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  1. Sorry but I'm new to all of this can the coloured zippo lighters be engraved ?
  2. lock&quay


    I just wanted to say that I now have a Umarq gem machine , I was given half a days training on it, latest software & about £400 worth of disks , I'm very happy .great company to deal with .
  3. lock&quay


    I'm just trying to get an idea of what you charge for dog tags ? cheers .
  4. lock&quay

    Auto locksmith

    Is there a machine that can do these ?
  5. I've already have a viper that covers & a couple of dimple machines & a HPC blitz , I've see that there are a few of these come on the market with Hickleys & NW keys as failed HP agreements & seem a good price . I was wondering if they'd be a good choice for the occasional dimple key & locker key to code & as a back up , Or wait until I see used silca Futura or keyline Ninja ?
  6. lock&quay

    Auto locksmith

    I didn't realise that about the VW keys from what year ? Can't Silca do an update like the one they did for the Edge kit ?
  7. Since doing a bit of home work It seems that if you do these updates it messes the machine up , this is my 2nd machine the first one I just thought was faulty & this one has frozen after the update so my advice would be , do not do the update .
  8. lock&quay

    Auto locksmith

    If you see a Silca Viper going with an Edge kit I's snap that up ,Some people sell theirs to fund a Futura but if you are only doing car keys the Viper is a more robust machine .
  9. lock&quay

    Laser machine

    I saw a Silca club machine on Ebay for about £200 the're a good little machine .
  10. hi , I've just tried to do an update & now the screen has frozen on USB Boot V9.7 (HID) ..what ever that means ?
  11. Does any one have a manual for this machine please .
  12. Is this available yet ?
  13. lock&quay


    Anyone have any comments on these machines .
  14. lock&quay

    Buy new or used

    The warranty on the Umarq looks pretty pathetic to me .I might check out the Roland stuff .
  15. Buying used considerable savings can be made especially if not vat registered ...but is it s false economy when it comes to the computer operated versions .. as I know nothing about the reliability of these machines ,Umarq etc .