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  1. sometimes its the fussy customers that get the best out of you..not that you need it mark..
  2. if you are using old stem with new movement , try using the new stem that came with movement , if this engages correctly then swap the stems on to old crown
  3. each pressure test is with new seals, unless its not in stock and customer cant wait for me to order, in this case i will reuse the seal
  4. any battery replacement with reseal is minimum £12.95 any watch with pressure test minimum is £25
  5. craig is top guy, most helpful supplier in the industry in my opinion
  6. i agree every time i have had any issues they have resolved amicably..no complaints so far
  7. buy 3/6 hr training session from gravo, like i did ..RIP david mcwilliam got me going, well worth it in my opinion
  8. in scotland each ratepayer (regardless of entity being company or a person) qualified for one grant of 10k or 25k depending on rateable value of property, if you are responsible for more than one property you still qualify for only one grant.
  9. £20 for tag battery change £40 with waterproof test
  10. i doubt that US has a vaccine, their pesident has been acting too desperate for that ..bleach injections are the nearest to a vaccine they have got so far
  11. yeah, same here, i get up in the morning hoping grass has grown long enough to cut again just to give me another thing to do
  12. search the forum, i am sure someone has posted the links to download before, or send PM to beware (ben) from gravo, very helpful chap
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