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  1. Thanks. Next question is how easy is it to get spares? I presume I’m looking for bars and collars on cousins or something like that?
  2. Some advice please. Hoping not to sound like a thicko here! I have a watch in using the "Omega Style Collar and pin as per the picture. I've noticed that when putting the collar and pin back back the pin seems quite loose. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. We are selling lots of the Charles Birch Sanitiser. My wife is sewing up face masks with changeable filters which we sell in different sizes and patterns for a fiver each
  4. We are opening by appointment from a home workshop. It's working quite well. Appointments booked on Facebook mainly (we have a large Facebook presence). Customers remain outside the workshop while I cut keys and also programming car keys on the drive. I sanitise my hands with each customer and sanitise keys when handed back. Items are handed back at arms length. All surfaces touched in the vehicle are wiped clean with sanitiser cloths.
  5. Anyone seen this before?
  6. No original hence the problem. But 2 for MLM1 will do for me. Thanks
  7. Anyone able to help ID the correct blank to use with these codes? I'm guessing the 283 might be an HD 85P? Not sure about the other one?
  8. Hi Jason, You made it this far at least. I have tried messaging Admin but no reply. Sorry. If anyone sees this Jason is a mate of mine and I can vouch for him.
  9. A friend of mine is in the cleaning industry and has a fogging machine which disinfects all surfaces including carpets and fabrics in fact virtually every surface. Brilliant idea. Harmless to humans animals and the environment.
  10. If that’s what it says? I am closed so just cut the key in the van at the customers house. Forgot to check card. But as far as I know there is only 1 IE14 R11MK
  11. R11MK under IE14 but used IE26.
  12. Thanks. I have ordered IE26 so that’s good! I do a visual read too.
  13. So I tried with JMA IS-14D. It doesn't go in the lock. Customer had one cut at Timpsons on HD IS15 and that only goes in about half way. I'm now thinking Silca IS26. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
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