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  1. lol..and tony did ..that made him war criminial do you see the contradiction
  2. or any other tory for that matter do you not remember that parliament approved going to war with full support of tories at the time? only a few handful were against it and ironically corbyn who you call terrorist supporting was one of them oh joy..by the way i dont like corbyn eiether but for different reasons
  3. lol. only .....this war criminial tony (true) had complete support of johnson and every single brexit supporting tory at the time of starting iraq war
  4. sad to hear my local gravo rep David has passed away,, what a nice chap he was, very approachable and always courteous, will be missed
  5. hakeemz

    Personal help

    instead of buying insoles at £20 , i would go to your nearest skechers branch, try a few pairs , buy the one most comfortable (i have done this) and forget you ever had a problem. thank me later
  6. hakeemz


    only difference is they make laws that are legally binding , whereas a referendum is not a legally binding act
  7. hakeemz


    lol..those c***ts in the parliament were elected by same democracy..like it or not
  8. hakeemz


    successful union ..just because something exists, it doesn't mean its successful, remember USSR. advantageous ? even though Scots disagree with the rest of uk in most issues that are steamrolled through Westminster,, be it privatization of nhs, austerity (closing libraries cutting police numbers or schools budgets) or brexit..no money for disable but tax relief for high earners type tory polisies are against mainstream scots public..
  9. hakeemz


  10. hakeemz

    Key id please

    yeah porkies, he never gets chavo, gege, eva, talons, not to mention new yales?
  11. i use them because they have the biggest range of parts, straps, tools and consumeables, but i do agree with problems exist
  12. hakeemz

    Mate's rates

    close family is absolutely free, but friends and even close family for that matter always return the favors in some way.. whether its airport pick and drops or free babysitting etc
  13. hakeemz

    Engravable printed signs

    might be wrong but looks like sublimaton jobs..