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  1. leaving the eu but maybe not actually leaving , if still in customs union and single market then we cannot make our own trade deals and we cannot control imigration , we will still be bound by the eu laws and rules , except , with no say in these rules , so basically in without any say , from rule maker to rule taker. even a devout leaver would rather stay in and be a rule maker than kind of leave to become a rule taker. the main thing that scares me about leaving with no deal , is who is going to run the country to make it work , from what ive seen of government and mp's , im struggling to see anyone capable of making this work. i still prefer leave , but not at any cost and certainly not to be a rule taker still bound by eu rules and laws with no say in them , if it was this or remain then id vote remain
  2. the reality is that everybody has in fact lost , if as it looks like , we stay in the customs union and possibily the single market , we will in fact still have free movement so no control on imigration , we will still be bound by all rules dictated to us by the eu without any say in these rules , so in fact we will remain as a hanger on and a rule taker eating crumbs from the eu27 thats left . so whether remain or leave , we all lose as we have the worst possible outcome. a peoples vote should include leave with no deal as well as remain as well as soft brexit . many will be hoping the eu kick us out with no deal , all it takes is the french to veto an extension
  3. after tonights announcement it looks like we may kind of leave but not leave , just be bound by all the rules without any say in the rules and pay for it too
  4. the conclusion may well be taken out of mp's hands , if the french or another eu member state veto an extension to article 50 , then there is only 3 courses of action open to our politicians ; leave on may 12th with no deal agree the withdrawal agreement and leave revoke article 50 and remain without an extension being given , these are then the only options open to them . any other outcome relies on the granting of a long extension . the eu have played a blinder making our politicians look 3rd class in comparison , they would sooner us revoke and stay or leave on the bad deal given , only no deal causes them a headache , though looking at the feeling towards no deal in commons its a safe bet for them that if they say no to an extension then the odds of getting an outcome they want increase.
  5. i cant believe that the main parties seem to want a general election , with the mood online and around the country surely a general election would see many of them ousted from their jobs , some because the voted against the wishes of their voters , some because they have proven just how useless they are . a general election may well see us stay in eu , or it may see an influx of votes for brexit party , far right parties and even extrteme far right groups , if part of the problem is the minority government , what do they think a general election will bring , i suspect an even more divided house of commons than it is now. total mayhem caused by the powers that be , so much nonsence and scare mongering on both sides , no one truly knows what they will be voting for
  6. rapidlocks

    3D Closed

    and reiterates my point on unfounded statements such as "they are gone " and the unjust speculation that tarnishes their reputation further that gets posted is innacurate and potentially liable . im all for tightening up this industry , but not by such ridiculous siezures of provable genuine stock being siezed until they conclude their investigation , if 3d had been a less succesful group such a siezure could be terminal , its no comfort being exhonerated once you go under , im glad they are in a position to weather the storm . it would make much more sense to target the resellers of chinese counterfeit keys and the online sellers and those that buy china keys who avoid import duty with their doctored low invoices , it is these they should be targetting not legit suppliers lets hope this puts an end to the jungle drum network of innacurate and unfounded speculation once and for all .
  7. rapidlocks

    3D Closed

    agree peter , but this is also what leads to their downfall eventually , so many put what they paid in full through their books yet only have an invoice for $100 , doesnt take much leg work to find the scam , and penalties if caught will put most of these out of business for good . id welcome a purge on these parasites even happy to point the investigators in the right direction. it creates an uneven playing field for proper suppliers who have to pay taxes and charge taxes , the parasites have gotten away with it for far too long id buy from 3d or aldridge etc everytime over the online parasites i can never understand the rumour mill , so much speculation with opinions drawn from speculation only and not from fact serve to do no more than make a bad situation worse and ruin a firms good reputation , when mud is slung some always sticks even when unfounded , so far better to await facts than to speculate , im sure all will get resolved .
  8. rapidlocks

    3D Closed

    mick , i prefer maths and simple tools too , which is why us old boys can still work when the computer says no. to say they ceased trading doesnt look to be the case , some orders still got shipped , and from what ive read they have processed some orders and are stating open again despite the depleted stock lines. so they are trading. in fact a back order has come in and been dispatched to me today which confirms they havnt ceased trading , suspend orders for a few days is a huge difference to ceasing to trade. i do agree that a better announcement , would indeed have culled some rumours , i dont understand the sudden inability to trade whilst servers down as order pickers still have legs and eyes , so orders can be picked and sent out as im sure they have a manual back up procedure , so i can see how this adds to the rumour mill , so yes i can see the indicators suggesting theres more to it , the depleted stock lines , the removal of logo's etc will add fuel to the speculation , but in the absence of any actual facts its impossible to know if just a server issue without the forsight of a manual back up, or something more troublesome and damaging , im sure all will at some point become clear , but withoiut provable facts its harsh to write someone off on the basis of speculation. i wouldnt be sad to see them gone as a retail competitor thats true , but as a supplier it would be sad and i hope they recover swiftly, as i rate them as a supplier and would be missed. i prefer to give the benefit of the doubt , im sure theres more to it than server melt down , but thats there business and not mine , im sure they will be doing all they can to resume normal service and probably dont need all the speculation and rumours kicking around if untrue , im all for info based on fact but unfounded rumours can cause alot of damage to an excellent reputation as a supplier and should be kept to facts alone . as a supplier i do hope they get all back on track swiftly if more to it then id much sooner see the authorities clamp down on the ebay sellers and locksmiths and garages playing at being wholesalers of china keys online and on facebook , as these are a far bigger problem and i suspect avoiding a great deal of import duty and taxes too , id welcome a purge on these parasites rather than mainstream suppliers who trade legitimatly
  9. rapidlocks

    3D Closed

    is this just speculation , based on the rumour mill or info based on fact ? as it is a big statement to make about a supplier . ive missed it all as been away on holiday , everytime i go away something kicks off , if the official statement is server melt down then maybe it is just that , we all rely on computers far too much these days , wouldnt be an issue if we still used pen paper and maths , or in micks case an abacus.
  10. rapidlocks

    3D Closed

    many sites have had to remove oem badges from the stock they sell , remkeys have removed all vehicle logo from their key range , so nothing out of ordinary with this , i suspect they are all being made to do this. what ever will be will be , the speculation and the chinese whispers are normally way off the mark. im sure that what ever the truth is at end of day it will be common knowledge and less exciting than the chinese whispers lead us to believe. ive read where others claim what they have been sent is not oem , even locked and unworking keys , my own experience as a customer has been very good , and ive not recieved any iffy products from them myself , so can only judge them as a supplier by my own experience which has been positive on the whole , so until facts come out to the contrary they remain a good supplier , id rather not also have them as a competitor on retail jobs , but as a supplier ive no issues. id believe the jungle drums more if it was the many resellers of chinese keys on ebay and online , seems to be a whole host of these now , some even exhibit at trade shows im sure they are working hard to get normal service resumed , time will of course tell , so rather than speculate , best to wait for normal service or not to resume
  11. rapidlocks

    3D Group

    these days social media seems to be the 1st port of call . even to the point some threaten suppliers with social media if they dont get there way , though this is same with our customers , how did the world survive pre social media . its the new elite , those responding on ads on social media believe they are entitled these days and deserve a cheap or free job , i always read , " tradesman wanted for ............ must be top quality and must be cheap " cheap and quality rarely go together in reality. 1st port of call should always be with the supplier direct , more gets resolved this way in an amicable manner , after an online onslaught many will be offended and do as little as they can to resolve an issue , id be same with a customer . its a rare occasion mick , we are in agreement , lol
  12. rapidlocks

    3D Group

    plenty me included will log in to check cost prior to quoting some jobs without buying daily , i dont think they expect you to buy every time just some of the time , i doubt they require £500 a month , more likely just a regular order once a month or so , which doesnt sound an unfair expectation . consumer rights differ greatly business to business as opposed to business to end consumer , so im unsure and doubt it affects anyones rights . the answer is simple in reality , if you want access to their free reference info , buy something now and then and i suspect there will be no issues. or vote with your feet and get the info from alternate suppliers sites if you feel unfairly treated , this is a choice we all have at end of day .
  13. rapidlocks

    3D Group

    i suspect alot use their site for research as it has alot of helpful reference material that they have obviously spent a deal of money and time to collate and put up for the benefit of their customers , but many will use the resource without buying and prefering to buy from china and the like , or look up part numbers to help them id the correct kd remote to use without buying , as a customer resource you cant really fault them for wanting this free resource to be for the benefit of there regular customers. i dont think they expect you to spend fortunes , just order on a regular basis . some forums now do similar , if you dont post and dont share and help they block those that read only , some manufacturers only let you view their forums and use their resources if you own their kit etc , it not uncommon and not wholly unreasonable of them to expect something back. explain to them that you are new to this and building slowly , 1 order a month i suspect would keep them happy even if just for cloning chips and key blanks.
  14. rapidlocks

    hello everyone

    most forums would like more locksmith stuff shared as its easier and quicker than learning it yourself , but be careful what you wish for as it is a double edged sword that leads to everyone being able to do what you do and the result is rates drop faster than a tarts knickers as knowledge and info gained too cheaply seems to have no value once the price cutters get it, and many locksmiths are against sharing what may benefit their competition , something thats understandable especially as many will have worked hard to gain a skill or knowledge. i see it on many forums , 1 guy moans that sensitive info should not be shared as it kills trade , this guy normally gets flamed on the forum by those that want the info shared , using the addage a forum is for sharing and such info should be shared for the common good of forum members , some get quite aggresive in their flaming of the guy who doesnt want it shared , but then the hypocracy , a year or 2 down the line the guys that wanted the sharing moan on the same forum that their trade is being dented by new starts and beer brigade and such info should not be shared , they then get flamed by the new crop and the cycle begins again , its been a common never ending cycle for many years . in fairness to this forum it has a good balance , when ever someone asks for help and advice they more often than not get it quickly and freely , in many cases they only need to ask, if someone is happy to share they do , if not they dont . the info is readily available all over the net from forums , you tube and most manufacturer sites , just takes some leg work.
  15. rapidlocks

    hello everyone

    im far too grumpy to be classed as civil , but welcome to forum