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  1. I just PM'd ironplanet a question, then realised that he doesn't post so often these days, so I'll copy/paste the question here "I see in an ancient thread about engraved plaques, you're using some syringe for the infill. I've only used small brushes so far.  Lovely job. Where's best to buy appropriate syringes? (Being based in Glasgow, I could get plenty for free off the ground if I didn't mind having the Hepatitis alphabet) And how thin should your paint be? i've ordered Mastergrave's paint and thinners, still waiting on that to arrive. Can you rinse out a syringe with spirits to reuse? Cheers Bryce"

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    ah, my comment was referring to the machine that has been ordered by Keyprint customers. there's some confusion here, hopefully it all becomes clear and simple in due course - we're not in a big rush to buy atm as we're not refusing sales *too* often.

    Key id

    I guess I'm the numpty here because i now see that this thread has been "tagged" #gatemaster

    Key id

    just a note - it'd be handier if threads such as these were titled 'gatemaster key id', or whatever that way if some other lost soul Googles the name on the head of the key in the future, they have a hope of finding the question answered here instead of asking it again
  5. An odd request, but do any of you have a couple spare plastic watch boxes, the type with the white back as shown in these photos? I'm retrofitting two sides of this rotating cabinet - which previously had annoying shelves - to display some cheapy watches instead. (Next step is to motorise it, if I can figure that out ) I'm two short, don't fancy buying a box of 12 watches with the cases, as we only tend to buy a few at a time in bags. Cheers.

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    oh my I think someone needs to reach out to the pub If the price I heard was right, this machine isn't for us - only get asked for a paxton once in a blue moon anyway. Guess it depends on the common entry systems in your local area.

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Anyone ordered this machine and found it successful? i'm hearing that keyprint are selling a paxton machine. more expensive though.

    Quiet today

    Had a customer the other day ask me to 'not use that machine to press it on too tight' He admitted trying to open the watch himself to no avail - i explained that the back is either on or it's off, and having the tools (and knowhow) to deal with it is why i charge money


    The right time to start any project is always a week/month/year ago. We're all only getting older, so it's best to dream big and face what may come than sit where we are and watch it go by.

    Cutting plates to size

    We currently order them cut to size too, but if you have any notion of doing larger signs or carved projects, you could look into the various options of entry-level CNC router machines. Desktop CNC machines are generally available in 60x40cm bed size, and will cut you rectangular plaques at any size you ask them to, even with a bevel if using a V-bit cutter. You can order full sheets of brass and plastic laminate and rough cut them into sections that fit on the 60x40 bed (using a table/circular/band/hand/whatever saw). This process is what I'm taking steps to implement in my workshop - but i'm hyped about the wood-carving possibilities this machinery offers too. This route won't be strong enough to cut steel though. If that's all overkill, then get a varga saw as Graham said - I have an alert on my eBay to keep an eye open for any cheap ones going, but so far, no luck.
  11. Thanks for the advice, it just seemed like such a simple job, provided I had the right part
  12. I'm a watch-battery-replacer, tentatively looking to learn about watch glasses / movements. As such, when my cousin told me about his broken watch, I said I'd have a look. Not sure what happened but the crown is missing, possibly snapped at the stem. Problem is that this is a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date, pricier than I'd like to learn on (and with no real profit to the job as it's for family). I looked at the movement and it's a "RONDA 5040.B", which takes a Ronda 3000.177 Stem, according to google/cousins. Not sure which crown to order; Cousins have a few Tag Heuer crowns listed, not sure how to pick the correct one for the stem/case. Also the original was black - it's on ebay but the price is hefty. Thoughts?

    Carbide cutter sharpening??

    I'm looking through old threads on this topic - I will send some blunt cutters/tips to Pantograph Services or Mastergrave. I still have a couple questions A few people have mentioned that they do sharpening in-house - what machine is used for this? is it something like a tormek grinder with a jig, or a more specialised tool? Also, is there anywhere to buy the gravograph twin-cut inserts, other than direct from Gravograph? [and any idea on their price? not sure if it's worth the hassle of swapping tips if only saving a few quid]
  14. Is the Mastergrave paint @Gray linked Cellulose based? (They sell Cellulose Thinners "for use with Mastergrave's filler paints", which implies the paint is, but its not explicit) I've used wax in the past (pita), recently used acrylic paint mixed with a bit of water to thin it down a tad, that turned out nice but I'm reading that Cellulose is better.