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  1. I suggest you keep an eye out on our website for some second hand machines as we always have a good turnover in these, in fact we have one at present, extra 10% off for Forum members It's not even on the Website yet but will be later today. PM me if you wish to find out more
  2. Hi All Just in case anyone is having difficulties in contacting us by phone, please rest assured we are here it's just we have a problem with our Voip system. Should be sorted over the next few hours!!! all other options are working
  3. keithm

    Keys required

    Thanks to Graham for his efforts and generosity, did my keys for a donation to the Mizen Foundation, excellent service!!!
  4. Hi Graham


    Yes please chap:


    EVVA A76272



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    2. grahamparker


      The blanks i had where A6 blanks (6 pin) that i had to shorten, i will send 4 more on Silca EV10 give them a try.

      Will post them this morning and apologies for the problem.


    3. keithm


      No problem Graham, thanks.

    4. keithm


      Hi Graham


      All perfect, reputation restored ;-)



  5. Hi All I need 4 EVVA keys (Brass original) cut to the following code, can anyone help?: A76272 Thank s in advance. Keith
  6. keithm


    Thanks Autolock, they do make life a lot easier
  7. keithm


    Our New style groover is much kinder than the older one's, it's much easier to use and lasts ages. You would need to order a complete bayonet as the fitting is different, but it doesn't snatch like the old Tungsten used to. If anyone is interested they can PM for more details and prices. All the spares for the 700, and many more machines, are here on our NEW Website https://www.standardgroup.co.uk/spares If my memory serves, Lee has one
  8. keithm


    Did you buy the groover from us (Standard) ?
  9. keithm


    What machine do you have?
  10. keithm

    Old books

    Yes, we have copies of those, lovely old things and they have an odour all to themselves!
  11. keithm

    Why hello there!

  12. So much worthless crap on Flea Bay, it staggers me!
  13. keithm

    Micro Sheeting

    Not difficult to find, although when it's misspelt it can be an issue! https://www.sevillacomponents.co.uk/
  14. I used to use Barrier cream back in the day, it helps prevent staining over time and also helps the skin, cleaners are usually harsh on skin.
  15. keithm


    Nicely put Kobblers, but you would need millions to promote our trade to the public as a whole. Better to advertise locally, supported by the wholesalers and the Trade body, such that it is! You also have to bare in mind that as customers of the wholesalers, you all want the best prices, this often leads to low margins, which leaves little in the pot to spend on Marketing and Advertising to the Trade. NONE of the wholesalers are rolling in money, believe me! You can't have it all ways, repairers make way more margin than any wholesaler could dream of making!