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13 hours ago, KeyKraft said:

I have tried contacting the admin also but heard nothing back. Is that all I need to do?

Hi Jason,

You made it this far at least.  I have tried messaging Admin but no reply.  Sorry.  If anyone sees this Jason is a mate of mine and I can vouch for him.

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its worth noting that the forum is owned by uap/tradelocks/citysafe group and its a number of their administrators who do the admin functions at present , currently the majority of their staff which includes all admin staff are on furlough due to the current virus and have been for 5 weeks or so to date  , and this will be why you have had no answer or action on this up to now, and its unlikely you will get a response until they are back to work  .

although they have started a limited service with a limited staff this doesnt include the office and admin staff at present as far as im aware  , i know a few more are comming back to work next week and they are slowly bringing departments back bit by bit to facilitate social distancing and ppe requirements to work safely , so i suspect it is still a while before all admin get back to work to continue the admin functions , but im sure they will deal with this and stuff like this once back and running properly , but i suspect forum admin functions are not at the top of their priority list as they try to facilitate getting back up and running safely with a limited staff . im sure once they have the business back running again efficiently , start getting their staff back to work safely and get the more crucial functions working and the priorities of this under control they will get back to forum admin functions.

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Thanks for letting me know, I was unaware that the forum was cared for by a company and understand that so many are facing these challenges right now and they have much more important things on their minds at the moment.

But to be fair they have responded and have answered my query now so full credit to them. :smt038

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Its a really great section of this forum with so many How To guides , questions and answers ,  etc 


Great work :-)


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