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shop refit finished

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My front of shop refit is now finished.Here's some before and after photos for anyone who's interested.

Before: 5_shop1_1.jpg






After: 5_new1_1.jpg





I have to say that after doing this I go into work with a very big smile on my face every day now.I'm like a proud dad with my first newborn baby! :D :D

New flooring behind the counter on wednesday,then maybe some new keyboards later this year.

My purpose built shelving for computerised engraver.5_new4_1.jpg

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Guest Kev'o

That Shop front is a great. Looks clean, modern and fresh

Maybe a couple of glass etch graphics along the bottom to finish things off?


Well done, its a great job all round

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it goes to show that all the movers and shakers in the industry are here on the forum!

Another business that didn't look to bad being given a makeover to keep it in tip top condition.

well done I refitted nearly a year a go and I still riding high. you smile won't go away for months!

this trades enthusiasm never ends.


good luck.



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I don't like it, it looks cheap & tacky, you should of spent £10K & have had it fitted out properly & professionally, a very poor re-fit :smt078

































Only joking, :lol: :lol: :lol:


It's very smart, A nice use of materials & colourways, Good layout. Well Done :)

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nice, well thought out job that 8) hope it pays dividends for you, i'm sure it will :D i like the blue trim onyour counter front, i wouldn'ta thought it woulda contrasted well against the woodgrain but it looks a treat. why don't ya treat them as frames and stick some advertisements inside them?


where'dya source those brass numbers you have hung up in packets btw?


regards, rick.

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I'm sure the brass numbers are in our new hardware catalogue, along with my new display boards! :wink: :D

Ak your rep for a catalogue ar ring our warehouse and you'll get one sent out.



just seen the new charles birch hardware catalogue today from your rep should be ordering some padlocks soon,make sure you get a copy soon,does this mean birch are targeting hardware shops soon could be a good niche in the market.

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Very nice refit, michael26uk!


I was interested to see that you have adopted the name 'Quick Service Shoe Repairs' . . . this brought on a flood of nostalgia for me. My great-uncle, W H Broughall, founded a chain of shoe repair shops in the East Anglia region in the 1930s, and his shops were all called 'Quick Service Shoe Repairs', although I believe the parent company was called W H Broughall Ltd. I think his 'empire' may have extended to about fifty shops at its peak.


My father managed a number of these shops during his shoe-repairing career, in Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Luton, Letchworth and Peterborough, and my uncle was an area manager for the company for many years.


Both eventually moved on to establish their own businesses, and I believe the W H Broughall company was taken over by, or absorbed into, a larger chain (possibly Timpsons?) in the early 1970s.


Walter Broughall was my first childhood experience of a 'rich' man, and I remember that whenever I met him, he he would give me a half-crown (12½p), which was about six weeks' pocket money! I'd be interested to know if any other forum-dwellers have memories of Quick Service Shoe Repairs.


Anyway . . . I hope the name serves you as well as it served Great-Uncle Walter!

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This was the name my old boss called the business and I carried it on when I took over in '92.I think he only named it this because it was the only business under "Q" in the telephone directory...maybe wrong,maybe just a story he told me when I first started working for him at 15.

His name was Roy Peck and his brother had a repair shop in Stowmarket,but I cant remember his name....and if anyone replies "Mr Peck".... :smt068 :smt021

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