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  1. Ask Lee- but bikes are about as rare as hens teeth at the moment and I know Lee has a huge stock, and special tools like a respoking jig bike stands etc etc -
  2. well I have been here for years, The MLA has moved on but like ALL forums only a few dozen members are using it. Like all trade kids on bikes are taking the bread and butter joibs, cocking them up and walking away - SO information is hard to get until they know who you are, One forum had a guy PM ing every one with how do I use a screwdriver, what is a hammer etc etc then giving 'help' online???????? If all locksmiths were in the MLA it could bat from strength.
  3. pleased for you Lee you work so damned hard
  4. I suspect a spike. I live 60m from the Sea, the beach here is not easily accesible as it is a private estate, no parking and both holiday camps each side are shut -BUT - 1 mile away there is on road public parking, on sat/sun last the beach was rammed, the road packed and many overnight vans, motorhomes etc- The toilets are closed and the fast food outlets remain closed - if this is a sample then were in for some nasty shocks
  5. I saw loads like this in Spain if that helps
  6. Well I take my hat off, stack me against the wall and spray me with dog piss- The loan was paid directly into my account on the 11th- No notification, not a word, Now stashed under the mattress with the gold bars, the two Fabergé eggs, and the omega watches - Oh how I wish - deposited in the deposit account.
  7. and yet again Co Director on Dividends are exempt and the restart loan has taken 10 days so far and nothing, anyone got a stale bread roll I can have?
  8. I couldn't read the back of your photograph. I'm very clever, in fact I'm probably the cleverest person on this forum, nobody is cleverer than me. Ask anyone how clever I am I'm the cleverest forum member ever erected
  9. thats anti bacterial not anti virus check the alcohol level I think it needs to be 70% I have clinell tissue wipes in the car -use them on jobs
  10. Until the good old english factory worker is prepared to put in a full day for about £50 we cannot compete, we do not have the skills, the factories, the machinery, the suppliers they have - it would take 5 years to come up to speed and quintripple costs- China is here to stay -
  11. yeh but this was 30 years ago and she had just finished at Cordwainers
  12. really nice work my ex and I used to do craft shows but lucky to sell a thing when others were selling leatherboard belts for £3
  13. Thanks Peter I have decided to get it and bank it and sit on it 'just in case'
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