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  1. x minit uk

    Carl F Blanks

    WMS 8 Work fine with Carl F.
  2. x minit uk


    i'm not clever enough to do that, it was sold to me as idiot proof lol.
  3. So, I’ve had this machine now for nearly 2 years, it took Sks 12 months before they realised there was a fault with the settings and a guy from Spain came over and visited each shop that had one to correct it. One of the plus points of this machine is that it cuts the Yale superior keys very very acutely. Now all of a sudden it can not decode the track on them. Their response to this is ‘ you will need to file a bit off the customers key on the shoulder so that it fits into the jaw better. ‘ Do you think this is wise, what would you all do.
  4. Yes I’ve had the same think, the bit is off centre which stops the key entering the lock. I now check each blank in a test lock before I put them on the peg.
  5. x minit uk


    If it’s anything like my multicode then it will be a large red herring.
  6. x minit uk

    Reattach unit ?

    50/50 or 6092. Preparation is key . If people can’t repair jobs like that then they are in the wrong trade or work for Timpsons.
  7. x minit uk

    Reattach unit ?

    Simple job, do about 10 a week and charge a tenner.
  8. x minit uk

    Making Tax Digital.

    I use 10 minute accounts, nice and easy if you are on the flat rate scheme.
  9. Take them to your local timpsons tell them you have a job interview and you need them sorting. They will do it free.
  10. x minit uk

    Roof racks

    Bit difficult to pick a lock over the internet.lol.
  11. Had a guy come in who was repairing his wife’s shoes with supplied heel tips, he couldn’t get one of the old pins out so he asked me, it took 3 seconds and I charged him a lady Godiva.
  12. x minit uk


    Hi , I will check my stock in the morning and let you know if I have any.
  13. x minit uk

    watch link removal

    We all need to up our game, this is the standard of work you need to be able to produce to be awarded the Queens Award to the industry.
  14. x minit uk

    Key id

    Alp 2d works every time.