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  1. Silhouette Cameo 3 is a good little cutter. I did this truck and track car with it
  2. So sorry to read this Tel. You and your family take care. Stay safe
  3. Hi, I saw you may have some machines for sale on one of the wanted threads. I don’t suppose you have a twin bandscourer you want rid of? I need a second in my shop but can’t find one anywhere (and can’t fit anything much bigger.) Thanks Torquil 

  4. Have you got sorted. I'm thinking of packing in and have everything you need.
  5. I missed that one Rick. You've been a massive contributor the the forum, one of the old gang from the good old days. (Good memories of those times)
  6. Sad at the passing of Terry Jones. You made me laugh so much. RIP
  7. Skiving what Eric? I'm assuming those markings are in mm.
  8. Ahh a video.....................No idea, has a great beat though.
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