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  1. SOLD! and to none of the dreamers on here!! carry on!
  2. Graham stop it! quoting paper headlines in this day and age lol https://www.tutor2u.net/sociology/reference/who-owns-the-uk-media carry on!
  3. anyone got an engraveable shooting scene ? with pheasants carry on!
  4. looking for a remote shell for a 2011 crafter van with the hu64 key blade? carry on!
  5. democracy doesnt exist in this country anymore its broken the tories are finished labour are unelectable so who have we got left to vote for? engerlund -brexit party ireland-shin fane wales -plied cumrie scotland -snpee says it all thanks carry on!
  6. any body got the codes for the D range looking for the bitting for D211? carry on!
  7. where do you get yours from? been let down on last order from my supplier he sent all his purses back india thanks in advance carry on!
  8. So the ref should be deal or no deal thats the crux of it all why the elongated bluster from both sides? its not about anything you or i voted for its about all "their" money and keeping us all under their boot heel I hope everyone gets what they want out of brexit carry on!
  9. http://www.cotilneykeys.co.uk/15mm-End-Mill-Tracer_p_75.html saying its out of stock?? carry on!
  10. whos got a 1.5mm tracer everyone has the cutter but not the tracer in stock carry on!
  11. my outstanding memory of the last indi referendum was from Lee he wondered how Scotland could vote to leave the uk without the whole of the uk voting as well (as we are all in it together lol) that to me says westminster would never allow that vote as the antipathy towards us scots would lose them their golden pot. carry on!
  12. who has? what have you done? ive been on the scottish website and its a merry go round been on it for the last 3 hours and im never getting those 3 hours back how can i plan for an impact on my business when none of my suppliers can tell me anything? this "we're british and survived the war" mentality shit isnt what i can put down on a business plan so come on lets be honest here what is everyone proactively doing or is it suck it and see?? carry on!
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