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  1. Just had this pop up on facebook so just letting everybody know.
  2. Then I would have used the 2mm cutter and tracer for cutting this key.
  3. Use the 2mm then, it depends on the key you are copying. What keys are you struggling with ?.
  4. grahamparker

    3D Closed

    Cryptic messages on Social Media not explaining the problems do not help. Most companies have backup servers for this eventuality or give out mobile numbers get pens and paper and still take customer orders explaining you will dispatch once everything is up an running again. To Cease trading immediately suggests something more sinister and does not help with the rumours.
  5. grahamparker

    Dimple key blank 3mm

    Silca WJ1R will do these
  6. grahamparker

    3D Closed

    Same was said when I first mentioned Codringtons going.
  7. grahamparker

    Garage lock key ?

    Silca LF4 usually.
  8. grahamparker

    3D Closed

  9. grahamparker

    3D Closed

    That would be in line with what i was told right from the outset then.
  10. grahamparker

    Cylinder safe key

    RC3R was short but worked.
  11. grahamparker

    Key id please

    Nett Price !!! Delete Delete Delete.
  12. grahamparker

    Neco Azzuro Scooter Key

    Always worth trying the Kymco keyblanks on these.
  13. grahamparker

    Key marked 'T'

    We are going to see a post about this key blank every couple of weeks like the ISEO F3 used to.
  14. Where is the body ? Are they nut fix/snap fix or clip fix ?
  15. grahamparker

    key machines

    The Silca is more than likely the Delta 2000 (not 200) it could be any version ie FO, AY, Multicopy and so on depending on which version he purchased.
  16. grahamparker

    3D Closed

    Once there facebook says they are open again i am sure this can be done This is posted BY 3D 1 Hour ago on the same post on facebook so obviously they are NOT OPEN YET. 3D Group - Automotive Locksmith Supplies unfortunately at the moment there is no further update, we are working as quickly as possible to resume normal business and will update customers when we have any further news
  17. grahamparker

    3D Closed

    If it was servers then you would still be trading and answering the phones. I have been told it's something different from a VERY reliable source.
  18. grahamparker

    3D Closed

    Just ordered some remotes from Aldridges for another locksmith friend of mine who would have been struggling otherwise.
  19. grahamparker

    3D Closed

    It's a little vague sounds very worrying.
  20. grahamparker

    New Yale key ?

    Already been dismissed.
  21. grahamparker


    Now that's a Bargain.
  22. grahamparker

    JMA key ID

    Silca PR5
  23. I have a friend less than 1/4 mile from me and he is CHEAP (stupidly cheap in fact) i have considered ditching all my gear and getting him to do shoe repairs for me. This week i have taken nearly £4500 + whatever i take today and less than £200 of that was on shoe repairs. Key cutting and Lock sales are just escalating for me at the moment and that is where the money and profit lies. BUT my dad started his working life as a shoe repairer and that still holds a historical part of our business and why we are still trading so i am loathed to get rid of the equipment plus the dismantling of the shop and shop front to get it all out but i think it might be the way forward in the long run for me.
  24. grahamparker

    Hooply key blank is

    Not managed to source any blanks yet. If you manage to find some let me know.
  25. We cut these using Abus Granit blanks and an adapted jaw/cutter on the delta fo using the abloy jaw. We charge £9.95 retail per key and do 100's of them even though the padlocks aren't worth more than £5 tops. If you want to post the key to me i can do them for you at a trade price (message me if you want a price to do them).