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  1. x minit uk

    KEY I.D. Please

    Thanks for all the suggestions, customer has left the key with me so I can have a good look later. x.
  2. x minit uk

    KEY I.D. Please

    Very close but still won’t enter the lock.
  3. x minit uk

    KEY I.D. Please

    Thanks for that, already tried that one, very similar profile but wouldn’t enter the lock.
  4. This is for a Brian James trailer.
  5. x minit uk

    American Express.

    Yep been taking them for years, special small business rate which i can’t remember exactly off the top of my head is, I could let you know in the morning if you want me to.
  6. x minit uk

    Shoplifting notice.

    That shut him up.
  7. x minit uk


    I blame Trump.
  8. I've tried it, it works. No idea about solvents .
  9. Just up your game by about 30 % , open 5 mins early and close 5 mins late, go the extra mile with every customer , take that bit longer to make sure the repair is perfect, Make sure your key machines are all set up correctly so you don’t get any complaints . Take a look at your shop and ask yourself if you would want to leave your £ 300 shoes . And finally make sure the customer leaves with a smile.
  10. x minit uk


    Another good way of cross referencing keys is the SKS website, it gives a list of all the alternative blanks.
  11. x minit uk

    DM repairs

    Can I ask why.? . And what do you use , and which method.
  12. x minit uk

    Key ID please

    Morning, the blank I use for these is : JMA RU5D.
  13. x minit uk

    Key ID please

    I have some of those in my shop, if you can wait till morrow I will let you know ref no etc.