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  1. lock&quay

    Miracle S10

    Another thing I will add is there is stuff on it that is not on Insta code like ABS Avocet , & Iseo dimple cut stuff that's very handy for me .
  2. lock&quay


    How come it's cheaper for me to get Yale superior , Brisant ,Ultion locks on eBay than any of my suppliers , they're even cheaper than from the Brisant etc although sizes are limited .
  3. I've started to be asked for these , what make do you use & what are prices like .?
  4. http://ebay.us/Zp4V8g?cmpnId=5338273189
  5. I got this from Graham Raines RIP , I don't have a clue how to use it as I stuck to my HPC blitz at the time , there is one for parts only on ebay for £1000 , this one works , buyer collects as its heavy I would guess about 70lbs .. donation made if sold on here . offers considered .
  6. Only used twice with a load of extras that came with it £280 , Donation made if sold on here
  7. I've been finding that jma blanks are more accurate than Silca recently .
  8. lock&quay

    Miracle S10

    After doing my own research on this machine & being able to have a Keyline Ninja & Futura on loan for a few weeks I feel that I've made the right decision .In my opinion its a better machine by a long way . Build quality is impressive & support in setting up was great .I'll mainly be cutting dimple , Tubular & edge keys but I can see it ,making my Silca Viper redundant .
  9. lock&quay

    Silca ER2

    Aldridges .
  10. My latest batch of these are very poor it won't cut accurately even held in the fluting that is nothing like the same as the original , I'm suspicious that they are universal blanks .
  11. Where is the best place to get samples of the various Yale superior key formats ,just so I can get my get used to choosing the right one on my Miracle S10 when it comes .
  12. I've just ordered the S10 ...& its going to be working 24/7 going by the jobs I've just been given lol .
  13. lock&quay

    ultion blanks

    I advise the customer that I will supply what ever their insurance company require .
  14. lock&quay

    ultion blanks

    I've been advising the customer to change the cylinder especially if they never wanted a restricted lock in the first place & that's worked well for me ..