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  1. 18 January 2021 It is with some huge regret I must cancel any shows in 2021 Having canvassed and had replies from many exhibitors it seems unlikely any would attend a show or feel that visitor number would be very low. I have therefore now secured a provisional date of Saturday 5th and Sunday the 6th of March 2022 for Lockexpo And for ALEX (the Auto Locksmith speciality show) on 1st and 2nd of October 2022. To backup our decision to cancel shows in 2021 -We have done some research:- We have had some terrific help from various government department
  2. oooh you can help doug sent me £50 that would be very useful
  3. I agree I have an emergency job inside a very high risk area ie 4 times the national average- we have refused to go
  4. Oh common Lee you had to get the kid in the next shop to open the top lock anyway hope the pain is easing and you getting better, Is the wall Ok I did mean to ask and what about the bike?
  5. screwfix, wickes, homebase, B&Q are all open
  6. do a search there were a couple of ex mastegraves on here
  7. this won't help at all but I could not resist Cop = short for a 'copper' -A Policeman - Rozzer,fuzz, old bill, pigs or filth (don't like those) Well mellowed sole would be Peter on a Saturday night starting his second bottle or Merlot Channel - well take your pick the most famous would be the channel tunnel, any of the passes under the Thames or any river that goes underground a TV Station, A route to a certain goal such as passport control. I hope this helps lighten your day I'm sure some of the Old guys can help with shoe terminology
  8. Nope all my reserves are gone no idea how I will survive the winter
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