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Whats the font and how is this done?

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Hi All.

Been asked if I can engrave a couple more names to this plate, not sure what the font is and how the previous person might have engraved it.

The letters are a 1 line font but they have depth to them, what tool have the previous engravers used to get the depth? Carbide cutter in drag mode?

I don't really do trophies/awards but aim to do afew more so should know this. I do plaques but generally just do standard diamond drag in a wider font but that doesn't produce the depth.

Any help much appreciated.

Kind Regards,








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11 hours ago, Michael said:

On my machine (Mastergrave Universal) that font would be single block engraving at 2.50mm cap height.

I would just use a standard drag diamond, no need for rotating diamond with trophy aluminium, I only use that on the plated cup plinths.

This seems to be the font, close enough anyway (using a Umarq). Take my upvote!



4 hours ago, hibsjo(SCO) said:



what machine are you using?

what have you been engraving before to be asked to engrave something else?

carry on!



Just the normal, tankards, hip flask etc, draw my own artworks normally which is how ive broken away into my own niche, but very occasionally get a trophy plaque job like this.

I want to specifically expand  into glass trophies in the new year as they will suit my artworks and my sandblaster set up, so there is a possibility ill get more jobs like this due to the trophy/awards aspect of the advertising id need to do. 

I've avoided and will continue to avoid stocking general trophy stuff, far to competitive!

As for this time, just a standard drag diamond in the single block font I think will do the job after running some tests.

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