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  1. Also Keyprint contacting Baton directly got me a fairly quick reply, and their price was better (but we were placing an order with Keyprint at the time anyway)
  2. I fear you're overthinking on the technicalities. If you can find a good location and do some decent marketing so that you will be noticed (as well as offer some complimentary services/products to entice), you will find that you don't need a PhD to earn a profit in this field.
  3. Does anyone know the corrosive effects of alcohol/disinfectant cleaner on metals/leather watch bands etc?
  4. Good stuff. I watch a lot of youtube, but don't make videos. Thinking of getting into it down the line, but for the moment the ease of insta is more convenient. I'm sure corporate are enjoying the free advertisment/content, but have you considered like if hypothetically you channel gains traction and you decide to strike out on your own business venture - would they claim that they own the content produced on their working time?
  5. Had a lad in asking for over £300 to do our shop Told my gaffer that for £300 he could buy me a half decent 360 camera and I'd do it myself. Or you can do a not-terrible job of it with a decent smartphone for free. Decided against because I intend to visually change the shop for the better over the next year anyway.
  6. I hope that I can find time at some point to teach myself this skill, always impressed
  7. They couldn't do that, it's be political suicide surely
  8. There's a light on, in the building, if you look closely... That's what I took as her meaning when I first saw this, but the Express is free to misunderstand it to manufacture outrage.
  9. Sell it to a hipster Attach a lampholder to it for bonus points
  10. Nah, the Tories changed the definition of the 'minimum wage' to make it look like they were doing something a few years ago. All it achieved was obfuscation. It's the legal minimum. The 'living wage' (as it had been previously known, but now renamed 'REAL living wage') is higher still. https://www.livingwage.org.uk/what-real-living-wage
  11. We have placed a couple orders direct from LBS, the straps were of good quality Thinking of switching to Cousins for my next large order based on some previous discussion on this site praising them.
  12. I think it's working it's way up to that level, as long as the economy doesn't fall off a cliff
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