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  1. Not getting mine. Had to cancel and go elsewhere.
  2. Talking of handwriting...I did this for a leaving present for a customer. He got all the staff to sign on a piece of paper then we vectored it and engraved as per the picture.
  3. Doh! Sorry i was being thick. :| I will message you
  4. Great. Thanks for that. Any ideas of the correct card or series?
  5. Thanks Mate but I don't have those blanks anyway. I thought it was VO-1 but on the link they look different. I have just ordered a couple on that link. My problem was that I couldn't find a cutting card for an ACS07.
  6. I have a Jaguar Tow hitch to find a key for. The number on the lock is AC507 but I'm struggling to find the correct card/series. Can anyone help? The JMA VO-1 seems to slide in although a bit sticky (might just be corrosion)
  7. Simes

    Mate's rates

    Most of my friends & family want to support my business and do not expect freebies. Some even say: "Charge me the full price". I tend to give a discount but usually make a charge. Otherwise it is possible that some may start to take advantage. If I know someone is having a financially tough time then I will often do for free. I appreciate a genuine offer to pay though.
  8. Thanks Graham
  9. Any ideas which blank I should use for this?
  10. Is this key restricted? Not sure what blank?
  11. Simes

    Numbered tags

    Agreed. Was just wondering if someone out there had some sort of low cose solution, printed insert or could laser engrave multiple in a large run or something like that. I put it out there on got the answer I expected
  12. I wonder if anyone has any good ideas or can fulfil a customer request. He needs some sort of key tag in 3 or 4 different colours to be numbered something like A1 to A30, B1 to B30 etc. I was thinking of engraved discs but he wants sub £1 each. There is about 200- 250 of them I think. Any ideas?