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  1. If you need any advice on replacing zips your welcome to give us a call, we have done 6 today.
  2. x minit uk

    Worst week in 3 years

    Already up on last years figs so should be in for a bumper week. Mind you, this time last year our council had just introduced on street parking to the horror of all.
  3. You could always take them to your local Simpson store where they have special staples that fit into the holes !
  4. The last 6 weeks has been very busy, especially on shoe repairs. Hopefully December will be better than last year when we had a lot of snow.
  5. x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Proud of my customers.
  6. I thought they all lived in London.
  7. Units suitable for those are available from tcolledge. I would charge in the region of £35.
  8. x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Part re welt job.
  9. Let’s see some of your work related pictures. Here’s one from yesterday, 18 patches £ 5.00 each. Nice little earner.
  10. x minit uk

    Hond 31

    Thanks for the help, I will try and obtain a picture of the key.
  11. x minit uk

    Hond 31

    This is the reading that the multi code came up with, the experts at SKS told me any reading with less than a minus 20 should work fine.!!
  12. Afternoon, I have now cut about 5 of these , all different customers , and each one has failed. I use the jma multi code . Do the silca futura guys have the same problems. i
  13. x minit uk

    KEY I.D. Please

    Thank you EST spot on.