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  1. Simes

    Quiet today

    Won’t make any difference. I have 3 new Timo’s opened around me. Turnover still went up each year. Two of them are within easy walking distance. Not to mention the automatic key cutting machine right opposite. With Timo’s nearby you can put your prices up too! :)
  2. Simes

    Quiet today

    No real pattern these days but overall we've actually picked up in the new year. But having said that i turnover has increased each year since we started over 9 years ago. Changing and adapting seems to the be the key (forgive the pun!).
  3. Thanks Vince. Received this morning. Donation made
  4. If it's not cheeky, has anyone got any 3 3/4 " Leather Heel blocks (or enough lifts to make a pair up) they could spare me? I have just had a materials order and don't particularly want to place another order with an £8 courier charge. Obviously, happy to pay for them and postage. Just got caught out not having the right size in stock!
  5. Thanks, I had the right cards then
  6. I'm thinking Card 4179 and 4180??
  7. Anyone know the cutting cards for these? Struggling to find them on my Futura
  8. Simes


    Agree! Well deserved!
  9. Simes

    Ford key

    I would go for 3323542132
  10. Simes

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    Thanks, we are VAT registered so it's definitely worth a look.
  11. Simes

    New tax are they trying to kill us off?

    So....what is everyone using? We have just used spreadsheets up to now but wondered what others are using successfully. Quickbooks, sage?
  12. Simes


    Thanks Peter, It's running much better now. It's had a good clean but this is the last piece we need to check. For some reason the top thread get's caught underneath the shuttle carrier which seems to be a tension issue. We have to keep tightening the tension each time we use the machine.
  13. What did you do in the end?? Same problem here.