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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323957976910 Just Sayin
  2. don't agree... another referendum would just play into the spoilers hands. We need to get out of there imo
  3. We need a general election. Until we have a majority party it will just be stalemate.
  4. Not the same in here now is it.

    1. kobblers


      No, mate - the soul seems to have gone out of it.

    2. grahamparker


      A lot of people left when Lee sold up.

    3. Gray


      Some of stayed but I agree it's not the same. :sad:

  5. I still enjoy repairing most shoes! I think it's a shame the industry has become awash with poor workmanship at ridiculous prices. The price of materials is also getting out of hand in my opinion! We all use convenience stores even though we know we pay a lot more than most super markets. and it's the same with your pods, convenient and easy. fortunately there will always be customers who are loyal & appreciate quality workmanship at reasonable prices. That's what I believe and that's why I believe there will always be a place for people like us.
  6. I ain't doing anything... I certainly ain't panicking, what's the point? the Scots? I couldn't care less if they break away from the UK, Their loss not ours. Won't effect my life, but I suspect it'll effect theirs.
  7. All too common these days. It makes you wonder if we all get tarred with the same brush, and people don't bother with shoe repairs as much because of their high prices and dire quality.
  8. Anyone here do this. What machine do you use? What machine should I steer clear of? some of the Chinese ones look the part, but are they? Thanks.
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