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  1. If you use a broker they should help you deal with your application.
  2. Or contact Mathew Blackman, search for his contact details on here.
  3. Unless you’re in or outside a Supermarket.
  4. Merry Cmas one and all! Here’s to 2021 being a good year
  5. I worked with Junior ( Norman Giscombe) at Automagic back in the 70’s, a year before his big hit, Mama Used to Say!
  6. As I’ve said, it’s Not a Standard machine and that was my point. It will do someone a good turn and let’s hope it finds a home. Many machines have been supplied over the years with our logo on, it doesn’t mean we built it, that was my concern. We receive calls every month from people who have purchased a machine from eBay for instance, assuming that we can service and support it. When we tell them the bad news their comment is often ‘ I would never had bought it had I known’,
  7. And I just wanted to make sure that a repairer didn’t pick this machine up assuming it can be supported by us at Standard. It’s important in my opinion that people understand what they are taking on in all cases. No offence intended
  8. For the record, the machine was only a machine supplied by Standard, NOT built by us. It is a GP130 from Italy.
  9. That link is direct to the selling page, if you can’t see the machines available then you need to go to Specsavers Martin!!!
  10. Have you just bought it then? https://www.standardgroup.co.uk/special-offer/machinery-sale
  11. We have a second hand DN76 for sale on our website here: Www.standard group.co.uk A little more expensive but we can deliver for you, a deal to be done always
  12. We have those a plenty CRE, our part number is: WA16995 PKT 10 @ £24.40 p[us carriage plus VAT
  13. Really? Don't know that machine. you either have a 700 or a 750 (Micro) do you mean Spira bands as in Mini Roll on the cutter section?
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