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  1. I'm a bit disappointed. I received an order but sadly there were some breakages, I phoned straight away, sent some pictures of broken glassware. And followed up with a message to Craig on here. Still no response. Not what I would expect from a long standing member of this forum.
  2. Graham, since the demise of Mastergrave on your recommendation I have moved over to Pantograph Services. What a joy of a firm to deal with.
  3. I have an EGX300 and a Umarq Uni 300. Pretty sure the nose cones are interchangeable. Umarq on the left, Roland EGX300 on the right. Worth a shot if they still have them https://www.u-marq.com/acetyl-nose-cones-sp-00001-sp-00001-1091727500
  4. If only Hughcandoit was here, he'd have something to say about it.
  5. Sorry I'm using Vistool, but can never understand why some of you guys don't backup your files to a USB stick.
  6. One of these days Herman and I will come up and pay you a visit.
  7. Just opened an account and placed an order with Pantograph Services, so easy to deal with. They are my new best friends.
  8. I have just used Bostik 50/50 no primer and never had any problems.
  9. Any ideas for these? Thought they were UNI11A but they are not deep enough.
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