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  1. Might be possible on a Cisa 22010/60 or Abus 85/60 sub assembled (both are compatible with each other). Or possibly any of the Abus 83 series. Depends on pin spacing. You would then need to use the universal pinning kit. I have done many jobs like this in the past and unless you have every key present you cannot guarantee all keys will work. Best option is as mentioned above get a 35/10 half and a federal/Brisant body to suit or a 30/10 and an Abus 86/55 (although i believe this may be discontinued) but i have 2 in stock that i bought direct from Abus UK. You could always use a brand new Maxus padlock, punch down the holding pins on the side and drill out, then replace the pins as required but use Cisa bottom pins/springs and bungs to seal the padlock then use a smooth band on a finisher to get a nice smooth finish. Or Buy a new padlock in a keyed alike variant then cut new keys knowing full well you can order a new of the shelf padlock to match in future.
  2. Not suprised with the prices they charge.
  3. We use the same cutting card on the Triax but if they don't work we manually duplicate using the Mustang.
  4. I know one of our competitors used to have one and we ripped of hundreds of them and replaced with a proper trophy plate. Although cheap not everyone is a fan of them.
  5. I wonder how many companies called Cobblers and keys exist in the UK ?.
  6. Yes all WMX keys start with an X. Getting keys is easy just become an Ultion Stockist. If you mean copy blanks well you may have to wait quite a while.
  7. Mine is all done and calculated by our accountants they just tell me how much to pay. My employee who has been here 34 years gets 30 days a year plus all the bank holidays but he is never ill and always on time and extremely loyal so he is worth it.
  8. And don't forget the cuts on the security cards are from the tip to the head of the key so make sure you enter the correct code.
  9. I was the very first beta tester of the Aldridge website for months before it first went live and any bugs that i found where sorted promptly and efficiently so why cannot SKS do this. I have also made many suggestions that are now implemented on the Aldridge website. The search engine was very poor to start with but massive improvements have been made with this.
  10. Pay seems like it is for a young person 18-25 maybe. Might help if the hours where listed as it could be for 20 hours a week.
  11. Amazes me. I do not need to actually see any reps but i get Abus, Aldridges, SKS, Brisant, Phoenix safes, CK tools, Borg, Codelock,Burg that all call in regular as well as other that call maybe once a year.
  12. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/ASKWP-KEYWAY-PANEL-ASSA-RUKO/P131984 One of these are essential if you get lots of Assa keys makes life so much easier as a lot of the profiles are very similar.
  13. Quick search of the forum https://www.sks.co.uk/genuine-zoo-hardware-v10-cylinder-key-blank
  14. Triax and Unocode best part of £30k but you get what you pay for and will hold a great resale value in years to come not that many ever sell them.
  15. Now we are leaving Europe the economy will boom. Proving all the remainers WRONG.
  16. Should really be around £10 an hour for anyone over 25 more in London.
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