretty sure can do it. If you would like to post here I will do it for you measure base etc pm me I will see
  12. Broms Cobb

    Best all round engraving machine???

    Any, if you can use it - you will make money, most of us started with the is200TX which is great for 97% of all jobs. but you have to get to know it. you can get one for around 2K
  13. what is one of them? I work saturday's sorry