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  1. Mick Friend

    Thick pet tags

    yeh thanks been doing this for 40 years the remote is brand new as is the installation, she says the door operated slower. not possible the remote is only a trigger- more likely its full of food again
  2. Mick Friend

    Thick pet tags

    got a few thick customers you can have - one today - my remote stopped working - I am using the spare but the door does not open as quick as the other one?????????
  3. Mick Friend

    WMS key long .

    yep I often get that message
  4. Mick Friend

    Unusual camlock

    L&F or camlocks systems as a thought
  5. a thought maybe you can get it rewound- I had to do that many years ago, was not cheap but the motor lasted another 20 years
  6. Mick Friend

    David Mcwilliam

    rest easy maybe he can organise some nice plaques upstairs?
  7. Mick Friend

    Motorcycle locksmith

    Ahh yes I know it, never stayed there- I lived near Benidorm and that was a busy hub. More used to the North now (family there) Good luck
  8. Mick Friend

    Motorcycle locksmith

    where in Spain?
  9. Mick Friend


    they need to read the lease- I suspect they can but would have to fit a same or superior cylinder and replace it when they leave - landlord have no right of uncontrolled entry
  10. Mick Friend

    Personal help

    I bet you never used a Johnny either
  11. Mick Friend

    Personal help

    diclofenac magic stuff had some with kidney stones- it don't do a lot for Gall stones unfortunately
  12. Mick Friend

    2M2 Tank key machine

    I'll give you thrupence next time I see you
  13. Mick Friend

    2M2 Tank key machine

    tuppence - showing ones age methinks!