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  1. grahamparker

    asec vital key blank

    UL054 will do but you need to shorten the end. We just use genuine blanks.
  2. grahamparker

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    Hi Chris, i think that one off key changes the padlock combination allowing use of a second set of keys while disabling the master set by allowing a ball bearing to drop into the plug. That is why it is called a One Off key you use it once then swap to the next set of keys, you can strip and repin moving the bearing/s back into the body if you know the positions of the cuts. Squire used to offer something similar for house builders.
  3. grahamparker

    17th century chapel key

    Amazing considering they are one of the richest organisations in the country.
  4. grahamparker

    Hoopla key ID

    http://www.hooply.com/en/products.asp?bid=3 All the different variations out of China. Might help identifying the correct blank.
  5. grahamparker

    17th century chapel key

    In reality if you charged an hourly rate the minimum for one of these keys depending on quality and accuracy should be a minimum of £150 per key.
  6. grahamparker

    17th century chapel key

    I spent 4 hours on the last one I ever did and there was an air bubble in the metal it snapped on first use. All blanks went in the scrap bin and I would never touch one again. To much work for very little profit.
  7. Bottom one looks like an Abus granite key to me not Abloy. Winkhaus key i wish you good luck and have a large bucket of cash ready.
  8. grahamparker

    Safe key

    I will notify Aldridge’s of the ridiculous price difference between the prices.
  9. grahamparker

    Safe key

    https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/chubb-0017-chubbsafes-kb83-blank-to-suit-air-safe-2016-range.html Or better price at nw keys Omega SO55171 double bit safe key
  10. grahamparker

    Key ID please

    looks very similar to Schlage.
  11. grahamparker

    Ford key

    A good photo makes a world of difference.
  12. Not sure to be honest I just cut them and either post or sell them. Next one I cut I will take a photo to show how it cuts them
  13. Not when cutting on a Triax it isn't. We have cut well over a 1000 of these on the Triax and not had 1 back, i did have some early issues with the keys been a little tight when turning in the lock but i have manually adjusted all my cutting cards to cut the Z axis -10 deeper and that cured the problem. I only use either Keyline or Silca blanks and change the cutter when any burrs start to appear.
  14. grahamparker

    Interesting article!

    Great idea until the hackers move in.
  15. grahamparker

    Forklift key... Toyota?

    The profile on the ebay key is the wrong way round. Silca TL2 will possibly do it.
  16. I seem to remember you cannot buy the blanks, you buy new cut keys in sets of either 2,4,6 or 8 then by means of an allen key the lock can be adapted to the new key set. Very clever system.
  17. Agree c= 2113 the drop in the middle makes you think that it is a 2 the middle cut can deceive you. Make a depth key so you know the exact positions of the cut. using the cuts 1/2/1/2 that is what i have done but it is difficult when your working to a photo.
  18. grahamparker

    Source for spindles

    Try Hoppe direct if you have an account.
  19. grahamparker

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Unless your Google and Amazon then you become tax evaders.
  20. It's called a Fitch fastener if that helps, searched a few of my suppliers but not found one the same.
  21. grahamparker

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Going to be quickbooks for me as well.
  22. grahamparker

    The Silca 109 catalogue

    Arrived this morning with my order.