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  1. Stems are mild steel so are softer than the crown
  2. I've done it a couple of times with aluminium potassium sulphate but I use a jar in a tommy tipee baby bottle warmer. Takes a few days usually. Other option, if you know a jeweller who uses acid to clean flux of the metals when soldering, will be a lot quicker with a strong acid solution, but very dangerous if you're not used to using acid!!!
  3. https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-abus-cylinder-key-blank-7472
  4. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/GENUINE-ABUS-BLANK-FOR-E60-CYLINDER/P134077
  5. New switch?? Charles Birch, Aldridges all do Silca spare parts.
  6. Anything plasticky I use Renia Rehagol yellow primer with Syntic Total, although not tried it on DM soles! Always thought they were PVC based so only a PVC adhesive will bond them.
  7. but you haven't had to fork out hundreds of pounds out of your own pocket to take the chance that most go for the first option!
  8. I don't have one so I'm not trying to sell it. When they bring their watches in I tell them I can't guarantee the water resistance as I cannot test it and I get the same response, "It's ok, I don't go in the water with it". So I'm presuming that if I offered two options, with or without test, £8 or £25, I know which 99% would choose. In the few years I have been doing watch battery replacement I have lost no more than 5 jobs because of it, and I probably average 20-30 watch batteries per week.
  9. The trouble I've found is that most people will pay £8 for a straight battery change but when you add on the price for a water resistance check, say another £10-£15, people won't pay it and just have the battery changed as " they don't swim in it". You've spent hundreds of pounds for a machine you don't use!! I've thought about getting a dry tester for a while now but just don't think it's worth it for my customer base, yours may be different?
  10. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/SILCA-LEG3-LEGGE-PASS-SECTION-BLANK/P130580 Maybe?? Just thinking, looks more like a standard Legge 36M (HD) blank with a funny extra groove!
  11. Try and get some clear application tape from somewhere like MDP Supplies. It's used for applying vinyl when signmaking, very similar stuff.
  12. Was it Ecosave? Bloody company keep ringing me saying I have a contract for British Gas with them when I know I don't.
  13. https://908ltd.co.uk/ have a good range of products. I thought U-marq where staying around? If they go where am I going to get spares for my universal?
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