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  1. I've not had any problems on the mustang but wish silca would pull there finger out with codes.
  2. This is one issue I brought to there attention deep cut on the first cut can cause key to break
  3. In talking to my rep at mul t lock he told me they had a few Come back with the same problem & they have made hangers to a part in the lock to stop this happing we will see.
  4. Bit of an old subject but I fitted a mul t lock 3ds thumb turn in December but & its failed already another guy I know had the same issue with one.
  5. Got a set now I messaged Alex I put an order in over a month ago when he came to see me. Its a big old cutter use this till I can do them on the futura Pro.
  6. I placed an order back in end of October still not recived yet I won't support wxm intill I can cut keys.
  7. Still waiting for a set from Alex will see if he sends them.
  8. Apparently Steve from brisant has been to silca having meetings with them but should be released soon
  9. That's the price they sell direct to the customer £14.99 +postage
  10. I've cut about 200 since being a key center I live se London so with the 10 mile radius that is a lot of property's I've got a handful of keys from brisant to cut but the rest are ones I've cut from fitting. I'm thinking of moving away from ultion to mul t lock 3ds they only come with 2 keys so more chance of key business.
  11. Are you getting the key cutting from them as I get nothing from them maybe 1 here or there trouble is wxm keys have doubled but there key price is the same at brisant £14.99 +£6.99 postage. With the price of everything I'm looking to move over to mul t lock 3ds cylinder & keys & got a long patent on keys as well.
  12. I charge £15 for ultion but can't do wxm to code on the futura as there's no card yet for it.
  13. Wxm blanks are not cheap £2.25 +vat & we still can't cut them Inless direct copy as they won't give codes out
  14. The keys are massive really thick compared to the ultion key the price per blank is going up as well to over £2.25per blank
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