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  1. Auto Key Wizard

    honda bike key

  2. Auto Key Wizard

    Can anyone supply this?

    Some are a lost cause On the above we would quote £10 for first key cut to code and £5 there after
  3. Auto Key Wizard

    Can anyone supply this?

    Silca RO21 Silca card 126 Bitting 2 3 4 3
  4. Auto Key Wizard

    More patent keys

    Union Patented Blank What part of Patented did you not understand? There are no copy blanks only genuine Union 112A
  5. Auto Key Wizard

    Ford key

    Or maybe 2324542132 Code: 1094
  6. Auto Key Wizard

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

  7. Auto Key Wizard

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Yes there is a difference, But there are many companies that avoid paying by means of evasion.
  8. Auto Key Wizard

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    k4mrc & Broms cobb are same user
  9. Auto Key Wizard

    The Silca 109 catalogue

    They are downloadable in PDF to save to PC/Laptop
  10. Auto Key Wizard


    Gray, you are absolutely correct And a Timpson employee has just confirmed the situation with that statement. Plus all us old school skilled workforce will need to retire at some point in the future, Where will that leave the industry?
  11. Auto Key Wizard


    Silca: YH16 Silca: Card 97 Bitting: 13321
  12. Auto Key Wizard

    Lithium Batteries CR2450N

    We do plenty of these, BMW FEM remotes use them.
  13. biodegradable shoe sole material, Ecco seem the worst culprits
  14. Auto Key Wizard

    Land cruiser

    Charles Birch are showing 70 in stock https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-11275-silca-toy10-orion-ty12.aspx
  15. Auto Key Wizard


    Not sure why you didn't title the topic "Sterling cylinder blanks" Anyway... KB007 is what you're after for Sterling euro cylinders Most wholesalers will stock them