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  1. The head colour is important! The red key is a programming key, it is not for starting the vehicle. Only black keys should be emulated
  2. Is profile 459A key (HD KUB1), but with hole (With transponder)? Or 459A Key without hole (With transponder) Also what colour head, Red or Black?
  3. Location is 33 mile from me (Worcester) but Martin at Bromsgrove Cobbler is closer at 18 mile
  4. The only advice from me would be to be more fricking careful
  5. We still do normal WYW as always where possible.
  6. A raw Silca T80+ can't be emulated, it's for emulating to.
  7. If the image is of correct code bitting the use Silca LF12 and code 072 - bitting 12101
  8. It was a bargain, Have it on the counter now
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