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  1. mercedes citan used VA2 blade. very early caddy models did have hu49 key on them possibly thinking of this one
  2. indeed but still plenty of 399 crop up second hand at a reasonable price compared to new options. i imagine if futura is deemed very expensive , then F series wouldnt be on the radar yet .
  3. this really depends on volume and variety of keys you expect to cut . if heavy use and high volumes then triax and unocode 399 are decent choices if medium to high use then silca futura , keyline total or keyline ninja laser are good options if medium use then the miracle machines are a good choice if light use only then chinese offerings like xhorse are an ok choice . you really do get what you pay for with electronic cutting machines , theres machines for now , machines for the long term and machines for life , budget and use requirements will dictate what fits your needs most. you can ask hundreds the same question and get a number of answers , but at end of day your budget , volume and life expectancy of machine will dictate what is the right fit.
  4. depends pretty much on year for ford , the old series 1 - 4000 end with a 2 cut and only 5 possible combinations for last 3 cuts , this is by far the most common external track ford lock you will see in uk. the internal track HU198 differs as do the various extended series as do usa model series of hu101 . the 80001 series can end in 2,3,4 or 5 but never 1 , normally last 2 cuts are either even or both odd cuts , most commonly both odd cuts . so better photo and model and year will help others help you. there are only 5 key heights so easily site read
  5. yes you can site read an HU101 , you can also measure with calipers/verniers , your picture quality is awful to get a good site read from , that or my aging eyes have deteriorated further , you need a much clearer photo to get an accurate site read.
  6. take a deep breath and look at your screen again and what its telling you , the big clue is at top of screen where it says code 00001. when you load up a make model and year then open up a key series , instacode displays code number 1 , in this case code 00001 , this wont be yours unless the correct code for the car is 00001, you now have 2 options. 1) if you have the dealer code for the cars key , then click NEW CODE at top , then enter your code and it will display the correct cuts for your car . 2) if you have the lishi reading , click FIND BITTING at top of screen and enter what you have , instacode will then display this and display the dealer key code for this . if you was working with say a nissan and had picked and decoded the door lock you would only read 8 cuts in positions 3 to 10 , the ignition has 10 cuts so you are missing cuts 1 and 2 , so you click on find bitting then enter the 8 cuts you have decoded from the door in in positions 3 to 10 , instacode will then give you the possible configuration in positions 1 and 2 . so both your instacode and machine give you the same bitting because both are showing code 00001 , be a poor show if they disagreed on what code 00001 was .
  7. instacode is very usefull , the find bitting function will give you the code if in their database , its also useful on models like nissan and mazda that use 10 cut keys where only 8 cuts are in the door lock , you enter the 8 cuts you have in their correct positions in the find biting function and it will give you the options for the missing 2 cuts . however you shouldnt need the codes to cut a key with a cut to code machine , your machine should give you the option of decoding and copying a key , cut to code and direct cut to bitting , so select direct cut and enter your lishi read.
  8. enjoy , its a decent unit with excellent support
  9. if looking at autel , then im508 and im608 are decent tools , for what you want to do i would go for the IM508 as IM608 will be too many functions that you wont use. im608 has a larger screen and has alot of engine diagnostics functions which i doubt you will use , the annual subscription is £700 IM508 has a smaller screen , only basic engine diagnostic functions and the annual subs are under £300 . IM508 if you also buy XP400 with it has the exact same key programming functions as IM608 , no difference between coverage at all on key programming , the difference between the 2 is just the larger screen and the engine diagnostic functions , i suspect you only need the key programming functions in which case im508 with xp400 is far cheaper to buy and £400 plus a year cheaper on subs.
  10. its worth having the u-snoop for the id49 cloning as opens more options , but also useful having one that does all 3 in 1. glad its resolved , when frustration kicks in especially the frustration of losing a sale as well its easy to see red , so many now vent online on forums and groups some even alienate suppliers in doing so , its always best to go direct to supplier and have it resolved .
  11. this is going to depend on so many things , makes , models and years that you hope to be programming remotes to . do you also want to program the remote keys you cant match a cloned chip to so programming on board chip and remote to the car , if so then makes , models and years factor in your choice of equipment . if you want a good all rounder then smart pro will do alot of what you seek, if within the budget you want to spend . if on a tighter budget consider a used mvp pro , im508 from autel has alot of coverage too. lots of excellent tools out there , tdb1000 , truecode , zedfull but may be more than what you require , specialist make tools like abrites , vvdi2 , vvdi mb , vag tacho , supervag extreme mb tool and many more . if just wanting to match remotes to keys you have cloned then if in budget smart pro is a decent fit , used mvp pro if budget tight .
  12. thats a bit harsh , it happens especially with electronic components , even the best qc systems in the world get a failure percentage on electronics , it happens. how many times have you supplied a product that has been returned through no fault of your own , it happens. my id48 snoop failed , aldridge replaced it very quickly , this i suspect is testement to aldridge as a good supplier and their customer service more than silca , but it was quickly replaced for me. just for info purposes , there is also an orange snoop , required for some cloning functions but also does the job of the grey id46 and the red id48 snoop so is 3 in 1 . if your supplier is replacing them for new or fixing them then they are doing all they can do . its unfortunate and it is frustrating and is a frustration we have all endured from many suppliers , but just as we get faulty goods returned through no fault of our own , so do our suppliers , its how they deal with it that makes the difference and i couldnt fault aldridge who were excellent. if its going to take a while to repair or replace your snoops , then my advice for what it is worth so you can be working quickly with your rw4 plus is , buy the orange snoop from your supplier as it opens up more cloning coverage for you , you will then be able to use this in place of the others and do all you need , so no downtime whilst awaiting repair or replacement of your other snoops. at some point you will need the orange snoop if wanting to do id49 cloning as well , but this will also do all the red and grey snoop functions as well https://www.nwkeys.co.uk/Product/silca-46-48-49-1c-universal-u-snoop-orange
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