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Community Answers

  1. Just put a list of make age and model up im sure youll get an idea from the forum carry on!
  2. Rick are the car keys shell only cant tell from pics? and is there any chips in any of the keys? carry on!
  3. CO2 will laser the couloured alu tags very vicely as well as the other things you want to mark. carry on!
  4. https://www.georgebarnsleyandsons.co.uk/shoemaking-repair-tools carry on!
  5. Get the cuttle fish going Rick put the key into it then take a pic of the profile carry on!
  6. fukkin hate these handles always rusted to feck carry on!
  7. If you pick the same diameter guide and cutter, cut what ever you want as long as the guide goes in the slot. send me your number and ill do a couple of videos for you and whatsapp them to you. carry on!
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