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  1. So could i but would charge more than the cost to replace with new.
  2. nail varnish remover and a cotton bud but those marks look really bad. If white is showing then they're goosed without re-colouring.
  3. material broken down either due to age or being stored where the air cannot circulate around them ie; in a bag in a box in a cupboard. Unrepairable.
  4. Rags want too much money for em.
  5. Anyone know the NW KEYS code for these shutter bolt blanks? Looks like a small CORBIN COR6D. https://www.keyprint.co.uk/genuine-wks-bullet-pin-key-blank2065
  6. Bren

    Rock Door key

    bumping this after having a bit of trouble recently. I've used YA91's for the rockdoor since they came out and had no probs upto now. Have they changed the profile recently?
  7. Me too. Quality seems to have gone up a bit recently as well. Got a pair in last week with real outsoel stitching...
  8. Bren

    fishy watches

    That's what you call customer service...
  9. Anybody got a couple of these to spare? Just need the top half.
  10. I do a few Leboutins and use normal pu's (think it's 105's)
  11. I changed the blade on my cylinder machine (rekord plus) 2 days ago as well as giving it a good clean. All was well until yesterday when i went to cut a key and as soon as the blade toched the blank the machine went BANG ! All shop electrics tripped and i thought f###, this is gonna cost me. I reset trip switch, plugged machine in and it worked. With great trepidation i then cut a key and nothing untoward happened. Machine has worked as normal ever since. Why did it go bang in the first place? (I operate it with on/off switch and not auto.)
  12. I use a lot of ER6'S, and for all sorts of locks, and am having no probs. Get mine from Citysafe (ER2)
  13. Sell her a coloured key cap.
  14. Just got a paypal reader. £35 one off fee and 2.75% on sales. Great if you don't take a lot on cards.