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  1. See this alot, very poor quality finish. It's a poor attempt at an antique finish. But everytime they are lightly touched, usually by the opposite shoe, they are marked. Fiebings professional oil dye in an airbrush is a great way to deal with it. But you must prepare well. Take them to a professional in this field to get great results.
  2. Making a rolled leather handle.. Something you could add to your services.
  3. Made this over the last few days. Vachetta leather, beautiful to work with.
  4. I've used Abbey, but most of my tools are old ones. If your going to buy tools, buy good ones! They stand the test of time & you get better results most of the time. I do put my logo on, but I haven't done these yet. Thanks.
  5. Settled into my new workshop. No rent, no rates, just me, my music, log fire......
  6. You are allowed to open, its nothing to do with the council (unless your reliant on a indoor market) government guidelines say you can open.
  7. Anyone got one of these they want to sell.
  8. I presume everyone dealing with trophies will have had the Glenway email explaining the purchase of trophies plus medals. It appears they are now retail as well as whole! What are your thoughts on Glenway.
  9. Thats stupid, if someone's in your shop, you may as well sell em laces etc?
  10. I'll never be bored, I have too many interests.. too many plans.
  11. This was the finished item I made for a customer. I'm moving house soon so sadly leaving my workshop behind, but planning on building a new one in the spring. I have retired from the shop now too, so planning some wifey and me time. Thanks for looking.
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