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  1. 11 years later.............rings customer "the engraving job will be ready tomorrow"
  2. Depends, how long was he at your premises? How far did he have to travel? Did he fit any parts? If so how much did they cost? Same old story, for fixing problem, no charge, for knowing how to fix problem £200.
  3. Thanks for that, looking for some quality trigger hooks, I'll take a look at theirs.
  4. Where do you get your fittings from, i.e. rings hooks fastenings?
  5. Measure the top-piece, length/ width i.e. 2"x 2.5, thickness approx 5mm (confusing mixing " and mm I know but thats how we work sometimes) Then you have to decide how you will fit them, nails, glue, screws, this will determine the type of top-piece you are needing, leather, rubber, p.v.c. e.t.c.
  6. Yes you could, but it may be easier for you if you bought a pair of the correct top-pieces and fitted those.
  7. Should be easy enough to make one, looks like it would have to be fitted to the case though.
  8. It could, but there is a colour called nude, Louboutin named it I think.
  9. Why not mix the colour yourself? it's easy to do.
  10. Many thanks for that, I understand a bit more now.
  11. It's not about the cost or availability, more about the curiosity. Motor oil is designed to run piston engines that run very fast very hot, Bambi compressors have a piston don't they? they don't run anywhere near as fast or hot as a car yet the motor oil may do damage!!!!!!!! I don't understand how or why it should.
  12. Thanks for the info. I don't understand what the difference is in the different oils, some thin some thick, a bit like us really.
  13. Run out of Bambi Compressor oil, what would happening if I was to use 20/50 motor oil instead?
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