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  3. *Update* I've contacted Invision support and they've said "MySQL by default requires 4 or more characters for a search query, and is something the software unfortunately cannot override." However this can be changed, I will contact the company who hosts the forum for us and see if they can do it. Jemma
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  7. If anyone has any of the old files downloaded to their computer please could they email them to admin@shoerepairer.info. Thanks Jemma
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  11. Hi all, there's a new feature on the TradeLocks website! TradeLocks stocks a popular range of key blanks by CitySafe UK. Each European, high quality steel key blank is CitySafe branded and carries the references of the three most popular manufacturers - HD, JMA and Silca. Figuring out the cross references of manufacturers can be hard. That's why TradeLocks has made finding the right key blank easier than ever with the brand new Easy Key Blank Selector. Don't know what key blank you need? Let TradeLocks help! To find the key blank you need use the drop down menus to select a Reference Type, then select (or type) a Reference and click Search. Don’t know the Reference Type? Not to worry – you can simply type or select the Reference you have and click search to find the CitySafe key blank you need! Click here to test out the TradeLocks Easy Key Blank Selector for yourself.
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    We're aware of this problem and are working on trying to fix it. It's happened to me before in the past and sorted itself after a few tries. Jemma
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    We had a few of these yesterday, the forum managed to automatically flag a few down as spammers but not this one! I've dealt with it
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    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    This isn't the first time I have heard of this PM problem. It happened to me a few weeks ago and then fixed itself...I have contacted technical support to see if I can get this glitch fixed once and for all. Jemma.