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  1. yeh OK I have retired 3 times- boredom kills, and it also kills the little grey cells- a man need to be active - have a reason to get up and fun to do - I'm renovating a 1946 wooden house- love it
  2. On No I have the wall mounted version not this padlock type -
  3. Yes it does, I buggered whichever way I turn, I have conference reservations, I have them paid, I have all the stuff to run but cannot do it - I am at my wits end, no financial support, insurance refuses to cover it and I have the odd numpty 'demanding' a refund- yeh me as well. worst of all I have paid storage in Nottingham going to run out end of march so I have to go and clear the locker...aaarrrgggghhhh
  4. yep me to, I get about 90 seconds for No 1 and maybe if I'm lucky 3 mins for No 2 - it's an age thing
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