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  1. open the pdf UNIT 14, PARK ROAD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SWANLEY BR8 8AH Free Parking Available or only 30 minutes from Victoria Station
  2. are you sure it was removed - once written you have to search for it again seems it's not a 'new post'
  3. yes I think so shall I pass your number?
  4. There is a lady here that will do a massage for about £30 plus extras
  5. Mick Friend


    I agree and how I found it but many on here are not quite as clever as me!!!!!! and lazy works well
  6. Mick Friend


    perhaps a link to the FB page would help?
  7. I voted remain - because I am married to a Spaniard, I travel often to Spain by road with my 3 dogs and I drink only Spanish wine and coffee. Last visit I stocked up on wine. But now it has extended I have no idea where we are. Vets are saying dogs will need an annual rabies, while now it is every 3 years and after the shot a blood test one month later - WHY it is the UK quarantine laws not the EU so why will it change? I now have 5 year plan - Move back to Spain, get a Spanish passport, live my life out by the sea. Corbyn was my hope but since being elected I have cancelled my membership and would rather vote for ET
  8. Mick Friend


    Once in a land not to far away a colleague tried to start an alternative 'locksmiths' association - part of the come on was 'free entry to locksmiths exhibitions' I had so much e-mail telling me to stuff the exhibition if they had to pay to get in.........just sayin if your floggin it has to be free - - -- - if you is a teaching/training/- mmmm well maybe
  9. Mick Friend

    Restricted key system

    looks like a deep cut next to the shoulder = weakens the key especially if its on a huge bunch and the caretaker is ex tank core as grey ham says talk to ABUS they won't want a defective system any more than you - I have never had keys break so something is wong very wong
  10. Mick Friend

    Auto Locksmith wanted

    look on the ALA website https://www.autolocksmiths.net/auto-locksmiths-association
  11. Mick Friend


    I have said this before - but in essence - build a better show- advertise it fully make the exhibitor a deal they cannot refuse and on a day the trade can come and your in with half a chance - I was shot in the foot by 2020 exhibition having paid a deposit for my venue in 2018 to find out your show is the same weekend! WTF I have had ALEX every two even years for 10 years the first weekend in October - Lost me deposit and had to move the dates
  12. Mick Friend


    I think there is something small but 2020 they are doing on on the advertised ALEX weekend First weekend in October talk about check dates
  13. Mick Friend

    This was a "HARD" one to engrave!!

    what a knob!
  14. Mick Friend

    Crash in 'company' vehicle

    I had two experiences of 'Don't worry' I will sort it The first guy I hit well touched at the lights he should have gone but didn't so I bum bashed him (I was on a motorbike) He sent me a bill for £800 ( i was on £20 a week at the time) the insurance did not want to know and I ended up being chased by a private eye for the debt and about 5 years ago a bloke reversing out of a space had forgotten he had full lock on and took a dig out of the side of my car - he pleaded for me to not claim as it was a company car but I threatened to call the Police unless he gave me details- transpires he should not have been driving it and had nipped to the shop for fags - The firm paid up So in future INSURANCE all the way
  15. Mick Friend

    RIP David

    From 3D group It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing away of our managing director, David Sanderson, after a seven month battle with cancer. At the time of his initial diagnosis he was only given a few months to live, but he fought on with fortitude for over seven months until yesterday when he finally found peace, surrounded by his loved ones in hospital. David was very much a father figure to all of the staff at 3D Group and we are all mourning at this incredibly sad time. David’s kind and generous nature earned him a great number of friends and his desire for betterment was a daily inspiration to us all; he will truly be missed. As a result, we will be closed for a half day on the day of the funeral. David’s family are still making arrangements and further announcements will be made at a later date. RIP David Sanderson 20/9/1945