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  1. Anyone recognise this, it's for a Mercury Neo 8 mobility scooter? Cheers. Rick.
  2. kobblers

    Key id please mobility scooter

    Any luck on this key? Rick.
  3. Anyone know if there's a blank available for this? Cheers. Rick.
  4. kobblers

    Allgood Cisa key I.D.

    That would be great, slippy. I'll PM you. Rick.
  5. Like Graham, I've also cut a few 92 and 95-97 Lowe and Fletcher codes that have a W prefix. Taken from Fastkeys site - a list of manufacturers who use these codes on their furniture: SILVERLINE (W201 - W400) Lowe and Fletcher Keys W201 – W400. This key series is most commonly used on filing cabinets and other types of metal office furniture. Related manufacturers include Bisley, Baton, Escoline, Eurolocks, Punchline, Railex, Roneo Vickers, Samas Roneo Vickers, Sheerpride, Silverline, Task Peds, Triumph, Twinlock and Vickers. Rick.
  6. This topic has been reported to Admin for no apparent reason by a guest user. If you feel the need to complain about a topic or to report content, at least tell us what it is you're reporting or don't bother as I've got better things to do than chase reports that seemingly have no basis! Rick.
  7. kobblers

    Key id please

    I think he may be telling you porkies, mate. NO-ONE is that infallible or lucky. Rick.
  8. kobblers

    Allgood Cisa key I.D.

    Is that definite? Cheers. Rick.
  9. kobblers

    Key id please

    Me, neither - I just try to do the best I can in the most professional way with what my 32 year knowledge and my modern equipment will allow me to. Anything else, I count on you great fellas/ladies for. Rick.
  10. kobblers

    Key id please

    Totally agree with everything Graham has written. We get so many keys in with no name or with a name that can't be sourced that we have no option but to use a universal. Would you say the same about using Mortice or Rim blanks for keys that don't have a specific blank? Purists? Rick.
  11. kobblers

    Key id please

    Send me your addy and how many you want I'll send you some, mate - no point paying postage charges from your supplier for a couple of keys. Just pay it forward to someone at some point. Rick.
  12. kobblers

    Key id please

    You mean VAC151 worked? Rick.
  13. kobblers

    Key id please

    Could quite possible use Silca VAC151 key - it's hard to tell as the first image is of a key covered in crud. Rick.
  14. kobblers

    Jaguar Tow Hitch

    There is no card for them. AS Graham stated, I have all ten keys for this series, pre-cut, I also have the Witter TrR01 - 10 series, pre-cut and I just take copies from them. The ACS are LF12 blanks and the Witter TR are Renz JMA RE5D. If you want to buy a full set of each, I'll do you a better price than anyone on eBay. Hope this helps. Rick.
  15. I have an internet customer who needs a key making to the lock of his Peugeot roof bars if anyone in the Fife KY9 area can help. I've already tried to make him one to the code on the bars which is 016 - this is normally a Thule LF12 blank but the key wouldn't even go in. Thanks. Rick.
  16. Wouldn't it have the FH prefix, though? Rick.
  17. Yes, mate. Even though it's also listed in Instacode as being a blank, alongside LF12 - I've had little success with the blanks working on almost any Thule lock. LF12 works 99.99% of the time. Rick.
  18. kobblers

    Brass memorial engraving

    When we fill a sign, we let it go dry for about five minutes and then use nail varnish remover as it's not as aggressive as cellulose thinners. Rick.
  19. kobblers

    Engravable printed signs

    https://www.xpres.co.uk/c-178-sublimation-support-products-sublimation-gifts-xpres.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQjwi43oBRDBARIsAExSRQGjQhbbXuRbNrhEkIRZJOPv0PvepnnMD4c_IfTOgQcDH5GxKLOKwwMaAuRnEALw_wcB Rick.
  20. kobblers

    Engravable printed signs

    The ones I used to make were a plastic - polyester, if I remember correctly. Rick.
  21. kobblers

    Engravable printed signs

    Yes, they're sublimated - I used to make these. Rick.
  22. kobblers

    key id please

    Sterling post box or Helix cash box. Rick.
  23. kobblers

    Key ID

    Silca DN2 is shorter. Rick.
  24. kobblers

    returning member

    Welcome back, stranger. Rick.
  25. kobblers

    Stretcher parts

    Your doctor lies down for you and presents themselves? Cripes. Rick.