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Community Answers

  1. Looking at the length Silca EU19 seems best match EU19 For: EURO LOCKS ® (BE) Category Cylinder Lock Head-shape code 879 Pins 7 Small pins Material Steel Dimensions BLADE LENGTH 19 mm BLADE WIDTH 7.2 mm
  2. Had Marino at the shop today, I asked the question, and he says removal of the end panels to accomodate a longer item should be okay
  3. Silca HU62 or VO9P JMA HU-AN or VO-VBP Guessing bitting is 2422211 on Silca card 49 Code: AN2429
  4. If it is 'veneer' that is required... http://www.tcolledgeandson.com/ Heel Veneer Strips (single) 9" wide http://www.tcolledgeandson.com/admin/product_images/1220/11176.jpg Available in Type: Sraight 240021, Curved 24006
  5. It's in nice condition, not been worked much so could be worth a few bob more.
  6. The single button remote key (Sigma M30) UK specification would only be available from Subaru A two button aftermarket item is here https://www.eurocarkeyshop.com/subaru-key-cover/sub105-subaru-2-button-remote-key-fob-case-keyblade-nsn19.html Key code: 33710
  7. Contact Peter Coulson at Siserve http://www.siserve.co.uk/Contact.html
  8. Excellent craftsmanship, the pleasures of hours with the keysaw I generally charge upwards of £75, But I would imagine Denbigh's work would be demanding upwards of £100 per key
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