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  1. Democracy is a pain in the arse. David Cameron misjudged it big time by not requiring a greater majority to change from the status quo.
  2. they should swallow their pride and have another referendum, now that we know what the process and outcomes look like except stipulate that the result to change from the status quo needs to get over 50% of the votes in each constituent country. If you can convince more than half of scots, of welsh, of northern irish and of english to leave, then it might work. The irish border situation is one of the main problems, and the fact that Scots are leaving despite their wishes only fuels notions of independence. This mess is too divisive to be workable.
  3. nice pasta https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1087258784001654784.html?fbclid=IwAR2kEb1PN8VMvLVasWdLtKIqg5xd4mt67axsPl1B9p8CNLkuJG8lAT7Qzq4


    well dang, I was looking for one too
  5. Dang If anyone happens to have old files downloaded to their computer, who should they email them to for re-upload?
  6. I just PM'd ironplanet a question, then realised that he doesn't post so often these days, so I'll copy/paste the question here "I see in an ancient thread about engraved plaques, you're using some syringe for the infill. I've only used small brushes so far.  Lovely job. Where's best to buy appropriate syringes? (Being based in Glasgow, I could get plenty for free off the ground if I didn't mind having the Hepatitis alphabet) And how thin should your paint be? i've ordered Mastergrave's paint and thinners, still waiting on that to arrive. Can you rinse out a syringe with spirits to reuse? Cheers Bryce"

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    ah, my comment was referring to the machine that has been ordered by Keyprint customers. there's some confusion here, hopefully it all becomes clear and simple in due course - we're not in a big rush to buy atm as we're not refusing sales *too* often.

    Key id

    I guess I'm the numpty here because i now see that this thread has been "tagged" #gatemaster

    Key id

    just a note - it'd be handier if threads such as these were titled 'gatemaster key id', or whatever that way if some other lost soul Googles the name on the head of the key in the future, they have a hope of finding the question answered here instead of asking it again
  10. An odd request, but do any of you have a couple spare plastic watch boxes, the type with the white back as shown in these photos? I'm retrofitting two sides of this rotating cabinet - which previously had annoying shelves - to display some cheapy watches instead. (Next step is to motorise it, if I can figure that out ) I'm two short, don't fancy buying a box of 12 watches with the cases, as we only tend to buy a few at a time in bags. Cheers.

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    oh my I think someone needs to reach out to the pub If the price I heard was right, this machine isn't for us - only get asked for a paxton once in a blue moon anyway. Guess it depends on the common entry systems in your local area.

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Anyone ordered this machine and found it successful? i'm hearing that keyprint are selling a paxton machine. more expensive though.

    Quiet today

    Had a customer the other day ask me to 'not use that machine to press it on too tight' He admitted trying to open the watch himself to no avail - i explained that the back is either on or it's off, and having the tools (and knowhow) to deal with it is why i charge money