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  1. Really sorry for you loss Terry
  2. Utmost respect for all you and St Johns do for the benefit of all. Take care my friend ;-)
  3. The sensible move is to close, the less reasons for people to come out the better. Tough times ahead I’m sure, but we will get through, we are tough cookies in the UK and we will survive. Good luck everybody
  4. It is with great reluctance and a heavy heart that I have to notify the trade that we, Standard Engineering, are to close until further notice, effective as of Today. We have looked at all our options and have concluded that hibernation is our only option. To that end, if anyone is desperate for our services, please private message me and I will look to see if there is any way we can assist. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I will check the Forum daily to keep an eye on the Trade, please keep us all abreast of how this horrible virus is affecting you and your business. Regards Keith
  5. These kind of videos are just what the public need to show the skills that you have, well done guys
  6. I think it's too early to see an increase due to the Virus, however, across the next 6 months or so, as the Virus takes a hold and peoples habits change, I think our trade may benefit
  7. Our groover fits the complete 700 series of finishers.
  8. Hi All Just wondered what your thoughts were with regards to Shoe repairs and the corona Virus. Given that china makes 85% of the worlds footwear and it's pretty much on lock down, will there be a shortage on NEW pairs and what effect that might have your business? Discuss Keith
  9. You've only lost it if you cash in your pension today, I'm sure the market will recover in the next few months
  10. Generally, no real problem if it's at ourat our factory, as we have all the parts necessary, cost would be an issue though I'm sure. Contact me via PM for a quote if you need one
  11. Single phase Band scourers are like hens teeth!
  12. Unfortunately we have nothing available at present, its been a busy few months !
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