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Community Answers

  1. Get the cuttle fish going Rick put the key into it then take a pic of the profile carry on!
  2. fukkin hate these handles always rusted to feck carry on!
  3. If you pick the same diameter guide and cutter, cut what ever you want as long as the guide goes in the slot. send me your number and ill do a couple of videos for you and whatsapp them to you. carry on!
  4. will you post for free ? asking for a friend carry on!
  5. https://www.hseal.co.uk/elastic-manufacturers/ carry on!
  6. ive got a Wendt kit for sale and cant get £200 for it (bulging eye emoji) carry on!
  7. ive got a lancer plus for sale sitting on a mini pallet waiting to be collected or sent new blades and new condenser whatsapp me on 07789726023 for pics i want £1k ono carry on!
  8. if your pc is playing up do a restart three times give it a couple of mins after every restart. mine was running like a bag of nails, these software updates are BaStaRdS carry on!
  9. YEAH standard reply prior to high court ruling if you have business interuption its coming. carry on!
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