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  1. was the software not transferable to another base unit once hickley switched it off? seems strange that hickley wouldn't deactivate the device once stolen but stranger things do happen carry on!
  2. an update https://mcusercontent.com/48efbd5a72dfa9137a0e600e1/files/fab7dfa3-9e3b-46ca-b36c-a176a33df2c3/Coronavirus_Financial_Support_Schemes_For_Businesses_DGCC_Updated_27.03.pdf?mc_cid=0448d1fdb9&mc_eid=5033ffd9af carry on!
  3. hope this helps check your local council office and phone for grant aid on your rates (dont know how it works but you will get help) https://www.mygov.scot/non-domestic-rates-coronavirus/ carry on!
  4. what the fukk has nicola sturgeon got to do with you getting your windows cleaned ffs Martin im in despair at the idiocy of this post AND IF YOUR OPEN YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM get a grip!! carry on!
  5. he said before govt intervention it was 45 mill overdraft carry on!
  6. john timpson just on the radio 20 million overdraft needed??? carry on!
  7. im reading things now that if you stay open your part of the problem (im part of the problem) thinking long and hard about this. im just working myself today the boys are off at home what to do?? carry on!
  8. Peter your doing a great job here mate appreciated. carry on!
  9. my brother lives in israel and him and his wife paid off last week both work in the tourism industry they are saying october best case scenario worst case next january one of my boys asked to go home today he has the fear what can you do? carry on!
  10. yeh just had a lady in wanting holes punched in a belt could you travel 1/2 a mile to do this job and what would you charge? carry on!
  11. So thats the schools closed up here now soon to follow english schools (maybe not cos Boris dont care) then they will prioritise the business that should close its gettin real now quiet here today carry on!
  12. Ahh!!!!!!!! level playing field it aint carry on!
  13. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-to-employers-and-businesses-about-covid-19 its from public health england point of view but it gives you an idea of what needs to be done its at times like this when it would be good to have a trade organisation that could inform us of whats going on and what to do !!! carry on!
  14. so it would appear a notifiable disease is not a business disruption unless you contract the disease in your place of work ffs!! this country is fukked!! carry on!
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