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  1. Bren

    CitySafe ER2 keys

    Been waiting since xmas for ER2 and finally got them this week. Use loads and had no issues so far.
  2. Yeah, think i'm gonna have to. Boots are Barbour and i was surprised when she bought them in that they were thermo placcy.
  3. It was Flash. My bad grammar, not your mistake.
  4. Which standard 'off the shelf cylinde'r do you think is the most secure re; snapping/bumping/picking for residential property?
  5. They've not had any black ones for months now. Cheers anyway.
  6. Anyone know where i can get some of these? Doesn't have to be axman but deffo pvc
  7. So could i but would charge more than the cost to replace with new.
  8. nail varnish remover and a cotton bud but those marks look really bad. If white is showing then they're goosed without re-colouring.
  9. material broken down either due to age or being stored where the air cannot circulate around them ie; in a bag in a box in a cupboard. Unrepairable.
  10. Rags want too much money for em.
  11. Anyone know the NW KEYS code for these shutter bolt blanks? Looks like a small CORBIN COR6D. https://www.keyprint.co.uk/genuine-wks-bullet-pin-key-blank2065
  12. Bren

    Rock Door key

    bumping this after having a bit of trouble recently. I've used YA91's for the rockdoor since they came out and had no probs upto now. Have they changed the profile recently?