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Community Answers

  1. But they are very very quiet Graham by anyone's standards, providing they have oil in them!!!! Ha ha
  2. There is always the Bambi oil free version Our version is only slightly noisier than the 'silent' ones and no more expensive!
  3. We can do you service for you and we are based in the East Midlands, Dennis has always looked 65, it goes with the territory give us a call on 01536-486107 and speak to Gary for a quote.
  4. Raw material is a massive issue, don't even talk to me about the price of steel.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. A rare beast and no longer made I believe? Unless someone picked up the old machine and kept them going?
  6. You have now moved the conversation on to Trading Terms, ours are no different to many Companies, it's the modern way and has been brought about by credit being given and abused. Our customers have no issue with paying for goods as they leave our Factory, it's just common sense in the modern world, chasing debt is both time consuming and costly. I doubt very much that any of your customers leave your shop without paying for the service they've just received!
  7. My opinion is how I've always done business for over 40 years. I believe in getting a fair price for services and goods, I've never conned anyone in my life and if there's anyone in this Trade you can trust it's me
  8. What denotes 'overcharging' ? Get a fair price for not just the cost of the goods, but for your expertise Of course there are the economics of the area, but there are plenty of businessmen on this Forum who charge well for their expertise and we all know who they are. They may not get that level of profit on every service, but they know what makes their money
  9. Get what you can! Busy fools indeed, you don't have to charge Timpsons prices, but if you were 60-70% you would be better off £10 is just too cheap.
  10. They have a website, it tool me 30 seconds https://www.leatherandgrindery.com/
  11. Matt Blackman will be able to help I'm sure, Ex Mastergrave techie, very knowledgable He's on here just do a search for him.
  12. So sad hearing this news, Gary was a lovely guy. I worked with him for around 10 years on the Cutting Edge Committee where he always brought a smile and a laugh to our meetings. R.I.P. fella.
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