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  1. YEAH standard reply prior to high court ruling if you have business interuption its coming. carry on!
  2. looking at these who uses them and what are you using? carry on!
  3. angelus is really good ive stocked the wax polish for a couple of years now so much better than the other brands carry on!
  4. I got a reply from mine yesterday saying they were waiting on findings by Marsh to see what they were doing. set of accounts will be required to show loss of earnings lets wait and see but i think they are all FUKKED! carry on!
  5. im sure Craig will be with you as soon as he catches your messages carry on!
  6. where can i get the NL3 magnifying glass on a stand? carry on!
  7. "Furloughed employees are able to engage in training, as long as doing so does not provide services to, or generate revenue for, or on behalf of their company or a linked or associated company." I was thinking that if ive got to pay 55% of wages when only getting the 33% worth of hours out of them from next month im going to establish a training program. whether its take the key books home and learn or something else i want my pound of flesh carry on!
  8. has anyone given staff any "homework" to do while on furlough. and if so what? carry on!
  9. Where can i get these? cant see them anywhere tia carry on!
  10. Bob just go onto their site and type the no. in it'll tell you what it is carry on!
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