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  1. Michael

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    With Quickbooks do you still have to use an accountant to verify everything and submit your tax returns or is it all calculated and sent through to HMRC? I was just working out the maths as if you pay a monthly fee then still have to pay an accountant anyway then it's really not worth it at the moment, at least until they say we all have to use digital everything!!
  2. Michael

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    I still do my books in a handwritten cash book. No staff, no VAT, half hour once a week, but was thinking of looking at Quickbooks. I tried Sage a couple of years ago but was massively overboard for my business, was wondering if Quickbooks was the same? Anyone that uses it have any pros and cons?
  3. https://www.leatherandgrindery.com/Wooden-Shanks?keyword=wooden
  4. Michael

    leather goods

    For me, I own my building so rent is mine, I don't pay rates (100% small business rate relief) and not enough turnover for VAT and I pay what tax I'm told. It's the footfall on the high streets, no one bothers. You need people to bring shops and you need shops to bring people, It's a no win situation and I don't know where the answer lies but I don't think it's in rate and rent reductions. People want to shop on the internet and that's it. Unfortunately they forget that the services you can't get online cannot survive in empty streets waiting for the odd customer!
  5. Michael

    leather goods

    Had a little flurry of last minute xmas eve purchases in wallets and zippos but outside of that, not a lot of giftware sold now. I'll keep saying it...retail as we know it is done! No way back for the high street whatever Lord T thinks!
  6. Anyone got a link to the manual for the Silca Lancer Plus please? Bought one 2nd hand and had no manual.
  7. Michael

    Zippo lighters

    You’ll get a better finish with a carbide cutter as it cuts and you can use a wider tip ( usually 0.2mm or 0.3mm depending on font), whereas the rotating diamond still only drags through, but is a finer point for fine detail.
  8. Michael

    Zippo lighters

    I use the brass knob with a carbide cutter and nose cone
  9. Michael

    Link to manual

    Thanks. Thought Silca might have one on their website, unless I just can't see it!!
  10. Michael

    Link to manual

    Thanks, wasn't essential, just like to have a look through to see if I'm missing anything or doing anything wrong.
  11. Michael

    Zippo lighters

    I do but try not to do nothing too detailed. Small fine, scripty text can look a bit rubbish. I advise less wording looks better, but if they want more, then a plainer font will be better.
  12. Michael

    Window Key ID

  13. I use Bostik 6092 for most of my leather and rubber so would try this, if not maybe Evo-Stik Impact contact adhesive may work.
  14. Michael

    Ultion cutting

    I agree, had a lady with a pair of boots, took them to out of town pod, guy wanted £60 and three weeks to do a pair of heels I did for £10 and ready next day!!! Absolute joke!!
  15. Looks like a Gravograph font, I usually use Times Engraving on my Vistool 8 software.
  16. Is there much profit in jobs like these? I know nothing about these padlocks but for the amount required I would imagine cutting the profit margin to the bone to get the job.
  17. I only just managed £40, must've been something in the air!!
  18. Yes, just not seen that pattern wheel on Tandy's website where I got mine. Will look again, may have just not noticed the pattern it makes. I also need a new wheel that does the patterning around the heel block, mine slips sometimes!
  19. I like your patterning around the sole, where did you get that from? Is it a hand tool?
  20. Michael

    Nanex from Birch

    What price are you retailing this at?
  21. Michael

    The Vistool Owners Club

    All my jobs are in a folder in Libraries - Documents - Vistool 8 - Universal Engraving 8 - Jobs I'm sure they all went over automatically when I upgraded from Vistool 6. I think a right click - copy and paste to either a USB stick or just to desktop if using the same computer, then do the same back into the Vistool 8 jobs folder would do it.