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  1. Flash

    fire extinguisher contracts beware

    To comply with my business insurance I have to have fire extinguishers on the premises, serviced annually, with certificates displayed. While there maybe no legal requirement, insurance companys are getting more and more stringent with their terms and conditions. Whilest p.a.t. may not be a legal requirement my insurance company demand it along with hardwire testing every 5 years. Not a legal requirement but an insurance requirement.
  2. Flash

    fire extinguisher contracts beware

    No contract, 2 extinguishers, 2 sites £20 + vat...
  3. Flash

    How is everyone?

    Wher've you been?
  4. Flash

    Shoe repairs in India

    Hope he doesn't get a visit from H.S.E.........
  5. Flash

    Silca RR1

    I have just one, if you still want it call me Friday I will post it to you. 07887612015.
  6. Flash

    Silca RR1

    I may have one, I'll have to have a look tomorrow.
  7. Flash

    Mate's rates

    I guess the rewards he gained out of this exercise far outweighed his out of pocket expenses, I understand the time involved but think of the goodwill.
  8. Flash

    Mate's rates

    Read somewhere about a plumber repairing an old ladies boiler free of charge simply because she could not afford to pay, she had been without heating or hot water for some time. He then publicised that he would carry out any plumbing free of charge to any old/disabled/needy customer. He now has a team of plumbers helping him carry out his charity work. People in need should not have to go without heating or hot water these days. Is it possible for our trade to set up a similar charity service for any of the older generation who have been burgled and cannot afford decent locks to keep them safe....... Just a thought
  9. Does what it says on the can......
  10. Flash

    House signs

    Charles Birch.
  11. My guess would be J.M.A., I've had this a few times with their mortice blanks.
  12. Yes he did. Rumour has it, his spare time is spent looking for W.M.D.s
  13. "Taking your ball and going home" not before we have had a vote on it you're not.......
  14. Flash

    David Mcwilliam

    R.I.P. David.
  15. That one's easy 4312......er2......er2......er2...