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  1. CitySafe


    We're aware of this problem and are working on trying to fix it. It's happened to me before in the past and sorted itself after a few tries. Jemma
  2. CitySafe


    Welcome to the forum guys! Jemma
  3. CitySafe


    We had a few of these yesterday, the forum managed to automatically flag a few down as spammers but not this one! I've dealt with it
  4. CitySafe

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    This isn't the first time I have heard of this PM problem. It happened to me a few weeks ago and then fixed itself...I have contacted technical support to see if I can get this glitch fixed once and for all. Jemma.
  5. CitySafe

    Hello to everyone

    All sorted
  6. hi I posted a question on the general forum yesterday regards a truckman top key and it has been moved to the auto forum can you advise how I can joint I do carry out work on vehicles also it would be a handy forum to use or help with.

    Yours steve hinds

  7. Hi. I have passed this on the UAP's technical team to investigate. If I hear anything back I will let you know.
  8. CitySafe

    Single Use Plastic

    As a company, we are extremely environmentally friendly, and we have done a lot to offset our carbon footprint including planting 56,000 trees in Thailand as well as getting solar powered panels fitted to all our roofs, which now powers over 80% of our electricity. With regards to blister packaging, we have been doing a lot of work on the plastic that is used in our blister packaging. From the very start we have always made sure that the plastic can be recycled. We have also now sourced a new blister supplier who makes all of the blisters from recycled plastic bottles. I do agree that plastic can be overused in the industry, however not all plastic is bad.
  9. Hi, The donation before advertising for new members was only brought in on Friday, about a week after you made your post Lottie. There have been many people do the same thing in the past, and as far as I am concerned you have done nothing wrong. The new rules have not been brought in specifically because of your post, but because we are noticing more and more people creating an account to try and sell their stuff for free. They then promise a donation to the charity once they sell their items, but it is not donated and we never hear from them again... something which is beginning to irritate long term members of the forum and hence the introduction of the new rules. Lottie has now made a generous donation to the Jimmy Mizen charity, and we should all draw a line in the sand and move on. I wish you all the best Lottie and I do hope you sell all of your locksmith equipment and get your situation resolved.
  10. Welcome to the forum
  11. Hi, I have just tested the password reset and it all seems to be working OK. Once you have logged in to your account, if you go to http://shoerepairer.info/settings/password/ you will be able to update your password there. Any problems please let me know.
  12. CitySafe

    New Stock

    I think that is right to an extent, if someone decides they want a security product they will go to a hardware store. However we have found that window restrictors and self adhesive door numerals are more impulse purchases which people buy just because they are there and are inexpensive. The shop location and how / where the products are displayed will have a lot to do with sales. If you did decide to purchase the Citysafe branded products we would be more than happy to help with any marketing material to try and maximise the sales potential.
  13. CitySafe

    New Stock

    Home security products are a good line to stock, especially with it coming up to Summer. Things like window restrictors etc. are good sellers. We also find that shops seem to do really well with self adhesive door numbers too, as they can fit them on any surface including bins! Check out https://www.citysafeuk.com/citysafe-retail-range.html
  14. CitySafe

    HPC Blitz

  15. Hi,

    Due to demand I've created a survey platform for the data to be collected.  I have a couple of things to ask:

    The system wont let me PM you.  Can you give me an email?



    1. CitySafe



      I am not sure why it won't let you PM me - I will look in to it.

      The best email address is admin@shoerepairer.info

      Kind Regards

    2. abababa




      Emailed that address a few days ago.  Just making sure you got it ok?