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  1. Makes me wonder if people would just think it's been done by a shite hand engraver!!!!
  2. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    I mean as in a font that is just an outline, not an engraving font. Then fill it with an island fill routine. Use plenty of paint and drag round the letters, making sure all the corners of the letters are filled. They should look like they're filled to the top as the paint will shrink as it dries, then let them dry thoroughly. I have an old price matrix that I got from Charles Birch back in 2010. I just add about 20% to those prices. They're worked out by square inch of substrate.
  3. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    There's your problem. Pour it over and scrape with a plastic squeegee or credit card, leave to dry, I normally wait 24 hours (but can be done 3 or 4 hours later depending in amount of paint used), then clean with disk wrapped cloth. I use methylated spirits, they're less harsh than thinners. Polish with Peek metal polish using the wrapped disk technique with a Selvyt cloth.
  4. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    Not seen that before!! Maybe mix some cellulose thinners in before you pour it just to thin it out a bit??? Might help it run a bit and stay smooth.
  5. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    Is that a single line font? I always use an open font, then use an island fill half the width of my cutter tip. I find it gives a much cleaner engraving to fill with paint. After the engraving has run I usually brush the brass and then repeat job (without pressing the home button!) to make sure the fonts are clear so they fill perfectly.
  6. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    0.2mm or 0.3mm are my go to cutters for the majority of brass signs, depending on font type and size.
  7. Michael

    Brass memorial engraving

    I always use a nose cone for brass, try this.... Bring nose cone down to touch brass Insert cutter to touch brass and tighten grub screw click nose cone 8 clicks anti-clockwise start engraving
  8. Michael

    Key id please

  9. Michael

    Eurospec E*S MP10

    I would presume yes, a cutter as near as should be fine. I haven't cut many but I've not had any back. I think @grahamparker advised me on what cutter to use, he's the expert.
  10. Michael

    Eurospec E*S MP10

    F49 is a 0.8mm tip at 95 degrees F42 is a 0.7mm tip at 100 degrees - this used for Garrison keys and would probably do the job as well.
  11. Michael

    Eurospec E*S MP10

    I use T49/F49 on my Silca Matrix SX which are used for cutting Magnum dimples
  12. HD H0578 EU5R?
  13. Michael

    Tormek diamond wheel

    I bought the diamond one but thought the same. Gave a lovely finish but seemed to wear really quickly, and had a few nasty snatching moments with knives that took digs out of the edge (and very nearly my fingers!!) and made the chance of catching a knife edge worse. Shelved it and gone back to the standard wheel, much better and safer!
  14. Try these... http://www.greengrizzly.co.uk/en/ https://www.zipperstation.co.uk/
  15. Michael

    Numbered tags

    For engraved laminate tags my price would be £5 each, down to £3 each for a large quantity. Customer has totally unrealistic expectation of costs....but saying that, someone will probably do them for very little, if any, profit. I would tell him to go get prices for equivalent tags, certainly wouldn't be doing them that cheap. The tags alone will cost that!!
  16. Michael

    Yale window key

    HD 41E
  17. Michael

    trading standards

    None of the Cafes near me have price lists in the window, even Costa-lot!!
  18. Michael

    Key I.D

    Try the Helix keys....HD HLX1 or HLX2??
  19. Does anyone use Windows 10 with their machine? I'm using an old Mastergrave Universal 280, running Universal Engraving 8.8 software with Windows 7 and just had an alert this morning about Microsoft no longer supporting Windows 7 from January 2020. Haven't had any updates from U-Marq and didn't know if it was usable?
  20. Michael

    Needed large tankard

    https://www.wentworth-pewter.com/dept/giant-tankards_d0172.htm 3 and 4 pint tankards
  21. Michael

    Needed large tankard

    2 pints but not quite as tall, the biggest I've seen...https://www.englishpewter.co.uk/hg115
  22. I'm a bit OCD so it's the same EVERY time....down and back, repeat to make sure!! 4 or 5 seconds to get to the end of a 6 pin key is about right
  23. 25 seconds per key is not fast!! Maybe check the carriage spring to make sure it's pulling the key to the cutter enough?
  24. Not had those little bumps happen before but it's definitely not right!! They're getting progressively worse every cut but shouldn't even be starting. I can't even think how they would start, as a copy should be exactly that. Is it just this key or does it also happen with a completely different lock make using a different blank?
  25. Looks like normal rubber so I would use 6092 without primer. If it's a thermoplastic then I would use Rehagol yellow label primer with Renia Syntic Total. Bostik 5050 is a PVC only adhesive.