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  1. Thats such a shame, such a historic loss. I wish Hanns and his family all the best for the future & would like to say a huge thank you for supporting our trade with the JR competition as they did. I myself have been through the highs & lows of the business world, it doesn't matter the size of the business the struggles are similar & as your business sees its final stages would like to say how grateful I am for the competition you yourselves supported. The publicity I gained with out doubt was enough to see me through one difficult patch with the up turn in footfall through the publicity I generated with it, even though I never won it! it truly has played a part in my journey. good luck moving forward. Lee Cobb-Lee's
  2. I still have a quarter a tank H A P P P R O S P
  3. 3921 is not a Gucci reference (hopefully I’ll stand corrected on that one) which means you won’t get a Gucci strap to fit so I think your only option would be a leather strap notched to fit
  4. red die & a coat of fieblings neutral resolene on your choice of soling.
  5. an informed answer is needed, informing the difference between 10 for a pound and yours. Informing readers of the two reviews from the same family & that the price was quoted before payment. people see through it. I had a 1 star because a customer set a combination lock incorrectly. I throw it in my sons lap (he's anal! lol) and he figured it out & I set it in front of the customer, so I put it right with out quibble & as a thank you got a 1 star review. The lock is my best seller (bike lock not padlock) it never affected my sales. I charge £2.50 for most blister pack 3 volts.
  6. most likely to be a broken shank & was probably already there, but by stiffening everything up its showing up. Check you're heel is balanced correctly too, it could be the flex as his weight flattens out the heel block each step. rather than having to redo the whole lot, run a row of nails each side of the shank as close to the heel block as possible and down to your sole along his original waist sole it might tighten it up enough to stop the squeak
  7. 1. leave it in strong light for 24 hours to initially charge the capacitor 2. make sure your minute hands not touching the glass or bent 3. old stock movement (doubtful from cousins) with a life extinct capacitor 4. Faulty movement
  8. And for anyone..... STOP posting before & after shots.... Post AFTER & before shots. the picture you see first is the before shot, it doesn't show how good your repairs are, it just shows a worn out shoe. I always post the other way around.
  9. You know you’re getting old when you count spaces to see if there’s enough room for your working years before retirement for no faff at some point
  10. I’ve felt very flat since hearing. Such was his impression on me. Legend
  11. that was an initiation test, if you failed to get past that, well.......
  12. Thank you. I shall bear it in mind next time Lee
  13. god ya, I remember that & yep that chat room!
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