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  1. When I started at Timpsons at 16 in Kendal, this poor old dear took an age to get to the counter and then asked for a portion of fish and chips! I expect the machines at the back of the counter were mistaken for the fryer. I felt really bad for her, but is was still funny
  2. I started my career in that Timpsons on a YTS when I was 16. I believe the guys Terry and Nigel still work there. If proof was ever needed that businesses can successful work alongside Timpsons this is it. I was 16 when I started and I'm 53 now, so that's a lot of years! For the record we have 4 Timpsons withing about 3 miles of our shop in Carlisle, one in walking distance and another about a mile away. In total we have 8 cobblers including myself and Timpsons in an approx 3 mile radius.
  3. I actually have an old Lancer available, collection only. It works fine. Is ok for most mortice but I changed it because it wan't great for double bitted safe keys, just showing it's age. Will part with it for a £250. I was keeping it as a back up but I have never needed it and it's just taking up room. Also, got an old Tibbe machine. Does Jaguar and Ford. Pretty old and needs set up properly. But £100 to someone if they want it.
  4. Anyone know which units would fit these of if the original units are available?
  5. What advice would you give a customer that has a cocktail spilt on a new pair of leather shoes. Any advice on how to remove or improve the stains? Or do you know of anyone that could sort them?
  6. I have started using Pantograph and so far so good. Prompt efficient and friendly service.
  7. Think that's done it! Going to leave to set before trimming and we'll see how that goes. Thanks all!
  8. Interesting that you used it without primer? Ok thanks
  9. I'm sorry to have to raise this topic again, but I need some help. I have seen comments in the past to the effect of: "If you can't repair Doc Martins, you are in the wrong job!" Which is not that helpful. I take on board the idea that some use superglue as a primer. I haven't done that yet, mainly because that hasn't been the traditional method and therefore, without dismissing that idea, I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. I have used prepared surface and used Renia (Yellow) wait for 5 minutes and then add Bostick 50/50. Reactivate and apply soles. However,
  10. Maybe sometimes. But often you get what you pay for. For example, not every accountant will call you regularly during lockdown explaining what you can and can't claim, grants that are available and help with claims unless asked. Not that we needed to because we did it ourselves anyway. But comforting to know they were on the ball. We have had other benefits of being with an account that is more than just a self-assessment administrator. It's a balance. If they start creeping the price up, challenge them!
  11. £1100'ish (VAT registered) includes a few extra bits and bobs they did for us through the year.
  12. We found it with the doors on the front. It was originally a computer workshop. But it has been completely gutted and refitted
  13. Yeah! I get that. I have an emergency “solution” in the van. But plenty of public ones within a minute or two.
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