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  1. or 192Kg with 2 cops of thread loaded
  2. Don't be too heavy on me Ian, it was just some light banter
  3. Weight in imperial or metric? Metric would be lighter...
  4. Try wetting the sole first, stitch then hammer the channel closed
  5. A solution would be to work with the item within a suitable polythene bag.
  6. Just a heads up on the £10,000 Rates Grant I'm not sure if you all realise, but this payment is viewed as turnover and will be subject to VAT and Income TAX I believe the Job Retention Scheme funds will attract TAX also.
  7. I'm I missing something? The graph shows an increased mortality after Lockdown, Would the figure have been less without Lockdown? or maybe Herd Immunity would have altered things!
  8. Not a clue what the above is supposed to mean. Better the preview a comment before submitting.
  9. Skyhooks are an excellent invention, combined with elbow-grease gets the job done.
  10. I'm working part-time while the furloughed staff laze about at home
  11. I would recommend being very cautious about any loaning of funds, A loan is a loan, that will need repaying at some point. If any loan needs applying for, consider the smallest that is needed, Make sure the term/amount of the advance is affordable, If the term/amount required can be 12 months or less, then do it. As interest free. If funds are required, it would be better to consider introducing private money in to the business , Loaning your business money is free, but an interest could be charged also. (my second personal choice) Best move would be to carefully use any working capital in the business account to weather the storm (my first personal choice)
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