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  1. When I was a young apprentice at Automagic back in the seventies, a customer came in to the Kings Cross branch and asked us if we sold stamps, the manager told the woman that we stopped selling stamps when the Post Office stopped repairing shoes!
  2. You can with the right last plates and pressure
  3. Wow, very quick, thanks guys, I will advise the key cutter to use that blank!
  4. Most presses have, or should have, pressure adjustment, so in theory you can vary the pressure on anything you press from light to heavy. It saves using your hands and pressure on your joints, which can become a problem later in life.
  5. Can anyone recommend a blank for these please?
  6. It all depends on how much work you are prepared to do yourself. I used to hat doing it and paid my accountant to do most of it. If you work hard in your business all week, why would you want to go home or stay late to 'catch up' with your paperwork! If you can't afford £50 a week, probably over the top for most, then stay in on a Friday and Sunday lunch whilst your mates are down the pub or out with their kids.
  7. It does make you wonder who came up with that idea and I would thinkl that may have influenced Tim and Glens decision making. Just saying.
  8. Glen an Tim gone I believe.
  9. 1500 redundancies? Really? Where does this information come from?
  10. What I would say is that I’ve seen a lot worse produced in the last 18 years since I retired from repairing. Congratulations in turning out a quality job and very well done on the video, semi pro I think! Young Guys like this should Be encouraged not criticised and helped along the way, most of us started where he is and perfected our work over time. I’m sure his work will be better in the future as he picks up tips along the way, like we all did.
  11. There are many things that can contribute to Increased noise Levels, some of which have been mentioned above. By far the best way is to have a health check on your machine where an engineer can hear and observe all that’s going on, including any not so obvious things. You will be amazed at what our guys find when these health checks are carried out that you weren’t aware of and can often fix small issues whilst they are there. We can do this at a special rate as a ‘Healthcheck Service’ which will save you over £50 compared to a call out service. Call our office for further info.
  12. It’s brilliant imho, can’t understand why you all don’t do it if I was still repairing I would be doing it, can’t lose!
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