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  1. Fair enough it might be good for you but my third job this morning was to cut 26 Ultion keys, 10 minutes over £200 + vat profit. Paul my employee spent 15 minutes yesterday afternoon last job of the day cutting 40 keys for a local caravan site again well over £100 + vat profit on that job. Last job this morning was to assemble a ford bonnet lock kit for a local garage 5 minutes no materials at all £20 + vat profit Shoe repairs, zips, patching do not even come close and never will.
  2. In a lot of cases if we didnt cut keys there would be hundreds even thousands less repairers still going today for most shoe repairs are now a sideline no matter how good you are. Even what i would call craftsmen would struggle to survive today by just doing shoe repairs only as 'easy money' makes the world go round especially with what has happened since the market crash back in 2008. If you invested say £35k in new machinery for shoe repairs or £35k in key cutting machinery (Triax + Unocode) i can guarantee the second will make you the most money in a lot quicker time and you will still be operating for many years to come and employ more people.
  3. grahamparker

    Key id please

    Was it 5 or 6 pin ?
  4. grahamparker

    Key id please

    We have seen quite a lot of Yale branded keys that are not YA1E at all. I believe these are done on the machines in B & Q, Asda and so on.
  5. grahamparker

    smart pro for sale

    Just testing the water with an offer of £2000.
  6. grahamparker


    Always better with individual machines unless it is for a van.
  7. I think that is mainly due to Assa Abloy aka "The Borg" as they slowly wipe out all the small independent companies then massively increase prices overnight.
  8. grahamparker

    watch link removal

    Just to let you all know (i spoke to lawrence about this on saturday, apologies if i have spelt your name wrong) and although it was a ceramic bracelet it was fitted with spring pins so no worries out the ceramic breaking.
  9. grahamparker

    watch link removal

    Timpsons. That's disgusting got to feel sorry for the customer, bet the operator was short on his bonus this month.
  10. ABS Market leader ??? How are you coming to this conclusion ?.
  11. grahamparker

    Any ideas

    Looks similar to this key Rick. https://shoerepairer.info/topic/25285-key-id-please-mobility-scooter/?tab=comments#comment-283161
  12. grahamparker

    ultion blanks

    But as they are thicker there will be more depths to make it more difficult to pick open. Price of the blanks is fine by me as we will just increase our prices to match.
  13. grahamparker

    Key id

    Or Silca ALP4R
  14. Just done a pair of ladies heels that was our second shoe repair job this week along with a pair of mens stick on soles and heels. Got rid of all sewing machines and just do basic repairs anything else is not worth the time or effort to make any decent profit anymore. If it would not mean dismantling half the shop and having to remove the front door to get rid then i would have done so years ago but saying that the finisher is in use every day just not for shoe repairs, we use it for finishing brass padlocks after re pinning and all sorts of other jobs.
  15. grahamparker

    ultion blanks

    I believe that the Cisa SP was one of the first to use the name as the profile shape or vice verse.
  16. grahamparker

    ultion blanks

    They are trademarked i used the wrong word but it means that the blanks cannot be legally copied so it amounts to the same thing.
  17. grahamparker

    Key gauge panelway

    Well in that case i stand corrected. Never seen or used cuttlefish to be honest.
  18. grahamparker

    ultion blanks

    Yes they should be the same using Genuine blanks not sure about the copies though the cylinders have been modified a couple of times to stop copies working. It won't be an issue for long as the new Ultion WXM cylinders start to replace the standard Ultion and this time they have patented the blanks so it will only be Ultion Stockists that will be able to supply these as only genuine blanks will be available. https://www.ultion-lock.co.uk/wxm/
  19. The key should be easily removed by being pushed from behind using a paperclip or similar, you may need to use a pick to lift pins out of the way dependent on where it has snapped.
  20. grahamparker

    Key gauge panelway

    Don't know about the keyline one but i have seen and tested the Silca one and it was rubbish.
  21. grahamparker

    Key gauge panelway

    Yes but Environmentally friendly and re-useable.
  22. grahamparker

    Key gauge panelway

    Never seen one of them before, great idea.
  23. grahamparker

    Key gauge panelway

    There isn't one nowadays to many blanks, get as many key catalogues as possible as well as online tools like the Silca key software. Also use manufacturers websites as they sometimes list other manufacturers blanks as alternatives.
  24. grahamparker

    Lost keys for a motorhome

    Brian, Bee Secure Vehicle locksmiths tel 07545084024 based in Grimsby but will cover Lincoln no problem.