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  1. Sort of the same here, opened up then within 2 days all car park charges reinstated and roads shut out side of pedestrianisation hours to help with social distancing. THERE'S NO ONE DOWN HERE SHOPPING TO QUEUE IN THE BLOODY ROAD!!!!!
  2. I use Mr Sheen polish for glass engraving on my Mastergrave Universal. Just done 300 pub glasses over lockdown and come out perfectly.
  3. I buy sheets from here then just cut to size and shape on the band scourer.
  4. Haven't looked but RS Components normally have quite a good range!
  5. I don't stock them but great supplier here
  6. That was the first thing that popped in my head after I posted
  7. Last Thursday, Friday and Monday I spent in my shop engraving a logo on to 257 glasses ( 94 beer, 60 wine and 103 gin) with some of the proceeds going to a local charity. It took me roughly 11 hours per day to engrave, then 6 hours of driving round town hand delivering them. I did have the Saturday and Sunday off as I didn't feel great. I was physically shattered. After sitting around for 8 weeks not doing much it was a shock to the system!! It has made me think that when I go back, I don't know if I want to work like a madman anymore. I'm only 45, so a long way from retiring, and nowhere near financially able to, but my NHS style applause goes out to you Lee, and all others that put in so much hard work into your businesses. Maybe for you Lee, it was the change into something that you felt more passionate about than shoes, that drove you into a thriving business in bikes? Maybe I need to diversify into something I enjoy? Anyone got a business plan that involves crisps, pizza and watching TV????
  8. I started to wear vinyl gloves or finger cots to do watches more before lockdown as I was seeing some right grotty watches.
  9. My eldest is a professional footballer (until June!! ) and back in November/December he had a prolific cough that went on for weeks, with a number of others at the football club having different symptoms now linked to Covid. Could've been going on longer than thought!!
  10. How are you dealing with watches? My thoughts were pop back in 10 minutes as I only have room for 1 customer at a time, new pair of gloves and a quick wipe over with anti-bac?
  11. https://www.ukpos.com/freestanding-hand-sanitiser-dispenser
  12. Any links to anti-bac/anti-viral wipes? All the ones I've found seem quite expensive. I've got hand gel and spray coming but wipes will better for car remotes and other electrical bits, less liquids getting everywhere!!!
  13. Did cross my mind to make my own but I was ordering some anti-bac spray from this company anyway so just popped it on the order. Plus, a local facebook page that has 6000 members been streaming live dj's in what they've called Disco Kitchen, I donated 2 pint glasses with their logo on for a charity raffle and now have orders for 200 beer, wine or gin glasses to engrave and deliver round town. £2 from each goes to the charity. So I'm gonna be very busy for the next week or two!!
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