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  1. Flash

    Key made

    Key bit looks damaged to me, bit time consuming but not to difficult to copy.
  2. Unrepairable? ..................??
  3. Wasn't aware of that.
  4. Jevon and Stanley should be able to sort it for you.
  5. Flash

    Shoplifting notice.

    What about "Shop lifters will be given a job" that should put the wind up 'em.
  6. Flash

    Shoplifting notice.

    Why not try contempt!!!
  7. Flash


    Scotch for me, but only one bottle at a time!!
  8. So now we aren"t having a C.E. trade show for a couple of years are suppliers doing there own thing?
  9. Flash


    Recently received invoice before goods arrived, credit notes take ages.
  10. You think Chris Wilson will be there?
  11. Flash

    hi everyone

    Hi and welcome, I certainly could do some advice sometimes.
  12. They can be done better using hot knife, but not advisable in a shop environmentt, to many fumes.