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  1. that was a shame he disappeared. I handed him to a family at the cutting-edge show explained everything & from there he was kidnapped, never to be seen again. Happy Birthday Betty.
  2. Be careful your wall change conforms to building regulations, they are far stricter with Commercial than private this is my shop. Displays are overly modern but it’s clean tidy and doesn’t look old fashioned. I used to have white walls and painting them orange and blue gave the shop a bit of character and sole Lee
  3. I bet you was relieved one you got to where you was going. I brought a car at 19 cash I felt so nervous at that age walking from the bank to the dealer
  4. I remember the first day this happened to me being confused. id had a good day, cashed up and there was nothing in the till. I remember thinking it couldn’t be real. I’ve not taken a cheque in years. Cashless is coming & the banks and providers will happily take a percentage of the countries spending.
  5. ?? Mine all works over WiFi never had to make a phone call. This week 90% of my turnover was on cards. The hidden secret of these institutions is all the fees they are gaining. It costs the public a fortune not having cash because ultimately it’s them that has to pay the bill
  6. My card provider takes a percentage, and the minimum transaction they will take is a pound do that’s my minimum spend. Is the same percentage cost regardless of a pound or £100 so why would I?
  7. I don’t think by the time you’ve paid postage both ways you’d be competitive on pricing. Buy a tormek and do them yourself.
  8. Did you install a windows generic printer ?
  9. You should try the cycle industry! I do bike repairs as well as shoe repairs & back orders on the MAJORITY of lines are giving dates for 2022!
  10. It’s most likely when you lifted the battery out you pulled the movement of the dial ever so slightly and it’s popped them off. If you post it to me I can sort it out. Lee
  11. I had that problem with mine a while ago, but I lost all drive instantly I fixed mine with polymorph which I always keep a pot of at work. Cost pennies and was fixed in ten minutes.
  12. I’ve closed this week because I broke my shoulder Christmas Eve, but otherwise I’d be open. It’s a long term game. Every customer who comes to your door, then goes somewhere else because you wasn’t there is potentially lost for life. I plan on opening as soon as I can reach the top door lock again!
  13. Swann for me, because i had a camera pack up & found a spare one online easily to replace it so bits and pieces for them are readily available
  14. Hold in a strap vice and knock out with the correct size punch otherwise you’ll mark the strap or even spread it.
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