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  1. I read Chris' pitch at the start of the magazine, saying he was coming out of the chair & agree no new blood with the enthusiasm, but they nailed there own coffin. the next generation of enthusiasts came & quickly realised they weren't going to make a scrap of difference & moved on, to late shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.
  2. She’s got the tool right on the end of her fingers!
  3. Hi lee , was it you who were having problems with installing font list , gravostyle 98 on you is200 , how did you solve it . My pc blew up after a power cut , and used back up computor but font list is very short

    1. Lee


      sorry, i don't remember this it must have been years ago.


  4. really good in certain circumstances, but if your member of staff struggles with normal case back opening in the normal way they will still struggle with on of these. give them a bit more practice with a good quality case back tool.
  5. the battery isolators still in there isn't it?
  6. Lee

    New Moderator

    That’s great news. It’s nice to see the site continuing its journey with a Merry band of men. Obviously my life has changed since my days at the helm but I still follow the site regularly and am pleased it’s continuing. I see quite a few technical errors creeping in with the site build but the content and membership is still amazing. keep up the good work Rick your loyalty to the site from day one is the strongest of anyone and Thank you ababa. Lee
  7. Lee

    Lee's Watch course

    its a bit old now, a lot i do differently these days, but it gives a good basis for those starting out.
  8. Lee

    Lee's Watch course

    OK! let cut out the middleman! I've added to my own server, you can download or view it direct here:-- quartz-watch-by-lee-ffrench
  9. Lee

    Lee's Watch course

  10. Business has done well for me the last few years, this week quiet. I sell a lot of secondhand bikes now & stack up ones that need more work than the easy ones & do these up through the winter for the spring and always leave one in the van for a slack hour or two. this week I've done up 4 already, usually I do one a week through the winter. Once everyones paid next week it will pick up but looks like we've all had a slow week. Good old cyber monday!
  11. I'm no longer doing mechanical watches Mick. to time consuming for me. I can make more with the time spent in other areas now. Lee
  12. Lee


    I don't want to spend £250 a year for this luxury. I can stick with what we are doing for a few more years! Paypal have an epos scanner via an ipog camera but I feel its to slow for day to day.
  13. We were pricing up today and my son said “we could do with epos” i replied “ya but that would cost thousands” he said “when did you last look” i said “years ago” he said “exactly you can probably get it for a couple of hundred now” i said “if I could get it for two hundred I’ll order it now” googled and found this £149!! https://www.envy-tech.co.uk/retail so joking aside & on a low budget probably sub £500 can a system be brought? I need cash draw, receipt printer, touch screen, scanner and price clips for my hooks I don’t need software for stock taking or anything just want to scan all my regular bar codes and enter manually anything that hasn’t got a bar code. what you using?
  14. personally for a £2.50 padlock I would have sold him it again & here's why... the chances are someone is monitoring his money & giving him a budget & sending him out the door. its probably the only thing left as normal in his aging & deteriorating health. if you start saying no, it might end his pattern. there could be a good chance he comes to you because his comfortable around you & the habit its deep routed. if you was screwing him over the story would be different. if you was a sweet shop & he came in two days running for a £2.50 mix you wouldn't bat an eyelid. you to him could be a sweat shop & you might just have broke his mind one tiny piece more. I have a customer who never touches anything. including his own money. he wears two layers of gloves & we chat about football (something I have no clue about) or rather I listen to him when he comes in. A few years ago someone brought in some sticker books from him (because he couldn't touch them) for my children. they where flabbergasted he gave them away & even more shocked he new i had children the reason.......... no one ever talked to him because of the way he was.