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  1. Sorry I'm using Vistool, but can never understand why some of you guys don't backup your files to a USB stick.
  2. One of these days Herman and I will come up and pay you a visit.
  3. Just opened an account and placed an order with Pantograph Services, so easy to deal with. They are my new best friends.
  4. I have just used Bostik 50/50 no primer and never had any problems.
  5. Any ideas for these? Thought they were UNI11A but they are not deep enough.
  6. Yeah right. We wouldn't have a clue Michael.
  7. Always knew you were a genius mate.
  8. Are you getting lazy in your old age Hibs?
  9. Could do with about 20. Thanks anyway.
  10. Any of you guys got any of these?
  11. Looks good Simes. You still got your 5. Join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/mx5nw/
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