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  1. lock&quay

    Yale superior

    i talk the customer into replacing the cylinder for one of mine .
  2. Does any one use one ? any recommendations or thoughts ?
  3. That's a great price if you can get it & the snoops work ok .
  4. Reduced to £900 before it goes on ebay
  5. All good condition with M & P snoop & original boxes , £1000 & £15 for postage Donation will be made if sold on here , Based on the isle of Wight & may alsobe able to hand over at Portsmouth ferry terminal . Donation will be made if sold on here
  6. lock&quay

    silca Viper & Edge Kit

    I'm finding that when In swap to the edge clamp I have to re calibrate every time ..is that the norm ?
  7. I have a RW4 with Mbox & p box & snoops ..I might lets go as I now have the RW4plus .
  8. lock&quay

    Zippo lighters

    Will the diamond cutter do the same thing ?
  9. lock&quay

    Zippo lighters

    I have a Umarq gem machine would the gentle touch (spring loaded ) cutter or brass cutter be best ?
  10. Sorry but I'm new to all of this can the coloured zippo lighters be engraved ?
  11. lock&quay


    I just wanted to say that I now have a Umarq gem machine , I was given half a days training on it, latest software & about £400 worth of disks , I'm very happy .great company to deal with .
  12. lock&quay


    I'm just trying to get an idea of what you charge for dog tags ? cheers .
  13. lock&quay

    Auto locksmith

    Is there a machine that can do these ?
  14. lock&quay

    Miracle A9

    I've already have a viper that covers & a couple of dimple machines & a HPC blitz , I've see that there are a few of these come on the market with Hickleys & NW keys as failed HP agreements & seem a good price . I was wondering if they'd be a good choice for the occasional dimple key & locker key to code & as a back up , Or wait until I see used silca Futura or keyline Ninja ?