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  1. yes as I said pullers and snapper are not that effective on newer cylinders and anyone that tries will be in for a huge shock, you need to know your brands
  2. brand new and not rusr=ted to shit and that is not a wendt
  3. MArky pull your pants up, I was only pointing out that pullers are cheap, and pretty friggin useless on many cylinders these day, I have no doubt he told you that, I have a pink elephant in my garden. A complete kit £150 new that one is covered in rust - I was trying to be helpful as you seem to j=have no friggin idea
  4. the cylinder plug puller is £130 brand new the other is a snapper bar I think so £300 ???? I don't want one just pointing it out
  5. Now they are amazing - never seen nowt like them
  6. Discretionary government support grants dec/jan/feb compared 2019 to 2020
  7. Just got £4500 off the local council as a grant - phew
  8. it was till on sale wasn't it just because you were closed it was still there
  9. it is the future- then when the Gov decide who- your cut off and finished- Seriously took £100 out of a cash machine 3 months ago, I still have £95 = yet I have spent hundreds almost 200 in a week on fuel
  10. yes far better to charge up a bit than tell a customer why you don't want his dosh
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