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  1. Auto Key Wizard

    Mate's rates

    How do you explain where the stock has has gone when filing accounts, TAX and VAT returns?
  2. Auto Key Wizard

    Mate's rates

    I am not in business to give stock away A token amount should be charged to cover at least the stock price + VAT
  3. Auto Key Wizard

    Crook walking stick supplier needed

  4. Auto Key Wizard

    mvp pro

    What is it worth now?
  5. Auto Key Wizard


    If it's tungstun Carbide then it won't dull anytime soon, We've been using the same one on all types of material for two decades and it's still good today. We always start at the right and feed the work anticlockwise, On rubber sloes a light bit of oil stops the tool snatching.
  6. Auto Key Wizard

    Stretcher parts

    As in what a Gynecologist might use Mick?
  7. Auto Key Wizard

    SIlca MT4

    Cut couple of these many years ago on Silca Lancer
  8. Auto Key Wizard

    Royal Irish Rangers image?

    I would vectorise one of the largest resolution images (which gives the bulk of what's required and then clean up the ribbon (on your image) and enter new text, then cut and paste to the image.
  9. Auto Key Wizard

    Royal Irish Rangers image?

    Without trying to spoon-feed you https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=royal+irish+rangers+crest&tbs=rimg:CZ70X4ISpcpQIjhDhvOuYNrDeyabPWNFGp8MZaUw_11I3exA1xZdOo-O4KX4RBuGQAH9UCknx_1aguj1dOMoWVu_1v3OioSCUOG865g2sN7EaB0QQJB54HdKhIJJps9Y0UanwwRtAzACCxeRBYqEgllpTD_1Ujd7EBGGVQQ6VPnhayoSCTXFl06j47gpEekwN9e0sgO8KhIJfhEG4ZAAf1QRAvC1sZsaUXUqEgkKSfH9qC6PVxEs4plHoS86zCoSCU4yhZW7-_1c6Ec0ClRRUMn49,ic:gray&tbm=isch&source=lnt&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwib98jXidLiAhXk0eAKHZ6jBtAQpwUIIw&biw=1366&bih=613&dpr=1
  10. Auto Key Wizard

    Every flea bites

    Exactly... We were contracted by Laserkey to do the R&D testing on their first UK prototype machine The machine was installed at my shop for eighteen months, were paid £1000 +VAT per month and collected all sales revenue from the supplied blanks I told the original company (Laserkey) That it was a clever concept, but would not replace the traditional way keys were duplicated We have seen the production machines sited locally over the years, with no real affect to our key turnover, They never end up sited in these locations for very long, so don't let yourself be dictated to regarding lowering pricing We will never be selling three keys for a tenner anytime soon, Our key cutting starts @ £5 Recently Timpson have opened within the town's Morrison store, which allows us to futher increase prices inline with theirs,
  11. Auto Key Wizard


    Level one in my shop is a good mug of tea, (Earl Grey) builders strength.
  12. Auto Key Wizard

    Yale Superior Keys

    1st key A or D: 2122 B or E: 211 C or F: 2131 2nd key D: 11212 E: 3133 F: 1424
  13. Auto Key Wizard

    Key id caravan key

    Currently used on Bailey and Swift