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  1. Sounds good but......T's turnover goes up along with Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrison's etc. as people flock to the pods and pop into the main store for a couple of bits or coffee while they wait for their shoes to be done!!! After nearly 40 years in the same shop I still hear "I didn't know you were here, I normally go to T!!"
  2. Michael

    Reattach unit ?

    Stormsure is the same stuff, I order direct from them, but CB sometimes have it.
  3. I'm after a Tag Formula 1 bezel click spring, model code is WAH1010 The ones on Cousins are too small and a parts request was unsuccessful. Any ideas or companies that could source one, it's for a mate, not customer. Outside diameter 38.60mm Inside diameter 35.40mm thickness 0.23mm Found one!!! Ebay rules....sometimes!!
  4. Michael


    I wasn't sure, then doubted myself with GeGe!! 50/50 shot, got it wrong....story of my luck at the moment!
  5. Michael


    Are the pExtra EVVA? Try Aldridges
  6. Michael

    watch link removal

    Why not!! I get them all the time saying "I was up Sainsbury's so I got these keys cut while I was there but they don't work, so I thought I'd come to you as I know yours always work"!!! Yes, even friends of me or my wife. No loyalty, only convenience no matter what the cost.
  7. Michael

    watch link removal

    The annoying thing is people still pay it instead of asking around other places to check prices. This is how the pods do so well, captive market with a customer base built on convenience/laziness!!
  8. What threads are you guys using in your patcher machines? I've always used this thread as my machine stitches great with it, but no one seems to stock it anymore and it seems bloody expensive!! May need to find an alternative, I have tried the ones from CB but they are very thin and my machine just doesn't like them!!
  9. Michael

    Custom Key Tags

    That's the sort of thing I was thinking. Prices seem to start at about 12p each but with add-ons was coming in at about 22p for 1000 which wasn't too bad as will probably last me a few months. Which company do you use?
  10. I'm looking for a supplier of cheap custom key tags to put customers cut keys on, bit like the ones Timp's use. I currently have a printed card put into a small self seal plastic bag but trying to cut costs a bit while still trying to look a bit professional, with a bit of advertising still going on. Any ideas? What do you lot use?
  11. Makes me wonder if people would just think it's been done by a shite hand engraver!!!!
  12. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    I mean as in a font that is just an outline, not an engraving font. Then fill it with an island fill routine. Use plenty of paint and drag round the letters, making sure all the corners of the letters are filled. They should look like they're filled to the top as the paint will shrink as it dries, then let them dry thoroughly. I have an old price matrix that I got from Charles Birch back in 2010. I just add about 20% to those prices. They're worked out by square inch of substrate.
  13. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    There's your problem. Pour it over and scrape with a plastic squeegee or credit card, leave to dry, I normally wait 24 hours (but can be done 3 or 4 hours later depending in amount of paint used), then clean with disk wrapped cloth. I use methylated spirits, they're less harsh than thinners. Polish with Peek metal polish using the wrapped disk technique with a Selvyt cloth.
  14. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    Not seen that before!! Maybe mix some cellulose thinners in before you pour it just to thin it out a bit??? Might help it run a bit and stay smooth.