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  1. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    I'm with you Martin 3D are a great bunch to work with
  2. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    OI nothing wrong with my Abacus functions without power and simple to use.
  3. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    I have been communicating with then for weeks on another matter - I am sure if they were in trouble my e-mails would be of no consequence . THE UK is done now that is not a rumour I'm applying for a spanish passport.
  4. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    absolute bollox
  5. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    if they are on the same service provider I just got a huge sorry e-mail explaining someone switched a power supply off to do work and the backup was faulty causing a crash that led to hundreds of providers screaming for 8 hours while it recovered, then it went into day 2 I have claimed a refund but my sites are not critical and thank unseen daiety that it happened post Lockexpo or I would have been shafted
  6. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    since the botched operation I can count my cocks with both hands
  7. I just bought 5 off SKS tubular key all KA
  8. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    I know the untrue story - it appears that due to the UK Gov cocking up Brexit their entire stock is now invalid and has to be revalidated to extend the date to June 30- Their continental quilts have all gone into meltdown and their entire stock of transponder keys refuses to code to english made cars, so thats just Morgan then. The BMW keys have all decided that they will not function outside the EU and these are having to be overrun with hob nail boots. In the meantime the chinease servers made in Korea and manufactured in India have all hit the Millenium meltdown due to the time difference. Steve from Microsoft Bombay told me this first hand this morning when he locked into my PC and transferred all my money to a safe deposit to prevent the UK gov turning it into Euros to pay their huge hotel bill for Mrs may. I also know this to be a fact because the nice lady from BT explained about my WiFi issues and took £80 to get a new one to me next month. Then to cap it all I am on some sort of international police raid list as I have been identified as some sort of pervert (well Ok I own up) and the CIA will remove me for just 100 bitcoins. and that has reflected onto 3D's computers so it is my fault....... sorry
  9. Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    I think we use the same provider and we have had 2 days of their servers being down - I got 230 e-mails during the night so maybe fixed - although 2 were from the CIA who have me on a peado raid list and if I pay the sender 1000 bitcoins he will remove my name.......... I don't even swim!
  10. Yeh do that and I will start a school for teaching pigs to fly! I cannot recall how many people tried to set up a locksmith consortium
  11. Mick Friend

    3D Group

    I think all suppliers will make the odd oopsie - what counts is how they deal with it - If you sit and moan on social media that will only get their back up- Contact them by e-mail or letter and explain see what they do and then PRAISE them on social media.
  12. Mick Friend

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    you may well think that but I couldn't possibly comment
  13. Mick Friend

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Sigh - I know a man who invents things, millions of them, but he cannot talk about them as he is waiting for the patent, it will revolutionise locksmithing and bring immense wealth to us all, but he cant talk about it until the patent is through - 20 years I have been hearing this and the statements get bolder the lower down the liquid content of the bottle.
  14. Mick Friend

    Jury Service

    I wont stop you stop the brain stops, the bowel and urine control go and you end up smelling of piss and shit and have no idea why. so work until you drop