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  1. So, how much does it cost to take card payment? for e.g since the increase to £45 payments have to be authorised, has anyone noticed the increase in phone bills?
  2. Yes I have been asked to put 15p on card. No cash, no cash point to go to. My contract has terms whereby I cannot set a minimum charge. I would, and have, given away small items to customers with no cash but it is not the road to go down.
  3. A customer wants to buy a 15p ring on card, what is the cost to the supplier?
  4. Banks will be over the moon, total control, just watch your bank charges rocket. There will be no more free personal banking.
  5. Sorry, it's not my policy to give key codes to unknown people, maybe your landlord doesn't want you to have a second key!!! My advice would be to have the lock changed, keep the old one and replace it if/when you vacate. You have no way of knowing who holds keys to your rental.
  6. Has anyone received payment yet from insurance re-lockdown?
  7. Or you could source a couple of zips and remove stopper and reuse, bit fiddly but I have done it when stuck.
  8. Sorry Keith, I only have black ones in stock at the moment. Surely someone has some somewhere.
  9. I think I have some in stock, but it would be tomorrow before I could check. If you don't get fixed up I'll have a look.
  10. Selling food and/or drink requires a licence from local Council, so beware, you could open under the banner of being a "repairer" Plenty of loopholes but when all this is over all grants claimed will be checked and any money falsely claimed will have to be returned, so beware.
  11. Depends how old it is, whether parts are still available. The number on the plate should point you in the right direction.
  12. Just a query on this subject, a customer asks for a ?????????, (none stock item), before ordering one do you charge customer upfront? if so how do you know how much to charge? If you don't charge upfront how many customers don't return? what do you do with unsold ???????. It's'the wrong colour/size/ shape or customer has a change of mind. Is it really worth the effort or should we stick to things we know about?
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