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  1. I have a lot of good tools for watches the whole lot came to less than my finisher, I don’t charge more than anyone else for stilettos and I’m the same on watches, the difference is if you have good equipment you make less mistakes and work more efficiently.
  2. I’ve got this one with a few other attachments. Easy and fast to use. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/universal-case-back-tool-horotec-with-suction-rolex-baume-mercier-dies
  3. if you've got the right case opener you wouldn't slip...... jus sayin
  4. Could the admin look into the forum charity, be it a new one entirely or swapping the donation as per this letter from Margaret & Barry. I personally love these people a short time spent with them is infectious and as a cobbling family feel our trade should fully support them and the direction they take. I notice the charity number the site is donating to is different so communication with them may be needed to clarify Lee
  5. Even if shoe repairs was 5% of my turnover I’d be looking at the space it took and deciding if I could get 6% from the same space or time spent on it. I squeezed back the area of shoe repairs, keys and watches to only take up 20% of my floor space and also turned all the stock traditionally associated with “it” to bike spares at the moment bikes are easily 80% of my turn over so the balance is about right. I couldn’t afford to take a 20% wage cut by ditching it altogether and a 700 finisher is something none of my bike shop competitors own & they don’t know how much they’d benefit by having one!
  6. Yep totally agree! Cost the company, the company!
  7. And all because they wanted to deal direct with the public with their doomed website idea!
  8. “Local rag” that’s soooooooo last century. What is this media he speaks off
  9. Did you keep your trophy? Mines now a plate table at the top of the stairs. Bloody things a nuisance I took it out the shop about 5 years ago because I didn’t see the point in flogging a dead horse. then it’s floated about in various places ever since.
  10. Interesting to see redundancies at Timpson. 5 in one area 2 to be chopped. The one I’m aware off hasn’t been back to work since look down and awaits their fate. 2 out of 5 40% !! The bigger they are the harder they fall.
  11. They opened about a mile from me & to be fair put a squeeze on me for a few years, but personally it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I'd gone stagnant at that point. I had a decade in decline 5 years prior to their opening & 5 years after it, to the point where I wasn't sure if I should go and actually work for a living & get a job. But it doesn't matter if your the multi million pound entrepreneur or the one man band we are all the same as Businessmen & we seek a living at any level & spot opportunity. It WILL be tough once they are banging on your door, but the people working in them are limited to only offering what the company tells them they can. you on the other hand are an entrepreneur & will spot something that will help you turn a corner back to area domination. I never look at Timpson Nationally, I just look at them as another local flea, fleas bite but they aren't the end of the world. Good luck. Lee
  12. Ooooooooo topical I have more than once in my thirty years turned my back on an irritating consumer, switched on and ignored them & carried on working.
  13. We’ve been paying real close attention to local Facebook groups that amount of people who give the “where can I get” questions and although no end recommend other businesses we always try to engage at least one person involved in the topic and mention a couple of things we do because you get no end of people reading it all, we’ve picked up loads of work in the past few weeks by being on the money. But we’ve also got my Sons searching for appropriate posts to comment on too. ive been flat out since reopening. It’s been incredible
  14. I had some 24 needles that according to google take up to 207 polyester thread but what that equates to I don’t know!
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