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Community Answers

  1. Waiting for MX5parts to get a timing belt kit in stock.
  2. Thanks Gray. Do you mean the respray on the 5? or the breakdown
  3. Anyone now a supplier of glass coasters? Looking for 100 supplied and engraved with a crest.
  4. Yes I think JD1 looks too tight. It is looks like it took quite a large key with a deep curve in it. I'll maybe get hold on one to try anyway.
  5. Can anyone help with this? Is it a restricted key do you think? Any idea of the correct blank?
  6. Hi, SKS are telling me that KWL58 are obsolete. Anyone know of an alternative?
  7. Anyone know where I can get a KUB2 for a little dumper? SKS say discontinued and not listed on Davenport that I can see.
  8. How would you tackle cleaning these up to remove scuff marks?
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