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  1. as a ltd company on annual pay scheme there was no help for us first time around and wont be this time around , though i know il be paying for it until i retire despite not being helped by it . it was obvious with what they are borrowing to fund this that they couldnt continue furlough for another 3 to 6 months we would be a bankrupt company even before brexit . we will all be fuffering the effects of this for many years to come and many despite their graft will become a casualty of this pandemic .
  2. depends on truck model , some are id44 some are id46 , depends on model of truck as lots of different models
  3. never had an issue with truecode on transit custom up to 2016 , after this is not covered on truecode . the id63 80 bit is covered the later id47 isnt . ive not had a custom without alarm that its failed on yet . had one that smart pro couldnt do either , as stated alarm active but no sound bar a low hum , someone had disconnected alarm sounder , but was active other than that ive done alot of id63 80 bit customs with truecode without issue , ive not had a fail yet and done alot of these since software firat released the new models after 2016 are covered on the new halkyard tec
  4. Truecode is fantastic kit and very simple to use and extremely reliable , as you have asked about renault , renault coverage it has is flawless , but does lack some later coverage and at present we dont know if new coverage will be available later on the truecode platform . new to buy truecode smart with REE1 , RTC1 , RTC2 , RTC3 , RTC4 and RTC5 licences is around £1045 plus vat and gives you almost full renault coverage to around 2014/2015 models to buy TDB1000 plus the renault software licence is around £950 plus vat and has more later renault coverage and so far has been updated
  5. it is very rare to see truecode for sale 2nd hand , every so often but not often , its low cost enough new and simply works on what it says it works on so for most still too good to let go, new its still a good investment , as is tdb1000 on renault , another tool you will find hard to pick up used as too useful to let go . though plenty of mvp pro and even smart pro up for sale on dreaded tokens if you find one used you have done well , if not buy truecode or tdb1000 new , both are quick payback
  6. i know one lockie who loves his gymkana , and another thats having alot of headaches with it , its certainly not the build quality of the ninja laser or futura , obviously a machine to compete with the condor and miracle machines for light use users. personally id go for futura or ninja laser or miracle A9 over the cheaper machines as last and work longer . i have a miracle A6 machine that i only use for edge keys , reliable enough machine if looked after
  7. are you a shoe repairer ? Locksmith ? auto locksmith ? or just playing at doing a few car keys for friends or family with a view to starting out at it for a living ?
  8. this is considerably cheaper when on one of their 4 or 5 promotions and at a show price . most who have had this since before the full deals have spent double that amount to get similar coverage. give barry an email , hes retiring so selling his kit , but knows its value so is working with it part time until sold for the figure he has in mind for it , its very well loaded but wont be cheap i suspect .
  9. there is one for sale in northern ireland , it was a full when the full deal was on 8 to 10 years ago , but hasnt been kept fully up to date but is well loaded . unsure of price , but the guy selling one is called barry , Autokeys NI , email is autokeyni@gmail.com
  10. you wont find many full abrites around , the full deal was many years ago and most wont have bought all the licences released since this as wont use them all . i havnt seen a full abrites for sale in 8 years and havnt seen a well loaded one in 2 years . good luck in search though
  11. if only all in my area who do repairs learnt from video 1 , i would be a happy man
  12. depends on the person in the shop, also how stressed or busy they are , though breakages have slowed down in last 4 months , obviously i prefer the ones who are not so careful
  13. unless your in nottingham , if in nottingham do it the well known nationals way and hit it as hard as you can with the biggest hammer you can find , i fix alot of these for a national the last one i went to for them the case wasnt even closed with the pin , he hadnt replaced the pin to keep it locked. so if in notts then please break them , and pass my number
  14. with just 200 calories theres not much to get excited about , a few mouthfulls and its done , last nights offering was a small piece of salmon and 80 grams of green veg , but im told my body will thank me
  15. my mistake , was in a hurry , my 200 calorie dinner was ready , this 800 calorie a day diet has taken its toll , i never thought id be excited at a 200 calorie meal
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