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  1. Broms Cobb

    Screwfix Smith and Locke keys

    do the SS keys do these? (super slim)
  2. Broms Cobb

    Zippo lighters

    Laser Yes
  3. Broms Cobb


    HD SS 6 pin high enough and always works
  4. Do these small finisher's come with narrow bands? Also what about a multri trimmer?
  5. Whitfield used to do the 75 (I think) Standard now - message Kieth. would be nice to have some pics on this forum, might just be tempting to all.
  6. that's right! Do not buy this type of shoe again, we see them all the time and as pointed out on several topics here - repair is usually around £40 (if your lucky) buy cheap buy twice applies to this type of footwear (Sorry)
  7. Broms Cobb


    Thing is, have SMSR ever done this? could be good - this trade needs some recognition for all our trades might just be the start of something good.
  8. Broms Cobb


    oops just noticed it was moved lol
  9. Broms Cobb


    Trade section?? Any how, not just keys i'd like to see all our services as in my shop we have 3 staff and a trainee but am trying 'to fid time' to do a more thorough training so losing the lad for a day occasionally is well worth it. and recommend it - Hickley's and Davenport Burgess are fantastic.
  10. as title, Training courses, I sent one of my lads to Davenport Burgess and now Hickley's for training then started to wonder who else within this trade (trades) offer any courses? Yes we all train on the job but I feel one to one more in depth and make the person a lot more confident. So which companies offer any training?
  11. I wonder how he would fare within this trade?
  12. Broms Cobb

    Nanex from Birch

    Not being any good on a pc I don't know however it's a memory card so my guess is yes.. And good thinking I will start putting all on it thanks
  13. Broms Cobb

    Nanex from Birch

    £19-99 already sold the first 6 pack that we tried so my thinking is will sell more with this picture frame/tv on the counter running the video.
  14. this is a great add on for my business, you buy 4 boxes of 6, and get a free tv player for my shop counter with this video on - I think one of the best idea's to come from birch. thank you Mr wilson - keep up the good work. NANEX 001.mp4