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  1. a few of the better auto locksmiths are also shoe repairers so why not join here , yes theres shoe repairers who shouldnt go near a car just as theres general locksmiths who shouldnt go near a car , being an auto locksmith may be alot different to repairing shoes , but being an auto locksmith is also a world apart from being a general locksmith , the work involves very little locksmithing for most as is all electronics based these days. Gary B your background in tuning already gives you a head start on many as already understand diagnostics , i suspect you can already eeprom and solder and i suspect you already know how to remove and open an ecu and talk to it , skills that many in the trade still dont have. the modern tools make the picking and decoding straight forward , lock stripping and changes are logical if you have practical hands and a logical mind . still a steep lurning curve and lots to learn and understand , but id say your starting from a better place than many.
  2. the 2017 seat leon will be mqb and will be megamoss AES chip , so there is no way you will clone it at present , the only option is to code it by obd . keydiy doesnt have the remote for this at present time , xhorse have an mqb remote key you can generate and code by obd , some like it and some do not , some report success some report fails , but still need to do this via obd . so at present time it will be new or aftermarket remote until one is released and id wager that even then it will be a while before its 100% working
  3. i know a few people considering zedfull , what price are you looking for , of course being token based its not as desirable as the token free machines , but lifs are better than AD so still a decent machine to own
  4. the issue is as has been said , english workers demand a minimum level of wage , safe clean and warm working conditions , the best tools and equipment , paid holidays , sick pay , pension , health and safety etc etc etc , a safe place when offended and subsidised lunches , all of this comes at a cost which is reflected in the retail price of the goods . china has none of this , wages are low , perks are non existent as is health and safety , you dont work you dont get paid , this makes what they produce very cheap , no uk factory could compete on price . then you have the public , they want high quality for buttons , they want cheapest , if china product looks the same at half the price then this is all they see . its a lovely idea , but one that just cant work , we became too reliant on cheap imports and throw away products . look at it another way , folk here on forum always looking for cheapest supplier of this or that , plenty using china kit for doing keys and china keys as well , they buy these rather than buy quality kit from mainstream suppliers and oem keys , 1 because its cheaper , 2 because cheap is what the majority of customers want and 3 because they must compete with the cash in hand price cutters flooding the market , its the new normal , cheaper the better, cream may always rise to top , but crap also floats very well too , and in current climate the desire for cheap increases , just look at facebook selling pages , rammed with cash in handers advertising , and people on facebook believe as on that holy grail it entitles them to cheaper still , thus the countless posts for " tradesment wanted , must work to the highest standards be top quality but must be cheap " , since when did cheap quality and high standards ever go together ? until the new british culture changes which i doubt will happen , then cheap rules and the likes of china will thrive
  5. whether its worth having depends on what you want and expect it to do at the end of the day . keydiy kdx2 will clone keys yes , including id48 if you generate enough remotes you earn enough coins to make id48 cloning free , if you dont then you need to buy tokens for id48 cloning , the cloning chips are very cheap and reliable , it will clone id46 , id48 , 4d , 4c , g chip etc . but cloning is just a small part of what it does , its best function is remote generation as can generate over 1000 different vehicle remotes and most are extremely reliable and their keys are decent quality too , but it doesnt program chips and remotes to the car , for this you need diag kit. vag it will generate remotes to be programmed by diag kit and it will clone models using id48 chips , traffic and vivaro vans wont be covered after 2014 models , they have only just rereleased the remotes from renault as previous attempts failed id say for any auto locksmith its worth its weight in gold , if its worthwhile for you depends what you want to do with it
  6. many seem to want a boycot of china goods , until they want the cheap prices , just take car keys , how many out there especially the price cutters will stop using china diag and keys , if our trade suppliers boycotted china then they would have very little to sell , almost all trades now rely on cheap china . no matter how people feel now they will always go for the cheapest in the end.
  7. its worth noting that the forum is owned by uap/tradelocks/citysafe group and its a number of their administrators who do the admin functions at present , currently the majority of their staff which includes all admin staff are on furlough due to the current virus and have been for 5 weeks or so to date , and this will be why you have had no answer or action on this up to now, and its unlikely you will get a response until they are back to work . although they have started a limited service with a limited staff this doesnt include the office and admin staff at present as far as im aware , i know a few more are comming back to work next week and they are slowly bringing departments back bit by bit to facilitate social distancing and ppe requirements to work safely , so i suspect it is still a while before all admin get back to work to continue the admin functions , but im sure they will deal with this and stuff like this once back and running properly , but i suspect forum admin functions are not at the top of their priority list as they try to facilitate getting back up and running safely with a limited staff . im sure once they have the business back running again efficiently , start getting their staff back to work safely and get the more crucial functions working and the priorities of this under control they will get back to forum admin functions.
  8. i cant believe we still have so many protesting for an end to lock down , and so many more who believe the whole pandemic to be a hoax , end lockdown measures too soon and the death rate will get out of control , look at germany , eased lock down as had good figures and now the 2nd wave is hitting and they are considering locking down again. if this is relaxed too much too soon we will see a huge chunk of the older generation wiped out as well as many with underlying conditions across the generations , no ones right to mingle is worth what would follow . as much as i would like things back to nearer normal , i dont want this at any cost and damn the consequences.
  9. a rush to ease and release lockdown can be a bad thing , germany now considering locking down again after seeing a 2nd wave , all the pressure to ease things and if they do and it goes tits up its their bad decision , its a damned if you do and damned if you dont scenario for any government , if they dont ease things then economy suffers more people slate them , if they ease the lockdown and give the masses what they want and we get a deadly second wave then they put economy before the peoples health and slated and damned for this too , so lose lose for the decision makers.
  10. and that is the choice we all have , for some it makes financial sense to furlough and stay home , for some it doesnt , we all have the option to close or stay open including timpson , for them opening their branches in busy supermarkets makes sense and allows them to test there social distancing plans , ppe and whether viable , based on results i suspect will be the blueprint to plan the gradual return to operations. its a personal choice and decision and what makes financial sense , at some point we must all plan our return and return to work , so timpson approach does make sense
  11. most of you could stay open under the hardware or locksmith banner as long as observing social distancing etc
  12. tradelocks have released a range of PPE items i noticed today https://tradelocks.co.uk/ppe.html
  13. this is the dilemna many small businesses will face , there may not be enough work initially until things pick up , its a tough call many will need to make , i suspect many small businesses simply wont reopen in some trades
  14. excellent news , i think many are considering end of may , i suspect most will be allowed back by june if social distancing can be observed , though i doubt this will include pubs and restaurants etc until much later . you look to be in a better position than many , you at least have orders to go back to which is a comfort i suspect many do not. glad your well and best of luck
  15. directly breathing in neat ozone from these machines can indeed harm the lungs , this is why those that use them do so when premises or vehicle is empty , many restauraunts use them on timers , they come on in the night when closed , go off a few hours before anyone is due in , to give the ozone air time to dilute with normal air , everything sterile and odour free , if used correctly then not harmfull. as with anything its down to how its used , i do work for a car dealer that uses one in trade ins , to sterilise , get rid of cigarette smoke odours etc . if your shop opens 9 to 5 , then a machine on a timer that comes on at 9pm and goes off at 2 or 3am is going to do its job , kill the germs and by the time you open up the air is normal air again. how are you and your wife now graham ? back to full strength i hope .
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