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  1. green devills I thing - farts like a rocket and a stink that lingers
  2. I understand Christmas and new year good wishes are in short supply - so before they are all taken and I have to queue for 2 hours- H A P P Y C H R I S T M A S P R O S P E R O U S N E W Y E A R
  3. very soon you will not be able to be a locksmith as they will control prices and stock, they will have their own locksmiths - I am seeing this in the door automation. I have hundreds of units out there - and every time one of their 'qualified technitions' go to one of the sites they tell the manager the doors are illegal, I have fitted them wrong, they must be switched off etc etc
  4. The MLA expo is soon they have a bring and buy sale - but they are vultures, if you can get someone to take them it's free
  5. so at that you would reek of it, so your solvent base being sucked out would be very very weak, but as was said you need to have specific info on the Vapour density and flash point
  6. for the vapour to ignite it would need to be in the ignition range ie Petrol Vapour 1.2% volume in air 560 °C ignition temp
  7. I think the concentration of flammable fumes that would be on a workbench would be unlikely to ignite from a motor, I have a sawdust extractor, nothing more dangerous than dust but in 15 years bever been blown up
  8. yes I have leather seats but have heavt duty covers on them, shame but better that than trashed seats
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