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  1. UAP will be showcasing their latest innovations at the MLA Expo 2021 and provide a preview of their upcoming launches. If you're attending, make sure to visit stand H1: 25, 26, 27 & 28 and say hello! Here are some of the things you can expect from UAP's stand: Experience the NEW Fullex Kinetica+ K4 3* cylinder - a game changer for security and reliability. As well as Kinetica+ K4, the stand will also feature the Locking Systems Milos 100 and Milos 900 cylinder ranges. Get a sneak preview of a new range of Fullex AI electronic locks! PLUS! The highly respected auto locksmith Martin Pink aka @rapidlockswill be leading FREE Genuine Lishi training. Martin has been at the forefront of the development of tools and techniques for picking, decoding and opening many of today's toughest locks. And more! If you've not yet registered to attend, you can do so here: https://locksmiths.yarringtonevents.co.uk/ - it's FREE!
  2. @PaulCawkwell - issue fixed and we've added the images to your original post
  3. Hi @PaulCawkwell, We have received your messages about not being able to upload an image. Please can you email the image you'd like to upload to the following email address: digital@uapcorporate.com and we can get our web developer to look into this error. Kind Regards, CitySafe
  4. Hi all, The fourth instalment of UAP's Hardware Intel: Ear Edition podcast is out now! This month, host and property expert Sian Astley is joined by UAP’s Business Development Manager Richard Morris and Locking Systems General Manager Bill Murray who lead a discussion about hardware safety for global urbanisation. Listen to Episode 4: https://bit.ly/36EjFyQ&nbsp Find out more about Episode 4: https://bit.ly/3aE8rvs  Watch Episode 4:
  5. Hi all, Happy New Year! Again, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. The third instalment of UAP's Hardware Intel: Ear Edition podcast hit the airwaves today. Host and property expert Sian Astley, UAP's Chief Financial Officer Bonnie Hodson, and Marketing Director Kamila Kasperowicz discuss how hardware can be made sustainably, and how that can contribute to a greener world. Listen to Episode 3: https://spoti.fi/2XikNCV Watch Episode 3: https://bit.ly/3rYinrb Find out more about Episode 3: https://bit.ly/3pXwqvg
  6. The second episode of UAP’s new podcast, Hardware Intel: Ear Edition is out now; this episode features a conversation between host Sian Astley, UAP Operations Director Wendy Rushton and NJJ Business Consultant Nicola John about the importance of effective staff training in a modern business. Listen to Episode 2: http://ow.ly/6kEP50CBmxk Watch Episode 2: http://ow.ly/J1wz50CBmxj Find out more about Episode 2: http://ow.ly/Hg9X50CBmxl
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