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  1. rapidlocks

    Nissan Juke case

    remkeys used to stock these
  2. rapidlocks

    Vehicle stuff

    as above , RW2 is a poor buy , though you may just about see enough old cars to get your £30 back . so your cloner choice is poor. kdx2 or vvdi key tool would be better cloner buys as has more than 100 times the coverage of rw2 so you will be able to cover what rw2 covers and many current cars too. with regards kd900 , although a good unit for remote production , this is pointless without obd capability to program , kd900 was a great stock saver as a wide remote generation coverage but without obd coverage has little value . KDX2 or vvdi key tool would vave been better buys again for remote generation as both are cloners too and both have up to date cloning as well as all the remote generation that kd900 has , with the added bonus of remote copy functions , chip generation and a host of other functions , and kdx2 is cheaper than kd900 too. of course with kdx2 and vvdi key tool its only cloning , although with kdx2 you can clone some remotes as well as chips on whole you will be limited to manual keys , most people now want remotes so without obd coverage you are on the uphill. so many fail in their having a go on auto due to poor kit choices and poor investments , their are some bargains out there but on the whole to get any where near the coverage you need you must spend big , sadly its the constant . every body tries to start out cheap and all realise in end it was wasted money as achieved nothing and they had to invest in the end. the bestadvice i can give if investment is limited , is spend the money elsewhere . to make a kdx2 or vvdi key tool pay its way even on spare keys you will need an obd programmer capable of coding remotes by obd and coding intergrated chips , without this you are limited to manual keys on a wide range of everyday cars , take the common astra H and astra j models , yes you can clone a key with most cloners capable of cloning id46 ( not rw2) , but that manual key is not a good seller , as despite it being able to manually open drivers and start car , it cant lock the car up again , same on alot of models . luckily with so many mvp pro units on the second hand market going for as low as £1500 , a good coverage obd programmer is available all be it on tokens . there really is no cheap way to get into auto and survive in it or even make it worthwhile .
  3. AA key assist have a number of programmers , a friend of mine was AA key assist on his van he had ; Full abrites MVP pro full vag dealer tool with online access orange 5 , tango , rw4 plus and odds and ends of other kit , they were extremely well equipped with programmers , machines , eeprom kit , stock and lishi etc . im sure they will have added to this since his time with them . he also had access to alot of codes as well
  4. rapidlocks

    smart pro for sale

    most 2nd hand kit goes at around 50% of its new value , except on facebook as facebook users believe they have the divine right to even cheaper prices because its facebook. sell on ebay you will get more but after fees etc will be about same. the best thing you can do is earn some payback with the kit before selling , the 2nd hand market can br brutal and anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay , and on an expensive to use token based unit its a tougher sell especially when so much token free coverage is available for same investment . good luck
  5. rapidlocks

    Miracle A5 for sale

    hickleys have a 2nd hand zedfull for sale on there sites used section complete with , 150 credits , 5 days lifs and full 12 months warranty and support for £2995 plus vat as a price guide for you , they also have their show coming up soon where tokens and lifs and units are always discounted . also remember if buying 1000 tokens you get 150 tokens free as always get 15% of the tokens you buy free again . does it have any of the packs on it like merc , bmw , emulator packs , pin code packs , as add ons like these may give what you are selling more value to thoose looking to buy
  6. i could never advise anyone to buy a keypro m8 , it has its bugs and failures , the software is a long way out of date , mvp pro and smart pro have added so much since this rip off came out that buying one now is no more benefit than owning a chinese lonsdor , xpad/xtool or obdstar device which do more token free , wheres as mvp pro and smart pro have more coverage but the china units are catching up fast , but even they look at yearly subscriptions now to feather their nest . smart pro charging for pin reading that was previously free and still is free on mvp pro is a kick in the teeth for those loyal to AD who invested in the upgrade , but its all about weeding out new income streams and milking a little more from us the customer. ive lost faith in many of the big suppliers due to this , and prefer investing in the likes of truecode as chris looks after his customers , helps them and what he releases simply works and does what it says it does and token free , vag tacho is another straight honest tool as is the likes of gscan , both also token free options at affordable prices . tdb1000 is making inroads and is a simple unit with impressive coverage too and also token free , these all freely support their products and most support their customers too , lockdecoders are very well known for the support they offer. theres alot of good diag out there thats not token based and alot is affordable , also alot of good eeprom kit from scorpio , lockdecoders , vvdi etc that simply works well . for eeprom kit id look to scorpio or lock decoders , for obd diag id look at the smaller manufacturers to top up the arsenal and steer clear of the rip offs and snide kit , especially when new , when new the level of support and guidance a manufacturer gives you can be crucial , you dont get support with rip off kit , you get a degree of support from some kit as long as you pay for it and others support their products freely and fully , all things to factor in. if budget allows buy multiple kit , as 1or 2 tools just isnt enough , but buy clever and look for kit that has the least ongoing costs to use it .
  7. yup the keypro m8 is 100% counterfeit , pure rip off , the irony is of course it works , was reading a post yesterday where someone had failed with his smart pro on a vauxhall remote and on a land rover defender , what gutted him most was he lost these jobs to a price cutter who succeeded with keypro m8 , why he walked and had no other option is foolish but its a bitter pill to swallow when failing with the original tool and being outdone by the rip off. in an ideal world the genuine would be picking up the jobs that the counterfeit fails on , not the other way around. yes the original now has far more coverage and is improving , but to a small business its little comfort if losing out as above. as above shows ,theres still bits mvp pro and even the counterfeit keypro m8 succeed on that the all new bells and whistles smart pro fail on , its also the case that some of vag pin reading that is token free on mvp pro and even the counterfeit keypro , charges tokens now on smart pro , which seems somewhat wrong , its like china kit and some bulgarian kit where goal posts get moved and previously token free functions are now paid for functions but only on the new machine , so penalising customers for being loyal and upgrading , rather than looking after loyal customers. i guess times are hard , which is why they must squeeze a bit more , though its exactly this that is pushing many to look at counterfeits over genuine and the rise in those turning east. ive always steered clear of counterfeit , but when having to compete with these users and reading of them doing doing jobs the main machines have issues on now , the cost of loyalty is being tested as never before and seems a tadge one way . an even playing field would indeed be an ideal world , which this isnt. i would say steer clear of pure rip off kit , but cant blame people from using it at present , maybe a good move manufacturers and distributors should consider , is make sure your original kit does what it says on the tin and does everything the rip off does and more , then you can dent the sales of the rip off units , and maybe ensure previously free functions on old unit and fake unit stay free to use on new machine . id still advise a 2nd hand original mvp pro over the keypro m8 rip off , but at present id also advise the mvp pro over the smart pro still as well.
  8. may of course will stand down , how conservatives then fair in a general election will depend on who becomes leader , the right leader may boost their share of the vote , unless corbyn stands down i cant see labour making ground with corbyn , so think they will do poorly and lose alot of seats , i suspect we will see a rise in mp's from brexit party , ukip , the new break away party and others , which will make winning a majority very hard for both parties and make passing things in the commons very difficult . of course after the bloody nose they recieved in the council elections , the last thing may and corbyn want is to get another bloody nose in the euro elections and get a drubbing from the brexit party which is highly likely . it wouldnt surprise me if they come to agreement and a way to agree mays deal and get it through parliament so that they dont need to contest the euro elections , pass the bad deal in a bid to save them from more humiliation especially at the hands of nigel farage again. may has been told that a deal with corbyn would finish her , but shes finished anyway so nothing to lose and hurt those who have conspired to topple her in the process . this isnt going to end well for any of us , and looking at the state of british politics who in their right mind is going to want to deal with us . leave or remain , it just needs putting to bed and moving on , before they make things far worse than they already are
  9. with all the best will in the world , it is unlikely that the brexit party would or could win a general election , judging by the mood in the country it is unlikely that either of the 2 main parties will get a majority to govern , face it the conservatives are a mess and corbyn is as electable as a dustbin , with better leadership i think labour would have capitalised and won with a landslide , but due to their leadership will find themselves in the same boat as the conservatives . face it steve , the likely outcome is a severly hung parliament with conservative and labour both being far weaker than they are now , with the rest including brexit party , ukip , greens etc all diluting any near majority , so a coalition must be formed , though a coalition with so many opposing views will cause 1 huge stalemate that will see little get done as it will be near impossible to pass anything worthwhile as too many will block it . i would still vote leave , but i have grave concerns as to whether our house of commons could and would build leaving into something that would see us grow and prosper , i really dont believe they have the balls or the ability to make leave on no deal work sadly . leaving us in as a rule taker is pointless as in a worse position than if we remain as at least we have a veto and are part of what makes the rules . the choices are really 1) remain in eu 2) leave with the tory deal tweaked to labours liking making it a worse deal as still in but with zero say 3) leave with no deal and pray that those in the commons can get there acts together and make it work sadly for many staying in may win the day , which conspiracy theorists may believe was the plan all along .
  10. leaving the eu but maybe not actually leaving , if still in customs union and single market then we cannot make our own trade deals and we cannot control imigration , we will still be bound by the eu laws and rules , except , with no say in these rules , so basically in without any say , from rule maker to rule taker. even a devout leaver would rather stay in and be a rule maker than kind of leave to become a rule taker. the main thing that scares me about leaving with no deal , is who is going to run the country to make it work , from what ive seen of government and mp's , im struggling to see anyone capable of making this work. i still prefer leave , but not at any cost and certainly not to be a rule taker still bound by eu rules and laws with no say in them , if it was this or remain then id vote remain
  11. the reality is that everybody has in fact lost , if as it looks like , we stay in the customs union and possibily the single market , we will in fact still have free movement so no control on imigration , we will still be bound by all rules dictated to us by the eu without any say in these rules , so in fact we will remain as a hanger on and a rule taker eating crumbs from the eu27 thats left . so whether remain or leave , we all lose as we have the worst possible outcome. a peoples vote should include leave with no deal as well as remain as well as soft brexit . many will be hoping the eu kick us out with no deal , all it takes is the french to veto an extension
  12. after tonights announcement it looks like we may kind of leave but not leave , just be bound by all the rules without any say in the rules and pay for it too
  13. the conclusion may well be taken out of mp's hands , if the french or another eu member state veto an extension to article 50 , then there is only 3 courses of action open to our politicians ; leave on may 12th with no deal agree the withdrawal agreement and leave revoke article 50 and remain without an extension being given , these are then the only options open to them . any other outcome relies on the granting of a long extension . the eu have played a blinder making our politicians look 3rd class in comparison , they would sooner us revoke and stay or leave on the bad deal given , only no deal causes them a headache , though looking at the feeling towards no deal in commons its a safe bet for them that if they say no to an extension then the odds of getting an outcome they want increase.
  14. i cant believe that the main parties seem to want a general election , with the mood online and around the country surely a general election would see many of them ousted from their jobs , some because the voted against the wishes of their voters , some because they have proven just how useless they are . a general election may well see us stay in eu , or it may see an influx of votes for brexit party , far right parties and even extrteme far right groups , if part of the problem is the minority government , what do they think a general election will bring , i suspect an even more divided house of commons than it is now. total mayhem caused by the powers that be , so much nonsence and scare mongering on both sides , no one truly knows what they will be voting for
  15. rapidlocks

    3D Closed

    and reiterates my point on unfounded statements such as "they are gone " and the unjust speculation that tarnishes their reputation further that gets posted is innacurate and potentially liable . im all for tightening up this industry , but not by such ridiculous siezures of provable genuine stock being siezed until they conclude their investigation , if 3d had been a less succesful group such a siezure could be terminal , its no comfort being exhonerated once you go under , im glad they are in a position to weather the storm . it would make much more sense to target the resellers of chinese counterfeit keys and the online sellers and those that buy china keys who avoid import duty with their doctored low invoices , it is these they should be targetting not legit suppliers lets hope this puts an end to the jungle drum network of innacurate and unfounded speculation once and for all .