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  1. I personally think D.M.s should only be repaired like for like, fitting units such as Vibrams alters the unique characteristics of the D.M.s and should be avoided if possible.
  2. Pretty sure some time in the past I have seen short arm Singers fitted with a removable table to turn them into a type of flat bed sewing machine. The leg of the table fitted into the square hole in the left side of the base if I remember correctly.
  3. Never tried a Dremel....... used a drill to get rid of most it then hand filed, but did have one break first time used though, so beware.
  4. Was asked for a large cabbage once, customer couldn't understand why we didn't sell them.
  5. We call it a 'Driver" (drives rivets in) It looks like a file but doesn't have teeth like a file.
  6. Ive done many D.M.s over the years, 50/50/ and always use a light press, easy job.
  7. Should just about make it, you, not the knife...
  8. Yes, every day, can't understand when I see someone trying to knock a rivet in that is only half inch long and use a hammer with a head as big as a bucket designed for hammering leather.
  9. 1 key = 5 mins.=12 per hr =450 per week 22500 per year x 50 years =1125000, Phew thats going some.
  10. Bet you learned how to hold your breath for a long time!!!!!!!!
  11. Can't understand why it works for them but not for you!!!!!!! Something not right.
  12. I don't think you are alone, shoe repairs seem to have dried up since lockdown. what's it like for everyone else?
  13. Difficult to sell something you don.t have.....Get a tester, sell two per week, pays for itself in a few months.
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