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  1. Seen this problem a few times over the years, usual response is "your cutter needs replacing" the fact that a new packet of ten had five broken broken off before opening the packet seamed to go over their head.
  2. It's quite obviously a toe nail clipper. Circa 1940.
  3. Flash


    You still believe we will leave the E.U.?????
  4. Flash

    trading standards

    So there you have it, couldn't be much clearer could it?
  5. Electric Cupboard key...........
  6. Try grooving a pair of rubber soles, that should take the edge off it, if it's to keen.
  7. Flash

    Yale superior

    Which machine did you cut it on?
  8. Flash

    trading standards

    On SOMSR website.
  9. Didn't the supplier advise on how to care for your shoes? I would suggest you use their recommended cleaner.
  10. Flash

    trading standards

    Has anyone apart from me ever heard of the code of practice for shoe repairers? Look it up, seek it out, then tell me I'm wrong!!! Ask Robin he should know.
  11. Flash

    trading standards

    As I remember it, according to the Government Code of Practice for shoe repairers, and as a member of SOMSR, a price list of your routine repairs should be on show to your customers, as a cafe or restaurant has to display a price list in the window to give customers expected costs before entering the premises.
  12. Can't get my leg up there anymore!!!
  13. Marigold, and for the really rough jobs a pair of welders gloves comes in handy. For goodness sake, washing your hands is not a complicated job.!!!
  14. Flash

    Car Remotes

    I think thats a bit O.T.T. for for car remotes so I will pass on that, I think this is the way forward, sell a non remote working key, get customer to leave remote for a complete overhaul, customer then has working remote and a spare in case of loss. Thanks to everyone for their input.
  15. Flash

    Car Remotes

    What I hear is it used to start the car, now it doesn't, it.s your fault.......