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  1. if you have bought the old electronic heads eh02 and ehpo phillips and blades from charles birch we will exchange these for new mh heads and blades. to programe mh keys on your rw4,era 3,you will need a p box. rw4 plus must have at least version 60 and your p box must have at least version 325. if you have era 3,rw4 or fastcopy you can add apbox to fit underneath alot cheaper option. version 61 is now available for all rw4 rw4 plus and era 3 version 325 available for all p boxes. for further help contact our warehouses craig at leeds,john at essex or speak to your local rep. check out birch deals with information about this. there are 67 blades available.
  2. if any of you want me to sort out a password for you please pm me with your email address and your shop name and town
  3. only 60% i was going to offer you your usual 70% . thanks for all the feedback so far as a company we have spent alot of time and effort on this to help our customers find stock and purchase easier. i forgot to mention for the first 100 website orders a free gift and i can guarntee you this is worth having
  4. just to let all the forum members know charles birch new website is up and running, anyone wanting a password please contact your local warehouse with your email address or contact your rep.anyone in the south west just call me and i will sort it out for you.check out the new website www.charlesbirch.com
  5. the new birch gift catalogue will be out on the 25th sept hopefully some new ideas for you.
  6. wares executive is also a superior sole and also british made
  7. if your in the south west or from wales area if i can be of any assitance PLEASE READ FORUM RULES ON ADVERTISING dont hesitate to phone me.ive pm you my phone number.Or better still try and attend the shoe repair show next sunday at doncaster racecourse,where you can see all the latest products. cheers tony edited by mod
  8. master key and engraving 12 the precinct high st portishead
  9. Win a trolley dash at the charles birch warehouse either leeds or essex worth up to 500.00. The challenge will take place at the cutting edge exhibition at doncaster racecourse on sunday 26th sept 2010. The challenge is for while you wait repairs only, such as stick on sole and heel. The participant chooses the repair to be carried out on a randomly selected pair of shoes. 12 minutes are allowed for each repair. Timed slots will be pre booked for each participant,please book early. Only two participants per company. Judging will take place on the day and the winner will be annouced at 4.15pm. To book your slot call andrea jackson on 0113 2431155 or email andrea@charlesbirch.com this will be a good competion to see how well shoe repairers can work under presure and turn out quality work.
  10. xminit i checked the pre season fixtures and for some reason were not playing the mighty hereford this year.
  11. yes i am the new south west sales rep for charles birch after 14years of running my own buisness i really fancied a new challenge,so hopefully i will be meeting a few of you soon.If your in the south west and the whole of wales and dont recieve a visit from charles birch pm me and i will pop in and show you our repair materials and offers. xminit are you still supporting hereford.
  12. If you would like to add the charles birch trophy catalogue to your own websites so your customers can view it online and have more selection on your website all you need to do is email Andrea at andrea@charlesbirch.com and andrea will email the link back to you.
  13. charles birch also do phillips heels in 6.5mm plus the diplomat heels, both on promotion at the moment.
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