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  1. I did 30 glass trophies with Mr Sheen 2 weeks ago. I wiped the glass down with thinners first and it seemed to stick better, but i agree it does tend to run off and needs a top up while engraving. I wouldn't bother with white grease TBH. I have glass oil here I have never used. I'll give it a go sometime.
  2. Transworld Trophies will be cheaper.
  3. Transworld Trophies have done some really nice colour printing on glass for me in the past. Give them a go. Did you get your 5 sorted?
  4. There seem to be various NSU Scooter sites Eric. Might be worth him having a look here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/228465230180/
  5. Keep telling yourself that then. Personally I think you were ripped off.
  6. I hate WD40 . So for £200 WD40 cured it? Try GT85 as an alternative to WD40.
  7. Did you not think to eliminate the diamond first? And to be fair Hibs did ask you for pictures, we could have diagnosed the problem. Could have saved you £200.
  8. Just buy a stamp with your details on and stamp the back of them.
  9. Same as Terry last lot I had. They did straight and curved. Very useful.
  10. Be good to share how you fixed it. And don't think you will look silly if it was a simple fix. We are all here to learn. I'm 48 years into this trade of shoe repairs, key cutting and engraving and still learning stuff.
  11. Not bad little machines. That looks a smaller version of my CEA Naty I've had for years. Cut thousands of keys on it.
  12. I love that, Police Squad , Airplane, Naked Gun. Naked Gun 2.1/2. Naked Gun 33.1/3. Brilliant writing. My sense of humour.
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