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  1. Simes

    Bronze Engraving Material

    Umarq will cut you a piece of Bronze coloured Jewellers Brass I think. I don't have any scraps that size.
  2. Simes

    SKS Powercut?

    Thanks for clarifying
  3. Simes

    SKS Powercut?

    I rang them and they had to reset the password. Strange?
  4. Simes

    SKS Powercut?

    No I haven't but I tried to log on to the website this morning and it said that my account was no longer active???
  5. Our mobile shop graphics. About 10 years old now and need updating. But the message is the same
  6. You have to tell people where you are. Social Media will do that. Business Networking groups will do that. People really want to do business with small local businesses but we have to tell them we exist. Timpsons do that by parking outside a superstore. We just have to find a different ways. But it means going out of your normal comfort zone to do so. If you don't know Social Media, pay someone who knows to do it for you. Much better value for money than Paper Advertising that's for sure. It's also the right audience for finding new younger customers and selling the idea of repair over new.
  7. That sounds like a good idea. What we could do with is a template that would be used across social media to which we could add our own logo perhaps? It just needs a message and suitable image. It may even be something the press might be interested in. Could also do with a suitable catchy hashtag?
  8. True shoe repairs are down (although my shoe repair sales increase each year. However, personally though I don't think we help ourselves that much. Do we try to educate our customers? The big nationals like Timpsons never advertise they reply on people just turning up and the small independents can't afford a decent advertising campaign. Shoe Repair is the oldest form of recycling and that in todays more environmentally conscious world should be a message that will get more response than ever before! But we (as in the trade as a whole) don't get the message out there. I speak to as many customers as possible about the benefits of investing in good shoes and more are taking my advice and come in with quality shoes they have purchased on my advice (Barker, Cheaney etc). We do more high end shoes now than ever before because we talk about it face to face, business networking, website blogs and social media.
  9. We don't cut them every day but I reckon 4 or 5 per week. Sometimes more
  10. What about making a cover from new leather then cutting off the throat (with eyelets and possibly the tongue then stitching to the cover one to the back and one to the front in such a way as they journal could be laced up shut? you could even replace the rivets at the bottom of the eyelets! Charge accordingly!!
  11. I'm going to assume the boots have walked a long way and the journal is a journal of the route. The issue is whether there is enough material. But I should think it would be a case of creating a pattern, cuting out of the boots whatever leather can be used and then creating a patchwork cover. Sort of thing my wife would do as she is a proper crafty sort (not like a Fox! - well perhaps?).
  12. That’s the sad truth. I would love to be able to justify investment in new shoe repair equipment. But there is zero financial benefit that I can see. It would make my job easier, it would result in improved repairs, but in reality as much as I would like to believe otherwise I might never get the money back, especially at my age But I am going to educating my customers on the merits of good shoes and getting them repaired and maybe, just maybe demand will increase and things will change. We live in a world where recycling is the hot topic. Shoe repair is one of the oldest forms of recycling. The Goodyear welt was invented for the sole (forgive the pun) purpose of making shoes daily recyclable/ repairable
  13. Our shoe repairs are up, especially quality shoes. My biggest problem is that we don't have sufficient shoes coming through the door yet to justify the huge investment in a quality outsole stitcher so we contract out the stitching. The quality is not the best unfortunately. Would love my own machine, but it takes a lot of gents shoes to justify the price of one of those machines when there are some many other places we can invest that sort of money and be sure of a decent return in a relatively short space of time. But Lee's repairs are something to aspire too. In the meantime, our customers seem happy with our repairs and keep coming back so we much be doing ok. What I would say is that I spend time with my customers educating them with regard to what a good quality pair of shoes is and make recommendations. Now I'm getting customers coming in behore making a purchase of shoes to ask me what they think before they buy. These will become lifelong customers I hope. If we want to repair quality shoes then we can do something about it. Just take some time with your customers. They will keep talking about you and keep coming back.
  14. Simes

    Marketing Companies

    We are just starting to experiment with a local marketing company. In particular, to assist with blogging content for our website. At the end of the day, I do a lot of social media posting but I'm not a professional, it's not my skill. So I'm going to try for a couple of months producing extra content in addition and then I'll examine the results and decide if it was worth the extra cost. I know that the blog posts already written and much more professional looking tha anything I can do myself. We recently had our website rebuilt too. I'm already getting more enquiries. However, I won't commit large amounts over long periods until I am convinced of the results. I have also managed to secure 12 hours of government funded marketing support from professionals by talking to Business Growth Hub. This is in addition to about 4.5 hours with a business consultant also provided for free. If it's free, take it and use it!
  15. Not getting mine. Had to cancel and go elsewhere.