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  1. I understood the request was for pins not a punch..... The pins are very difficult to come buy.
  2. Looks more like a Skiver to me........
  3. I would advise customer to return watch to a Casio dealer for a complete and accurate report, as you are not a dealer you cannot confirm the authenticity of the watch.
  4. Bottom thread tension too loose. Usually worn tension spring on bobbin case or dirt under spring.
  5. Very strange for Svig micro to do this.....................
  6. Not to difficult to make one, flat piece of steel 6-8 inch long 2 holes drilled same distance apart as holes in blade at one end, drive in 2 pins same diameter of holes, job done. If I remember correctly blade is reverse thread.
  7. The fixing nails are usually buttress nails 18--20 mm
  8. I'll have a look next time I'm in workshop.
  9. Didn't spot that !!!!!!! I don't see any bumping kit either.
  10. Where is it described as a "bumping kit"??
  11. Don't want to sell all, but if you could tell me the sizes you're after I'll have a look. Price up to you.
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