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  1. kev

    IS200 on ebay

    Yes. IS200 not IS200TX
  2. kev

    IS200 on ebay

    Can do a new one with software cheaper than that!
  3. Whoops, yes sorry - unavailable on Monday I forgot about the Bank Holiday. I meant Tuesday
  4. What is it that you need to do exactly? If I'm reading it right you want to increase or decrease the space inbetween some of the letters on the same line of text? So you want to break apart the line to move a couple of letters? Try this - put the curser where you want the change to happen. Press control and - (minus) at the same time to decrease (the more you press the more it reduces). To increase space press control and + (plus). This allows you to move text on a line and keep it editable - if text is converted to curves you can no longer edit it. If this doesn't work or I have the wrong idea of what you are trying to achieve please give me a call on Monday morning. 07974 126220 Regards Kevin - Gravograph
  5. It's "Norfuck n Good" Lowestoft is in Suffolk, oh intelligent one
  6. kev

    IS200 Problem

    Lol you Numpty!
  7. kev

    IS200 Problem

    Oh, I don't know - I come on here cos I've got a spare half hour and I find a thread straight away I help with. But then when I read it, some bleeders already sorted it! Nice one mark
  8. Hibs is still grumpy with me cos I got him with the Ice Bucket Challenge lol
  9. Suppose I'm guilty of spending not much time here anymore. I do try and read as many posts as possible, but it's hard to find time to post reasoned, well thought out replies. And most of the time I have have to view "out of hours" - sometimes after 12 hours out on the road last thing I want to do is talk about engraving on the internet! However, some of you guys have my number and email address if there is anything I can help with please get in touch and I'll do all I can. Anyone who wants my work contact details PM me and you'll get the same service as those above do. Kev
  10. Hi guys, got a mate in a band who is looking for a couple of hundred black mugs with a white design printed on one side. Anyone do these on here? And can give me some costings? Cheers Kev
  11. My advice (covers competition machines as well as ours) What IF something goes wrong with the machine? Then you're left with a machine that can't do anything. At least with seperate machines you have a back up should something fail. Also, what about the inevitable rush job? Sorry sir, you'll have to wait until I've engraved all these star lighters. Come back tomorrow. Separate machines all day long for me
  12. kev


    Yearbook TTF has always worked for me. Find it on google Save it to computer then copy it into windows fonts folder. Kev
  13. kev

    Gravograph day Glasgow

    Craig, software can only be fully compatible with other software at the time of release. Trying to open an eps file or similar that has been created in this years version of Corel or Adobe is near impossible on any software over 15 years old. It's fair to say that some of the files created in the new versions of those programs are so complex and unless exported properly you can see why old software struggles.