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  1. rapidlocks

    Very Cold Down here -7

    Llandudno , had many a night in the club under the imperial hotel and the penryn bay Old Hall
  2. i wont post his details as he intends joining and doing so himself , but ive messaged you . as far as im aware hes selling business complete set up including van, training and support if needed for health reasons . but im sure he will make it clear once he joins forum
  3. i know a guy in northern ireland thats possibly selling ; a well loaded abrites , ( was one of the full abrites when they had the full promotion a while back , plus plenty of new licences added ) i believe he has true code , zedbull , handy baby , mvp , various eeprom kit , tools , van etc i believe hes selling his complete set up but may split . ive suggested he join here which he will im sure
  4. rapidlocks


    the right result , a shoe repairer should always win this , well deserved
  5. rapidlocks

    Latest InstaCode

    yup i have latest version too and not showing on there either , maybe in the next update
  6. rapidlocks

    Ford key

    picture isnt great , but try 3323542132
  7. as a locksmith working all hours , i often think i need to be certified insane
  8. rapidlocks

    A new beginning!!!! Hello :)

    I doubt it was mentioned prior to you training and buying kit , but mick is correct the market is indeed saturated and rates are dropping faster than a tarts knickers , so many have joined and fuelled the race to the bottom and its a race that when won everyone has lost. following a short basic training course you have the very basics only , it will take years to gain competence , some achieve this quicker than others , it all depends what you put into it , i advise plenty of bench practice and time in the scrap yards and on old bangers to gain experience and confidence , this is still the best way to learn . research your area very well , learn who your competitors are , what the local rates are and the most common jobs you are likely to see , more affluent areas will see alot more high end and newer models where as less affluent areas will see older and less high end vehicles . this then gives you an idea of how many competitors you actually have , what the rates are locally and what cars your likely to see most of which guides your software and stock buying needs, all research that ideally should have been done and a business plan made prior to training and buying kit , you would at least know if viable before parting with a large sum of money. i dont envy you , as i would hate to be starting out now , despite the job being easier due to equipment doing more and being more reliable , dependent on what equiptment you have . the one thing i can guarantee you is that what ever kit you have bought , it wont be enough , you will quickly learn you need far more , that is the one constant in this trade , it changes so quickly and is expensive to keep up and maximise coverage. it is an expensive trade where kit and costs have doubled yet rates have in some areas halved which is a huge inbalance . the best advice i can give is do alot of research , alot of reading online , alot of bench practice and as much time playing with scrap cars as you can get . form a business plan , work out your costs per job well to include business running costs , wage , taxes , parts, tokens etc , add a percentage for ongoing investment and work out what you need to charge to survive and grow , you can then at least ensure your not on road to destruction . as mick has said , dont neglect insurance , liability and indemnity insurance that actually covers you to work on cars at the roadside , also your own vehicle insurance ensure your covered for business use and also that you are covered when working on a car on the public highway , as you will have keys and be running a car on the highway when working on it , so need to be insured for that car 3rd party at least. dont neglect stock , most who ring you once advertising with lost keys will want someone today , if you cant do it today there will be someone else that can locally , so stock is essential , which comes back to research as you will have an idea of the most common stock you need for the area you are working in . i wish you the best of luck , it is an interesting and great trade , you will get out what you put in to learn , its expensive , unforgiving and you will see rates drop as more and more set up , less jobs as more and more can be cloned , but if you survive and establish yourself , then you will enjoy it . but you are very much on your own , you learn what you get stuck in and learn , you learn from getting in the brown stuff and figuring your way out of it and learn from it , but in reality your on your own , especially when the shit hits the fan . im sorry if not what you want to hear , buts its accurate so useful , you will get help on the forum if stuck on things or with questions as a helpful forum , so welcome to the forum , read and enjoy . please dont take it the wrong way , but the last thing the trade needs is more part timers , all it achieves is to kill trade for those that do it full time for a living .
  9. rapidlocks

    Auto locksmith

    also keyline ninja laser or total with the new V clamp and 1.5mm cutter , i also believe silca futura does these too . but with a bit of thought and patience most can be copied on a laser tracing machine as well
  10. rapidlocks

    Auto locksmith

    No an update wont help , its due to not having the extra axis im told. from end of 2014 on some , those using the newer HU162 blade on the 9 and 10 cut key with side profile cuts . though ive been to 2017 golf still using hu66 . but these are certainly on the newer passat models from end of 2014 and the newer A4 etc . so only affects the models using the new hu162 blades
  11. rapidlocks

    Auto locksmith

    have to agree , ive used a viper for many years , still as good as new and will still be working hard when alot of machines have died , a proper workhorse and sound investment , its only issue is it will never cut the newer vag keys so will have some coverage gaps , but will still be working hard when many of the new machines have long since died.
  12. rapidlocks

    Auto locksmith

    getting calls is one thing , converting to jobs another especially with the rates alot will work for to get the nights beer money. when you say you get calls for broken locks , heres your first stumbling block , there is lots of this work available , lock repair , lock replacement , rekeying locks etc , the reason that theres still plenty of this work is very few of the new lockies trading do this work , one because it means actually working and two because none of the courses actually cover removing locks from vehicles , stripping and releying and refitting in any real detail . the only way to really learn this is to get to a scrappy and practice or practice on own vehicles and friends vehicles and buying columns on ebay and working on them to gain knowledge . this is an area none of the courses will give you enough of a grounding in , i suspect as doesnt lead to equipment sales , this is an area you use google and any cars you can get your hands on to learn . broken keys can mean many things , for instance ; broken buttons on remotes ( basic soldering skills and stock of buttons ) broken blades can be new key blade but also new cases keys that use rechargable batteries needing cutting opening , new rechargable battery soldered in and recased the issue with this work is its hard to convert calls to jobs at what you need to charge if mobile , as the shops take on this work for peanuts , with some doing repair cases as cheap as £15 to £20 , button repairs a tenner . but this is a low cost area to get into as repair cases , buttons and solder are cheap as chips . but plenty mess up on these jobs , its very easy to break boards and intergrated chips in which case the customer expects a new key , if you cant supply this yourself the cost to get someone to do it far exceeds what you are charging for the repair , i do very well out of these for a national firm who mess a good few up , but they do alot of repair work . without programming equipment your up agains it on replacement keys , many shops do clone keys as low as £25 , so most replacements you will be asked for are remote keys that have failed or been lost. if not doing all keys lost then a cut to code machine is overkill , and you may get by with a laser tracer , tibbe and cylinder machine . but when snapped in half a cut to code machine makes life easier as does developing the skill to site read keys . if shop based then clone keys , recases and key repairs is a natural add on , if mobile these are not so easy to convert at a good price. most these days want a remote key , even on spares , so keydiy and a bit of diag is still needed to get jobs . thus research , once you id the services you wish to offer , you can then match the kit to your needs plus the kit you may need next plus an idea of the skills you will need to learn and probably on your own as not many will teach this stuff as most of the courses are focussed on selling cutters and programmers . if getting 10 calls a week , then if you have asked the right questions you will have an idea of exactly what the job is , this is also valuable data as helps you id the kit you need to cover these jobs and the skills required. customers ringing with a broken lock , whats broken , whats happening , ie could just be seized and need freeing with lube , could be a broken lock , broken switch , wiring issue or broken linkage . keys stuck in ignition can often require steering columns and ignition switches to be dismantled and so on . broken keys , if key wont start , its often a vehicle issue and not a key issue , the right questions stop wasted visits , more often than not its not the key at fault .common with certain vehicles. even snapped blades , are not always a simple blade and often result in a case change. so gather all the data you can on the jobs your giving away , this way you can target your learning and your buying and gear up to service these calls , so can be a valuable exercise , you just hope that the auto guys you currently pass this work to dont decide to do general as well to fill the hole from the auto jobs they have now lost . research and a plan must be your first step , going blind is costly and foolish
  13. rapidlocks

    Auto locksmith

    but i will try to answer your question on machinery etc , based on wanting to do all keys lost , spare keys and clone keys . 1) full set of lishi picks and decoders ( or at least all tools relevent to the makes and models you want to cover) 2) tibbe pick and decoder 3) basic entry tools now the higher cost items 4) good quality cut to code machine this is one area i wouldnt advise skimping in , often buying at the cheaper end of the market results in the need for buying twice . obviously if you have done your homework and know the most common cars in your area , and know what your budget allows you to cover , then this helps as you can fit the machine to needs . ie if alot of 2015 on vag then silca futura of keyline ninja laser are best bets as both cover these keys , these 2 also cover the latest ford keyway , but are dearer than cheaper options , with keyline updates are free for life so always get latest software . so a good long lasting long term cut to code machine will be over 6k generally , cheaper options of good well supported machines are available like miracle A9 , and of course plenty like the cheap condor mini , however this has alot of gaps in coverage and still miscuts plenty . id always advise silca or keyline as long term business assets that will last . 5) manual machines tibbe machine is a must as cuts keys far quicker and far more accurate than the clamps for cut to code machines , laser tracing machine like silca matrix is always useful and a cylinder machine . 6) key cloning equipment cant beat silca rw4 with m box , but id advise a handy baby too due to every day chip costs 7) diagnostics despite being an expensive machine to use and the fact that the provision for token costs or utp can be crippling , it is always worth having an mvp pro or new smart pro in your arsenal as huge coverage , though the latest smart pro isnt without its issues at present , but worth having as your back up machine . fully loaded truecode is an excellent choice , very simple to use , and just works well on what it claims to work on and fully token free tdb1000 is a low cost token free machine thats doing very well G scan , if you get alot of asian makes , like hyundai , kia , suzuki , mazda , honda and nissan etc then cant beat either g scan 2 or the g scan tab by far the best token free low cost programmer for these and is the same tool the main dealer uses on hyundai and kia . supervag is a useful low cost token free programmer for vag vehicles the new im600 from lock decoders looks interesting abrites is the daddy of tools especially for vag , mercedes , bmw , fiat vauxhall , peugeot , citroen , nothing beats it but it is expensive but token free and with the best coverage. there are also a number of specialist programmer for specific makes that ease your work and increase your success , but at a hefty cost. from china some good kit includes vvdi2 for vag and for bmw and vvdi mb tool for mercedes token savers from china that can keep token costs down are , obdstar x300 dp , lonsdor k518 , and a few odd specialist tools like jlr tool from lonsdor the trick with buying china kit is knowing what not to plug it into. id advise a vag tacho and a vcds to anyone doing vag as well , a few dealer tools can also pay their way , why so many options for vag above , well all have the strengths weaknesses and failures , all do something the other doesnt and all have coverage the next doesnt , so the more options you have the more success you have. despite how alot of diag kit is sold and advertised , token free is always best and no one programmer does enough to build a business on , multiple programmers and options are needed and even if you buy them all you still have gaps in coverage and fails . i could go on and on about diag as so many other options to fill coverage gaps . then of cousre if wanting eeprom functions theres another whole line of equipment for eeprom work . STOCK id always advise a keydiy kdx2 and keydiy remotes as a stock saver and acceptable budget after market range to offer but id also keep a stock of each oem remote on the common models you see alot of , take vauxhall , theres around 20 common different remotes for vauxhall , ford aroun 25 , peugeot around 40 , citroen around 40 , vag around 30 , then of course fiat , nissan etc etc , so you can see how this can grow to become expensive , but stock is necessary if hoping to get the lost key jobs as if you cant do job same day you will lose job to someone that can unless you undercut the hell out of it which is self defeating. its alot to consider , which is why i advise proper research so you can focus your buying rather than buy blind .
  14. rapidlocks

    Auto locksmith

    its impossible to put a price on things from the info given , what is it exactly your hoping to set up to do ? all keys lost jobs ? spare remote keys ? just clone std keys ? or all of the above ? this will help aim responses at the kit you may need . then of course the most crucial bit , what coverage do you want to be able to cover , ie what makes , models and years ? as this will determine the level of investment required and which kits is reliable , if wanting to do everything then id say an investment approaching 75k plus will be needed as well as alot of research study and practice to reach a competent level may also be needed. ie if just wanting to cover ford and vauxhall to start , then your investment is lower than if wanting ford vauxhall and vag , if wanting mercedes , bmw etc as well , fiat and so on your investment needs will increase . if wanting to do every car and van then give up now as nothing exists that does this yet . you could set up with china kit with a 10k set up and do some jobs and get a foothold , you could invest 100k and get nowhere if not for you or if your area cant give the returns . decide where you hope to start , exactly what it is you hope to offer , then fit the right kit and stock to the needs identified , it beats buying blind every time. research the area , who is the local competitors , from the good to the bad to the cheap beer boys to the shops and associated trades offering keys , what sort of rates do they charge for the jobs your hoping to offer . this gives you the most valuable info of all , ie will you be able to compete and will you achieve payback on your investment locally. i would advise doing this research long before looking at training , as no current training course will bring you to any sort of competency level , you will get basic skills training and basic knowledge , it will then take time and hard work to reach competency , another reason to fully research your needs , costs and area is you wont be blinded by hard to realise payback scenarios and wont be tempted into buying what the training outfits are selling kit wise unless identified as a prospect by your research. i believe lockdecoders now offers a training and set up package for general lockies wanting to cross over to the dark side. dont neglect correct insurances for working with vehicles on the public highway , even to the point of having cover to drive the car your working on , a few have come unstuck on this with over zealous police officers , as if your sat in front seat in a car on public highway with the keys or with the engine running then technically your in charge of the vehicle so can fall foul on a tecnicality . proper research and proper business plan should point you to all the answers you need the one thing i can guarantee , it will be the most expensive decision you ever make as the costs and investment never stop , things change so often you will be forever updating , upgrading and adding more stock , it will frustrate you , it will send you into panic on many occassions on set up especially when doing a simple spare and the car now wont work on the original keys either , every day is a school day and all for alot less profit than of old , its one area where costs are high and increase yearly yet rewards get slimmer as rates dropping faster than a tarts knickers . but if you study hard , work hard , invest adequately , trade honestly and survive the 1st few years then theres no area better to work in.
  15. rapidlocks

    Auto locksmith

    50k , i wish , i have alot more than this in oem key stock alone these days .