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  1. Day 3 of Isolation. Made this for a customer. Keeping busy.
  2. Closed till further notice. Going to use the time to make leather bags etc for our return. Good luck to all of you, hope we all get through this safely.
  3. There is a moral part in me that says I should close to protect myself and the public. But another part of me says I'll close when Timpsons close. They like the moral high ground, free suit dry cleaned for people on job interviews, save the children..etc, let's see if they shut before they're forced, to save the weak and venerable!
  4. The rates amnesty is already in place, stop your direct debit now. Freeze your mortgage if you have one. Get on government websites for stuff you can do. There is help out there. All the very best to you all, even hugh candoit xx
  5. We're keeping our head above water at the moment, but very worrying long term. I wish all you independents the very best. Make sure you get all the help your entitled to, & hang in there, dont throw the towel in... we are British we fight on. Good luck everyone x
  6. Our trade is down atm, but still ticking over. Amazed how many old people are still out and about. I find it a bit strange hes saying keep out of pubs, clubs & other social venues, but people are still going, why not order them to close?
  7. What's your thoughts on a possible lockdown?? Should we have one, will we have one & whats the plan to survive if it goes on.
  8. Finished a couple of projects today, a Cowgirl bag and a Cartridge bag, some English Bridle Butt belts too.
  9. If we get to the stage were we're told we cant open, will that mean the pods will have to close aswell, or will they get special privilege's being on supermarket carpark?
  10. I've used a power unit for donkeys years. Apart from a couple of things I cant fault it. I'd change a couple of things if I were designing a new version .
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