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  1. anyone got it they can send to me downloaded acouple this morning but they are incomplete carry on!
  2. i thought it was Tims company? carry on!
  3. couple of guys i know are topping the furlough up with holiday pay which the staff have agreed to dont know if its legal but one way of using up holidays carry on!
  4. Yeh ive got teton units and they are good but wish i could get a hold of brashers carry on!
  5. where are you getting yours from assuming you can still get them?? carry on!
  6. where can i get something like this done? carry on!
  7. My hardware store opens back up on Friday! carry on!
  8. just need to look at the VE day celebrations (fortnight ago)people just don't get it do they? carry on!
  9. looked at search and saw a couple of threads on this whos using what now and how much are you paying for it? had a couple of quotes where you buy hardware and pay monthly for backup/service thanks carry on!
  10. Lbs have got stock back in of nitrile gloves carry on!
  11. not taking on new customers and certainly not selling ppe to anyone new carry on!
  12. The flattening of the curve just means you will catch this at some point (just not now) the people who are most susceptible to this should be in lockdown and the rest of us healthy muthafukkas should be carrying on with all the social distancing. There’s a bit of me scared of the hype in the news but a large bit of me thinks it is way over the top. Let’s say it’s as bad as they say it is nothing is going to stop it in the next 18 months (assuming they can get a vaccine) so that means everyone “lives” in fear so we are fukked! What is it they say, the cure cannot be worse than the disease ? At what point do we decide enough is enough. It’s got to the point where curtain twitchers are phoning the police on people going about their “own” business. Let the police decide who should be out or not ??? Herd immunity is a horrible phrase but truth be told it’s the only thing that makes sense as long as we look after the frail,infirm and the sick. I don’t see why the race or legal status of anyone in this country should be mentioned in this “fight” against whatever it is we are fighting against. Its like the brexit saga tell us the fukkin truth and let us decide what we should do FREEDOM ! if anyone mentions Mr Icke yer getting blocked !! carry on!
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