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  1. What about. Vibram Christie Moreflex Unit 8377 White Wedge Unit sole 12mm Heel 24mm Small 35/38 11.3/8" 28.5cm Medium 39/42 13" 33cm Large 43/6 14" 36cm Available in Size: Small 35/38 11.3/8" 28.5cm, Medium 39/42 13" 33cm, Large 43/6 14" 36cm
  2. T. Colledge and Son 24, 40, 60, & 80 grit
  3. Possibly these using the power of Google. ...... https://www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk/partno_BKY02
  4. With age comes experience and a smell of wee.
  5. I still have the Roland it has been very reliable. Also have a Umarq Universal 300.
  6. The Roland EGX300 is slow. Ask me how I know.
  7. No takers, I'll play on my own then...Where are those locks?
  8. Gray

    Key ID Please

    Yes KWL56. Precut 5248 window lock key jma = KWL56 ...TC = WL100 BASTA
  9. Don't give up just yet Graham there is always Savvas Georgiou Wholesalers incorporating Edward Healy & Sons or https://www.leatherandgrindery.com/index.php?route=common/home 10% off a Hard On? I'd settle for 10% on a Hard On. lol And who said it was Timpsons anyway?
  10. Gray

    Masonic template

    Mastergrave should be able to make you a template. Ring them. http://www.mastergrave.co.uk/catalogue/detail.php?product_ID=24169&product_Category_ID=213
  11. Gray

    Zeni R1787

    Union MRN series? Silca UNI1 Do you have a photo?
  12. I used to sell a lot of these. It seems now they have been discontinued and no one seems to have any stock left.
  13. Just spit my coffee out.
  14. Gray

    Yamaha key

    My findings too. ZD24RAT22 - Silca The Catalogue.pdf
  15. I have Jury Service on the 15th April, that's a bugger, no one to run the shop for me. Lets hope it's not a long drawn out thing.
  16. I'm starting training for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games breakdancing.........................What?
  17. Gray


    Ha. I'm not done yet Eric I feel I still have some years left in me.
  18. Gray


    What a shame you are so far away. I would love someone to train up and carry on my business.
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-47294840/large-crowds-watch-tornado-retirement-flypast-at-raf-cosford Sad to see the retirement of the Tornado
  20. Gray

    hi all

    Welcome I am a repairman for 49 years.
  21. In a weird kind of way I want to do it because I think the murdering, raping, pensioner bashing, robbing, drug dealing mugging bastard, is guilty anyway. Am I going in to this with the wrong attitude?