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    Phone covers

    I'm subbed to Ian Atkinson, great channel. Will check out Nigel's tonight will order some pricking irons and veg leather...eventually.

    Phone covers

    very cool I'm not a cobbler, but am interested in learning a bit of leathercraft - maybe just for a hobby, unless I have a knack for it I wanna make some watch bands but I've been told to start with something bigger like a card holder/wallet first.
  3. Of course - moving the goalposts isn't a good look. But sometimes the goalposts are stupid. Nobody is winning this game. I'm taking my ball and going home.
  4. Nah, it's certain users writing a diatribe about how the whole situation is stupid and should never have been based on a simple 50%+ outcome to change from the status quo when it was so forseeably politically unworkable (imo it should have at least required a majority in each constituent nation of the UK as an indicator of unity) Then sobering up a bit and deciding to delete the post because it's not worth it

    photo engraving

    they'll be using fibre lasers I think Craig (?) has a workshop with them impressive kit, very not cheap

    Personal help

    do you fellas use rubber matts or some such at your work stations?

    Coming soon

    while these machines might not last long, the tech is only going to improve over time but machines can't offer our level of customer service (yet?)
  8. Fair enough Your move into cycle repairs is an interesting one. It's not something we'd consider as we're more retail focused, so space is at a premium and gets filled with stuff to flog - there's a repair store I reccomend to people 1.9 miles away (and another new guy a bit closer), so probably not enough of a gap in the market anyway. But it highlights the importance of being adaptable - by it's nature this industry is about being 'handy'; the generalists of the high-street - so theres always opportunity to capitalise on that in a creative way. I go by Parkhead_Workshop on instagram btw
  9. Inspiring story. Here's to another 30+ years... of happiness, not necessarily of work :p I reckon the edit would be a bit more engaging - to the general public - to have the relevant old photos of the shop/your town/your life spread throughout the video, rather than in a montage at the end. But the monologue on it's own is fascinating and endearing to those who feel like they know you, and I think that includes every one of us on this forum.

    Fumes from paint

    Any partiular product ? I'm using the stuff from Mastergrave on reccomendation from a user here. doing the job nicely.
  11. Been doing a few plaques with cellulose paint lately, I understand that the fumes from it arent too friendly. I'm not sniffing the stuff, but I'm already asthmatic so figured I'd ask - what precautions should one take when using it? I know you shoe repair guys are familiar with noxious glues and might have some fume extraction set-up - a bit overkill for me. Maybe a mask?
  12. There'll be some DIY subreddit that'll be more willing to talk you through how to do it lots of people on the internet love to give free advice. it's a wonderful thing. trade-forums are often not the best place for it, good luck tho


    we have reruns every 5 years, give or take

    watch link removal

    Yeah, it's frustrating. Often customers comment "I didn't know you were here / I didn't know you sold this" to which my gaffer responds "we've been here 30 years!/ we've always sold that!", but imo that's a sign of a failing on our part. If a customer doesn't know we sell something, it's because I haven't done a good enough job displaying it, if they don't know we exist it's because we aren't forcing them to notice/care about us. Better to focus on what we can control than what we can't As we're also a hardware/ironmongery shop, we often get told "I tried looking everywhere for [this obscure product], you're my last chance, you guys sell everything", and I have to kindly ask them that maybe next time they want something we can be their first chance, not their last chance

    watch link removal

    We need to up our prices for sure in the event that a ceramic link decides to crack, where can we buy replacements? Had a customer come in with an already cracked Boss watch, couldn't help them much. Just direct them to contact manufacturer? no use resenting customers - we gotta put that energy into marketing ourselves better