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  1. why? i dont come across any jobs that need anything other than plastic and rubber glue use stormsure now and again but nothing else nice job/tutorial by the way lee carry on!
  2. whats the process Lee? dont use any of these "super" glues now carry on!
  3. Whats the glue used on this job not seen it before flexible? carry on!
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gabor-Shoes-Womens-Fashion-Schwarz/dp/B07Q54N879/ref=sr_1_1?adgrpid=92567142451&dchild=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3_zv9-L25gIVSbDtCh0buAvgEAAYASAAEgKdP_D_BwE&hvadid=406925117991&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1007310&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=7515539500716028633&hvtargid=kwd-315865842120&hydadcr=22617_1723303&keywords=gabor+karma&qid=1578581661&sr=8-1 is this the boot? if so they are repairable and are cemented on soles. carry on!
  5. Again Graham Scotland second class citizens we dont have a rep anymore ! carry on!
  6. I said this as well but never heard anyone else saying it?? carry on!
  7. they were a good brass key, are they still ? carry on!
  8. walk before we run we need to get out of reverse first we have been in reverse for the last 9 years!! just sayin carry on!
  9. So Bojo has been handed his mandate to get it done will we be out of EU come the end of next month (thinking of the dead in the ditch remark) carry on!
  10. FFS wae friends like that...... What Kept ye Rick ? carry on!
  11. students dont get a say on how your taxes are spent as if manifestos are adhered to !! id rather my 21 year old daughter got a vote than my 92 year old mum my mum believs everything shes fed on the TV and in the papers (like most of you on here ) carry on!
  12. i dont get the terrorist supporter bit with corbyn or am i being naive all these pics of him with ira, palestinians or whoever means he has met them to discuss again whatever (like all PMs have done covertly) the big picture is there is money in conflict and if you dont take the side of the oppressor its sympathising with terrorists he,ll be in pics with hong kongians next and you wont like that either, youve obviously never googled bojo with terrorists lol anyway ill let you all get back to reading your sun newspapers and await the flak carry on!
  13. so how big a clown does lying bojo need to become before he isnt electable (hes past that point for a lot of people) torys to rename their party as the lying party its getting interesting carry on!
  14. no remotes for door other than going back to gliderol any suggestions tia carry on!
  15. SOLD! and to none of the dreamers on here!! carry on!
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