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  1. No,worries that’s what fellow cobblers are for.
  2. Send me a text in the morning to remind me and I will check my stock. 07481271542 .
  3. x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Another part welt.
  4. x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Nice one, I like the natural Finnish on the bottom.
  5. x minit uk

    Quiet today

    Yup very quiet here too.
  6. x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Fantastic, well done.
  7. A bit harsh in my opinion, we all have to start somewhere and it’s not his fault that Timpsons are what they are. I worked for a multi national for many years and it gave me a very good living. Each to their own opinion I suppose.
  8. And remember, shoes worth wearing are worth repairing.!
  9. Tell us what you have to do to pass level one and we may be able to assist.
  10. Yup about £35 which would include heels.
  11. x minit uk

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    It’s a stitch up.
  12. x minit uk

    Ford key

    Absolutely spot on. Have a virtual pint on me.
  13. x minit uk

    Ford key

    Thanks to those that took the time to help, just waiting for the customer to come back with the key now. I’ve tried 2 using the JMA multi code and both have failed.
  14. Good evening all, would anybody be able to decode this key for me. THANK YOU.