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  1. They are not bits in my opinion, one of them will last me a week.
  2. When I have used my stick of wax, the bit I have left is so small it would take me 25 years to save enough bits to create a piece as big as that. I don't waste very much.
  3. How much does the power cost compared to the amount of wax recycled? I doubt if this is a cost affective exercise.
  4. New to me, never seen a pair of these before, but there are very few fells and even fewer runners where I am. Looks like a moulded unit to me so doubt anyone would supply suitable units.
  5. A Cop is the the Ball of thread Well mellowed means soft and supple A channel is a type of groove the stitches lay in on the sole, the sole is slit at an angle and the leather peeled back and replaced after soles are stitched, sometimes referred to as blind stitching Hope this clarifies things for you.
  6. I understood the grants were for businesses that had been affected by covid, regardless of whether the business was open or closed.
  7. Brown tape lets the job down, should have used grey.
  8. As long as you can find enough customers you should be O.K. But I can't see many people being out and about.
  9. Loos like country wide lockdown 2 is on the way, Bori to give us the latest news around 5 pm N ot looking very promising for most of us.
  10. Depends what size/style shape you're looking for. Any of these any use to you? old, dirty some rusty but most are unused and cleaned and sharpened work a treat, suitable guard may be a problem though.
  11. Appears this has gone in wrong section, sorry my mistake.
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