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  1. Enjoyable watch last night...... Nothing some of us oldies didn't know already... I mean who can't make a thread with hog bristles.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bvg6r4 Quite fancy Steph McGovern too.
  2. Good choice, great machines and software. If you get stuck on anything ask here. https://shoerepairer.info/topic/15837-the-vistool-owners-club/ There is a Umarq forum too https://www.u-marq.com/forum/
  3. I concur. If It's anything like my 700 It will last you years.
  4. I use size 18's and 21's my machine plays up with lighter16's ..... also use nylon metric 40 thread.
  5. Gray

    Window Key ID

    Silca STR4
  6. Gray

    RB2 keys

    Thats S1970AM. I see what your saying though.
  7. Gray

    RB2 keys

    T College. Always a handy cross reference.
  8. Gray

    RB2 keys

    Your search 'rb2' returned 1 to 1 (1 items) Hook 3406 S = RB2...jma = BS-5 Silca= RB2 HD= 970AM C336 Birch = 5523 JMA = BS-5 Errebi = BS8R Manufacturer = BRIGGS & STRATT
  9. Gray

    RB2 keys

  10. Gray


  11. 5139 morgan jma = 695 copy 7 1/2 gauge GL064 MORGAN Sterling Brass 5 Lever KB36 get walsall 0.385 was Mortice 183
  12. Gray

    Bike key I.D.

    Might do if it's not chipped.
  13. Gray

    Bike key I.D.

    Possibly Silca YH35RAT22 from 2004 though or YH35RBP
  14. Gray

    shoes not collected signage

    Just take money up front. I have been doing it for 8 years and I get left with nothing on my shelves. Do it some will moan the majority understand why. 8 years ago I had a pile of uncollected repairs and when I added them all up they came to nearly £400. From that day on I thought sod it they pay up front.
  15. Just had my 2019 pervy calendar from Colleges. Very nice.
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0btkdx4/vic-bobs-big-night-out-series-1-episode-1 13.48 minutes in
  17. I was sorting through some old stuff and found some old heel plates for army boots. I put them on ebay and sold them for £58000. Guess who bought them? .................................................................. Chris Evans.
  18. Don't you watch Vic and Bobs big night out
  19. No takers, I'll play on my own then...Where are those locks?
  20. I didn't know you had a picture of my girlfriend Myfanwy.
  21. Horse and cart?....... Luxury.... We just have sheep.
  22. I just downloaded a pirate copy of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. The quality is crap. I can only see a little silhouette of a man.
  23. Gray


    I think we are the same Eric. I don’t turn anything away if I can help it. Had some men’s shoes in last week that another repairer told him to throw away . Rubber sole and heel and made some new leather tongues for them.