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  1. I've had these but stopped using them, some wouldn't go in lock, cut two the same for customer and one worked one didn't. Couldn't trust them so been using UL054 but got ESPC6 on order to try.
  2. Michael

    The Vistool Owners Club

    Have you tried wizard - New device or delete device at the main toolbar?
  3. UL064 is higher than UL054, try that instead.
  4. I have mine connected by ethernet cable and contactless still has that slight delay. It used to authorise instantly but now you have to wait for it to "go through". I've had a couple of occasions where the customer was virtually out the door and I had to call them back because it never authorised the payment.
  5. They have rotted, only way is to remove completely and rebuild the whole sole unit.
  6. If white spirit not working then probably had it, unless any of the specific patent cleaning products works. Don't look expensive so probably better off getting new shoes.
  7. Try a bit of white spirit, then a good polish with Mr Sheen.
  8. Vinyl cutting a logo with fine detail can be a right PIA, you sometimes lose some of the small details when weeding the material
  9. Michael

    TL key blank

    I always use genuine blanks from Citysafe for these, and always put them in the clamp using the bottom groove, never have a problem anymore.
  10. Michael

    Diamonds are forever?

    Sorry, totally misunderstood the question!!!!
  11. Michael

    Diamonds are forever?

    I don't paint either. I only infill with paint on engravers brass ( memorial plaques) when cut with a carbide cutter. A rotating diamond won't cut deep enough to fill. I use drag diamond on aluminium trophy plaques and a rotating diamond usually on pet discs or nickel plated plinth bands on cups.
  12. JMA YA27D XH1223 (HD hook number) Ilco 1531
  13. Michael

    Opsial key ID

    Looks a bit like ASEC2?
  14. Michael

    Trophy plates

    Probably a smaller box and £4.95 carriage