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  1. Is there a direct line number for them? Every time I ring it goes through to the Accounts department so they can take a message (at least that was the case on Friday). Must be infuriating for them!
  2. If you can get through to Aldridge’s! Thanks Steven I’ll take a look
  3. Anyone got the skills or can help with a master key? That would be a simple and suitable solution if anyone knows how to. I can supply the key numbers
  4. I have been tasked with replacing barrels to some lockers to all use the same key. Any ideas where I start or if it's likely to be possible? I tried L&F and they were of no help at all.
  5. I didn’t say I didn’t have one I said you were “assuming” I have one. I actually have an An-San Panther SX. But I have a Futura and want/need to get my head around doing these keys in it. But I will check and see if I have a suitable cutter. Thanks for the tip.
  6. But that is what I used. Two cards on Futura. 3,2 for the dimples and 4 for the track. Or am i being thicker than usual?
  7. Thanks Graham, I searched under Magnum Superior and these are the cards that came up. There is a 3-3 and a 4-4 Maybe someone with a Futura will come along soon and help
  8. I have cut this today. Not sure if it is right. Your thoughts please. I have added the Silca Futura Cutting Cards used. The Track part looks totally wrong but I think that it may only cut what is required?? There are only two cutting cards that I can spot as a choice for the track part.
  9. Not on the yama-26d.p blanks I have. The distance between the Head and the shoulder is a lot greater than the JCB key. That is why I thought maybe you would shorten the bit of the key then cut the shoulders back.
  10. Do you think that would be a case of cutting down and t hen cutting back the shoulders as otherwise the transponder would be a long way back from the antenna coil?
  11. Anyone know where I can get transponder pods for these?
  12. Yes that's what I reckon. Will recalibrate and try again.
  13. I thought I had cracked these and then this one comes in. Can anyone take a look at this and see if you think the Futura is decoding this right? The key I have cut from the Futura decode looks wrong to me. Almost looks like I'm using the wrong cutter just following the instructions. Any ideas?
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