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  1. keithm

    3D Closed

    I If it's VOIP phone system it will be affected by the internet issue
  2. Which doesn't mean that some Companies won't I'm sure the blue chip Corporate's out there will want or need or even have to put tariffs on, but small bespoke industries may fall under the radar, here's hoping!
  3. Ok people, this is all I will say on BREXIT. This deal that cannot get voted through Parliament is NOT Theresa May's, or indeed Britain's agreement, it is the agreement the EU wish to impose on the UK. David Cameron should hold his head in shame for dumping her and the Country into the mess he didn't have the courage and balls to see through! So Theresa, be brave, lets leave this over bureaucratic European State and fend for ourselves, lets send a message that we will not be bullied into an agreement that does not suit the British people or our Businesses!!!
  4. I think there's no doubt that it will have some effect on anything purchased from the EU and potentially outside of it, price wise. Thank God we're a British Company
  5. Great loss to both music and motorcycling. Met him a few timers when we were both involved with BSB and Endurance racing running race Teams. Genuine nice guy, unlike a charecter he often played on stage. RIP chap
  6. I concur with Tony, I've known him years and is only here to help
  7. We have plenty of thread, Are you currently using Polyester Braided thread? If so what colour is the cop, we can then advise further
  8. keithm


    Open your eyes and read the post above, it might prove helpful
  9. keithm

    Very Cold Down here -7

    -6 in Kettering
  10. keithm

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    All I will say is 'buyer beware' We have heard a few stories from people who have bought machinery in good faith only to be disappointed in the item once collected, thats not to say that all machinery is poor on e-bay though. For peace of mind, buy from a reputable Company, yes, you WILL pay more, but the machine will be supportable for many years to come.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-46795616
  12. keithm

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Surely if it makes it easier it's worth doing? In addition, it's always worth talking to an accountant to make sure you are completing the books in the most tax effective way and not overpaying We are all TAX collectors on behalf of the government in the long run.
  13. That old Hardo is no reflection on current machinery, why on earth you would change from a Power Unit to something this small is beyond me. You cannot compare the two.
  14. keithm

    Polyester Thread

    The red cops are NOT genuine Geneva thread. Ours are NEVER on red cops, Colledge normally supply our thread, white, green and occasionally black cops. We have plenty of stock: White 'Geneva' MP1498/A currently offered at £48 plus VAT if you buy 3 cops (you can mix colours, black and brown available)
  15. keithm

    Polyester Thread

    Si serve have different thread, it’s not Geneva, what colour is the cop?