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  1. hibsjo(SCO)

    Key Fobs

    yes see above answers they will all personalise them for you ya trumpet carry on!
  2. hibsjo(SCO)

    Key Fobs

    you can do a search on google for that ffs carry on!
  3. hibsjo(SCO)

    mvp pro

    BUMP carry on!
  4. currently got 70 tokens left on it open to offers of the monetary kind 07789726023 carry on!
  5. hibsjo(SCO)

    Key marked 'T'

    lol i had to search for that f3 last week total mind blank carry on!
  6. hibsjo(SCO)

    3D Closed

    whats the untrue story then simes carry on!
  7. hibsjo(SCO)

    Security policy applied

    im never free carry on!
  8. Gray is old dont be like gray! why dont you source the work out to someone if you cant buy the machine there are lots of lasers out there cheaper than £15k carry on!
  9. cant speak for roland machine but on gravograph time to laser engrave compared to diamond engrave is at least 10 times faster carry on!
  10. And there lies the problem carry on!
  11. can you tell us what the problem was and what the locksmith charged for his/her services? carry on!
  12. phone your rep Peter? carry on!
  13. whos got a timpsons bible? carry on!
  14. hibsjo(SCO)

    mvp pro

    this is still for sale at what i consider to be a good price with 70 tokens on it this would cost you £3300 (inc vat) if buying new its as good as new under warranty (extended) so stop making silly offers please carry on!
  15. where can i buy these heels and units from? carry on!
  16. hibsjo(SCO)


    BIRCH dont have them Colleges dont either! thats why i asked here you muppet carry on!
  17. hibsjo(SCO)


    BUMP! carry on!
  18. need one for an order does anyone have one? seems to be discontinued!! carry on!
  19. hibsjo(SCO)


    Still needing this if anyones got one that they will send to me will obviously pay for it carry on!
  20. Saturday i decoded a citroen key on the futura the tracer comes out checks the z depth then comes over to the blade sweeps straight across the blade breaking tracer!! replace broken tracer machine comes out checks z depth again then goes over to blade then steps the blade rather than sweeping what is going on with this?? broken 4 tracers on ford keys recently doing exactly as the citroen key decode did above EVERYTIME THE MACHINE DOES WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO DO ON SECOND RUN ive just decoded a ford key and decided to put broken tracer into machine it comes up with an error so we then put new tracer in then decodes perfectly is there a glitch in the software??? have told my distributor awaiting their response carry on!
  21. hibsjo(SCO)

    futura tracers breaking

    Hi Ian ive been told it may be a loose wire but that doesnt figure for me, as it works fine on all other tracers?? carry on!
  22. got 5 x tp2 6 x tp1 for sale make me an offer carry on!
  23. hibsjo(SCO)

    TP1 + TP2 CHIPS

    sold pending payment carry on!
  24. looking for a cross bar to hold a cup with lipped bottom onto a base? 115mm diameter carry on!