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  1. 1. leave it in strong light for 24 hours to initially charge the capacitor 2. make sure your minute hands not touching the glass or bent 3. old stock movement (doubtful from cousins) with a life extinct capacitor 4. Faulty movement
  2. And for anyone..... STOP posting before & after shots.... Post AFTER & before shots. the picture you see first is the before shot, it doesn't show how good your repairs are, it just shows a worn out shoe. I always post the other way around.
  3. You know you’re getting old when you count spaces to see if there’s enough room for your working years before retirement for no faff at some point
  4. I’ve felt very flat since hearing. Such was his impression on me. Legend
  5. that was an initiation test, if you failed to get past that, well.......
  6. Thank you. I shall bear it in mind next time Lee
  7. god ya, I remember that & yep that chat room!
  8. that was a shame he disappeared. I handed him to a family at the cutting-edge show explained everything & from there he was kidnapped, never to be seen again. Happy Birthday Betty.
  9. Be careful your wall change conforms to building regulations, they are far stricter with Commercial than private this is my shop. Displays are overly modern but it’s clean tidy and doesn’t look old fashioned. I used to have white walls and painting them orange and blue gave the shop a bit of character and sole Lee
  10. I bet you was relieved one you got to where you was going. I brought a car at 19 cash I felt so nervous at that age walking from the bank to the dealer
  11. I remember the first day this happened to me being confused. id had a good day, cashed up and there was nothing in the till. I remember thinking it couldn’t be real. I’ve not taken a cheque in years. Cashless is coming & the banks and providers will happily take a percentage of the countries spending.
  12. ?? Mine all works over WiFi never had to make a phone call. This week 90% of my turnover was on cards. The hidden secret of these institutions is all the fees they are gaining. It costs the public a fortune not having cash because ultimately it’s them that has to pay the bill
  13. My card provider takes a percentage, and the minimum transaction they will take is a pound do that’s my minimum spend. Is the same percentage cost regardless of a pound or £100 so why would I?
  14. I don’t think by the time you’ve paid postage both ways you’d be competitive on pricing. Buy a tormek and do them yourself.
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