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  1. They couldn't do that, it's be political suicide surely
  2. There's a light on, in the building, if you look closely... That's what I took as her meaning when I first saw this, but the Express is free to misunderstand it to manufacture outrage.
  3. Sell it to a hipster Attach a lampholder to it for bonus points
  4. Nah, the Tories changed the definition of the 'minimum wage' to make it look like they were doing something a few years ago. All it achieved was obfuscation. It's the legal minimum. The 'living wage' (as it had been previously known, but now renamed 'REAL living wage') is higher still. https://www.livingwage.org.uk/what-real-living-wage
  5. We have placed a couple orders direct from LBS, the straps were of good quality Thinking of switching to Cousins for my next large order based on some previous discussion on this site praising them.
  6. I think it's working it's way up to that level, as long as the economy doesn't fall off a cliff
  7. Minimum wage going up by 51p per hour in April https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-50947097 How do you reckon this will affect small businesses? Anyone working in our industry should be putting in above minimum skill and effort anyway, so perhaps it's a non-issue.
  8. The idea of them bringing in younger relative's items isn't really a problem (the granddaughter might have went to Timpsons anyway) - but obviously it'd be nice if it worked the opposite way around to build an, er, 'longer lasting' customer-base. A "bring your grannie's watch discount" makes even less sense though :p
  9. How do you verify oldies? A simple way would be to ask to see their free bus pass card thingy - but in Scotland that is given out at 60, which is too young for discounts
  10. Already do That is another concern (our customer base is already fairly old), but perhaps it'll balance out with a student discount What I'd be most concerned about is that the people outwith these age brackets might feel cheated. Interested to hear any contrary opinions tho.
  11. Just wondering, do any of you offer OAP or Student discounts on your services? I noticed that a shop in my town centre does, and introducing it could be a good way to raise our prices a bit without alienating the elderly customers who have been using us for years. On the other hand, it would complicate the sale process, having to check if they're entitled etc. Not sure if it'd be worth it, thoughts?
  12. How does the turnout compare? (Also, add votes for greens to the leave side) But yeah, I don't think there's been such a dramatic shift of opinion on Scottish Independence as the constituency results might imply. It just speaks to how backwards the whole electoral system is - in dire need of reform, but BoJo obviously won't change the system that handed him this big win. To parallel your point, notice that the pro-second EU referendum parties (Lab, Lib Dem, SNP, Green et al) won way more votes than the brexit parties (Con, Brexit party, UKIP). Something like 55/45 in favor of a confirmatory vote. If we abandoned the first past the post system, and if this was actually treated as a popular vote on a singular issue (as it really should have been) then we'd be having a different discussion.
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