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  1. Stems are not mild steel but are a steel of sorts, the reason it works is because most watch cases be them gold or stainless steel are no corrosive, this works be corroding the stem out of the crown. not always possible, especially if your talking a stem sticking out slightly in a gold crown. the dissolving method takes away any risk.
  2. LOL I use a cadbury chocolate warmer, I boil it in the micro wave every hour or so & put it in the warmer in between
  3. there are two ways the first is with aluminium potassium sulphate & mixing it with water and using a microwave to keep it hot & the second is using Bergeon 4503-0050 neither are quick and both take a bit of trial and error to get to work. I've done hundreds and only had it fail once & that was a watch for a forum member once (typically!) But boy is it satisfying when it works!
  4. Difficult to say without it on the bench but I should be able to sort that out. id need to dissolve the stem out the crown, replace or repair the stem and pendent, fit a new red seal and close. PM me and I’ll give you an estimate & address Lee
  5. 20,000 views? that's impressive, but I'm skeptical of that number, maybe if you live in a city. but if you live in a town???
  6. the best interaction & conversion to people through the door is facebook groups & responding to people looking for recommendations with a photo & a more personal response than just a tag of your page, I'm doing really well with that system currently. but it rolls real quick on socials, at one point I did well with facebook advertising & spent a fortune, then it became too commercial as everyone was doing it & I stopped.
  7. Yes it’s called prime time, it fluctuates according to the time of year. My son always tells me when prime time is but it’s typically 7-8pm for Instagram and middle of the afternoon/early evening for Facebook.
  8. That’s where I do everything towards mobile devices!
  9. Over the years I've noticed something.......... why does everyone do a "before & after picture" on their social media, you should think differently if your doing this....... so here's my top tips for getting a good presence on social media 1. AFTER & before pictures. always publish your before and after pictures the other way round.... especially on Instagram then you'll have a nice looking feed of fresh repairs, not a dull feed of worn out shoes. same for facebook. a Fresh & minty repair as picture 1 carries far more impact that a worn out sole. 2. Never re
  10. no primer, no press, little or no heat, catch just as the glues on the turn. no problems.
  11. I started off quarantining, but it was initial paranoia. I've just learnt to stop picking my nose so much & wash my hands more & do them at my normal pace now. Lee
  12. I’ve never thought to price according to depth. But it makes so much sense to increase price as the quality of the watch goes up. Brilliant idea. I’m trying this one Lee
  13. I have both. I use a dry tester for a quick and easy and a wet tester to diagnose a watch I can’t get to seal with a new gasket if it fails on the dry one.
  14. I do my daily / weekly accounts & get an accountant to do the limited company reports and my tax returns and so on once a year & its about £500
  15. I have a lot of good tools for watches the whole lot came to less than my finisher, I don’t charge more than anyone else for stilettos and I’m the same on watches, the difference is if you have good equipment you make less mistakes and work more efficiently.
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