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  1. I have some of these but they are too high. You would need M6 x 5mm but the lowest I've found these is M6 x 8mm. When I convert trainers to cricket spikes I use 6mm sheet for the soles and these are 8mm high. I tried using 8mm sheet but it loses the flexibility which is one of the reasons cricketers are having trainers converted rather than buying proper spikes. You can grind them down but the spikes don't always screw in properly and end up cross threading.
  2. I've been looking for months now with no luck!! T.Colledge haven't been able to get any for about 2 years as their supplier shut down so they told me. There's supposed to be somewhere in China that will supply them with a minimum order of 3000 but they'll only supply you if you're VAT registered. As I'm not I didn't bother getting a contact. Someone I know is waiting on a shipment that is coming April/May sometime but no fixed date. I need about 500-1000 if you come across any!!
  3. My restart grant was paid automatically last week from my local council. This is the table of payment level they had on their website....
  4. There is a grant for shops that have stayed open but have reduced trade. Check on your local council website.
  5. I do loads of them on my Tormek system, they come out really well. The only thing I could do with would be a stock of the little white, plastic, shaped washers that they have in them. I've found since the pandemic started barbers/hairdressers started using a stronger barbicide to stand them in. This breaks down the plastic washers so when you take them apart to clean them the washer falls apart. I've even seen scissors where the barbicide has eaten away the enamel patterning on the scissors down to the bare metal!!
  6. There was a guy on my local market that sells watch straps and replaces batteries, that managed to stay open by having a few bags of pasta for sale, thereby supplying essential goods!! Market officer and council said it was ok!!
  7. In normal times I would agree entirely, but during a national lockdown due to a worldwide pandemic???
  8. Do mouth organs come under essential items??? I'm glad I'm not open, some people just don't get it!!!
  9. This is the clause my insurance paid out on after the first lockdown, still waiting to hear about Novembers' and then I'll put a claim in for this one.
  10. If the coating is flaking then it's probably not adhered to the base metal very well but laser engraving is normally ok.
  11. I used to get this a lot on anodized hip flasks using my Mastergrave Universal, gave up in the end. Best engraved with a laser engraver rather than drag diamond.
  12. I had to still apply for this one even though I received the other grant. My local council emailed me to say the application was open, forms already filled with same info, money in bank within a week.
  13. I've not opened but I went to the shop yesterday to check everything is ok and my town centre is dead! I live in a quiet town and we never heard of any cases until recently, seems to be quite a few now as well as a few deaths. Things suddenly turned a bit scary! I think I'd rather stay safe at home cutting the risk of infection than taking £50 a week if I'm lucky.
  14. This is where the new statement of shops that can stay open will hurt some of us. It states businesses providing repair services as long as it's their primary service can stay open, which is ok if you still have good footfall but as people should be staying at home there isn't going to many around for most of us. I think this will stop my insurance paying out this time as well, seeing as the clause is based on government closure. So it's sit at home and potentially get no insurance or open up and take no money!! Decisions decisions!!
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