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  1. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    No, Graham, both the 01T and 02T are flat tipped, and both 0.95 mm in diameter
  2. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    Go to 'Set Preferences' and Check 'Use Mobile Tracer' We are all using 01T You've been doing it the hard way (and most expensive way) it seems
  3. Auto Key Wizard

    Volvo Digger Key ID

    Silca: MRT1R (HD BO6) Pre-Cut Code: 14603 or 14607 Bitting: 243131
  4. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    If that was the case, the tracer would/should have had an issue whilst detecting the jaw before decoding key.
  5. Auto Key Wizard

    Citroen ds3 2015

    No, unless it is reset (virgin)
  6. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    Good call Joe It has just occured to me why 02T was being used and not 01T mobile tracer. I set mine up like this since day one. Those 01J & 02J jaws look a mess also.
  7. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    That shouldn't happen! With 02T's @ £28 a pop, I'd be decoding visually for the time being till it's fixed.
  8. Auto Key Wizard


    If I am reading correctly... You have duplicated from a Wagner (WAG1) on to a TX-3D. In that case wrong blank selection, Use Silca BAI1 or JMA BAI-1D Silca BAI1 (Wagner) BASI® JMA BAI-1D Silca EUS1 EUROSPEC® JMA TX-3D
  9. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    We are all human Joe and can overlook things.... Like trying to cut a key with the 02T tracer still installed after decode. (££'s) Or cutting Side B of HU101 at Stop 2, when Side A has just been cut correctly at Stop 1
  10. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    Think you'd best be calling Matt Vince or Lee Young @ Silca Like I said, in another topic, I had one of the first in the UK, it's in a van enviroment cut over 4000 keys and never missed a beat, other than user error.
  11. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    Should be using 01R-01J-02J and stop 0
  12. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    What version software is it running? Current Software is: Futura 3.15.2 - DB 6.03 Futura Pro 3.17.2 - DB 6.03
  13. Auto Key Wizard

    Futura woes

    Agree with Graham Swarf on jaws, blank not clamped flat or calibration issue. There should be no requirement to physically adjust the Z axis after decode or entered code. Remember cutting SIP22 on Futura requires 02L Cutter and not 01L
  14. Auto Key Wizard

    U Rail or not?

    Correct Mick Multipoint Locks with Flat faceplate will be seen on timber or UPVC doors Multipoint Locks with U-Rail faceplate will only be seen on UPVC applications, They are wider and usually white in colour for obvious reasons. The lock in image has Flat faceplate
  15. Auto Key Wizard

    photo engraving

    If you consider that all our machines are powered up for around eight hours daily, so powered overnight isn't really an issue. I presume you have an automated machine, So there is no need to stand there watching whilst it does what it does, That would be like watching paint dry. Just check the settings, a quick test run, press start, turn off the lights and go home
  16. Auto Key Wizard


    Very easily achieved Based on the 4-3-4 type which seems the most common, input in your machine the bitting in the image below. Only one side needs producing to give a visual depth/space tool for all 3 axis. Side two maybe cut to 5-4-4 type if desired, giving two options on one blank.
  17. Auto Key Wizard

    Industrial keys

    1st - Kabota, HD or SKS KUB1 2nd - Bosch, Silca MRT1RP 3rd - Doosan/Mack JMA DAV-1 4th - John Deere, JMA JD-1
  18. Auto Key Wizard


    Not at all. I had one of the first generation Futura's to land in the UK, decoded/cut many Yale Superior/Platinum & Magnum too. All dimple key I cut on it, Mul-T-Lock, Garrison, Brisant, Gatemate and even L4V Tesa T-Series (on genuine blanks)
  19. Come on man, get a grip The job looks fine for the money, To scour down and layer up a new block in PVC would be twice the cost that was paid.
  20. Auto Key Wizard


    N018 not important N103 important 190 important 001 not important 109 important Get it?
  21. Auto Key Wizard

    Tune of the Day

    The band members remind me of the crazies in the Wrong Turn movies.
  22. Auto Key Wizard


    Of course it is good, but for low volume work, Not sure it will suit your high volume environment though. Dependent on your application, E.g. mobile use in a van it would be fine.
  23. Auto Key Wizard


    Thule/Exodus Silca LF12 Silca Card 298 18 = Bitting 12110
  24. Auto Key Wizard

    photo engraving

    For any long duration one-off engraving jobs, we would set the machine to run it overnight, the job would be complete and machine available for the next working day
  25. Auto Key Wizard

    smart pro for sale

    If you purchased new Smart Pro from Aldridge and is complete with 6 tokens left, then it's hardly new, but pre-owned/used, and will attract a used cost. I paid Aldridge £2100 for Smart Pro when first released, so an offer of £2K for it is fricking good The bundle above is worth as much as someone is prepared to pay, probably £7000.00 tops (+ VAT if registered)