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  2. keithm


    Buy yourself a small Nespresso type coffee machine and offer it to waiting customers, we used to do this years ago in some London shops (it was filter coffee in jugs in those days) Made such a difference, it can set you apart from your competition as a little USP
  3. Will all suppliers be getting an invite to Edinburgh Pete?
  4. Er, wrong, we couldn't attend the 'Leeds' show, we were at Manchester, which was a disaster
  5. Don't get me started on the 'Trade' show, but regionals are a good idea imho, I would have regionals and mix it with a central show every three years, Just my opinion, then everyone gets a chance to see what all the suppliers have to offer, locally and Nationally.
  6. Would have been nice to have an invite to this mini 'Trade' show! Everyone for themselves now it seems
  7. keithm

    shoes not collected signage

    I would offer to give any repaired shoe to charity if not collected within 6 months, that way, someone gets the benefit of the cock womble that didn't collect!
  8. keithm


    Sound familiar Chris!!! I've been told I have something similar, anything I do with my wrist can give me cramp in no time!!!!
  9. Contact Mastergrave who would have supplied it?
  10. keithm


    Thanks guys, some interesting posts
  11. keithm


    Do you carry our Shoe Repairs?
  12. Hi All I just wondered whether any of you suffer long term issues with hands, back pain and joints due to many years doing the job, so to speak? I certainly do, pain in the ****!
  13. https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/northwest/maven-backs-high-spec-door-firms-20m-mbo