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  1. This has to be the worst forum board for quote clickers, It makes for painful topic reading If you don't know how to use the 'quote' correctly, Don't use it. Just reply after last comment. Probably better to say nothing and not participate period.
  2. Wouldn't installing a single phase motor be a solution?
  3. A clever guy could stitch them by hand Clue, American Awl
  4. Why have you quoted my reply yet again? Scroll up FFS All I see is Notifications full of Quotes of my own comments
  5. HD TA17 is correct for that reason (length) that Silca TOY4 doesn't have
  6. Okay, good shout on code, but TA17 is the blank to use
  7. Motorcycle? It's a Toyota forklift! ....and already solved
  8. Already been answered https://shoerepairer.info/topic/25765-key-id/?tab=comments#comment-285976
  9. Firstly: Why have you quoted my reply? I know what I wrote... Check for ohms Ω resistance on the inductor coil, a value of between 26-36 should be seen @ 200 If Zero Ω ten replace inductor and check for transponder, if that fails, lift the PCF (transponder) to a known good PCB
  10. Reading is not required to identify the transponder type, Eyes can do that. 20 leads = ID33 (uses CR2016 battery in case) has larger inductor 14 leads = ID46 (uses CR1220 battery onboard) has smaller inductor
  11. You need to place a plastic die the correct diameter of the back, and not just for the face
  12. 'NO CALL OUT CHARGE' You'll go a long way... If you want to do well, relocate to Wales, no Auto Locksmith in Mid/West Wales
  13. That's interesting, As I always use MAZ20RT0 or MAZ24RT0 (small head) I used JMA equivalent of MAZ24RTE (large head) and the insert placed the transponder 7mm farther back than the MAZ24RT0 and gave none start, But placing transponder closer is then okay Are you using the new style MAZ24RTE (large head)?
  14. Graham, Which brand of blank are you inserting the XT27 (8C) transponder into?
  15. Facebook Groups....Where the educated few try to support thousands of idiots
  16. Quite possibly user error I have done a dozen vehicles with 8C systems AKL XT27 prepared from original, this was then used to put vehicle into programming mode, after 5 min security wait it was coded to vehicle with Codeword
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