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  1. I recall DB saying a few years ago that they are pulling away from the Shoe Repair Trade, they appear to have had a change of heart?
  2. You are busier than most Graham! I used to do around £500 pw on keys around 19 years ago.
  3. I started out with nothing and I’ve still got most of it left!
  4. IMHO, there is not much maintenance to carry out on any key machine other than a little lubrication, regular checks on alignment, I used to do mine weekly, plus regular changing of the cutter wheel, I did mine annually. All the info you need will be in the manual and should not be difficult for a competent person.
  5. What will all the drug dealers do with their cash
  6. Looks like they haven’t done much work in recent years. If I were selling them I would have cleaned them up a little first! Unless of course he had a flood.
  7. Given the way the world is going with regards to cash, what are your thoughts on this? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56263582
  8. Done now with a kit of spare parts from internet at £8, thanks guys.
  9. Thanks one and all for looking, I’ll have to source some online.
  10. Not those, but the clips that stop the zip at the bottom, they have a couple of pointed claws at the end?
  11. Hi All just wondered if any of you could spare me a couple of zip ends, ie, stoppers, the little claw type in brass?
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