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  1. Not sure about lucky, it will only just cover the wife’s housekeeping for a month.
  2. The 10k has now been paid into my bank account.
  3. I’ve had my remittance email from the council saying my 10k should be paid in on the 1st of April.
  4. Same here, I will be paying mine soon, before I waste it on bog rolls.
  5. I spoke to a lady at my local council who is dealing with the business grants, she took my bank details etc and said the government are transferring the funds early next week and they will then pass them on to the local businesses straight away.
  6. Sat in my shop now thinking the same, might open up for locks and keys.
  7. I will be going in tomorrow to close down and remove window display items etc. All the best to each and everyone of you and see you all at the next trade show.xx
  8. I will see how today goes, I’ve emailed my landlord asking for a freeze on the rent.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to put that together Pete.
  10. I’m staying open until told it’s illegal .
  11. Just about taking enough to cover the overheads , excluding a wage. But I can only see things getting worse.
  12. Hi Will. There is a award winning Cobblers firm in Manchester called Timpsons . Give them a try.
  13. You can tell that by the standard of work.!
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