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  1. hakeemz

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    yes universal blanks work fine..curious though why some here doubt their universal..if gauge , length and bit is correct and its cut on a calibrated machine..why would it not work?
  2. sorry should have mentioned, need one with tilting jaws
  3. hakeemz

    Need help for a old watch

    i have used them for mechanical watches, not recently though as a couple of watches came back from customers complaining of same fault..
  4. hi all looking for a laser dimple machine, anybody has one the want rid of give me a shout thanks
  5. hakeemz


    hi it seems like you need someone to explain very basics of key cutting to you and i mean basics..so usually the first point of contact is machine and blank supplier. person who sold you the machine should have given you some basic knowledge (looks like they didnt at all) on the forum not only its impractical to type in all the basic info, its also not safe to start teaching basics of key duplicating.. i would say go in to one of the blank suppliers and they will be happy to show you basics, after all you will be buying blanks from them
  6. hakeemz


    maybe they think universal 5 pin is sufficient enough..for both yale and generic 5 pin
  7. hakeemz


    fair enough..
  8. hakeemz


    i have but i remember never feeling unhappy with their attitude once i pointed out a mistake and they always have rectified it in a way i demanded it to be..(happened with wrong engraving plates being sent from engraving department)
  9. hakeemz


    same here. i hear complaints but i have only had good service from them and couldn't be happier.5 five stars feedback if you asked me
  10. hakeemz


    THM will have a different reference for 1A (jma ref) depending on the blanks manfucturer they use .. i will be surprised if its not there..call them and they will guide you
  11. hakeemz

    Best key boards

    lol,,yeah take more than 2 seconds to pick key off the board and they start doubting you.."will it work ok? "..