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  1. Danny King

    Quiet today

    We charge.. My tools and my time...
  2. Is he saying Timpson training isn't up to much as he has to ask us... I have nothing against the guys who work for Timpson they are just trying to earn a living. Timpson as a company and there morals don't get me started.....
  3. Danny King

    shoes not collected signage

    Money upfront.. we do this for all work and empty shelves no work left uncollected.
  4. Danny King


    I use Airpos. Laptop(0ld one I had laying about) cash drawer Scanner Thermal printer Cost about £250 But airpos Is £21 a month but the guys are really good if anything goes wrong.
  5. Danny King


    £6 including vat, but about to go to £7
  6. Danny King


    He is also going to be on a government task force to save the high street... Am I wrong isn't he opening more and more portaloos on out of town developments? I heard the interview he is just good at saying what people want to hear.
  7. Danny King

    shoes not collected signage

    Money up front.. Never had a pair left in 2 years...
  8. Danny King

    Embracing change

    Just add 25p to your goods to cover costs.. Then take cards for any amount.. happy customers and happy you if the buy a few items..
  9. Rep is great... office is dreadful
  10. Danny King

    Items for sale

    Hi As we don't have the machine anymore it's a spare one Danny
  11. Hi all been having a spring clear out as have got a few goodies for sale. Postage can be arranged and all payments by paypal. Donation will be given to the following charity.(He is my nephew) https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/calibsgardenwish?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Yimbyprojectpage&utm_content=calibsgardenwish&utm_campaign=projectpage-share-owner&utm_term=V9EGqVPyJ 1) Zippo Display Holds 12 Zippo's has a light and lockable. Comes with keys and power adapter. Few marks but looks like new. £50 ono 2) A9 Jaw for holding car keys etc. Been used a few times. £100 ono 3) Laser/Dimple machine. Used condition. Comes with a few cutters etc. Works fine. £200.00 ono Thanks Danny 3)
  12. Danny King

    jma multicode

    Nope..Got 2 of them seem to be working fine....