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  1. It could, but there is a colour called nude, Louboutin named it I think.
  2. Why not mix the colour yourself? it's easy to do.
  3. Many thanks for that, I understand a bit more now.
  4. It's not about the cost or availability, more about the curiosity. Motor oil is designed to run piston engines that run very fast very hot, Bambi compressors have a piston don't they? they don't run anywhere near as fast or hot as a car yet the motor oil may do damage!!!!!!!! I don't understand how or why it should.
  5. Thanks for the info. I don't understand what the difference is in the different oils, some thin some thick, a bit like us really.
  6. Run out of Bambi Compressor oil, what would happening if I was to use 20/50 motor oil instead?
  7. Depends on the type of motor, 'unlikely to ignite" doesn't really cut it in a fire risk assessment.
  8. It's something to do with the electric motor creating sparks as it turns, flammable gases and sparks are not a good idea. I understand there are motors that don't create sparks but I am no expert.
  9. I assumed your intention was to use some type of ducting to expel the fumes to open air, in which case the choice of motor could be important.
  10. You would need to consider fire risk assessment before installing D.I.Y. ventilation on flammable fumes.
  11. They look like what we used to use for lacing football/rugby boots back in the days.
  12. I don't get your point with this, are you saying you don't do any other repairs only 2 pairs of full soles every 2 months? I don't see where the marketing is? or am I missing something?
  13. "It just dropped off as I was putting it on, I don't know why"
  14. What is the date on the Renata? how long are the 10 for a pound guaranteed for? Mine are guaranted, if they leak and cause damage to watch/remote key, I will repair or replace damaged item.
  15. Same here, I tell customers they are different batteries, when asked to explain how I tell them mine are guaranteed for a year, how long are pound shops guaranteed for?
  16. I don't have pre-paid repairs. I trust my customers.
  17. The story I was told was that these keys were for a series of lockers used for the athletes in the London Olympics, since been sold on the second hand market, no key blanks were available.
  18. I can recommend the Futura, easy to use, easy to get your head around it and will pay for itself cutting customers own car key blanks if you get the price right.
  19. 'Nothing leaves our factory until it's paid for" doesn't seem very trusting to me.
  20. Seems there are a lot of old soldiers still around. Can't agree with Jontheshoe, Golf is a good walk spoilt, if golf is more enjoyable than your work why not find a job playing golf?
  21. No need to scour backs, just use normal adhesive. Easy job.
  22. 56 Years for me, I sleep well every night, love every minite of my job, 6 days a week, 54 yrs in same shop.
  23. Just been notified I can apply on 4th August-30th Sept.
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