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  1. Could try here https://soda.crouzet.com/pn/?i=82305519 Send them a picture, and see what they come up with
  2. Perplexus

    How old?

    We have a 1928 Keats & Bexon blake machine . . . still working well, but replacement whirls are becoming scarce!
  3. It’s a lead cutter. In the days when printing type was set up by hand, spaces between paragraphs were made by inserting a thin strip of lead between the lines of type. These strips had to be cut to the same length as the line of type, and that’s what this cutter was used for. The stepped blade is for accommodating thicker strips of lead.
  4. I always used to get the thread you are looking for from CB, but I had to ask for Chinese thread, and not the thin rubbish!
  5. Perplexus

    Jury Service

    As of the 01 December the upper age limit for jurors in England and Wales will be raised from 70 to 75. The new age limit, to be introduced on 1 December, will better reflect the healthy life expectancy of people in England and Wales and mean juries are more representative of the communities they serve. 13 Nov 2016
  6. Perplexus

    Polyester Thread

    Sometimes if the thread feeds off the top of the kop (green arrow), it puts a twist into it. Try turning the kop through 90 degrees so that it feeds off in the direction of the red arrow.
  7. Perplexus

    Link to manual

    Take a look at the bottom pdf file on this page - https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/silca-0497-silca-d810905zb-lancer-plus-manual-key-machine.html It's quite old, but the machines don't change much!
  8. Perplexus

    Link to manual

    There's a manual at http://www.nwkeys.co.uk/Documents/lancer-plus-230.pdf
  9. Perplexus

    Engraving into animal horn?

    Rhino horn is made entirely of keratin, which forms the outer casing of other animals’ horn. Keratin is the same substance as hair and fingernails, but rhino horn does not have the internal bone structure that is found in other animals.
  10. Perplexus

    Engraving into animal horn?

    Animal horn is bone, with an outer covering of keratin. It’s this outer covering that is used for making drinking vessels. Keratin is the same material that you have on the ends of your fingers and toes . . . fingernails and toenails. They don’t contain any resin, but I’ve no idea whether they can be lasered. Have you got a spare fingernail that you could try it on?
  11. You can get them from Le Prevo . . . but don't forget you'll need the fixing tool as well! http://www.leprevo.co.uk/eyelets.htm http://www.leprevo.co.uk/eyelet-tools.htm
  12. Perplexus

    Dr Marten Electric Knife Wanted!

    The electric knives produced smoke that contains cyanide! Doubt whether they're still (legally) available.
  13. Certainly, I'll do them while you wait . . . and wait . . .and wait . . . and wait
  14. Perplexus

    Electricity supplier

    Octopus are brilliant! I use them at the shop and at home.