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  1. Take key to any key cutting/Locksmith shop, We don't need the Key Code Card
  2. Would recommend to do it yourself We charge from £90 on that size, there's a couple hours work involved
  3. Most cobbler and locksmith shops will support duplication of those.
  4. https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-28004-d910941zr-silca-lancer-plus-extra-screws-for-headrest-upper-lower.aspx or https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-16286-d910944zr-silca-lancer-plus-knob-assembly-z-axis.aspx
  5. https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/mul-t-lock-835-keys.html
  6. Every item/service in my store is an essential sale, I'm in business to make profit and support the future of my family and staff. In turn this supports the local community, but also partly supports the economy as a whole with the taxes I generate. We all have a life to live, a future to advance to, We are responsible for our own lives as individuals, Our own lifestyle can determine that length of living. A small percentage of the world's population will die due to old age, illness etc., a large percentage will become ill, but will recover. A damaged world economy will take
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