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  1. Gray

    Key ID Required

    Shut up you big girl. Do you think there is going to be a sudden rush of punters wanting Snap On keys? ......
  2. Gray

    Staple gun playing up

    Not WD40 try something better.... GT85
  3. Gray

    Key ID Required

    Hook 2012...ilco/hd = 1527 Quantity Pricing: HD = 1527 XH772 make SNAP ON
  4. Iv'e just had some Polyester Braided (Lockstitch) Genuine Geneva Thread Si Serve from Colledges and its running through the machine with a twist in it. Didn't notice it so much with the last stuff I had. Any thoughts Keith or Peter?
  5. This is what I ordered Keith but it's on a red cop. Polyester Braided (lockstitch) Geneva Thread 1/2 Kilo White Si Serve
  6. No takers, I'll play on my own then...Where are those locks?
  7. I only eat rabbit raisins Mick, sorry
  8. And don't forget PAPER is spelt PEPAR ....It's 5th line up on the right. I actually gave up on it... I lost the will to live... I got all the answers apart from PEPAR but my page was such a muddle I could'nt see where all the left over letters were and so I embarked on random answers. I think it's MERRY CHRISTMAS "something" and personally I think I should at least get a bag of Malteasers for effort.
  9. I can moan if I want..... I mean who cant spell PAPER
  10. I'm not playing any more.............................Iv'e had a few goes at it, drove me nuts ........................No wonder I got so many wrong. ...... I'd demand my £3 back but as it's for charidy great mate I wont.
  11. Just bought this off a customer I do watch batteries for . Paid him £25 still with guarantee. Needs new strap. Not done much with these ecodrive watches.I think it was a good buy but not sure.
  12. Gray

    Zippo lighters

    Yes rotated, but you will probably need to hatch fill the font to get the same effect as Michael has shown
  13. Jose Mourinho: Manchester United sack manager. Ask me if I give a fuck.
  14. Enjoyable watch last night...... Nothing some of us oldies didn't know already... I mean who can't make a thread with hog bristles.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bvg6r4 Quite fancy Steph McGovern too.
  15. Glad you're OK Eric.... I've been sorting out my Victor this evening. She was missing stitches. Think I have her sorted now, spreader point was a touch off.................Setting up an old Victor is like making love to a beautiful woman. You've got to caress her parts. Breathe softly and gently. And give every inch of her your loving attention. And make sure you've got a nice full oil can.
  16. Gray


    No I obviously don't. I was just bored. I hate football more than I hate you. .................................................... Not really ...
  17. Gray

    Union MN Keys

    I have some 1 3 4 6 7
  18. I can imagine Eric. I don't suppose many of us ever had a chance to use one. ...How are you mate?
  19. I agree. I have a really old one down in the cellar. No clutch on the wheel. And they were not using old type thread. Using nylon. And she was winding with one hand and guiding her work with the other. Distinct lack of foot hand coordination. My most favorite bit after Steph was the Goodyear welt stitcher.
  20. Gray

    Key id

    Davenports or Colleges or most suppliers hook 3674... WINKHAUS 6 PIN GEN gc113 Quantity Pricing: 1-9 @ £2.25 each 10-49 @ £1.50 each 50+ @ £1.13 each 50+ special price - regular discounts are not applied GC113 - GEN WINKHAUS 6 PIN FOR XR6-51
  21. Good choice, great machines and software. If you get stuck on anything ask here. https://shoerepairer.info/topic/15837-the-vistool-owners-club/ There is a Umarq forum too https://www.u-marq.com/forum/
  22. I concur. If It's anything like my 700 It will last you years.
  23. I use size 18's and 21's my machine plays up with lighter16's ..... also use nylon metric 40 thread.