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  1. Surely you will be doing the engraving free on leather wallets if purchased from you.?
  2. Morning , can any one help with this one please. Cheers .
  3. Apart from the finnish, it’s a good effort. Might be an idea to face the customers while stripping the shoe off though as in my opinion you have your back to them for to long, unless there is someone else with you.
  4. To be fair like it looks like you wiped your ass on the bottoms, shocking finnish.
  5. I find the noise on my machine quite handy for when the wife is nagging me.
  6. @Count Muppet thanks for the info, I did wonder if the bonus was still paid on a skill points system.
  7. And people think the sun shines out of James simpsons arse.
  8. When I worked for timpsons there was a price list dependant on the brand of the watch.
  9. I had the same thing happen last week, early one morning, first customer of the day I thought. She got into a right strop when I said no.
  10. James Timpson thinks its ok to open so that's what i have gone by, I cant sit at home knowing just down the road my competition is open.
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