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  1. Jc.locksmiths

    3 star cylinders

    Wxm blanks are not cheap £2.25 +vat & we still can't cut them Inless direct copy as they won't give codes out
  2. Jc.locksmiths

    ultion blanks

    The keys are massive really thick compared to the ultion key the price per blank is going up as well to over £2.25per blank
  3. Jc.locksmiths

    ultion blanks

    The blanks not got a pat on it but the key way spells wxm & they have something on that so the eys can't be copyed
  4. Do you get a lot from ultion I'm a key center & only get one or two key calls through them every so often.
  5. Jc.locksmiths

    Ultion cutting

    I bet they ring up pretending to be a customer with key code to get extra keys. Warran said to me that if they find out who is supplying they will get stripped & removed from ultion
  6. Jc.locksmiths

    Ultion cutting

    Timpsons by me want £45 a key
  7. Jc.locksmiths

    Brisant Blank

    Is it still the same code as ultion on these like u11 or u12 if the 12 the key won’t work right in the lock
  8. Jc.locksmiths

    New locksmith section.

    Cheers guys all working now
  9. Jc.locksmiths

    New locksmith section.

    I tryed the link for trade members & it didn't work.