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  1. List your other skills; Engraving, leather work, retail management, locksmith etc etc
  2. If you go to the White Rocks hotel in Kefalonia they have loads of old singers dotted around for decoration. I came home with loads of spare parts! Food pretty good as well..
  3. Cheers Graham. Yes they go in perfectly. Gonna try again using v jaw and setting them from the end and not the shoulder
  4. Doing my head in now. Can't figure out why they wont work. Tested machine, been to house as well.
  5. Yeah, me too up til now. Ordered some genuine 'Kinetica' blanks as a last resort.
  6. Just cut 2 on Silca UAP2 and no joy. Got some UAP 1's coming and will try them.
  7. Had to do 10 of these a couple of years ago and needed to file out the centre groove by hand. Not good fot the Carpal tunnel..
  8. my HD RCH1 has 2 grooves on the reverse side (3 on the other) ?
  9. Been stuggling with a 6 pin UAP 1 star kitemarked lock. Used to use uni's but no good for this. Also tried ER2 but no joy. The cuts seem a bit higher. Any ideas anyone?
  10. I've done re-heeling and half s and h on docs for years with no problems, as well as original units. The purists are great but day to day customers often want an alternative.
  11. I put a translucent top piece on dm heel for £15. Perfect match apart from tread pattern. Manchester.
  12. just done one on an asec 1 blank. will let you know if succesful worked a treat. customer came back and got 6 more.
  13. just done one on an asec 1 blank. will let you know if succesful
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