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  1. I'll never be bored, I have too many interests.. too many plans.
  2. This was the finished item I made for a customer. I'm moving house soon so sadly leaving my workshop behind, but planning on building a new one in the spring. I have retired from the shop now too, so planning some wifey and me time. Thanks for looking.
  3. Try Tigre thread, its not linen, it is waxed & probably the strongest hand sewing thread out there.
  4. Enjoyed the video.. obviously a top repairer. I stand by what I said, this is no longer a Dr Martin boot, and not an every day repair! You are no longer attaching a unit to a traditional Dr Martin. You would need to be charging £200 upwards for this job. Personally I wouldn't waste my money on those uppers. DM's are pretty poor quality uppers at best. Nice to see someone doing some proper work though.
  5. This is 100% correct, if anyone disagrees, then they haven't a clue on shoe construction or material recognition or compatibility.
  6. This is 100% correct, if anyone disagrees, then they haven't a clue on shoe construction or material recognition or compatibility.
  7. Nothing wrong with being fussy sometimes, but as you say it brings the best out in you, knowing that they'll appreciate a good job.
  8. Been making dome replacement straps for a Ted Baker bag. The bag itself is leather but the straps were plastic. They got stuffed in a pram wheel. Making the replacements from English Bridle. Customer very fussy. £35.
  9. I dont make patching a second rate service, I do while u wait like any other service I offer
  10. personally, I think your either a shoe repairer or your not. Bit like me saying I don't cut yale superior because I can cut 15 UL1's while I cut a superior! Your either on it or your not. PS, he wouldn't be a good friend of mine, opening up near by and doing heels for a fiver. Just sayin...
  11. The only thing I disagree with is "the days of doing shoe repairs all day have gone" I agree there's a downward trend at the moment, but I believe it will be back, especially for the strong independent. I love the fact you've got a dedicated room for your sewing and you make time to do it. I could make a separate business just doing this type of work, because the usless in our trade can't or can't be bothered. We'd all like to cut a key every 30 seconds, yes We'd all be millionaire's, but the fact is non of us are.
  12. if you don't want to be in the shoe repair trade, thats fair enough, but to say you haven't got time because your too busy is poor management, you obviously need more staff.
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