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  1. Is there anyone not aware the date and venue has changed due to the conference centre closing? YES! NOW April 18/19th The Belfry Hotel, Nottingham (Mellors way) Thanks for you support arrrghhhhhhg www.lockexpo.co.uk to register = https://lockexpo.co.uk/tickets-cart/
  2. and you would have to put up with the smell of piss, deep heat and cannabis
  3. whats on the blank side? a cover plate? some have screw (well bolt) holes in the end and are fixed from the rear, Yale had one that fitted by allen key and you turned it backwards ie away fro n=the door edge but that involved a small hole in the plate- it cannot be an interference fit else it would just pull out. maye fixed under the rose? cannot see clearly but there appears to be a slot under the turn. Else smack it and smack it and smack it with a fffffin great hammer that will fix it!
  4. LOCKEXPO 2020 SPONSORED BY AUTOWAVE - NEW DATES AND VENUE Lockexpo 2020 has new dates - 18th/19th April - and a new venue, the Nottingham Belfry. Although the event had been scheduled to take place in March, due to unforeseen circumstances the East Midlands Conference Centre is closing for three months, meaning we needed to make some changes! We have chosen the Nottingham Belfry as our venue. Visitors to our biannual ALEX show will be familiar with the Belfry as a conference and spa hotel, with everything conveniently under one roof and loads of free parking. Most of our exhibitors have confirmed the new dates already, and we're delighted that our sponsor, Autowave, are not only sponsoring but have been a huge help in relocating the event. Registration is open - if you'd previously registered you will still be able to use your ticket, but it'll have the wrong information on so you may prefer to re-register. We will be emailing you to make absolutely sure you know about the change of plans!
  5. Oh rick it won't be the same without your red pan and bouncing my replies and sending me warnings, Sad I am xxxxx
  6. It's nice to be nice. I was nice once and people still talk about is 25 years later
  7. well done bob and well done Erika, There is a song there someplace - #A little bi of erika in my life#
  8. rick PM me your PP and I'll wack some dosh over 

    1. kobblers


      Cheers, Mick - that's really good of you:


      Please mark it as FRIENDS AND FAMILY or they'll charge me.


    2. Mick Friend

      Mick Friend

      mike.friend@easidoor.co.uk    £10 hope she sells out

  9. Lockexpo 2020 www.lockexpo.co.uk 7/8th March at the EMCC as always Pre-register NOW daily and weekend prizes for people who pre-register and turn up with their printed tickets https://lockexpo.co.uk/tickets-cart/ Hotel rooms £79.00 Bed & Breakfast – Single Occupancy £89.00 Bed & Breakfast – Double Occupancy £119.00 Bed & Breakfast – Family Room Call 0115 8760900 quote ‘Locksmiths’
  10. J T Batchelor used to have sides of russet Address: 9-10 Culford Mews, London N1 4DZ Hours: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM Phone: 020 7254 2962
  11. PROPER LEATHERWORK, My Ex was trained at Cordwainers and she made some amazing stuff
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