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Keyline ninja total

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Hi,selling my Ninja total key cutter.

cuts,edge,dimple and track,on household and car keys.it has tablet with info and database etc.

good clean machine,with jaws in pic and several cutters.looking for £4500 ono  Bournemouth based






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If anyone is interested when the s/w was updated:

The first picture shows s/w version 3.02.1 DB 3.04

According to the Keyline USA news page this version was released in Feb 2020 and version 3.03 was released in June 2020, so the update would have been between those dates.


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On 7/14/2023 at 9:04 AM, grahamparker said:

If you mean WA series they are on a Silca card under APE BS3 series. Exact same codes and cuts but card is NOT locked. Well mine isn’t on SKP.

I have got my ABS cards unlocked as I am an authorised stockist.

Could well be on the keyline as well.

Would you happen to know if the  ultion / brisant cards locked on this & the Silca futura machines .


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