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  1. thats a shame . looks like you had a nice shop..good luck to you in future wherever you are
  2. tried ordering keys yesterday but the final step takes you to your account details page, eventually gave up and said sod it, i am not ordering if they cant be bothered to fix their website
  3. yes, if you go to quick order or quick shop , search function works fine but other then that whole website has been unusable since early december..
  4. h all, any chance of key on the ring to be copies , eiether from the code (if it does belong to same key, customer not sure), thx
  5. hi trend, thx for your comments, as i said it was eventually sorted and its cool..i still intend to use trend in future..no hard feelings..
  6. to lose your friends over your enemies (politicians) is unwise to put it mildly.. oh and good result in scotland..lol
  7. i ordered 10 trophies from trend, received 4 in total and they were'nt the ones i ordered, to top it all they sent me the invoice for the 10 trophies, when they sent the correct ones and uplifted the wrong ones they invoiced me again for the 10 and cleverly issued credit for the 4 wrong ones they had sent me ( remember i eas invoiced for 10 not 4), they then started chasing me for the invoice that was never delivered (4 instead of 10) it took me 4 months of emails and phone calls and umpteen messages to get rid of stupid demand notices.. not impressed to say the least..
  8. good luck rick, i am sure we will still see u round the forum, we all have happy memories from the old days of forum and much of that is due to people behind the running of forum, of which you were one..best regards and well done
  9. strange one, i called birch with the intent to order a new bravo machine, asked if any black friday deals were on, was told ask your rep..as reps are doing their own black friday deals. called rep few times , no answer.. changed my mind..happy with my year old rekord..lol was going to be an implulse buy anyway, money goes to holiday fund now
  10. alongwith all silca keys and machines, lol oh and all swiss watch movements, and french gravo machines
  11. photos of blair with saddam and gaddafi, cameron and thatcherites shouting slogans for mandela to be lynched(terrorist mandela according to tories).. slelective memories.. photos of raegan, carter, bush senior , bush junior with bin laden, taliban, shia militias, merceneries in iraq, black water..list goes on these are all politicians ..dont let them fool you
  12. you wont get a stem with crown fitted, you can order stem from movement number and also order tap 9 steel/gilet/silver crown to rough size or order a small mixed tray of crowns, around £15.. one of them bound to fit and they will come handy in future you are going to have to cut the stem to size, plenty of videos on youtube for that
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