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  1. I have very little experience in using a Singer Patching machine. I wondered what size needles you use and matching thread sizes. In particular, what would needles and thread would you use for replacing Riding boot zips?
  2. We are up again this year on turnover, but I suspect that it is on Car Keys/Car Key repairs and possibly shoe repairs. I'm pretty sure we are down on keys at the moment. However, given that over the last 9 years I've been trading there are an additional 3 Timpson's, 2 independent key cutters and an automatic key vending machine, plus 4 more Auto Locksmiths in the region, I don't think we're doing too badly. However, but it does feel more up and down at the present with more variation in days. But I'm happy with our overall increased turnover. Excited too about a shed load of development in retail, industrial and house building all around me. Surely that will be good for business!
  3. Thanks, I’ll give that a try
  4. I have a piece of mahogany to engrave in 7mm characters with white paint infill. I've been experimenting on a spare piece and not happy with the quality of the paint finish. not sure if it's bubbles or debris I've missed. I am basically engraving through a vinyl covering then brushing our the dust and then spreading the paint into the engraving. I let it dry and then peel off the vinyl. Anyone know how I can improve my techinique or a different techique?
  5. I've got a An San Panther. Little used with tilting jaws.
  6. Simes


    Thanks Jemma, It seems to be fixed now Thanks!
  7. Has anyone else had a problem composing a personal message? I can't find where to enter the message? I can fill in receipient and subject but it won't let me type a message??
  8. Cherry Blossom Patent Care is good but I'm not sure it will remove marks like that.
  9. Hi, It's Superior. It would be great to see if your Futura does a better job than mine if you could send one?
  10. Thanks Mate. Really appreciate that
  11. Graham that would be a fantastic help. Please can you? Tell me how much the postage and blanks are and i’ll settle up with you.
  12. So I give up! I have tried a number of times to cut the key above and have had no success. Used decode on the machine, plus the suggested code above (reversed) and tried a full recalibration of the machine and now I will have to refund the customer. Any suggestions welcome ut I think the Futura is just not up to the job for some reason. I have had really mixed results with these.