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    From £6.00 inclusive of VAT
  2. Auto Key Wizard


    Talking of B'Stard The New Statesman As a side note, how are YouTube videos displayed in a post?
  3. Auto Key Wizard


    Typical....there's always one
  4. Auto Key Wizard

    Lil Larry

    We always purchase as full outers (cartons) Have too many counter stands now
  5. Auto Key Wizard

    Lil Larry

    We have sold over 100 Lil Larry at £11 each This is our current retail list Nebo Products Larry C Light Price: £7.50 Micro Redline Torch Price: £11.00 Lil Larry Work Light Price: £11.00 Big Larry Work Light Price: £16.00 Big Larry Pro Rechargeable Work Light Price: £30.00 Duo Headlamp Price: £22.00 Cryket Work Light Price: £29.00 Redline Magdock 320 Light Black Price: £29.00 Slyde Plus Light Price: £32.00 Nebo Poppy Lantern Price: £17.00
  6. Auto Key Wizard


    Check ya inbox, it's Simple Simon Oops, did I just call Simon simple
  7. Auto Key Wizard


    I have no idea Graham, I'm at a loss to what I wrote exactly It seems I need do nothing now! But if some of their units I've viewed locally are anything to be compared by, that seem to be managed by one or more of the young Millennial Generation, Who are sat practically motionless, other than mobile phone in hand and wasting their paid employment time on surfing the web, sending texts, watching YouTube and participating on social media etc, Then I may have falsely based my assumption about the loss making on that. Graham's post above could have be considered 'dangerously close to libel' had it been written differently and without the question mark. It's a Hair-brained idea that ex cons would become a Cut Above
  8. Hell, I had a long stand just the other day at a supermarket checkout
  9. Modify the milling on the JMA blank till it clears the broaching and in will work
  10. Silca HF74 Silca card: 1776 Code: 030 Bitting: 13211
  11. Auto Key Wizard

    New Girlfriend.

    So, 'Jo Co' is the new 'Sc Jo'
  12. What is the wooden slating the boot is in Gray?
  13. Auto Key Wizard

    Diamonds are forever?

    Very easy when using Gravograph Twin-cut, Drag insert is smooth sided, Rotational has turned groove. I have various burnishing diamonds too.
  14. Auto Key Wizard

    Regent bitting needed

    What profile?
  15. Who won the solpadeine tablet?
  16. Auto Key Wizard

    Yale superior cut from picture

    Which series is it? I can run one off my Futura if you like, let me know Superior A:21332 B:2232 C:2232 Platinum D:21332 E:2232 F:2232
  17. Auto Key Wizard

    Motorhome key id please

    Silca SSA4RAP is with correct head shape
  18. It would be best for ALEXpo & Shoe Repair exhibition to be merged, but that has been discussed before eh Mick?
  19. Auto Key Wizard

    Trimark Caravan key to code

    I do these TM1RP on Futura, would need to check if it can do by code though.
  20. Auto Key Wizard

    Key id

    Silca UNI67R
  21. Auto Key Wizard

    Tool box key ID please

    Silca HU1, AGE1 or HD 41E
  22. Auto Key Wizard


    I have to agree, the right hand key equals the code on card
  23. I have never replaced a tracer on any mortice/cylinder machine in 38 years
  24. Auto Key Wizard

    Key ID please

    Top key Check Silca HF74 or RO5R as a substitute