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  1. Did anyone else catch mr T on Jeremy vine? What next? Florists,stonemason etc etc etc
  2. rob g

    Auto locksmith

    I would of thought the market it saturated down here,the amount of locksmith vans I see stuck in traffic by my shop you wouldn’t believe ! Also the shop based,Bournemouth car key etc and competing with the established who get the worked past on from shops,I would do a lot of weighing up.
  3. Iks Chris is selling one
  4. I’ve got a pair,when they got thin put a white micro mid sole then tyre tread on to,better wear and look better.crepe in sheets is available from Colledge I would expect
  5. rob g

    salisbury area

    Try acreman services,only indi left I think,brown street,one in blandford and bissett is halfway there
  6. rob g

    Key I.d

    Oh well at least I know now,thanks everyone,customer wanted quick but I tried,lost keys by cleaner.was told to go to timos as they have easy entrie in Bournemouth now !!
  7. Any ideas on this? Was thinking jma EV2ior 3i but not 100% cheers
  8. Your prices are the same as mine,£5 is fair,only one moaned when I put it up 2 years ago. had a customer in a while ago who brought his shoes in and said the person who repaired them said if I brought them into you you’d stitch them,didn’t even know the repairer???? Still charged them
  9. Hi,bit random but has anyone tried replacing the fabric on an awning? Mines the wind the key job,thinking of changing colour.had a quote from a company and couldn’t believe it !!
  10. Hi,would there be a transponder machine knocking about?
  11. rob g

    Evva key blank

    Seems to work ok on a lot of old locks,can’t imagine it would all though,so thin they work fine
  12. rob g

    Evva key blank

    Think WFU2 would do it
  13. rob g


    Sorted now