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  1. You could just buy Genuine blanks then your guaranteed the same length just add the extra onto the price. We offer copies slightly cheaper than genuine, 90% take the cheapest option.
  2. There is a list on here that Technical Tony has uploaded many times. Try and find it and print a copy there are many variations of yale/magnum keys now.
  3. Not yet. There maybe one through instacode but I am not aware of one.
  4. According to Abus uk it’s not. Will clarify as they said only available to code from Germany.
  5. Used to see them often but not so much now. Cannot remember the last time I saw one.
  6. Nothing like that. Not the greatest angle but it’s a completely different profile.
  7. Just had a quote from Abus for a D6X key (not stocked in the uk). Best part of £50 for ONE key. Ouch.
  8. That’s only the start. Going to many more tax increases for years to pay for Covid.
  9. You need to search under Pfaffenhain as Abus own the company.
  10. Well the professional key cutters stockists has them in stock. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/asec-1644-asec-espag-handle-replacement-key.html
  11. What does it look like ? I have many old window keys in stock still.
  12. We use cutting card 1500 on the Triax but then run though again on the mustang (it always nibbles a little more from some of the cuts), the locks are utter garbage.
  13. https://www.bunkabin.co.uk/ Blanks will NOT be available.
  14. Oh dear, they are going to be having issues for years then.
  15. Chinese rubbish, replace the lock keys are likely to snap anyway with the outer prongs being so high. We always advise customers who require a few extra keys to fit a much better quality lock.
  16. Look at the levers they will have numbers on them, Pass them on to Growster and he will make a key for you. Start with the top lever. It will make a difference on the model of the lock so that needs to be correct to start with.
  17. Keep your eyes peeled for a second hand lancer plus. They are more expensive for a reason.
  18. It's not just shoe repairs Rick, every trade going is running short of stocked items and it's getting worse. Aldridges ran out of YA1E a few weeks back. In 40 years i have never seen that happen before.
  19. Not listed on the toolbank website. Can be purchased from Aldridge,Hoppe and Toolbank as a special but easier with a direct Abus account.
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