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  1. Can anyone clarify if we are allowed to have our shops open or not ? Thanks .
  2. Am I allowed to be open right now for key cutting ? Thanks
  3. Is everyone up & running now ? I've stayed closed & making the most to take a break .
  4. Is any one doing a version of this key yet ?
  5. The guitarist in my band is a ENT consultant & He's advised to have a counter to ceiling screen & to have my side completely sealed if possible & masks EN95 minimum ,Considering a cough /sneeze can go 35 sq feet ...I won't be opening for a while yet .
  6. Any pics of your new shop screens please ,Thank you .
  7. Thanks for all the replies ,I'll either use aluminium channeling or just wood framing & beading .
  8. I've moved my counter forward & I'm going to be looking into a screen from counter to ceiling yet to be designed & I'm going to put a mag lock / buzzer system to have a one in one out policy . I can't see myself opening for some time yet .
  9. IE14 from memory is for iseo R6 keys , It looks like R11
  10. I'm looking at building a post office /bank reception desk keep my work area as sealed as possible .I don't have faith in those small screen knowing that cough can travel 35 sq feet ..
  11. I'm looking into building post office type screens in my shop , does anyone have any contacts or knowledge ? Thanks in advance
  12. Ref the online council form for the shop grants if they are the same as the are down here there is a question asking " Is your business open " I put "no" as at the time i had closed because of this ,apparently you are supposed to put "Yes" as have many others ...apparently the council were trying to find out if any businesses had folded some time ago ...My local business association have sorted out this problem & the council admitted it was badly worded , so you might want to check . it also doesn't help if like me you invested profits back into your business . stay safe everyone .
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