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  1. I used to use Barrier cream back in the day, it helps prevent staining over time and also helps the skin, cleaners are usually harsh on skin.
  2. keithm


    Nicely put Kobblers, but you would need millions to promote our trade to the public as a whole. Better to advertise locally, supported by the wholesalers and the Trade body, such that it is! You also have to bare in mind that as customers of the wholesalers, you all want the best prices, this often leads to low margins, which leaves little in the pot to spend on Marketing and Advertising to the Trade. NONE of the wholesalers are rolling in money, believe me! You can't have it all ways, repairers make way more margin than any wholesaler could dream of making!
  3. keithm


    Well Weisbaden takes place every Three years and attracts visitors from all over the world, but mainly Europe.
  4. keithm


    I totally agree, it needs to be special and unique as a visitor. If all the wholesalers want is to do 'deals' on the day, they should maybe make better use of their websites.
  5. keithm


    We as a Company welcome all repairers anytime you want to visit, during weekdays of course, which adds up to 260 days a year. We are always happy to give you a tour around the factory so you can see how we build our machines and give you confidence in your purchase, that's if you needed any of course! We have a showroom where you can use the machines should you bring any work with you. These visits often result in a sale for us and it works for both parties. The days of relying on any sale gleaned from an Exhibition are long gone.
  6. keithm


    Weisbaden was NOT a FANTASTIC show, it was half the normal size and seemed very quiet to me on the Saturday. Sadly, shoe repairing on the Continent is as quiet as it is here.
  7. keithm


    I know, shocking isn't it, some Trade association that's turning out to be. Having been on the inside and outside, I can honestly say that I think it's had it's day, much like SOMSR. No exhibition in 3 years has killed it imho. What was such a professional organisation has seemingly gone to rat shit so sad. I'm sure they will shore it up, but afaic, it's finished as a credible Organisation.
  8. keithm


    Afaik, there is one at Edinburgh Hilton on 29th September 2019. Also, I believe there is a planned Exi at the Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, next year around October. As usual though, very little being said outside of a few in the know
  9. keithm


    I see that Cutting Edge's marketing campaign is working well, most of you don't appear to know that they have a website
  10. If we leave, your comments are just an assunmtion. i doubt for one that we would be worse off after a year or two.
  11. During an interesting trip to the Weisbaden Exhibition last weekend, I was amazed at suppliers concern over Brexit. I went to the Exhibition determined not to mention the subject, but every supplier/Manufacturer bar none asked me what was going on with Brexit!!! i can assure you all that they are more worried about the outcome than we are!!!
  12. keithm

    3D Closed

    I If it's VOIP phone system it will be affected by the internet issue
  13. Which doesn't mean that some Companies won't I'm sure the blue chip Corporate's out there will want or need or even have to put tariffs on, but small bespoke industries may fall under the radar, here's hoping!
  14. Ok people, this is all I will say on BREXIT. This deal that cannot get voted through Parliament is NOT Theresa May's, or indeed Britain's agreement, it is the agreement the EU wish to impose on the UK. David Cameron should hold his head in shame for dumping her and the Country into the mess he didn't have the courage and balls to see through! So Theresa, be brave, lets leave this over bureaucratic European State and fend for ourselves, lets send a message that we will not be bullied into an agreement that does not suit the British people or our Businesses!!!