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  1. Michael

    ISA 369 Movement

    A.G.Thomas have the 369 listed on their website but not sure if they have in stock, give them a ring.
  2. Michael

    ISA 369 Movement

    ISA 608.101 possibly? It's a little higher ( 3.10mm compared to 2.75mm) but may be enough room if the glass is domed.
  3. Anyone got any of the AM2005.02 silver golf medal in stock? I need 27 for an order by the end of the month and there's no date for stock at the moment Thanks
  4. Michael

    395 / 399 Batteries

    Same size on the Renata comparison plastic thingy I have, one is high drain, the other is low drain.
  5. Michael

    New product range.

    Will be one of those things where they can go on Amazon and order for delivery next day cheaper than you can buy them in at!!
  6. Try clamping them in the machine using the bottom groove rather than the flat back. I always cut UAP keys like this now as they were a bit hit and miss, now get zero returns on them.
  7. Michael

    Seasons sports

    Hockey, Rugby and football are all pretty much the same season I think!
  8. Michael

    Quiet today

    Same here, shite January and so far shiter February!!
  9. Michael

    Key I’d please

  10. Mastergrave paint is cellulose. I prefer this to acrylic as it has a gloss finish, I find the acrylic stays matt when dry.
  11. Michael

    Silca ncr12 required

    Will these not fit?
  12. Michael


  13. Michael

    Lee's Watch course

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  14. Michael

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    With Quickbooks do you still have to use an accountant to verify everything and submit your tax returns or is it all calculated and sent through to HMRC? I was just working out the maths as if you pay a monthly fee then still have to pay an accountant anyway then it's really not worth it at the moment, at least until they say we all have to use digital everything!!
  15. Michael

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    I still do my books in a handwritten cash book. No staff, no VAT, half hour once a week, but was thinking of looking at Quickbooks. I tried Sage a couple of years ago but was massively overboard for my business, was wondering if Quickbooks was the same? Anyone that uses it have any pros and cons?