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  1. Hi all, i know this is a Global key, is it restricted, if not can someone id it for me as cant find it anywhere Thanks
  2. Hi all i know this a Global key, can we get hold of them or are they restricted, if not anyone know the blank as can find in book anywhere Thanks
  3. Hi all, Are you nice people still quarantine shoes before repair, and if so how long are you quarantine them for? I am doing 48hr quarantine but now getting a lot of customers now saying there want them done same day, or they will take them somewhere else.
  4. i know its a year ago, lol, but have a someone that is after some, just didn't know what cutter to use, i dont have the Triax. i have Matrix SX, it say in the book to use T5, but was wondering if i can get away with T26 - F26.?
  5. Hi hope you all enjoy the weather at the moment, does anyone know what Cutter & Tracer can be used on this key? Many thanks
  6. So be a decent human being. Love one another, be kind, be humble, be thankful, help a stranger and do a good deed, daily if you can Thanks DAVE
  7. can anyone give me reverse side number to silcaTL14 please and thank you.
  8. Hi this Yale pad lock, was it from British railway, as I been getting these for the last few month and can not find the blank myself. Any chance you can get a photo of one so we can all see it. if not as soon as I get ask again I will get a photo myself and post it here.
  9. Hi does anyone know were I can get these Federal Blanks from. Many thanks
  10. Thank for that I did give it a try but will not load X3 on windows 10
  11. Hi all, can anyone help on here, I've been using CorelDraw x3 now for a few years, now my computer has broke , window 10 does not support X3 so I need a new CoralDRAW, Been told the new 2019 version has problems, is this true!!!!! is there problem or is someone just trying to sell me old stock as they have CoralDRAW 2018 any help would be great. Many thanks
  12. Hi all hope you can help, were is the best place that I can by blank hotel key ring from, Look for large wood open Thank for your help.
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