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  1. Mick Friend


    thanks Rick, Mick should have the padlock and htpps secure on the url line
  2. Mick Friend


    this is not a secure site so anyone can post and presumably PM anyone
  3. Mick Friend


    damn clever the chinese
  4. I agree Lee which is why I have two 'proper' drones a CAA PfCO and insurance do the odd roof survey, house shots for estate agents, unusual events etc fun and keeps the brain active
  5. dunno I went straight on a break will sort
  6. Mick Friend


    Why waste the energy just leave it on the shelf about as good as the chocolate teapot Lee sold me!
  7. Mick Friend


    is it one of those gadgets you stick a key in and it tells you the blank - sort of thing used in the auto machines?
  8. what do you call the middle though?
  9. Mick Friend

    Keys to be obsolete part two.

    exactly that or the bug to allow developers to get in via a back door is discovered by crooksRus I would not have anything electrical as my security on a door -AND I FIT door access control for the bewildered and disabled
  10. Oh yes it's a solpadein nothing works faster
  11. ALEX the only European auto locksmith exhibition is this weekend. The Belfry Hotel Nottingham Pre-register www.alexpo.co.uk - it's free and for those pre-registering and attending you will be entered into a free draw for a tablet
  12. I have a lightly used Storm I am taking to ALEX
  13. SILCA are at ALEX this weekend