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  1. grahamparker

    Union MN Keys

    I have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 let me know if you want some next time you want a key cutting and i can send you some they won't be expensive. Graham
  2. grahamparker

    Honda Africa Key

    Silca HON77TE.
  3. grahamparker

    Union MN Keys

    How many do you want and what numbers.
  4. grahamparker

    New Chavo

    Do you have a photo Rick ?.
  5. Is there such a thing ?. I am a practising bench locksmith of 35+ years i tried to join the MLA 30 years ago but was rejected on the grounds i did not know anyone, now all you need is cash and your in. I tried to join the ALA about 10 years ago and was told i could not join as i was a Garage in Birmingham (Duncan at Hickleys witnessed this). I have no certification as a locksmith at all and it makes no difference to be honest. I have worked for the Police,MOD and many other government institutions without any certification. There is currently no licensing for locksmiths in the UK, due to the government not wanting to increase the legislative burden on small businesses. In Ireland, there is a government based licensing scheme run by the PSA.
  6. grahamparker

    Best finisher...

    But you said earlier in the thread they where not so i am a little confused.
  7. grahamparker

    Best finisher...

    So do they not manufacture any new machinery at all then Keith ?.
  8. Genuine blanks or copies and where are you getting them from do you have a product code ?.
  9. grahamparker

    Best finisher...

    Funny that as my dad says he was advised by Standard that the Power machine was the way to go and the best shoe machinery available, he was taken on a factory tour at Standards expense back in the late 80's ealy 90's before spending over 20k on a new setup.
  10. grahamparker

    Best finisher...

    We have a power finisher and having used both a 700,710 and the Power unit i would say the Power machine is better but also a lot more expensive.
  11. grahamparker

    Anyone know this lock?

    Looks like a Lowe and Fletcher to me Rick 92163.
  12. grahamparker

    ERA New Window Key assistance

    https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/asec-0725-asec-ts7477-laird-window-key.html Cheaper option.
  13. grahamparker

    Screwfix Smith and Locke keys

    You could always use JMA TX3D.
  14. grahamparker

    Abus Extra Classe?

    Cisa and Abus did at one time share a factory so Padlocks like the Abus 85 series use the same pin depths and spacings as the Cisa 22010 range so there locks and blanks do cross over a ot of the time. The key pictured looks very similar to the Cisa Astral but i think it is actually the blank for Abus 96TI series or the Silca AB62. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/abus-0242-abus-key-blank-to-suit-titalium-96ti-padlock-series.html#simple-24026 https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/silca-3670-silca-ab62-dimple-key-blank-to-suit-abus.html I have some German Abus Extra Classe blanks but they are completely different.
  15. grahamparker

    Abus Extra Classe?

    Don't do that yet i think i have some at work, will let you know later.
  16. grahamparker

    RB2 keys

    I have 7 in stock if your stuck Rick.
  17. grahamparker


    Silca UAP2 cut 20 of these last week for a customer who brought the lock in with them.
  18. grahamparker

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    Agree with Rick, cheap chinese rubbish. We use the universal blanks, not had any back.
  19. grahamparker

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    Did it have ERA stamped on it ?. It could be for the ERA Vectis mpl https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/asec-0716-asec-era-vectis-mortice-blank-copy.html
  20. grahamparker

    Yale safe key -j023323

    Sent you a message.
  21. grahamparker

    Yale safe key -j023323

    Rubber mallet.
  22. grahamparker

    A new beginning!!!! Hello :)

    Spot on Mick.
  23. grahamparker

    Yale safe key -j023323

    If anybody finds anyway of doing these to the code on the sticker let me know. We have seen loads of these.
  24. grahamparker

    Ultion cutting

    Yes and Yes. All new cylinders are U13 series.
  25. grahamparker

    Ultion cutting

    Timpsons are not and will never be authorised Ultion Centres according to Brisant.