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  1. get well soon gray , i feel for you , im on day 4 of self isolation having started friday with the high temperature , then lower abdomen pain , temperature fatigue and head aches and breathlessness all over weekend , today feeling alot better bar the fatigue and breathlessness , if this is it then thus far ive had it very mild compared to others . for the 10 days to 2 weeks previously i was covering just emergencies , still got unlucky. having only had mild symptons compared to some meant it was managable , but other than the symptons and the fatigue , by far the worst for me was and is the not knowing , with no testing available , you self isolate , you dont know if you have it or something else , if the virus if it will be mild , severe or lethal , once you have the symptons all you can do is sit and wait to see what transpires , for me this has been the worst part of it , isolation isnt hard as you really dont want to go anywhere as even walking up the stairs renders you breathless . to all still covering jobs , id say the risk is just not worth it , the odds on roulette are better , and once you have symptons you have to sit and wait to see if lucky or not , id seriously think twice before going out on any non essential trip. im hoping im over worse and theres no sting in the tail , take care graham , plenty of rest , plenty of fluids and vitamins .
  2. the fact it still needs paying i will be paying on time , defering is pointless if you have funds to pay it .
  3. for many mobile locksmiths and auto locksmiths who are companies so can take the 80% of salary help thats available once in place , and for the self employed once a scheme is announced are concerned , there will be a big decision to be made . you will have to weigh up which route you are better taking , after talking to my accountant , for me to be able to access the 80% salary i must effectively close my business entirely , i mustnt even take 1 job or i dont qualify , which is fair enough . or i can stay open to cover essential emergency jobs only for key workers and public , id assume this doesnt mean spare keys , so legit emergencies only , if the case will i be likely to get enough genuine emergency jobs to make this pay what i would recieve by closing for the 10 or 12 weeks. or should i be reckless and cover all and any job , or fiddle things and close and work cash only , so break the rules and damn the consequences to maybe get hammered later on . its a tough decision that many will have to make a quick decision on , it would have been better to allow emergency cover whilst on a scheme and adjust figures , but this mechanism isnt in place . last night i did attend a lost key job for a key worker at 1130pm , but im likely going to close once the payment mechanism is in place to get the 80% salary , as safer and more sensible and guaranteed to cover the bills , but this is a personal decision we all must take at some point
  4. a paramedic told me lock down is comming next week , if true its a good idea
  5. if ltd you are not self employed , so in the event of lock down you should be able to get 80% of what ever annual salary you pay yourself from the company , if vat registered then this quarter vat is defered till june , if you have a mortgage you can get a 3 month mortgage holiday so no mortgage to pay , also you have access to a loan on 12 months interest free . if you have staff that you send home but retain you can get them 80% of their salary from the government . or thats my understanding , but best to get advice from your accountant on what you can get and how to get it . dont worry about insurance , most are not covering it
  6. im not technically self employed as went LTD 10 years ago , so im technically an employee on paye , so more options for me , and of course im still working at present all be it slower than normal , so i have more options going forward than if self employed currently , plus i have business interuption and keyman insurance in place , i can also get through by raiding the savings in the retirement pot , so in a better place than many will be. i feel for all small self employed trades , this will devistate many of them
  7. for the self employed there isnt really any help and i fear alot will be lost , their advance on account payments are deferred till september , this frees up the tax money they have saved to spend if needed , however , if they spend this to eat then where do they find the money to pay in september if there work has dried up or slowed down or stopped , they are arguably better off signing on now and paying their tax money as planed in july . there is no real safety net for the 5 million self employed . the mobile set ups without ratable premises have less to be optimistic about , even the prepared with business interuption insurance are finding their providers dont cover this . also much help isnt available all the time you can work , if the government dont order locksmiths to stop working then some of the help may not be available. i know a few trades where guys have shut up shop and are stocking shelves at supermarkets on temp contracts to bring money in . its also a worry that when this is finally over , there will be significant amounts in severe debt , and it will take far longer to get out of this , also the government will be broke and the economy shattered , one has to wonder if this means a return to austerity but on a larger scale , for now its get through this and survive it and worry about what comes next later .
  8. alot of what you would like to see already exists , there is alot of info already out there , and what is already there could be so much better if keydiy users could be bothered . one such example is the keydiy app that you have on your phone already if using kdx2 , if not you can still download this to your phone. the app has a great feedback feature , when you open a remote , there is feedback available , this feedback is users confirming the make model and year the remote worked on and is pretty accurate , sadly alot of remotes do not have any feedback entered , which surprises me alot , after all worldwide keydiy must have at least 500,000 users at a conservative estimate , im sure that if every user entered their successes here each time as it was designed for , then the coverage picture would be crystal clear , but alas people dont , in fact less than 10% of users bother to post feedback , which is a shame , every user has the power to improve this by registering accurate feedback on the app , if they did you would have a full resource at your finger tips , but saying that whats there can still be very useful. on a forum what you ask for is almost impossible to have within a thread , as with so many posts and so many questions , searching for what you actually need would be a nightmare , so now it needs the forum owners to create a downloadable pdf or a read only reference link to do what the app already does, alot of work and i suspect some cost for the forum owners. they then need to have enough experienced users to collate the info but not just the claimed coverage but the verified working coverage , again alot of work that im sure most would charge for , so more expense . this is the issue on most forums and on most facebook groups , there is so many posts that finding specific answers and coverage is not easy , this is because no one has collated it all into 1 easy to read reference point , i dont know many experienced guys who will collate and publish such a list , they already see the untrained inexperienced beer brigade armed with keydiy slashing rates to work for a pack of wine gums , they would be cutting their own nose off if they spent alot of time to complete such a list for the price cutters to benefit , so many keep the hard earned info to themselves , even if someone did this and then published it in a closed forum , many would copy it and share it everywhere else and the end result would be rates dropping to include just half a pack of wine gums. if everyone on this forum chipped in with bits on a thread over a year , you would get alot of posts in a thread that would be a nightmare to navigate and search for what you wont if not collated and organised , and i doubt it would contain the depth of feedback info already on the app , that app could be pure gold for all if users could be bothered to add to it , sadly more take than give back so is unlikely to ever happen . im sure if stuck and you ask a specific question about a remote in the keydiy section in the trade only section then someone will im sure help you out , its a great idea to have such a resource for those without the info to learn from , but unlikely to happen , maybe this is something you could collate and share here , im sure you would be thanked by those that need it so what part of the country/world are you from baz , and how long have you been trading as an auto locksmith , and welcome to the forum
  9. you can help make your shop , van , unit , work space a safer enviroment for you and your customers that beats disinfecting daily , buy an ozone generator , these are not expensive , you run it overnight when shop empty , it kills all bacteria including corona virus , sars , flu and cold germs and bacteria . i have read some puting the ozone air in a bag and inhaling , but thats not a good idea as can harm lungs this way , alot of food establishments run these on timers over night , cleans but also gets rid of all odours on furniture and fabric , car rental companies use them on their cars , and some dealerships use them on trade ins etc to get rid of tobaco and dog smells from trade in cars and also gets rid of moss on cars too.
  10. in many ways id sooner get it out of the way , build immunities for next year , so many conspiracy theories surrounding this with so many believing it to be made in a lab and leaked in error , im shocked that trump hasnt blamed north korea and nuked them . one even suggested that euro governments have been struggling due to older generations living longer so being a financial burden on the pension systems , if this peaks and affects mainly the old it will save a fortune . so much misinformation surrounding this that helps no one , we need facts and accurate advice from our government and the media rather than all the different opinions , i worry for my parants and relatives , and hope they get on top of it , personally if im going to get it id sooner get it out of the way .
  11. i would imagine most have been buying extra stock in case , topping up to get over any shotages caused by a few months of no stock , i know some distributors have been , i also suspect some have been panic buying , id also not put it past some to have bought in the hope they can double price and sellon if shortages , as with hand sanitizer
  12. you can obtain the code from code brokers like autosecuritycodes.com . 3d etc ,. and online at sites like this one https://www.radiocodes.co.uk/land-rover-key-codes but this of course is reliant on the vehicle never having had a lock change . if all keys lost they could send you the lock to strip and read, if they have a working key send you a photo of this. key code was from memory stamped on a disk attached to the original key set , and is sometimes on a tag/label on back of ignition assembly behind cluster though on old vehicles this is often unreadable .
  13. welcome to the forum , i dont know why people think that we have issues with timpson , my own son worked for them for 2 or 3 years , and i get passed alot of jobs from them when recases go wrong , so no issues with timpson at all .
  14. you drink beer now tel ?? i thought you was still on babycham and snowballs
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