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  1. An old boy, 74 and still in the game, asked me if i could get any scouring paper on a roll to go on his split wheels scourer. Any ideas?
  2. Sometimes it's just better to be straight with the punter and your case proved it.
  3. Bren

    New Yale key ?

  4. Bren

    New Yale key ?

    SILCA YA87. On a side note, i have loads of YALE PATENTED Y42A if anyone needs.
  5. Anyone any ideas? Customer came in with original but nothing but numbers on it. Have done it on a silca RC3R but it isnt long enough.
  6. Bren

    CitySafe ER2 keys

    Been waiting since xmas for ER2 and finally got them this week. Use loads and had no issues so far.
  7. Yeah, think i'm gonna have to. Boots are Barbour and i was surprised when she bought them in that they were thermo placcy.
  8. It was Flash. My bad grammar, not your mistake.
  9. Which standard 'off the shelf cylinde'r do you think is the most secure re; snapping/bumping/picking for residential property?
  10. They've not had any black ones for months now. Cheers anyway.
  11. Anyone know where i can get some of these? Doesn't have to be axman but deffo pvc