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  1. The Johnstons near me are doing watch batteries,strap adjustments etc They are also now selling padloclks etc. Still open 7 Days a week 8-6 I believe.
  2. I have been told this is a one off to clear some stock. They will not be selling directly to the public on other items........
  3. Well they are open with there balloons etc.. Got the local rag to promote them. They have done there homework got our prices etc. Shop has been quiet but not sure that's anything to do with them. Plan of action is coming together..... Lots of kerb side promo
  4. Well our friendly John Timpson is opening his nice shiny new store 10 doors away from me tomorrow at 8am. Its a Johnson Dry cleaners with Max Speilman with key cutting and full watch repair counter. Prime corner location with free parking. What I find odd is within 200 yards on the same road there is a Launderette with a small dry cleaners been there for over 50 years. A dry cleaners specializing in weddings etc been there for 40 years. Then me been in there 20 years but shop has been there 80 years......... Well thank you John the so called family man... That's 3 small family businesses you want to close in this very trying time....... Don't worry boys I have a lot of fight in me which some of you will know.............
  5. So all retail can open 15th June.. I am all prepared for the 1st... So can I open or not.... grrr
  6. Is he saying Timpson training isn't up to much as he has to ask us... I have nothing against the guys who work for Timpson they are just trying to earn a living. Timpson as a company and there morals don't get me started.....
  7. Money upfront.. we do this for all work and empty shelves no work left uncollected.
  8. I use Airpos. Laptop(0ld one I had laying about) cash drawer Scanner Thermal printer Cost about £250 But airpos Is £21 a month but the guys are really good if anything goes wrong.
  9. £6 including vat, but about to go to £7
  10. He is also going to be on a government task force to save the high street... Am I wrong isn't he opening more and more portaloos on out of town developments? I heard the interview he is just good at saying what people want to hear.
  11. Just add 25p to your goods to cover costs.. Then take cards for any amount.. happy customers and happy you if the buy a few items..
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