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  1. Yes I have to step back a bit and look at the things I do and work out what at my age will continue to give me pleasure, earn a crust, not be overtaken by cowboys charging huge prices for half a job and I conclude- keyboard warrior it is
  2. I think you need the OCD mind that will only allow perfection, practice and then practice and if nothing comes in for a while practice before doing it live. Lee is one special guy he never does anything that's good enough - it is either perfection or excellent.
  3. Mick Friend

    Mate's rates

    write it down to shoplifting
  4. Mick Friend

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    chenoble powered
  5. Mick Friend

    Stretcher parts

    shudders or the prostrate doctor
  6. Mick Friend

    Stretcher parts

    are these old medical tools?
  7. Mick Friend

    mvp pro

    oooh sailor!
  8. open the pdf UNIT 14, PARK ROAD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SWANLEY BR8 8AH Free Parking Available or only 30 minutes from Victoria Station
  9. are you sure it was removed - once written you have to search for it again seems it's not a 'new post'
  10. yes I think so shall I pass your number?
  11. There is a lady here that will do a massage for about £30 plus extras
  12. Mick Friend


    I agree and how I found it but many on here are not quite as clever as me!!!!!! and lazy works well
  13. Mick Friend


    perhaps a link to the FB page would help?
  14. I voted remain - because I am married to a Spaniard, I travel often to Spain by road with my 3 dogs and I drink only Spanish wine and coffee. Last visit I stocked up on wine. But now it has extended I have no idea where we are. Vets are saying dogs will need an annual rabies, while now it is every 3 years and after the shot a blood test one month later - WHY it is the UK quarantine laws not the EU so why will it change? I now have 5 year plan - Move back to Spain, get a Spanish passport, live my life out by the sea. Corbyn was my hope but since being elected I have cancelled my membership and would rather vote for ET
  15. Mick Friend


    Once in a land not to far away a colleague tried to start an alternative 'locksmiths' association - part of the come on was 'free entry to locksmiths exhibitions' I had so much e-mail telling me to stuff the exhibition if they had to pay to get in.........just sayin if your floggin it has to be free - - -- - if you is a teaching/training/- mmmm well maybe