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  1. Standard have the black Friday, i'm sure they have some..
  2. I retail so yes, clearing some crap, trophies etc
  3. I get this on my mobile, every time asks for password, so much so I don't look any more
  4. Hi Patsy just need the sequence, but many thanks for the offer
  5. Hi does anyone know how to test is a machine is working properly? (The test that when the machine is turned on, and then the diamond does the full cycle.)
  6. Do you notice how much ridiculing of Farage every time he is interviewed? They are trying to knock him down,. you will only hear on the news NEGATIVE comments about him.
  7. the problem, (as I see it) we all feel the same - only hope is Farage, I have listened to him for the last 20 years or so,He was the only one stating how wrong this system is He was the Euro MP on close to one million a year, many many of the others are crapping themselves as the will be unemployed (but not one ever complained?) Kinnock and his wife are getting an estimated 1.6Ml between them - always smiling and very happy. But surely if this club there in was so good as they claim you would get on the box and defend it? so listen to Farage it's all over you tube. his talks are never prepared all off script very clever guy incited of listening to the scum at bbc who are crapping themselves watch yourselves...
  8. I was talking to a biz guy in the town yesterday about this - he said at the election we all need to MARK OUR VOTES IN INK! Vote rigging will be quite a thing this election..
  9. here's a great tool from davenport Burgess that my 'new trainee' uses all the time -
  10. it's all a stitch up! just vote Brexitt party get rid of them all
  11. getting quite worried here, the prison staff and police are unable to have holidays till after Christmas (if they haven't already booked the army have had many brought back to UK - just in case... this all stinks imo get ready for upheaval...
  12. your ok there - but even if a machine has been cleaned up how do you knoiw whether itr's been looked after>? he has just had an offer - so will update later today if it's still available.
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