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  1. I’ve used windows 10 with my umarq and it’s fine.
  2. x minit uk

    Visit to Asda

    Ice to see the cartels investigation unit are looking at them.
  3. x minit uk

    Sudhaus / cheney lock

    Very sorry but i don't have the one in the picture.
  4. x minit uk

    Sudhaus / cheney lock

    I have some old stock of these type of keys, I will check in the morning for you.
  5. x minit uk

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Will the QuickBooks system automatically calculate your VAT if you are on a flat rate scheme..?
  6. Mister minit biggest mistake was taking on Sketchley dry cleaners, some bright spark switched the management and had sketchley managers running shoe repair shops and vice versur . Minit were paying out 1000s of £ in compensation due to dry cleaning complaints.
  7. And since we said that they have put the prices up anyway.
  8. x minit uk

    Key I’d

    When I needed a couple of those I got the blanks off eBay.
  9. Yeah been there done that, I’m afraid. Happens to us all. If it’s not to bad repair the damage as best you can and like you say offer the repair free and a credit note for his next repair, that way he just might come back.
  10. No,worries that’s what fellow cobblers are for.
  11. Send me a text in the morning to remind me and I will check my stock. 07481271542 .
  12. x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Another part welt.
  13. x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Nice one, I like the natural Finnish on the bottom.
  14. x minit uk

    Quiet today

    Yup very quiet here too.