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  1. I used have a Storm watch dealer across from me so I've done loads over the years. A couple of customers are collectors so bring in a few at a time, some of them are bloody awful and a right pain in the arse just to replace a battery!!
  2. As Mike says, remove the little plastic plug right where the crown release is. Remove the crown and you should be able to take off the plastic and change the battery.
  3. I normally buy around the £8-£12 mark, double plus VAT markup. People round here won't pay fortunes for anything so they are a nice happy medium.
  4. I use Oxford Leathercraft, good range and good quality.
  5. 392L is the reference but I looked on Bablas and they had nothing.
  6. A quick buff on a polishing mop or with a flexshaft/Dremel using some polishing compound should bring them to a shine nicely.
  7. I got told, I think it was by my CB rep, that Kiwi were no longer supplying independent wholesalers, only Tesco, Sainsbury's etc. and only in black & brown!
  8. They are on the front of a safe, Chinese I think! The customer left the keys in the locks then shifted the safe and snapped them both off. I managed to get the broken bits out but now she wants more cut. I thought the extraction was going to be the hard bit, took me 2 seconds, finding blanks is going to be the pain!!
  9. What about trying the Angelus acrylic paints with a clear coat protective finish, like the stuff they use on cars and cricket bats. Its a clear adhesive vinyl that you put on, sometimes using heat to shrink fit it.
  10. If it had a cork infill it could be that rubbing the sole. You can lay a thin piece of cotton type material in between the cork and the sole to stop it. A little tip I found watching Youtube videos from Bedo's Leatherworks during lockdowns!!! Great craftsman, you should take a look at some of his work.
  11. I just bought these from DB yesterday..https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/B599ANP-3L-ECLIPSE-MORTICE-45G-BLANK/P135496 Not genuine but do the job
  12. I thought the free delivery was by area, just seen the leaflet now will look into it.
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