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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-46795616
  2. keithm

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Surely if it makes it easier it's worth doing? In addition, it's always worth talking to an accountant to make sure you are completing the books in the most tax effective way and not overpaying We are all TAX collectors on behalf of the government in the long run.
  3. That old Hardo is no reflection on current machinery, why on earth you would change from a Power Unit to something this small is beyond me. You cannot compare the two.
  4. keithm

    Polyester Thread

    The red cops are NOT genuine Geneva thread. Ours are NEVER on red cops, Colledge normally supply our thread, white, green and occasionally black cops. We have plenty of stock: White 'Geneva' MP1498/A currently offered at £48 plus VAT if you buy 3 cops (you can mix colours, black and brown available)
  5. keithm

    Polyester Thread

    Si serve have different thread, it’s not Geneva, what colour is the cop?
  6. keithm

    Best finisher...

    Power claim they build NEW machines, I'm not sure when the last one was built and supplied to the UK? Pete? As Peter says, it's all about what you and your business needs, we can then supply a machine as a solution for your business
  7. keithm

    Best finisher...

    Lynx no longer available either!
  8. keithm


    Our Air-Flo will help https://www.standardgroup.co.uk/shoe-repair-machines/air-flo-adhesive-fume-filtration Available as just a bench if required
  9. keithm

    Best finisher...

    If you had the money!!! But, times have changed, I'm not slagging off Power, or any other manufacturer, just saying that we still produce NEW, well engineered British built machines at great value prices, Power can't.
  10. keithm

    Best finisher...

    Whitfield/Standard, British and built to last, often forgotten amongst the clamour for the so called better engineered and more expensive European models, most of which are no longer manufactured!
  11. keithm

    Best finisher...

    And not available NEW!
  12. keithm

    Best finisher...

    SteelCityShoes, room around the tooling which will help if you do lots of adaptions, if not, stick to the 710 City Shoes Have a look at the machines on our website www.standardgroup.co.uk
  13. I thought Caswells had gone !
  14. Look at the picture Martin!!! Our narrow band is on the brush section and our 'Micro' can be fitted with a mini band, at additional cost, if required No multi head options.
  15. Available with or without a press, the 'Micro' finisher, a newer version of the 750. Single or Three phase. https://www.standardgroup.co.uk/shoe-repair-machines/new-micro-finisher-and-micro-unit Priced from £8750 a trade in would make it even cheaper, we have a deal on our website right now, click here https://www.standardgroup.co.uk/special-offer/autumn-machinery-sale Call me or Gary if you're interested, details on Website.