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    Fumes from paint

    Any partiular product ? I'm using the stuff from Mastergrave on reccomendation from a user here. doing the job nicely.
  2. Been doing a few plaques with cellulose paint lately, I understand that the fumes from it arent too friendly. I'm not sniffing the stuff, but I'm already asthmatic so figured I'd ask - what precautions should one take when using it? I know you shoe repair guys are familiar with noxious glues and might have some fume extraction set-up - a bit overkill for me. Maybe a mask?
  3. There'll be some DIY subreddit that'll be more willing to talk you through how to do it lots of people on the internet love to give free advice. it's a wonderful thing. trade-forums are often not the best place for it, good luck tho


    we have reruns every 5 years, give or take

    watch link removal

    Yeah, it's frustrating. Often customers comment "I didn't know you were here / I didn't know you sold this" to which my gaffer responds "we've been here 30 years!/ we've always sold that!", but imo that's a sign of a failing on our part. If a customer doesn't know we sell something, it's because I haven't done a good enough job displaying it, if they don't know we exist it's because we aren't forcing them to notice/care about us. Better to focus on what we can control than what we can't As we're also a hardware/ironmongery shop, we often get told "I tried looking everywhere for [this obscure product], you're my last chance, you guys sell everything", and I have to kindly ask them that maybe next time they want something we can be their first chance, not their last chance

    watch link removal

    We need to up our prices for sure in the event that a ceramic link decides to crack, where can we buy replacements? Had a customer come in with an already cracked Boss watch, couldn't help them much. Just direct them to contact manufacturer? no use resenting customers - we gotta put that energy into marketing ourselves better
  7. use the opportunity when taking out the front of the shop to squeeze in a big ol' CO2 laser that's my plan

    Key gauge panelway

    On the subject of tools for idiot-proofing the job, anyone here played with one of these; https://www.locksmithledger.com/keys-tools/article/12341278/keyline-introduces-camillo-bianchi-key-reader ? Worth it, or gimmick that you'll regret spending the money on once you've a bit of experience under your belt? Could make guiding less experienced staff a bit simpler is my thought

    Sneakers ER

    Well, on the site i linked in the first post, they sell their own branded cleaning products and paint pens and mention wholesale. I'm guessing even the wholesale price would be a bit steep though, surely there's a non-hipster-microbrand alternative.

    Sneakers ER

    I've never seen that advertised to be fair Timpsons are good at keeping their existing customers, but 'Sneaker ER' are successfully reaching out to a different demographic. I'm assuming it's successful anyway - maybe most of what goes through their tills is selling shoe-care accessories and doughnuts.

    Sneakers ER

    It's more about a status symbol than practical footwear I guess. The same way one might think that watch collectors have more money than sense, if you don't 'get' this enthusiasm for trainers/'streetwear' it'll be hard to capitalise on it. Personally, I abuse my £30-£60 trainers until they got holes in them and throw them out
  12. I'm not involved in the shoe repair side of this industry so forgive me if I'm telling my grannie to suck eggs here, but I noticed a trainer cleaning service store in town that looks to be doing well, makes an interesting case study. instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sneakerlaundryglasgow/ website: https://www.sneakerser.com/ ('price list' and 'about us' pages worth a look) I'm just expressing my surprise that there's so much money in scrubbing (and gluing and painting) trainers. This company seems to have moved from a small workshop in the centre of Glasgow, to a ridiculously large two-storey unit in the city centre. Complete with a cafe and 'exhibition space'. So what gives - and how can others in the industry replicate it? Clearly there's a market for it as millenials prize their trainers over smart shoes. I know from reading Cutting Edge that reviving trainers (using Nanex®™) is a good earner for many of you, but judging from this case the right branding/social-marketing can tap into a larger market. The key seems to be about knowing your Yeezys from your Jordans - plus trendy interior design, an active and slick instagram account, and tattoo-bearded hipsters for staff. Neon signs, tiny coffees, barbers chairs etc. Is this a hype fad that'll die out, or should every cobbler go hire themselves a 'sneaker' aficionado with an instagram following?

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Had my second inquiry today. Customer's fob had a yellow ring. Copied it following the instructions, all went well [no red flashing this time]. Customer returned it an hour later saying it didn't work. Tried a second fob in case it was an anomaly, that was returned too. A friend with the copier machine at the other side of the city experienced a failed copy on a yellow ring fob too. Is there something about the yellow fobs which are incompatible?

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Can you point me in the direction of some photos of the relevant panels? We're unfamiliar with the systems

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Almost sold my first two fobs today The customer's fob had a red ring. The copier machine flashed red three times upon reading the fob [indicating that it's a 'PAC GDX' type fob], so it couldnt be duplicated. Hopefully not all the local closes use the same entry system.