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  1. I had that problem with mine a while ago, but I lost all drive instantly I fixed mine with polymorph which I always keep a pot of at work. Cost pennies and was fixed in ten minutes.
  2. I’ve closed this week because I broke my shoulder Christmas Eve, but otherwise I’d be open. It’s a long term game. Every customer who comes to your door, then goes somewhere else because you wasn’t there is potentially lost for life. I plan on opening as soon as I can reach the top door lock again!
  3. Swann for me, because i had a camera pack up & found a spare one online easily to replace it so bits and pieces for them are readily available
  4. Hold in a strap vice and knock out with the correct size punch otherwise you’ll mark the strap or even spread it.
  5. Yale 1a’s how times change! I used to buy those a thousand at a time, now I buy 50 at a time!
  6. depends on the movement, some it connects, some it stops the battery dislodging. personally I'd be questioning two things... 1. why is it missing. 2. Are parts for other problems available. Omega is owned by swatch & swatch group has stopped world wide distribution of spare parts to ALL its brands. parts are drying up. personally I wouldn't buy (even though I historically own one) any swatch brand out of principle including Omega. verminous company.
  7. I’ve been pretty steady on shoe repairs the last three weeks, pretty much a 50/50 split with bike repairs. It’s been good.
  8. so 24 hours since sending this one live, i've had 440 views on my business facebook page 96 views on my personal facebook 121 views on my instagram business page & 103 views on TikTok (don't judge me! lol) I've had countless messages, comments & even phone calls & two people have come round/in just to see it! lol I'm going to give it a couple of days and then start sharing it to local facebook groups, just like John Lewis, its a good way to put you back in the minds of people at this critical time of 2020 with Christmas shopping set to explode next wee
  9. so a stick of yankee is a couple of quid, if you get left with 10% thats 20p so you have 2 sticks there, but will still be left with 40p to melt next time round so all that work has saved you maybe £3.50, but has cost you a fair amount of time & storage (every square inch of a shop has its overhead) you'd be better filling the same space with key blanks, they'll make you more. years and years ago I did this & found it used to break up and just wasnt as good or as easy as a new stick. BIN, work smart not hard.
  10. Throw them in the bin woof woof woof woof
  11. We’ve just (“just” being a 7 hour project from start to finish!) put this together yesterday for the socials & will publish at prime time tonight, but I thought I’d spread some festive cheer from the East coast. It’s been a tuff year for everyone, I wish you all the very best for business 2021 and a very merry Christmas. Lee. IMG_4499.mov
  12. There’s three of us at home here. Youngest at school - be in anyway wifes a teacher - be in anyway Im mostly bike shop now - be in anyway middle sons gutted as he’s striving to get a business off the ground, but for us it’s pretty much life as normal!
  13. Both testers if you can afford them dry tester is fast and easy & will do 90% of what you want Wet is then the second one I use if a watch fails in the dry tester as it’s easier to the diagnose where the leak is coming from Lee
  14. Stems are not mild steel but are a steel of sorts, the reason it works is because most watch cases be them gold or stainless steel are no corrosive, this works be corroding the stem out of the crown. not always possible, especially if your talking a stem sticking out slightly in a gold crown. the dissolving method takes away any risk.
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