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  1. Maybe wearing the bags over the shoes would be a good idea. Having said that I wear a pair most days to work in. I own about 6 pairs at the moment.
  2. They won't stop till all the independents have closed, due to retirement, old age, coronavirus and lack of young blood, nothing to do with their skills or business acumen.
  3. Try not to worry too much, they will pinch a bit off you but you will benefit in the end. They cannot compete with determined individuals.
  4. You should see the size of the lock!!!!!!!!
  5. WHAT!!!!! You mean it does't .........
  6. There must be a more affective way to spend £80 on advertising......
  7. W.H.B. Rough rounders were notoriously difficult to use, you had to push hard on the shoe to make it feed through. Standard rough rounders were far superior and would run all day without any problems.
  8. Am I still the only one that does't find Monty Python funny????
  9. How much for the top one "splitter"
  10. Doubt if it's welded, it looks like it's just riveted on, file the rivet heads a little and the back plate will prise off. Cut a key to the lock replace backplate.
  11. Maybe customer has more than one lock and requires a key to fit the other windows, changing the lock may not resolve the problem.
  12. Can.t you strip it down and cut a key to the lock?
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