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  1. hibsjo(SCO)


    So whos going next weekend? carry on!
  2. hibsjo(SCO)

    is400g software issues

    GRAVO 98 GRAPHIC does everything you want carry on!
  3. need 50 of these anybody know whereill get them carry on!
  4. Graham you buy the machine so it belongs to you sell it if you want carry on!
  5. hibsjo(SCO)

    music license for shop

    you got a link for the radio as it all seems like you have to pay to listen?? carry on!
  6. hibsjo(SCO)

    Futura woes

    options calibration mobile tracer then tick the box carry on!
  7. hibsjo(SCO)

    Futura woes

    i dont think you have the drop down tracer on automatic you shouldnt be using any thing other than drop down tracer for ultion keys carry on!
  8. hibsjo(SCO)

    Futura woes

    user error???? you been fraped mate carry on!
  9. hibsjo(SCO)

    music license for shop

    as blessed day???? wtf carry on!
  10. hibsjo(SCO)

    Futura woes

    Yes you can adjust x,y and z on futura once you have deocoded key go to manual corrections and lift the z height carry on
  11. hibsjo(SCO)

    photo engraving

    uv printer would do this i think laser wouldnt do it on a tray not that i know of in colour diamond engraving it would be a pain in the ar#e or do it like tel says overnight carry on!
  12. hibsjo(SCO)


    why won't westminster allow that vote Graham? the vote in 2016 was to remain part of a UK which was a part of europe, I don't have a problem with that, however the vote to leave europe (Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in europe) means that we need another vote if the outcome is the same then so be it jimmy krankie and her mob ??? here lies the problem with "brit ain" carry on!
  13. hibsjo(SCO)


    Seems the uk cant afford to live........ trillions in debt so why should it matter if we can afford it? carry on!
  14. hibsjo(SCO)


    roll on independance carry on!