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  1. Broms Cobb

    Jury Service

    I know that to NOT do it you need exceptional circumstance or you will be made to do it I did it years ago, whilst I worked for another company - best rest ever (almost fell asleep lol) also wages are capped.. so put in a claim for reasonable loss and you will do ok
  2. Broms Cobb


    there is NEVER a right time, I started in a recession - despite friends advising not to? several years later - best thing ever, several houses new cars etc etc etc yeah, but free? would have been worth a day's train ride to view. also Timpson? or are they missing all this? Never any guarantee's ever anywhere - if your not sure - stay.... always wonder how good it could have been, your the reason you could do well or they wouldn't pay as much.
  3. Broms Cobb

    gymkana 994

    do you do demonstrations? if so where and when?
  4. Broms Cobb


    been asked a lot (since max speilman closed and moved into timpson) so looking into it
  5. Great point! what is level 1? does anybody outside Timpson actually know?
  6. look at some of the other comments Peter, real warm welcoming to the forum.
  7. quote - am considering buying: Truecode (full) MVP Pro Try Hibsjo on this forum, he is selling bits
  8. as title FUME EXTRACTOR THIS IS FOR ADHESIVES does anyone on here actually have one? If so, are they any good? Do they do the job?
  9. Broms Cobb


    sounds really safe.
  10. Broms Cobb

    TP1 + TP2 CHIPS

  11. Broms Cobb

    TP1 + TP2 CHIPS

    £11 INCL POST
  12. Broms Cobb

    TP1 + TP2 CHIPS

    £10 incl post
  13. Broms Cobb

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    one of my customer's has said switch to 'Quickbooks' Another expense......
  14. just been advised on new tax regulations MONTHLY The announcements in July 2017 around Making Tax Digital placed VAT firmly at the vanguard of the proposals. Finance (No. 2) Act 2017 includes legislation providing for the introduction of MTD for VAT (section 62 – as well as other clauses for income tax). On 13 September 2017, HMRC also published further detail in a legislation overview of the VAT proposals, as well as draft Regulations and Notices for income tax.