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  1. As the title says FIMAC Blake for sale Link to Youtube to see it in action 20180530 114119 Any more info or to come and view PM me Regards Jas 20180530_114119.mp4 20180530_114119.mp4
  2. Heard about this one , the story that goes something like this Ex-big "T" Employee opens up next to or over the road from the Big "T" branch that he was working in So the powers that be in the big "T" bought the building where he was trading from , increased the rent ,service charge so he could no longer afford to stay. closed him down. Now I dont know how true this is but I have heard it from a couple of sources
  3. Looks like the patcher is sold
  4. Yes that correct, is it 1600 shops and counting .
  5. Morrisons head office new about my proposal because heads of terms were amended by them several times. And i asked the question "would there be any objection to a shoe repairers opening " to which they said no, way back in March this year. The unit was then occupied by someone else ,but i knew they were leaving. I also enquired at Asda their response was that they have a working relationship with the Big T, which is something the don't want to jeopardize . So that's the big four supermarkets sewn up then.
  6. No, we were negotiating heads of terms , so nothing signed. I am not after any recourse , iI want to make fellow shoe repairers aware of the power that a certain national chain has.
  7. Hi all I just want to tell you all of an experience that has just happened to me. I have been in negotiations with a Morrisons Supermarket about having a concession space inside one of their stores for the last 3 months. To be told on Friday that Morrisons were withdrawing the unit to promote their own in-store merchandise. " Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. However, Morrisons have just informed me that they are going to take the unit for their own use. " Shit i thought , I've been getting stock , counters , equipment together now for the last 3 months i was even going to collect a finisher , press , band scourer and outsoler next week. But not to worry there was another empty unit directly opposite the one i was after in the same Morrisons Store. So i asked the question , and yes it was available , but to only be told later in the day that . The unit is available but it cannot be used for shoe repairs . So it looks Like a certain National company in shoe repairs has put the block on this The thing is I don't understand how they found out. So, what's the moral of the story? If you want that new shop , lie through your f****ng teeth to everyone! till you get it
  8. Location Telford Shropshire
  9. Ok prices Adler + thread , threaders ,needles, patching leather scraps and about 450 approx nylon and metal zips £750 Shoe repair neon sign £500 U marq engraver £2000 Keyline Carat £800 Silca Lancer+ £900 jun Air Compressor + pin gun and Fasco Saple gun £450
  10. Due a shop project not coming off, I am now selling my surplus items All are in excellent condition Neon Shoe repair sign is 6ft by 3ft Compressor is Jun Air auto bleed with 2 nearly new Guns PM me for prices Regards Jason
  11. HI , Does anyone know of suppliers that have got 101 and .95 attaching pins Birches and colledges are out of stock Regards
  12. Hi all Can anyone tell me what the difference is between an Adler 30 - 10 and a Adler 30 - 50 Stitcher Apart from 40 which is what the other half said sarcastically. regrads
  13. Hi i have a Jun Air Compressor for Excellent condition Comes with Autobleed £350 Pm me for more details
  14. Job lot of Chunky nylon zips ideal for motorcycle clothing or Bike boots horse riding boots over 350 Size ranging from 6 inches to 26 inches Open to offers