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  1. *****Update**** We have a Blake on special here! https://www.standardgroup.co.uk/special-offer/machinery-sale
  2. It's a DL Automatic, reliable and reasonably accurate machine, that is, until the 'Auto-Wheel' housed under the button and behind the plate wore out! The small teeth on the wheel that drives the carriage across used to wear out at the start stop position, it's also missing the tension bar that holds the carriage to the blade
  3. Never wear long sleeve clothing whilst using rotating machinery, seen it so many times, use your brains guys!
  4. There is no value in this item other than nostalgic
  5. Well it wasn't Boris's fault, give him a chance, if he delivers half of what they have promised to do as a government they would have achieved more than the last few!
  6. One thing at a time. Boris has a mandate for the next 5 years, if he's successful, so judge him and his party on his results. What happens after that is anyone's guess at the moment, but lets walk before we run and let things pan out! Just sayin!
  7. We do this all the time, but as I've said, you can double your investment, I have cheaper options at the moment
  8. If the Blake is Three phase and you don't have three phase it's as useful as a chocolate Tea Pot! Yes, you can run it on a converter/inverter, but you will double your spend! We would have a better option, just saying
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