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  1. not overly sure I will make it to the end so much to pay out nothing coming in - no gov support
  2. shishkebabs Martin best wishes hope her indoors is well- keep breathing you know it makes sense
  3. holy shit Gray hope you feel better soonest - would you do an update from time to time for us so we know your Ok and we can judge how were doing if we luck out- I have self isolated but at my seaside house 50% are holiday lets 30% old folks staying in and the other all work, got the beach to myself- So be strong my friend and love to her indoors xxx
  4. building sites etc have been advised to continue- so keys and locks will be needed- Screwfix say click and forget orders only 8-4 time for a huge clear up- mind you a small skip is now £250 no wonder there are people tipping their flys
  5. yes I would say you are hardware- keep some viagra handy and you will be harder than hardware
  6. I don't have a shop but I do have 2 housing assns that specialise in disabled tennants, many of who have automatic door operators and/or intercoms- most don't go out but need to find out who's there and be able to open the door from their beds etc. These people are in the main unable to get themselves in or out of bed, cook a meal, wash etc - I remain NOW on 24/7 callout hoping not to have any but I am fully prepared with all the correct clobber -
  7. you could still do the bikes Lee just not let anyone into the shop if the repairs etc keep coming you keep earning
  8. well It wont work, so many people need to get to work, My wife is a vet nurse she works at two centres, I have callouts to disabled door controls not working etc etc - 6 million people all indoors - impossible - but in large towns it may work - not here in the sticks I walked the dogs twice yesterday and saw maybe 5 people in the distance
  9. I work from home so no business rates
  10. not hard for me I hate people so the least I see the happier I will be - give me dogs and cats every time
  11. problem is people don't need their shoes mended if they are staying indoors, key cut if they don't go out
  12. yep me too cancelled the show not covered for a pandemic £1K of ins down the pan
  13. what a year........ Lockexpo Postponed - New Dates in September Lockexpo regretfully announces that we are unable to go ahead with the intended dates in April. This follows the advice of the Prime Minister and the World Health Organisation to avoid all public meetings and events due to the ever changing conditions with the COVID-19 virus and its probable fast expansion in the next few weeks. Exhibitors have been informed and the show is PROVISIONALLY rebooked for the 19/20th September at the same venue (Nottingham Belfry) combining Lockexpo with ALEX which was already booked for those dates. It is forces beyond our control this year that make it a very difficult time for us at Lockexpo, but not as much as the people having this horrid virus. We wish you all a safe spring and summer - please feel free to chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or the Professional Locksmiths' Forum and keep us up to date with your own health. Watch lockexpo.co.uk and keep reading Locks & Security News for further updates and news.
  14. none of that is eligible for me - cancelling Lockexpo will cost me £30K
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