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  1. I'm starting training for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games breakdancing.........................What?
  2. Gray


    Ha. I'm not done yet Eric I feel I still have some years left in me.
  3. Gray


    What a shame you are so far away. I would love someone to train up and carry on my business.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-47294840/large-crowds-watch-tornado-retirement-flypast-at-raf-cosford Sad to see the retirement of the Tornado
  5. Gray

    hi all

    Welcome I am a repairman for 49 years.
  6. In a weird kind of way I want to do it because I think the murdering, raping, pensioner bashing, robbing, drug dealing mugging bastard, is guilty anyway. Am I going in to this with the wrong attitude?
  7. Kirkybob and I had a brief reminisce about the old chat room on here. Is that something that could be bought back or has that all gone now.
  8. I think you can defer it Mick. From all I've spoken to you have to do it.
  9. I have Jury Service on the 15th April, that's a bugger, no one to run the shop for me. Lets hope it's not a long drawn out thing.
  10. Gray


    I've had some mugs done with Keyexpress. Great service, I can highly recommend him.
  11. Gray

    key id please

    An uncut blank.