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  1. Hi All. Just curious how much do you charge to engrave a Trophy Plaque that has already been engraved over a number of years not by you. So you have to figure out the font, test and test again to get the font size and alignment etc so it matches with the previous engravings and all the risks that brings. Kind Regards, John
  2. Not sure what machine you are using. But I recently had some struggles with Black tankards and flaking coating as described in this post...I posted the settings I now use for coated items...the primary thing is make sure to use a Brand New Tip and slow it down. https://shoerepairer.info/topic/27193-settings-for-engraving-black-coated-tankards/ Good Luck John
  3. Hi All. Many Thanks for the help. I got the job done and got some setting down. which were. Brand New Diamond cutter...I think mine was blunt which didn't help matters.... Slow down the Feed to 4.0 m/min , 1.00mm depth Chip 0.5mm. (creating 2 passes) I also added oil though doubt this did anything other than give me a positive placebo effect no noticeable Flaking, good job done. Kind Regards. John
  4. Many Thanks for help. Ive started experimenting with a super fine cutter I have. I don't particularly want to blunt it because I use it quite often for Sterling Silver Cufflinks etc, but it appears to be the key here as the cut is so fine it doesn't flake the coating as much and im getting much better results. The next question is anyone know where i can obtain a new one of these cutters as id be happy to experiment more if there was no risk of destroying my only one. I think I got this one from Umarq themselves but they are closing shop now and im not sure ive seen this style
  5. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help minimise the coating on black coated tankards flaking while engraving. I do artworks and funny enough most of the time the artworks come out great, but im having difficulty with basic text especially when it gets quite small. Just flakes the coating and ive tried various tankards from various suppliers with mixed results and various settings. Just wondering if there is anything more I could do to help it. Im using diamond drag and a Umarg CX5 machine. Kind Regards, John
  6. https://www.armstrongproducts.co.uk/ can do custom orders and plaque type stuff.
  7. Yeah really sad and not good for anyone, helped me out by supplying one of those american Cross Alun keys a couple of months back after I needed one for a part. big area and boots to fill for someone potentially. One thing thats bothering me is i think we are all going to funnel into using Laser engravers....which for me is currently not possible.....seems even basic parts for Rotaries are becomes so hard to come by as the market is now a wash with Lasers. Im struggaling to get hold of the test tape as I don't have a huge amount left as Umarq used to sell it now don't and mastergrav
  8. I was at Trophex as well, first time, great show! For me ive always considered it going Laser, Diamond, Sand Blast. in regards to quality on glass About 4 years ago a went to the workshop of a local engraver who does all 3 (Laser, Diamond and Sandblasting) and compared 3 samples. Laser doesn't really cut the glass it more fractures the surface which is why you can get a slightly more ragged edge on lines...this will come down to variarions of course, type of glass and quality of the laser. Ebay sellers selling glass for £5 use lasers because its quick and gives what you expect f
  9. Hi all. I'm down to my last bit of the classic antique white rub n buff that I use to give diamond cut glass that extra oomph. Unfortunately wasnt aware it had been discontinued and am looking for an alternative white infill product with similar qualities....hardwearing. easy to clean on the smooth areas of glass. Easy to apply. Quick drying. I'm using silver leaf rub and buff for now but it just doesn't look the same. Much prefer the white. Is there a (uk) alternative or maybe a type of paint that would do the same job? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
  10. Hi All, Possibly looking at purchasing a U-marq Gem CX5 Engraver and just wondering if there are any obvious pit falls I should be aware of. Ive had a demo on the machine and software and am quite impressed with what ive seen. I currently use a Suregrave Rotation S, but am wary of problems with ever increasing lack of spare parts and more likely the laptop that the machine is connected to is going to die soon leading to all kinds of software problems, so am looking for something with abit of future proofing. Im not intending to do massive items hence why im going for the C
  11. Yep I have the cutters separated as im aware switching between glass and metal utterly kills them so I make sure I use the right cutter allocated to the right material! Ive got a Light touch cutter knob now.....stupid question what is the difference between the Light touch and standard spring knob? the pressure seems similar? light touch holds its pressure more consistantly or something? Kind Regards, John
  12. Many Thanks for the help guys. Passed the advise on. Kind Regards, John
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