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  1. @petercoulson is anyone else thinking what a legend Peter is at the moment? I’m sure St.Johns is keeping him real busy, I’m sure he’s working with them and replying to all their own forums and things, yet here he is fully engaged with our trade.
  2. Because I’m part Bike shop I could open. Tuesday I moved some money, paid all my liabilities & have three months overheads in the bank. I ain’t even walking the dog. The only reason I’m leaving my boarder is for food. Life a long road, I don’t want it. none of us will see any support until mid April because they won’t release any money till the new tax year on the 1st good luck people
  3. Presumably the postman can’t work either?
  4. My customers came good for me, after a round robin text I spent 3 days flat out on bikes, although shoe repairs where dead. I came in from delivering bikes only about an hour ago & covered my overheads for a month in two days trading. im going to travel “to and from my place of work” tomorrow morning to switch everything & the water off and do my accounts so I know where I am & then I’m home. good luck everyone. Enjoy your break if you can.
  5. Even though like everyone I don’t want to close having seen what’s happening with everyone else I’m in today, Tuesday is always a half day for me so I’ll do my accounts and see where I’m at and finish mid day tomorrow. one positive for me like most of you is I’ve been here 30years the longest I’ve had Off in the time is 9 days. My kids are 20/17/14 and spend little time with us. I’m really, really looking forward to spending some lengthy days with them before they fly the nest. The recharge will do me the world of good.
  6. We have been recommended to social distance and for the old or those with underlying issues are the ones advices to stop movements and isolate. The government are consulting experts & have made no recommendations for small shops to close. I dare say we will be requested to close in due course but we haven’t been so why should we? Boris will advice us when and where to minimise the impact when needed.
  7. I’m flat out on bike repairs after sending all previous customers a text deal. best week in years last week. Been collecting bikes today and have a full days work tomorrow. expecting to be forced to close with a lock down, but have managed to reduce the impact just a little bit this week. i did a bit on local groups for Garden tool sharpening today and already my neighbours have brought some round, so that might go in the shop tomorrow. ive also got a van so will look into using that to earn some money if it goes pear shaped good luck everyone
  8. I’ve been looking at Italy and noticed tonight that whilst shops have been ordered to close, you can still order online. so my thinking is presumably Vans are still running deliveries so if the UK was to follow suit, I may be able to sell my services online and offer a door step collection and delivery and work either from home or behind closed doors?
  9. If it’s had a non rechargeable 3v put in it the chances are it’s over heated through being charged and buggered the watch anyway, so you’ll be potentially investing in a capacitor that won’t work. personally I’d never fit a battery in a rechargeable watch because it’s so unstable and will generate a lot of heat, you burn your customer and they’ll not be interested in “just stick a 3v in it” when it comes to court.
  10. nothing to stop it, but reduced my spending in the last couple of weeks, in case I catch it & have to have time off. don't want bills to pay!
  11. Has he got more than one branch? Maybe it’s just his relief has stopped with expansion?
  12. https://mrfixitwholesale.co.uk/product/f-tech-fibre-30-watt-175-x-175/ Craig owns Mr Fix if Wholesale he started in car keys, had a shoe repairers and moved onto wholesaling & has invested massively in the last few years to bring great products to the UK and he understands the engraving market like no other. If craig sells it, it works.
  13. Joe I just tried to email you but it got bounced back can you PM me your email address Lee
  14. Except when it’s cold, then a jacket over your jumper and shirt is a must
  15. I also wet the soles after stitching, then hammer the grove as you already do, then use an iron tool & then I use a fudge wheel for detail.
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