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  1. lets just send all of the animals to mars and keep the earth for ourselves - two of each species, call it the Mars Ark one of the most effective and simple answers to the resource/pollution crisis is for everyone to stop eating meat. cows take up a lot of land to maintain, and require masses of water and corn from separate farms to feed. ...but I'm gonna continue to eat hypocrisy burgers until the price of lab-grown meat comes down in price enough.
  2. ^they could do with a whole new website, looks v dated and hard to read on a modern monitor
  3. I see they do flatcaps and the like too. We haven't been able to get them from our regular wholesalers so thats handy (tho I often feel that fashion stuff is a losing battle, these caps are £3.50+vat, can get a similar hat from Primark for £4)
  4. the tories aim to raise it to £10.50 by 2024, so it's going up regardless the difference with Labour's pledge is that they want to put in place this higher rate for even teenagers - which I agree could be problematic. Imo, if there is going to be separate rates of pay depending on age, let us also hire pensioners at a discounted rate
  5. Cmon, just give us this one, we don't have much else going for us This is already our third election in four years...
  6. I think some sign companies use flatbed UV printers that can print on almost anything I'd sooner find someone with a C02 laser, should be able to get lots of detail with very shallow depth on the proper material
  7. He'll never be prime minister if he doesn't even stand to be an MP... he can fly off to a high-salary job in the US, without the inconvenience of having a constituency to serve which would be a shame, I quite like his radio show on LBC
  8. Yes, a corrupt blowhard will be our salvation
  9. linky link; https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50261277 Heard this idea in passing on the radio today, talking about how raising VAT and lowering business rates an equivalent amount will 'save the high street'. No idea how they figure that one out? Many of us will be beneficiaries of small business rates relief, so this plan will be a kick in the balls with no upside. If the idea is to level the playing field for brick and mortar and large online retailers, invent a new tax for them, rather than just tweaking the way we operate.
  10. shame he couldn't climb much further up Trump's arse
  11. heard the same thing at the referendum, and the last election it's a joke
  12. kind of, yeah single-transferable vote elections/referendums are a tested thing and would be suitable for our predicament http://theconversation.com/brexit-deadlock-this-three-way-referendum-design-could-break-it-108217 *and we needn't wait for a deal, because we've had a deal comprehensively negotiated by our PM (twice).
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