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  1. yes, all languages evolve with time, even English within England has evolved, and with digital influence sadly the evolution has gone down a dumb down path..
  2. push to start and push to stop? were they spinning it until then
  3. can seller not give you their old pc running the software, you just change the machine , this way dongle can stay in old pc and work fine
  4. if you mention model names of machines and software versions of both it will help in answering this question
  5. did you not have N blank? looks like N not NN
  6. thanks i think customers sorted now, this was 10 months ago
  7. sometimes its the fussy customers that get the best out of you..not that you need it mark..
  8. if you are using old stem with new movement , try using the new stem that came with movement , if this engages correctly then swap the stems on to old crown
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