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  1. I use the Miracle S10 & it never let me down .Updates are great & I've had the odd key Anker Slot for example added on the day , I only use my Silca Viper for standard car keys now . it also decodes/cuts radial really well .
  2. Can anyone clarify if we are allowed to have our shops open or not ? Thanks .
  3. Am I allowed to be open right now for key cutting ? Thanks
  4. Is everyone up & running now ? I've stayed closed & making the most to take a break .
  5. The guitarist in my band is a ENT consultant & He's advised to have a counter to ceiling screen & to have my side completely sealed if possible & masks EN95 minimum ,Considering a cough /sneeze can go 35 sq feet ...I won't be opening for a while yet .
  6. Any pics of your new shop screens please ,Thank you .
  7. Thanks for all the replies ,I'll either use aluminium channeling or just wood framing & beading .
  8. I've moved my counter forward & I'm going to be looking into a screen from counter to ceiling yet to be designed & I'm going to put a mag lock / buzzer system to have a one in one out policy . I can't see myself opening for some time yet .
  9. IE14 from memory is for iseo R6 keys , It looks like R11
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