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  1. yup JC and the rest of his leadership was the best gift Labour could have given the conservatives in this election , all the time JC and his cronies were at the helm it was always going to be a good result for boris. maybe we will now see brexit get done
  2. all jmd ( handy baby) chips can be rewritten , just google handy baby or ebay . tradelocks used to sell them , hickleys sell them but far dearer than online purchase , 3d group sell the chips but dearer than online . same with cn chips used on cn900 these can be rewritten too. other options include kdx2 from keydiry or xhorse keytool or xhorse mini key tool , both even cheaper than handy baby but you would need to download the app to your phone and connect to app by bluetooth to clone keys . but you still have the issue of if not leaving the shop that you will limit yourself to a tiny market , that will dissapoint as id46 and 48 will be the bulk of what you will be asked for , 3d group have a special offer on xhorse mini key tool at present as well , 3d sell compatible cloning chips for both kdx2 and xhorse tool and handy baby , as well as plenty of online sellers as well . with the limited market you will confine yourself to i would stick with kdx2 , xhorse mini key tool , handy baby as on these you may get payback in time
  3. ok by black box i assume you mean the black folder to right of machine , this is just an envelope containing the id48 activation and a few cloning chips or gkm heads , so its just an envelope . ok the mini needs internet for all cloning , its not stand alone , so you will need a pc connected to wifi to use it effectively , better options exist and some cheaper , if willing to pay a little more then rw4 plus will do 4d and id46 stand alone without wifi , but cheaper still is the handy baby or handy baby 2 cloner , it will do 4d and id46 stand alone with no internet needed and is less than half the price of the keyline mini, only 80 bit 4d and g chip and id48 need internet . the other advantage of handy baby is the cloning chips are far cheaper around half the silca and keyline price and just as reliable . if not willing to leave the shop , then you will struggle and wont be able to complete most jobs that come in , you will be limited to fixed code keys that ended on most cars after around 2001 , and if using a tool like handy baby or rw4 plus you will be able to do 4d 40 bit without leaving the shop and 4d 80 bit if you have wifi connection . the most common car keys you will be asked to clone are id46 keys , for these you will need to leave the shop to sniff data from the customers car with all cloners , id48 are common too and for these you must leave the shop to sniff data from car and you must have wifi and be online for the calculation . id say id46 and id48 will represent 80% + of what you will be asked for by your customers , so if not willing to leave the shop to sniff data from car you leave yourself just a small percentage of keys you will be able to do , i doubt enough to get payback on a keyline mini or rw4 plus . if going to limit yourself to just fixed code and 4d then id stick to a tool like handy baby , cn900 mini as will cost you between £170 and £350 for the tool and the chips are around £5 each which is half the cost of a keyline chip . if not willing to leave shop you are wasting time and money on the keyline mini as its main functions that will cover most of what you will be asked for you wont use. 80% or more of what you will be asked for will require data sniffing from the car , so to do them you must either go to the car to do this or trust your customer to take your unit to their car to do the sniffing and show them how to do this , fine if they get it right and even better if you get your unit back . if limiting yourself to just what you can do without leaving the shop then an rw4 or even rw3 will be adequate cheap as chips 2nd hand.
  4. not even im old enough to remember you being happy mick
  5. happy ? hmmm i can just about remember happy i think . roll on retirement
  6. watch this space and your email box for a certain firms key programming and training roadshow in mid/west wales shortly ! it will soon be full of hopefull fully trained locksmiths armed with a smart pro and a zedfull and keydiy. wait till the inevitable call out cancels when a few minutes away as found the key , found someone cheaper or one of the other 4 locksmiths they called got their before you , shit happens and you cant charge a fee as advertise no call out , people panic and often phone more than 1 locksmith , if long distance or a run of over an hour which some will be in the areas your covering its advised to take a deposit especially at night . i dont envy you , thats a huge area if covering it all on your own with 1 service van , and promising a 1 hour arrival time especially when crossing counties , the m25 or going into london , and covering all of these 24 hours , i take my hat off to you . cant fault your enthusiasm and really do wish you luck and hope it lives up to expectations
  7. you will find it very hard to get local auto locksmiths to buddy up with , this is very much a solitary life , you will understand why in the years to come when new starts want to cosy up to you for help . theres not many that will give the time of day to someone setting up to be a competitor in an already saturated market that they will be struggling to get by in. you look to be covering a huge area , and an area renowned for slow moving traffic and motorway car parks appearing daily , good luck and all the best with this , moving away from kent was good for my sanity on the road, so select quality stock as in such a big area call backs will be costly , then the sods law days when each job is at the furthest extremity from the last of the area , your advert of arrival within an hour will be hard to meet at wrong time of day , i despise that m25 and area as spent too many years of mylife on the m25 and m20 , one of the things i miss least about moving north. nope its not cheap at all , i have 1 van on road , i carry now around £120k in remote and key stock so i can do most jobs same day , and another 140k in equipment , tools and token free diag , so your correct its not a cheap business , and i still spend up to 15k a year on upgrades which then brings more expense on the new coverage key stock . it never stops being expensive , it will continue to be expensive until you retire , expensive is the only constant within this trade, though only expensive to keep up and buy kit and stock , its getting cheaper and cheaper rate wise causing a big imbalance for many. in my next life i plan to come back as a distributor . you will now soon realise just how many fools exist doing any remote key between £60 and £80 all in and the numerous beer money boys working for a pack of fags that exist , mostly on facebook with their chinese tat offerings and unsustainable low prices , you will see these quickly dissappear to be replaced by 2 more and so on , this is the bargain basement the trades become. learn to do the type of jobs the new boys cant do as these at least still pay well . welcome and best of luck , but outside of socials at trade shows you will find it hard to buddy up to anyone worthwhile within your area other than those who want a nosy to check you out and decide how to best compete with what you will offer , no one helps the new competitors in their own area too much as affects there own business , to them your just another of the 5 to 10 new starts they see each year in the area . concentrate on what you do and get stuck in local friendships build up over time and normally from trade show socials . you have to ask yourself , if you are having to graft out a living in an oversaturated market , how much help will you want to give new guys setting up in your area to reduce your living further ? then you understand why this is rare. attend trade shows , and meet and socialise , join forums and read .
  8. my biggest concern is now the fudged brexit , i voted leave and would still do so if i could turn back the clock , though at present i think this will be an absolute disaster no matter the outcome of the election. politicians have negotiated a terrible deal that leaves us at the whim of the eu , usa trade deal will be one sided . our politicians have put us in a position of weakness , we have no bargaining leverage , in fact we have none at all , the upshot is we would go cap in hand to the americans or to the eu and take what we are given. as good as leaving could have been , the incompetence of our parliment has left us up the stream without a paddle or a boat . i cant blame the scotts for wanting to desert this sinking ship , i suspect many brits would like to do same
  9. as said if 5GO KEYDIY DOES NOT COVER THESE REMOTES !!! you will need to buy oem key and have diagnostics that can program mk7 golf, you will not do this with keydiy . keydiy cannot support or offer instructions for a key they dont do or a system they dont do , 5go is not listed on their coverage list becuase its not covered , keydiy offer no instructions or support on it because they dont cover it , maybe if and when they can cover it they will add info .
  10. Facebook , the place where every user believes as a member they have the right to instant answers , free everything or cut price everything , the mentality of im on facebook and that entitles me , i despise facebook
  11. there was a quit per quo at one point , keydiy helped with the remote side and in return got the cloning and production side , but both work on their own machines . despite denial to the contrary keydiy were also behind the base software for another well known manufacturers remote generator .
  12. if a 5GO remote then its likely a golf mk7 , if the case KD cannot generate these at all yet
  13. if really wanting to use the numbers , you know the positions of the 4 cuts as the solid ones you tension with , so where the number 4 sits in these positions will be the line you read , but i find it not always accurate reading the lines , quicker and easier reading the turners.
  14. there are lots of different tibbe picks that you read in different ways , with you refering to lines of numbers i will assume you mean the catapillar tool sold online and by lishi as i know this to have lines of numbers. the best advice i can give on this tool is to ignore the lines of numbers entirely , they tend to confuse things , instead concentrate on the positions of the turner arms , you only have 4 different heights , so its far easier this way . the 4s you know straight away as no lift and instantly solid , the difference can be seen on where the arms rest. in worn locks you can be unsure , so on a position where you unsure , reset just that position and pick that position again gently , if it clicks just once and opens its a 3 , twice its a 2 and 3 times its a 1 , you can verify every position this way . i tend to pick the lock , then whilst maintaining tension on the 4s in open position , i pull each position back to its stop position and read the height differences . works for me and most tibbe with practice are a minute or so just to pick and decode .
  15. as i said , with the absence of any honest politicians practicing honest transparent politics , you will get shafted . politicians lie , cheat , fiddle and screw up with impunity and no accountability other than to themselves , so all the time the country is run by them , normal people get shafted thats the way it works. so independence sounds nice , but the reality is , instead of being shafted by london , you get shafted by a scottish politician , the outcome is the same , you still get shafted , if your preference is to be shafted by a countryman then fair play . its much same with brexit , leavers just prefer to get shafted by british politicians than by european ones , leave or stay we are still going to get shafted. the only thing i disagree with is business owners get shafted , only small and medium businesses get shafted , if you are one of the big boys you can avoid tax and be one of the shafters rather than the shafted . the systems designed to keep us down and keep the wealth where they desire it kept. oh for honest politicians , transparency and honesty in government , oh for the ideal world , which this is not and never will be no matter whether independent , part of a union or part of europe or any other alliance , the end result is the same .
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