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  1. So I still hadn't heard anything from my local council about the business rates grant, and they didn't have anything on their website. A mate of mine that owns a cafe along from me rang and gave me the number for my councils covid19 business support line. I rang them to be told I wasn't on the list he had, but gave me the email address of the people dealing with it, and to email them with my info (business name, address, rates account number etc.). Within 5 minutes I had an email from them with the form that needs to be returned and a covering letter with all the info, filled in and emailed back instantly. My suggestion if you haven't heard anything is to find the covid19 business support number on your local council website and ring up looking for info. This should get the ball rolling. Good Luck, hope this helps!
  2. FFS!! West Suffolk need to pull their finger out!
  3. They're talking end of April before the PAYE 80% system will be up and running. As this is 90% of the UK workforce this will take priority which means self employed probably won't see anything before May!!!
  4. I’m now of the opinion that being open and encouraging customers is probably part of the problem. People need to stop unnecessary movement and stay home. It’s gonna contribute to dragging this whole shitstorm out longer than necessary I’m going in tomorrow to shut down. No customers about, all the shops around me are closed or closing so no point. Going to spend my time trying to find some way of financially getting through the next 2 or 3 months. If it goes on beyond this then it’s probably too much to come back from for me. Need to try and save my home. Let’s hope the government come up with something for the self employed pretty quickly!! Good luck out there guys, hope to see you all on the other side.
  5. The problem is I have to self isolate to help me then my wife can't work as he will have to isolate, she works admin in a private school and school for vulnerable children so she is still getting paid a bit at least!! 1 minute things look ok, the next you read something and it's SH*t I'm screwed!!
  6. So for those like me, self-employed, one man band and not a limited company where do we stand? Apart from the £10k rate payment, which, if Graham's right, will probably be too late, I'm not entitled to anything, maybe universal credit of £95 per week which is nowhere near the wage I've been taking. Is this correct, I'm not good at this type of stuff, gonna speak to my accountant Monday!!
  7. Those that are closing, what are you doing in regards to regular outgoings such as utility, broadband, card machines etc. Are you ringing and asking them to freeze accounts, cancelling accounts or just letting them run and paying them?
  8. Experts on Sky News saying social distancing should carry on for a year with 6 months like this and 6 months with stricter distancing!! Jesus, the whole world has gone to pot with one virus...Absolutely crazy and just doesn't add up
  9. I've just put my wages in my personal account as I'm overdrawn with bills due and that looks like it will be the last one!! Not taken enough this week for a wage, hope the government hurry up with these grants!!! I'm heartbroken that this could be the end but that's the fine line I've been trading on for while now.
  10. 384 or 392 are the same size.
  11. Yes, I've fitted a few. Only difference is Silver instead of Lithium, not sure which will last longer under use but thermometer isn't on constantly so probably won't notice if they only last 2 years instead of 3!!
  12. Didn't know they did LR41, not seen them. Been using 384 (SR41) instead!!
  13. Just saying on the radio that Belgium have gone on lockdown because people were not taking any notice of the government advice to not go to bars, restaurants etc.!! Will probably happen here by next week!
  14. Then it's a decision what to do.....Pay off suppliers so I owe nothing, pay off business overdraft so I'm in the black, keep for wages to help with household bills!! Some tough decisions to be made!
  15. Sounds good to me!! Don't know how far it will go but better than nothing.
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