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  1. Michael


    Charles Birch or MrFixit Wholesale for me.
  2. What I hate about SKS site is whenever you move the mouse across the page to click on something, the bloody drop down menus are really quick' so you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, then scroll back up slowly! Then you get within a gnats cock away and they pop down again !!!
  3. I agree, I can get in ok now but always has seemed slow compared to other websites.
  4. I would imagine one side would unscrew, you can then fit an ordinary strap by cutting a notch in the middle. like these
  5. Just went through Google search and went in fine!!! Wouldn't load my saved page, probably a dodgy cookie BLOODY TECHNOLOGY!!!
  6. Trying to get on DB's website but having no luck! Is it just my shite laptop or is anyone else having problems?
  7. Michael


  8. Michael

    House signs

    Brilliant!! Makes me feel less bitter when I place an order!
  9. Michael

    House signs

    I still use Housenameplate Company even though they're owned by T! My customers like the designs and they sell quite well. Little bit of mark up for a fax, easy money. The only down side is they are so stingy with their brochures, sending a pack of 10 or 20 at a time that normally go within 3 or 4 weeks then you have to ring up and ask for more. Just send a bloody great box of them!!!
  10. I've been looking back thinking " Graham's normally spot on, what am I not seeing!!"
  11. Without a side view a rough guess would be 142443
  12. Michael

    Key swap

    T.Colledge have them on their website and the pic is with a square head. Might be worth a phone call?
  13. Michael

    Key swap

    On the Keyprint website the round head ones are marked as genuine? https://www.keyprint.co.uk/genuine-era-3-star-fortress-euro-cylinder-key-blank
  14. Some of the nickel plated cups are quite hard and don't engrave well with a drag diamond. I usually use the same 120 degree diamond but use it with the spindle and set the feed rate to about 0.3m/min and the depth to 1.00mm, gives a deeper bright finish. BTW my machine is a Mastergrave Universal 280 so settings might be different!!