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  1. Well said and we’ll done! I got the same message 10 years ago! No one says it’s going to be easy, but if no one new came into the industry, what happens when everyone retires! Not every customer shops around either. In fact my experience is they buy based on referral , speed and efficiency of service, the person that actually bothers to return the call... For the record, I have never tried to beat my competition on price. If you need a joiner you have time to shop around, if you lost your car keys, you just want it fixed. I set my price and stick to it. I don’t always get the job, but my price is my price, take it or leave it. You have to have confidence in your own service.
  2. I was just jesting, it is all true. But we’re not known for being the most optimist bunch are we?
  3. Not disagreeing with most that's been said..but you are a miserable bunch! To be fair this post was started a year ago so congratulations on your first year.
  4. I feel your pain. It's not that the machines are overly priced for what they are. They are a pretty sophisticated piece of engineering. Like me, your problem is the volume and justifying making a purchase that may take many years to recoup. Not for everyone, but for those with a small turnover of that type of repair. We would love both a blake and an outsole stitcher but it doesn't make financial sense for our business even 10 years in! My solution was to buddy up with another shoe repairer and pay him to stitch for me. Like you, I only get a couple of pairs a week on average. As much as I would love to, I can't justify new machines.
  5. But those blanks don't have the notches in the end of the key do they? Are they important?
  6. Has anyone seen these before? Apparently for a "security door" no markings on the key but there appears to be some unusual notches in the tip of the key?
  7. I just make sure my prices are at a level where it doesn't concern me too much if extra work is involved. Some stilettos take a minute or two others take much longer I don't give a discount if it 's a really easy job not requiring trimming so I don't charge extra if it's more tricky.
  8. Thanks Lee, Search, Union, Assa & Abloy and couldn't find it! Got it now! Thanks
  9. Anyone seen this one before or able to identify a suitable blank?
  10. Thanks that helps. I have someone designing a fit out and at 1100 I thought that would be much to high.
  11. Hi All, I am planning a project and wondered if you were able to indicate what sort of worktop heights you use for key machines and Shoe Repair bench?
  12. I don't think so. Just never been replaced in 10 years!
  13. This is a long shot but any ideas where or whether I might be able to get parts for one of these GP-Combi's? In particular I could do with a new dust bag I think?
  14. That's kind of what I was thinking. I was wondering if this is an expensive thing to get done as I would want the graphics professionally printed, so I wondered if anyone had done it before? I reckon I could get down to 10 boards easily. Currently using 13. However, when you look at Silca or JMA boards they don't have a list of the key blanks. I can't afford to waste space if half of the keys are not used in my area. On my Davenport I reckon out of the 400 spaces the maximum I need is 250 spaces (50 of them are keys that are on an extra blank board! I bought these boards ten years ago with 2 of each on and there are still many spaces with the original two blanks still sitting there! I work in a mobile unit so space is at a premium!
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