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  1. If you tried recently and wasn't working, try clearing your cache and trying again.
  2. Have sent in my response. I'm sure I did this previously, so depending how it notifies you it could be going to junk/ spam?
  3. Try Bill Kinmonth at Focused Management Resources. bill@focusedmr.co.uk 01252321631 Not Shoe repair specific, but he does place other engineering and technical roles so worth a chat with him rather than the big boys I would say.
  4. Been there, done that. I invested in a Futura Pro five years ago for the same reason. Probably haven't cut enough to pay for a set of jaws let alone the machine!
  5. Can't fix it but we put turtlecovers seat covers in all our vans to prevent the seats getting trashed.
  6. These handles are normally on Union Monarch of Everest mechanisms and are 48mm centres. The old handles are obsolete so you need to drill new fixing holes above and below gearbox to suit new handles.
  7. Never seen one but could a cut down cruciform blank do the job?
  8. All he said was "from auction" so either an ebay special or he's going to bring in the rest of the box if I can fix it! I should have checked the price before saying I would see if it was possible really.
  9. Can anyone cut a key for a Masterlock 8195EURDPRO lock to the serial number/ keycode on the packaging? Have an enquiry where a customer bought a lock brand new in packaging but without keys from auction! Bless 'em.
  10. Fair enough. I thought it was a new thing. Not seen this before. I will "carry on!"
  11. Not ideal, openly advertising trade prices of immo chips, TE keys, remotes and programming gear. How long before people start coming in with their own chips and asking us to program/ clone onto them?
  12. We have just had the same issue with some old JMA blanks. Too thick for the keyway.
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