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  1. Mick Friend

    17th century chapel key

    very few churches will spend more than £20 last one I did I cheated and uses a dremel to do most of the work - about 4 hours
  2. Mick Friend

    17th century chapel key

    there's an echo in here
  3. Mick Friend

    17th century chapel key

    A lot of work in these maybe 15 -20 hours has to be hand filed - the blank cut to size Try carrier locksmiths http://www.carrierlocks.co.uk/ they are not cheap 60/70 quid
  4. winkhaus is a restricted section only available via the original supplier it looks like a master suite
  5. Mick Friend

    Source for spindles

  6. Mick Friend

    Christmas Quiz Time!!!

    No worries I did enjoy the fun and the time doing it so win - win
  7. Mick Friend

    Christmas Quiz Time!!!

    Thanks rick - give it to the charity they need it more than me
  8. Mick Friend

    Christmas Quiz Time!!!

    come on peeps it's fun and a surprise at the end - I was doing it again, but got it wrong so gave up I will let my first attempt(s) stand cheers Rick great fun and passed a boring hour or two - I love the holidays but get so bored
  9. Mick Friend

    Christmas Quiz Time!!!

    I've dun it and donated will PM u
  10. Mick Friend

    Christmas Quiz Time!!!

    I have some of the rabbits malteasers I can send you!
  11. Mick Friend


    Oh I have the opposite problem. I load them in my wallet and they slip out - Normally as the wife passes and she catches them.........
  12. Mick Friend


    mmm a number between 395 and say 397?
  13. Mick Friend

    A new beginning!!!! Hello :)

    Hi Good luck, but you are now entering a saturated market - almost everyman and his next door neighbour are locksmiths or auto locksmiths. I am not sure you will find anyone even miles away willing to help as the market shrinks- Currently people are almost giving away keys and travelling huge distances as customers quote - 'This guy said £x' as Martin says rush to the last price. You will need some hefty insurance cover and a small pot of gold for the jobs you cock up and have to get another or the main agent to fix. I hope after you bad accident and lobbing all your cash at this someone may help, But even I, who now specialise in access control, are finding numpties using telephone wire in jobs travelling 200 miles to do a job and undercutting me by £100 - guess who gets the call to go fix it
  14. Mick Friend


    maybe I thought i=t was Shoe Repair Industry Training organisation but was 40 years ago I worked with them on standards