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  1. Also when I drilled the plug holes in the top piece, the eagle eyed would notice I lowered the angle of the drill bit to give a close to flat hole. When I plugged the heels on for a test fit they where tight enough to hold the boot upside down before I even glued them on.
  2. I use it rarely, But for these its THE glue to use. you wouldn't be able to take the heel off with out tearing it.
  3. I don’t know why it’s been labelled “super glue” in this industry. It’s nothing like “super glue” IMO. It is it’s own product PC50 and I used PC790 activator.
  4. Easy enough to do, no screws or nails needed, but purely by design run the risk of this happening again, that’s the price of fashion! find a different repairer. I could do them mail order but they aren’t that expensive in the first place so with postage both ways it probably wouldn’t be economical. Lee
  5. Last time I brought jewels for anything (cheap and nasty bezel) I got them off amazon with a search for “diamonte stones”
  6. “Digital” what is this sorcery the young one speaks of?
  7. sometimes a manufacturer will take a standard movement size and have it bulk modified to suit its design, most common being a different colour date wheel. but I've seen a few with modified wheels for their own hand designs, its not that uncommon although I've not seen it on mainstream stuff like Gucci. Something odd there though for sure.
  8. in the last couple of years I've spent so much on stock, refitting & signage I plan to reap next year & spend some money at home instead. Lee
  9. Only special delivery insures Jewellery in the postal system. I use special delivery to cover MY risks. ive never had a watch go missing but can guarantee if one did, the customer would want it replaced & with special delivery I’m covered. Lee
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