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  1. Thanks all. But none look the same against the key. I'll ask the customer to look on the lock for a code
  2. Hunted high and low for this profile and struggling. Anyone able to help?
  3. Simes

    Which Blank

    I used the JMA version but it didn't work unfortunately.
  4. Simes

    Which Blank

    I looked at Aldridges and SKS and couldn’t find the genuine blanks?
  5. Simes

    Which Blank

    I cut them on the futura as she’d had them cut elsewhere. Futura is usually spot on.
  6. Tried to copy these to JMA U-26D but they go in and don't turn. Any idea of a blank that would for these?
  7. Simes

    Side Shield

    Thanks mate. Donation made to forum Charity
  8. Simes

    3D Closed

    I have just had a phone call from 3D. They are confirming to me that the "Server is having a melt down" and completely messed up the stock levels and they are having to do a manual stocktake to refresh the stock levels. They reckon it could take a couple of days. They have assured me that is the true story.
  9. Simes

    3D Closed

    That’s a good sign as it means they are trading
  10. Simes

    3D Closed

    They called me to let me know they had problems sending out the order. I missed the call and rang back. They told me their servers had gone down and it left them unable to pick orders. They seemed pretty clear but couldn’t promise when they would be back up and running. We’ll probably know more tomorrow.
  11. Simes

    Side Shield

    That would be great mate! I'll PM my address.
  12. I wonder if anyone could help me out with one of these? I thought I had some but it turned out they were Silver.
  13. Simes

    3D Group

    All I can say is that in the almost 10 years that I have used 3D I have not had any serious issues. In fact, I would say that customer service and reasonableness have been their strong point and the reason I use them regularly. In particular, communication in my experience is excellent. Of course, no company is perfect, but I have had very little cause for complaint. 3D do offer a lot of "Free" & in my experience reliable information on their website. To use that information and then purchase from a company unable or unwilling to give such information in order to save a few quid would seem a little unfair to me.
  14. He was very happy with the repair. Disappointed with the damage but reasonable. Had planned to darken the shoe colour so he's going to see what they look like after. Wanted to pay part of the repair but I insisted on him having it free. He assured me he will be returning with more shoes, so happy days