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  1. I understand it's a civic duty, having a holiday booked is not considered an excuse, A letter from your employer is not considered an excuse, Ill health is considered an excuse, Self employment with considerable damage to your business is considered an excuse.
  2. Flash


    How on earth anyone can describe breakdancing as a sport is completely beyond me....
  3. Flash

    Hegel cylinder lock

    Or words to that effect, very common in Yorkshire I believe.
  4. Yes you can defer it, I have done so a couple of times, I have also done jury service a couple of times.Remember you could get involved in a complicated case that lasts for months, if you cannot afford to lose the time, GET IT DEFERRED........
  5. Flash

    Hegel cylinder lock

    "mardy" now there's a word to from the past.
  6. Flash

    loop king laces

    Not really a sound investment then?
  7. Welcome, where you from?
  8. Didn't realise it was a secret.....
  9. Flash

    Quiet today

    I charge the same price as a new battery, if they don't pay, go away. Surprising how many backs "just came off"
  10. Well done, did you only have the one to do????
  11. Flash

    Quiet today

    Funeral today, one last Mon, life gets tougher.......
  12. Flash

    New Moderator

    Aren't creme eggs fattening?
  13. Flash

    New Moderator

    No sweat, I'm getting tired also, so I am off to the pub for a couple of pints, I'll raise a glass to your good health.