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  1. I don't know so much he's got nice boobs.
  2. Here you go Count.
  3. https://www.cuttingedgemag.co.uk/
  4. You just want to see Joe in his dress you perv.
  5. Nice to see a write up of Hibsjo in the latest edition of cutting edge. Can I just say you look terrific in that white dress Joe.
  6. Silca PF208? or PF9
  7. You should have made an effort to vote. I voted out and would still vote out.
  8. Gray

    Fire extinguisher base

    I think mine is too high. If it’s on the floor I’ll only keep falling over it.
  9. Gray


    5 In the post for you.
  10. Gray


    The metal clip PM your address and I'll stick some in the post.
  11. Gray


    I've got some 13mm wide if they are any use.
  12. Don't forget the clocks change this weekend....... I'm setting mine to 1940 when this country had some balls.
  13. Gray

    Key Fobs

    I'll personalise you in a minute.
  14. Gray

    Key Fobs

    I was looking for personalised ones.
  15. Gray

    Key Fobs

    Well FFS I was hoping to give the work to someone on here.