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  1. rapidlocks

    Mate's rates

    he was fully booked for 2 months , referals from these jobs has kept him busy and bagged him a couple of contracts to boot , so turned out to be a positive , though he didnt do this expecting any more than a positive review on his social media , he just decided that he wouldnt charge for local jobs where children were locked in the car through the summer , sometimes good moral people get their rewards , though when ever i do a good turn its normally for old folk who dont know how to post reviews . but in his case he didnt do it expecting the result he got , he did it because it sat right with him , he earns a good living from his community so was putting back in , luckily it paid sweet dividends . i dont have link to the newspaper article , but this was the online one the local paper put up https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/baby-rescued-locked-car-distraught-16558673
  2. rapidlocks

    Mate's rates

    a good auto locksmith i know in northern ireland advertised that he would gain entry to a vehicle free of charge if a child or dog was locked in the car , he got called to one and as he had advertised he dropped everuthing and went to the car and gained entry for a very gratefull lady who left a glowing facebook review , this was picked up by the local newspapers who did a write up and interview with the lady and published it as a local hero . since the article his phone was ringing off the hook , the positive advertising was effective and he was fully booked for 6 to 8 weeks after wards all paid key jobs , only 2 other free gain entry jobs , for him this was extremely positive advertising
  3. your spacing looks to be well out , that key has 7 cuts on it , 1234422 , if your key is 234422 then the first cut should be a 2 and not a 1 , you need to calibrate the spacing on the machine by the look of it. everything looks to be a space out
  4. then out comes the pick and decoder and a minute or 2 later you have the correct cutting code
  5. this legislation preventing a no deal doesnt prevent a no deal it just delays it , if by some miracle boris won a general election with a big enough majority then this can be overturned and he can go no deal with his majority , but to do this he will need to ensure his relacement mps vote as he wants . if no majority he must hope farrages brexit party do well as would be the only ones who will vote for no deal with him. of course the eu could just show us the door and throw us out on october 31st and deny an extension , take the deal or do one , though unlikely. i still think we will end up staying in eu which has been their desire and plan from the outset. what this has proven is that the public vote is meaningless and pointless , there is no point in voting as it means nothing , only what they want has meaning
  6. im certain that until boris the plan was always to remain , too many mp's stand to gain financially to leave , the whole farce has been ran to frustrate and remain, so yes the referendum was pointless as didnt return the answer they desired , so its all about messying the water till we all get fed up and remain . both parties should be petrified of an election , corbyn has to hope that all those leave voters who vote labour still do so , lib dems are a joke so not in the reckoning , i suspect it will result in a huge shift to the brexit party , so a hung parliment is likely , i suspect a conservative government propped up by the brexit party , who will end up on the opposition bench is unknown as labour could lose enough votes to not be there . for me corbyn is unelectable , so is the biggest favour that labour can give to the conservatives , so labour have no chance , lib dems have no chance , conservatives i dont believe will gain a majority without buddying up to brexit party , farrage may still play a big part in future . i think alot of mps stand to lose their comfy wage and expenses and be out of parliment
  7. rapidlocks

    Motorcycle locksmith

    scooters and bikes may well be a niche that many havnt bothered with , i know a few general locksmiths that the dream went sour for one in canaries and a few on mainland spain , but like here im sure theres some doing very nicely. best of luck , getting away from the cold is a nice thought
  8. rapidlocks

    2M2 Tank key machine

    save those farthings & shillings to get a guinea
  9. rapidlocks

    2M2 Tank key machine

    too poor for a sixpence
  10. rapidlocks

    2M2 Tank key machine

    same crap in new shiny case then , if this is the case its an outdated very poor copy of the old miracle A5 , dont waste your money on it as it will end badly and may not be worth tuppence on resale
  11. rapidlocks

    Nissan Juke case

    remkeys used to stock these
  12. rapidlocks

    Vehicle stuff

    as above , RW2 is a poor buy , though you may just about see enough old cars to get your £30 back . so your cloner choice is poor. kdx2 or vvdi key tool would be better cloner buys as has more than 100 times the coverage of rw2 so you will be able to cover what rw2 covers and many current cars too. with regards kd900 , although a good unit for remote production , this is pointless without obd capability to program , kd900 was a great stock saver as a wide remote generation coverage but without obd coverage has little value . KDX2 or vvdi key tool would vave been better buys again for remote generation as both are cloners too and both have up to date cloning as well as all the remote generation that kd900 has , with the added bonus of remote copy functions , chip generation and a host of other functions , and kdx2 is cheaper than kd900 too. of course with kdx2 and vvdi key tool its only cloning , although with kdx2 you can clone some remotes as well as chips on whole you will be limited to manual keys , most people now want remotes so without obd coverage you are on the uphill. so many fail in their having a go on auto due to poor kit choices and poor investments , their are some bargains out there but on the whole to get any where near the coverage you need you must spend big , sadly its the constant . every body tries to start out cheap and all realise in end it was wasted money as achieved nothing and they had to invest in the end. the bestadvice i can give if investment is limited , is spend the money elsewhere . to make a kdx2 or vvdi key tool pay its way even on spare keys you will need an obd programmer capable of coding remotes by obd and coding intergrated chips , without this you are limited to manual keys on a wide range of everyday cars , take the common astra H and astra j models , yes you can clone a key with most cloners capable of cloning id46 ( not rw2) , but that manual key is not a good seller , as despite it being able to manually open drivers and start car , it cant lock the car up again , same on alot of models . luckily with so many mvp pro units on the second hand market going for as low as £1500 , a good coverage obd programmer is available all be it on tokens . there really is no cheap way to get into auto and survive in it or even make it worthwhile .
  13. AA key assist have a number of programmers , a friend of mine was AA key assist on his van he had ; Full abrites MVP pro full vag dealer tool with online access orange 5 , tango , rw4 plus and odds and ends of other kit , they were extremely well equipped with programmers , machines , eeprom kit , stock and lishi etc . im sure they will have added to this since his time with them . he also had access to alot of codes as well
  14. rapidlocks

    smart pro for sale

    most 2nd hand kit goes at around 50% of its new value , except on facebook as facebook users believe they have the divine right to even cheaper prices because its facebook. sell on ebay you will get more but after fees etc will be about same. the best thing you can do is earn some payback with the kit before selling , the 2nd hand market can br brutal and anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay , and on an expensive to use token based unit its a tougher sell especially when so much token free coverage is available for same investment . good luck
  15. rapidlocks

    Miracle A5 for sale

    hickleys have a 2nd hand zedfull for sale on there sites used section complete with , 150 credits , 5 days lifs and full 12 months warranty and support for £2995 plus vat as a price guide for you , they also have their show coming up soon where tokens and lifs and units are always discounted . also remember if buying 1000 tokens you get 150 tokens free as always get 15% of the tokens you buy free again . does it have any of the packs on it like merc , bmw , emulator packs , pin code packs , as add ons like these may give what you are selling more value to thoose looking to buy