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  1. We did stilleto heels for 99p back in 1986/87 and it was mental. We where doing over 500 pairs a day some days back then and most bought keys and other things while waiting. It set our business on the path to where we are now.
  2. Thats usually to stop people buying up the set so they can supply to code as well.
  3. Had a similar problem with my mustang about 2 months after I bought it. I got a loan machine while mine was returned via the rep for repair. After 2 months I heard nothing so I told my rep I was keeping the new machine. Not had a problem since.Never did find out what the issue was with it.
  4. Card is locked for silca software user as standard. If you get authorisation as a stockist the card can be unlocked.
  5. Here is YM5 https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/SILCA-YM5-ILCO-63C-MERCEDES/P134547#/#substitutions
  6. That's what i was hoping you would say as i believe you have been sent AMK2 blanks by mistake.
  7. Have a look at Intaprint. Used them for years very good to deal with and many options. https://www.intaprintuk.com/EZ/intaprint2/intaprint2/page100.php
  8. Pretty sure we have cut these using Silca LAP1 then shortening the length
  9. It's patented and Swedish so i doubt blanks will be available.
  10. Just updated my Silca software and i now have a cutting card but need a new jaw and a 116w cutter both just ordered so should not be to long now before i can do them.
  11. No, i can get them from Brisant to code, but by the time i have to wait to get them then post them and the cost they are not viable for me to supply yet.
  12. Yes from brisant only, Or brisant stockists hopefully no copy blanks will ever be made available so those who invested are rewarded.
  13. Times are hard enough without turning customers away. Had 4 in today so far without masks 3 of them where polish. Between the 4 who came in they spent a combined £80 on keys i am not turning that away.
  14. SSA4R as Rick said thats what we use and we have thousands of caravans near us.
  15. Angle the tip back so it has a smother entry the steeper the angle the harder it gets to enter the lock.
  16. The Asec is a Cisa copy profile so it should be CS206. DN2 for the other.
  17. The R4 Jaw is a must but i have over 25 cutters for the triax and never seen a 108 mentioned before.
  18. So after 10 weeks back to work and trade has been just unbelievable. How is everyone else doing ?. One thing i have realised on the eve of mask wearing is that upon first returning to work wiping down surfaces, disinfecting keys and shoes, wearing gloves and masks has all but stopped we still have a lot of screens up and limit the shop to 2 customers and still use the 2 meter rule for customer safety. We still use hand sanitiser all day and wash hands frequently we are not as cautious as when I first came back, is this the norm as other shops seem to be the same although our region has one of the lowest death rates from Corona in the UK so it may be why we are less worried than we should be. As i have actually had the virus i have become very lapse in cleaning and just wondered if others are following the same path or still treating every customer like they are a carrier. Just thought of this as i have not wiped the door handle down for days so it shows no matter how worried we all are eventually we forget or get lazy or in my case sometimes just to busy even though there is still a killer disease taking it's toll around the world. I have just made a note next to the till to remind us not to forget little tasks but Monday this week we had customers in nearly non stop from around 9.30 until 3 pm which made cleaning very difficult as it was one customer straight after another with queue's of sometimes 5 people waiting outside. ( that was possibly the busiest day we have ever had in many many years.)
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